This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen interviews Matt Passy on how you can create a podcast that will benefit your business.

Matt Passy, known as The Podcast Consultant, helps others create, edit, produce, and launch their podcasts. He also helps podcasters reach their target audience. He shares how you can start your own podcast to your advantage.


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About the Episode:

Have you ever thought about creating your own podcast? Not sure what the benefit will be?

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Matt Passy, The Podcast Consultant, and learning why podcasting is a great tool for networking and being part of a community.

Emotional Connection

Blogging is a great way to get your ideas out there, but words on a page lack emotion. When reading, it’s impossible to sense if the writer is laughing, frustrated, or being sarcastic. In other works, it lacks emotional connection.

Podcasting, on the other hand, allows you to convey emotion, not just an idea. When listeners tune into your podcast, they’ll hear your joy and pain. They’ll hear your personality and who you really are. And that’s the first step in gaining others’ trust.


Podcasting is also an amazing tool for networking. If you were to reach out to someone and ask if you could chat with them for an hour, they’d most definitely say, “No.”

But imagine if you asked them to be a guest on your podcast. Instantly, they’re intrigued, and if they agree to join your podcast, you get one hour to spend with them, ask questions, and connect.


There’s nothing like the podcast community. Podcast communities, like Podfest, are warm and welcoming. Since most podcasters aren’t in competition, everyone is willing to connect, share their experience, and learn from you. Podcast events are also the perfect places to network with other podcasters.

Creating a podcast only for the purpose of having a podcast lacks direction and won’t bring much benefit. But hosting a podcast with a clear purpose and understood direction will benefit your business growth and open up new networking opportunities.

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s guest, Matt Passy (3:22)
  • Podcasting is great for networking (5:53)
  • Matt’s origin to podcast story (8:11)
  • The doors opened by podcasting (10:06)
  • The benefit of podcasting over blogging (14:25)
  • How to start a podcast (15:51)
  • Networking in the podcast community (21:30)
  • Info about Podfest (24:07)
  • How to find out more about Matt (37:04)

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 110

Intro 0:05
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:22
Hey, there, I’m your host, Karen Yankovich of the good girls get rich podcast and you know, sometimes you gush, and you kind of like even maybe brag about how cool you are and how you do all this cool stuff. And then like you just get kind of slapped in the face with the reality that you’re, you know, maybe not so cool as you think. Well, that’s what happened with this episode. You’ll hear in this episode, I met up with Matt Passy, who’s our guest this week, at a really cool podcast studio in Boston at the staples Connect center. And we recorded this podcast there and it sounded great. And we also broadcast it live on LinkedIn. So What happened was we grabbed the audio for a gig stick and ran out. And the audio didn’t upload to the gigs tick properly. The official goal perfect podcast studio audio didn’t upload to the exit properly. So total user error on our part, but luckily, we did have the audio from the LinkedIn live. So it was still such a fun interview. They want to share it anyway. But please do not listen to this audio and think that it’s the audio studios problem is it absolutely was not. In fact, I think the audio is pretty freakin good for something that was literally Matt’s laptop sitting 10 feet away from us picking this up on LinkedIn live then broadcast on LinkedIn live and then down, get downloaded from that. So the studio was amazing, but we just kind of messed up the saving of the great, perfect studio audio. So hopefully you’ll love this anyway. And you know that if you do love this, you know I love when you share it with your audience. So take a minute now to take a quick screenshot of this and let everybody know you’re listening Because there’s lots of good stuff that you’re going to hear about this episode. One of the reasons why I wanted to have Matt on the show was because I, for me, podcasting has been such an amazing asset to my business. Having a weekly podcast gives me content that I could share consistently. The guests allow me to meet some really cool people that I really get to talk to. It kind of positions me gives me a little influencer positioning, right. And I think that is really if if it’s something that you’ve been thinking about doing, you’re totally going to want to listen to this episode because Matt talks about how to get started simply and easily. And we have some really great resources for you in this show. So share it, take a screenshot of this, share it with your friends, tag me at Karen Yankovich across all social media, you can use the hashtag good girls get rich and if I see your posts, I’ll be sure to share it with my audience, because that’s how we lift each other up right now how we all get more visibility. in the show notes. There’s a link for speakpipe or you can leave us an audio review. I love your Audio reviews. So just go to Karen slash 110. To see the blog and the show notes and all the links for everything we shared on this episode, you should you’ll get a lot of it also on whatever pod catcher you’re using to listen to this. But without further ado, I want to introduce you to my friend Matt pacity. And we’re going to gush about podcasting today. So this week on good girls get rich, we have another very special guest and Matt, did you know that you have the honor? This is probably Episode 110 maybe, and you are the third male guest on the good girls get rich podcast. So you have the honor of being the third male guest. So happy to have you here. So I’m gonna let Matt introduce himself but Matt and I are recording this in a podcast studio in Boston, Massachusetts and both jersey residents but a little bit of a story behind that that you guys really don’t need to know. But in any case, it’s important part of the staples Connect Center, which is a really fun center and we really want to talk a little bit with a little bit today about podcasting as it relates to supporting my business and how I use podcasting to monetize my business. And and Matt, I’m gonna let him explain who he is. He’s very integral to some of that process as well. So, Matt, why don’t you tell everybody who you are?

Matt Passy 4:17
Sure. So my name is Mathew Passy and I go by The Podcast Consultant. You can find my website, fellow podcast consultant calm. And as you might assume, based on all that I help people with podcasting. So I help clients who want to launch, edit, produce, publish and promote their podcast. I’ve got about, you know, almost 50 shows that I work on and I’ve consulted with lots and lots of other folks in the space. And just like you and your audience, most of my clients are brands, small businesses, companies that want to use this platform to tell their story, get their message out there. And actually, there’s a host of other really good reasons why you might want to have a podcast And we were just talking about it outside the studio actually with the the previous guest. Networking, I mean, podcasts, even if you don’t have a single listener, you can get some really great networking done through it. So it’s just there’s a lot of great things you can do with the space. And so and it’s just, it’s a lot of fun. So I think a lot of people get it.

Karen Yankovich 5:19
Yeah, it is a lot of fun. And you know, places like the staples connects on that right now are really doing it. They’re really doing their part to support people like us that don’t have at least like me that don’t have an in house podcast studio. Right. And you know, we’re this right now these studios are only in Boston. And I think he said there’s one in Toronto, but they’re only in Boston, but suddenly I’m saying it looks like a really awesome setup and it isn’t really awesome setup. And it’s cool that this is available to us because it’s very inexpensive. If you wanted to use a studio like this, you don’t need to write you don’t absolutely don’t need to, but it’s fun that you get to and you know, man I love what you said about podcasts be great for networking because that fits right into everything I teach with LinkedIn marketing, right? It’s not LinkedIn is the tool. It’s not LinkedIn that is, you know, bringing in, you know, I use referred to LinkedIn as my money tree. But it’s the tool that helps me get the clients and helps me do the networking. That helps me build my business. And podcasting is a big part of that. And that’s really why I wanted to have Matt on the show, because I want you to understand a little bit about maybe a little bit about my journey. And then also about and you heard some of this because we’ll link in the show notes. We had just come from it and Elsie Escobar on the show couple months ago, and we talked a little bit about it there. But you know that? I don’t know. I don’t know if you remember this, but we first met was couple years ago at the what was then the Middle Atlantic podcast conference. And I was speaking on LinkedIn marketing, and it was a conference in New Jersey and I had one episode of this podcast recorded and had not produced have not published anything yet. And I heard him speak at a podcast conference, right? But I did it because I knew I needed to can do consistent content and I was just tired of blogging. I was just tired of like three ways to blah, blah, blah. And now I still kind of do that with the podcast, but you get I think you get a little bit more of my heart. You get a little More of my personality, right? And that helps people know like, and trust me. And that is where that’s how God has in my business and brings business into my business, right brings money into my business. And I don’t think I realized it at the time. Like, in fact, I know I didn’t realize it at the time, because this year, you were at the Mid Atlantic podcast conference this year as well, right? This year when we were at the conference, and I remember subjectivities, saying, you know, it’s really not always about the fonts for them. It’s about connecting and the network and the people didn’t hear that my first year. How I monetize my podcast is by using it as a as a content tool. So people can get to know me and then people then reach out to me because they want to do business with me. And that’s how I monetize it. Not necessarily because I’ve got billions of downloads and you know, big fat sponsor checks coming in. So tell me a little bit about your experience cuz I know you work. I just like me and my little podcast and you talk to a lot of people. So tell me, how did you how did you get into podcasting? What’s your experience and how people will Getting started with it and how they’re using it to help support their business. Or even you know, obviously, there’s lots of podcasters that don’t do it for business goals, but we’re kind of focusing on, you know, the money generating stuff on this podcast.

Matt Passy 8:12
So my origins of the podcasting are a little bit more simple than that. I used to work in radio. My first job actually at a station in New Jersey, NJ one, two and five. I was working in the newsroom there. It was around the time that the iPhone came out, and they launched the podcast store. And I turned to my boss and I said, you know, we should try launching a podcast. Why not? And he said, as long as it doesn’t cost me anything, I don’t have to do any more work. Go for it. So we launched a podcast there. Then I had another job, half radio, have podcasting. And was doing that for a long time. Mostly news, podcasting. So it was really a different side of the business. At the end of 2014. They cut all of our jobs. And so while I was out there trying to figure out what I was going to do next looking for another job. I kept getting people Reaching out to me who I used to interview for this radio job and said, We missed doing the podcast was a great marketing vehicle for us. Can you help? And I looked around, I was like, Sure, I think all I need is my computer. So I, I literally did this as a side project. I never wanted to be an entrepreneur, I never want to own my own business. I was doing this just to make a little money while I found my next job. And lo and behold, this all happened at the start of 2015. And at the end of 2014, is when cereal came out. And podcasting had its latest Renaissance and this massive surge of interest. And so, lo and behold, fast forward a few years later, I found myself podcasting full time for other people. And so to your other point about the networking, a lot of my first clients, like you said, they didn’t come to me and say I need to get a billion downloads to be successful. A lot of them said, I want to have a podcast out there because I want to put out good content, tell her story. make myself more personable. Make my Soft, more approachable. And that will bring in business. I’m what I do, you know, nine to five during my day job. But believe it or not one of my very first clients actually said, You know what, I’m really not that interested how many people listen, but there are people that I want to talk to. There are people who I want to access in my industry. And if I write them an email and say, Hey, you have an hour to chat, they’re gonna say, No, right? Like, our exact but if you approach them and you say, you want to be on my podcast, it opened up all sorts of new doors for people. And not only did it open the door for people to talk, but in a lot of cases, it open the door for people to meet in person. And when you meet somebody in person, especially if and most people regardless whether you say you’re in sales, we’re all in sales, selling ourselves at selling what we do. But the point is if you get to sit down with someone, and you really get to talk to them and meet them, you can then take that to the next step. You can, you know, take this to whatever it is that you got to do so by interviewing people your podcast by going into the podcast, I think people in, you know, helped a lot of people grow their business. And just in case we are things for the laptop and freeze or anything like that, there we are. But so my experience has been Yes, there are plenty of people who produce content specifically to grow an audience and sell that audience to advertisers. But the majority of the folks that I get to work with are in it because podcasting, like Like you said, LinkedIn is the tool. podcasting is simply the animal that allows people to create content, tell their story, network. It just it creates a ton of opportunity for a lot of people’s like the first part of their sales funnel, right? Yeah. So this is my first part of mine, right? Listen, this podcast and now get into my LinkedIn mastermind or something.

Karen Yankovich 11:49
Exactly. Exactly. And you know, man, I’ve had people like listen, you guys if you’ve listened to this podcast before, you know me, right I’m I have like, I’m from New Jersey. It’s pretty hard to not know that I don’t take you know, I don’t have a lot of I don’t really like to take two years to do things. I like things to happen quickly. I, you know, I’m going to tell it as I as I hear it, or as I feel it or as I think it. And that doesn’t work with everybody. And that’s okay. The people that want to work with me will already know what they’re getting into when they call me because they’ve heard my podcast. So the perfect people are going to reach out to me, because they were and I’ve had people reach out to me that say, you know, I’ve got this West Coast company, and I want your East Coast energy, you know, and I have had people do that. And that’s great. And there’s probably other people that go, oh my gosh, she would drive me crazy. She talks so fast. That’s okay, too, because they’d probably drive me crazy if they were going to take forever to do something right. So, so the perfect people come to me because they already know a little bit about who I am. Because they hear I mean, you guys that are listening to the podcast, we’re actually broadcasting this on LinkedIn and I’ll put a link in the show notes to this broadcast on LinkedIn if you want to go back and watch later my hands. I Italian hands are flying as I’m as I Doing this right? This is who I am. So the podcast allows people to see that more. And you know, I was thinking about something you said to Matt like about how a few years ago, like, right, right around or before when cereal came out when podcasters and even when my podcast came out, podcasts weren’t as well. They were well known, but they weren’t as prevalent as they are now. And I remember at the time, I had a girl that worked for me, she was in college, and she did some, she was amazing. She some social media stuff for me. And she was like, I was like, you know, I’m gonna do this podcast, and we’re gonna do these things. And she’s like, who listens to podcasts? I’m like, people do. And then you know, so I kind of you know, she was all in with it, right? Because I was the boss to do whatever I needed her to do. But then a few years later, I reached out to her like two years later, so maybe like a year ago, I reached out to her and I said, you know, listen, I know you’ve graduated and when you have college student, you lose them when they graduate. Right? I reached out to her and I said, Listen, I know you’ve graduated and you working full time, but are you interested in some side work because I love the work you did for me. And I would love for you to continue some sandwiches. Absolutely and I center. Not only for started this you didn’t know, like, who listens to podcast and we were cracking up about it because now at that point now, everybody was listening to podcasts, you know, like my, you know, my kids are in that age bracket and they’re reaching out to me when you listen to this, do listen to that are there you know, I find myself subscribe to something because they needed another email address to enter a contest and a podcast or something, you know. So, so it really has grown a lot. And because of that, you know, I think what it does Matt is allows people think that everybody’s a writer, right? And but but everybody if you want to have more visibility, especially as an entrepreneur, content creation is important, you got to do something, and has to be something valuable, right? Nobody wants to see your cat videos all the time you need to do something that establishes your authority establishes you as an expert. And podcasting is a great way to do that for people that are just not writers and we’re told for years, you’ve got to have a blog.

Matt Passy 14:48
For people who aren’t going to be comfortable in front of a camera. We’re in front of a camera right now, but you know, one whether you can get access to a studio like this which are great and it is amazing, but it is literally takes so little, to just start recording yourself.

Karen Yankovich 15:05
It does.

Matt Passy 15:06
And you can really tell a good story with just your voice, right? Like, you can write and you can read what you wrote. But people reading what you have written, can’t actually hear your tone. And they don’t hear like the dramatic pauses that you put in. They don’t hear as you get more excited as you talk. They don’t hear if you’re smiling when you speak. It’s like, you can convey a lot of emotion with your voice. Yeah, don’t always get to do when you’re writing. And if you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, well, you can do it in a podcast without having to be on camera. So it is a great way like said it’s an easy, simple, great way to start creating content and make a connection with people.

Karen Yankovich 15:46
I love that. So somebody’s listening to this, Matt and they’re thinking All right, I’m in like how what do you how do you recommend people get started?

Matt Passy 15:52
Honestly, the first thing I tell people to do is to figure out why you want to podcast. The one thing that always drives me crazy is every So often you’ll see in Facebook groups are leaving an evil set of resources. Like, I really want to start a podcast, but I don’t know what I want to do it about. No, like, it’s you don’t have to have a podcast, you don’t need a podcast. The idea is this is the tool. This is the vehicle. The question is, why are you doing a podcast? What is your ultimate goal? If it’s for your business, if it’s for, you know, to grow whatever? The question is, at the end of the day, someone is going to spend 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes, 2 hours listening to you, when they are done listening to you. What do you want that person to do? Do you just want them to laugh? Fine. Do you want them to sign up for your mastermind? Do you want them to reach out and become a client, you want them to read more sign up for email list, you have to have a goal. So first and foremost, figure out why you want to do this second before you spend $1 on any equipment, any studio space, take your phone out, find the stop voice recording app and just record yourself once or twice? Yeah, you might think, Oh, my buddy and I, we love to talk on the phone all the time we make a great podcast and then you actually have to have to do it. Anyway. So if you know, it’s okay to try it for free and see if it works. And then if it does work, okay, go up, get a microphone going for less than $80 and be ready to go and podcast with anybody in the world or do it by yourself, or invest a little bit more money and build out a little studio or start renting studio space. And then commit, yeah, commit, commit to the idea. commitment and consistency. Commit to your listeners. Every single one of them. Don’t just be like, oh, I’ve only got one download. Somebody listened to you.

Karen Yankovich 17:46

Matt Passy 17:47
Somebody took time to listen to your content. Yep. cherish each of those people, respect them, respect their time and be unique. You know, Nobody. Nobody wants to be a new Another so and so podcaster. Right? Why? Why do you think you’re going to be successful? If you’re going to go out there and say, Oh, I’m going to be another Joe Rogan? Right? Nobody wants to listen to another Joe Rogan because Joe Rogan is already out there already is a Joe Rogan be you be unique and provide value. Don’t waste people’s time.

Karen Yankovich 18:21
Yes, yes. And and I love that advice was so good because nobody is you right? You’re the only you out there and and you don’t have to be somebody else you don’t don’t think and I actually say this, I give this advice just about LinkedIn as well. Everybody thinks they need to be this professional person on LinkedIn, be who you are, right? Because there’s somebody that’s going to connect with that someone’s going to connect with that and you have who you are. And you know, Matt, like I can tell you like I really thought I will be like full transparency here. I thought by Episode 110 I’d be getting a whole lot more downloads that I’m getting right now and I get plenty of downloads. I’m not complaining, but I thought I was gonna get more excited this big social media audience and it was Listen, and blah, blah, blah. And then I think I have a phone with, you know, a gazillion hours of podcasts that I really want to listen to. And I haven’t gotten to yet. Because it doesn’t mean that people don’t like the podcast, if they’re not downloading and listening to it every week means they’re busy, right? There’s plenty of podcasts, there’s probably 50 podcasts I wish I could listen to every week. I don’t have 50 hours a week, right? So I have to kind of pick and choose my listeners pick and choose as well. So I’ve kind of gotten over the worrying about worrying about that. But the even think even even really considering that. But the really interesting thing that just happened to me recently was back in November we did I did the first LinkedIn profile challenge that I’ve done a really long time. We just did another one in January. But there’s one in November we had all the stats afterwards. And you know when I do my podcast and not every episode, but you know, maybe once or twice a month, we’ll do a if you want the associated download with this episode, go to slash blah blah, blah download, and occasionally we give some like list building things out that are associated with the topic. I taught on the podcast when I did that lock the LinkedIn profile challenge. And I then went and looked at. And then of course, we sold five, get my shoes linked up program from there. When I looked at the people that bought the program and I would go into my CRM, I use ontraport, I would go into ontraport. And I’d look to see where did this person come from? And I would say, maybe 15 to 20% of the people that bought the program. The only other thing they ever did with me is download something from my podcast. And you know, that’s like people say, how do you monetize your podcast? That’s how you monetize your podcast right? They that’s the only thing that ever they’ve ever done with me is downloads and makes my podcast so so even though we’re not seeing maybe me or I’m not seeing the numbers I thought I was seeing it’s accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish. There’s so many people that you know that talk about my podcast when they meet me and, and it gives me credibility and I want your feedback. I want you to tell me, I loved this episode, and I didn’t love that episode. I didn’t episode one time. Something about, you know, Oprah, or what it was. And I had a few people that reached out and didn’t like Oprah. I didn’t know there were people that didn’t like Oprah. But there are. And I’m like, Alright, so I got some negative feedback about that. At the end of the day, I love Oprah. So if I’m going to talk about loving Oprah, I still will. But all feedback is good feedback to me, because it helps me understand how to create better shows. I’m just going to like, hit this thing again. The computer goes off every now and then. So we were actually and maybe you are still seeing us, but I need to know you. Yeah. So so let’s get back to the whole networking thing that so So Matt, and I met at a middleman, a podcast conference, which is now indie pod con. Right, Andy independent. I’ll link to that as well, because that’s coming up in September of 2020. But I want to talk a little bit about a conference that’s coming up because I’m going to really talk about like, Why don’t use a podcast to let you know what we’re doing. I one of the things I wanted to talk to Matt a little bit about is, is the podcasting community because here’s the other thing that happens when you have a podcast you immediately Join. This I’m telling you is like a family, don’t you think it’s like a podcast family. I’ve been to billions of players. I’ve been to lots of conferences. And there are no conferences like podcast conferences. They’re so warm and welcoming and helpful. Like I left that first conference where I had one episode on my phone that was recorded. And I, I left there with everything I needed to know. I took pages and pages and pages and pages of notes. Because I because everybody was so generous and so helpful. I’m so friendly. So I love podcasts conferences, because it helps me in so many ways. Do you agree with that?

Matt Passy 22:38
Yes, I agree. One. I’ve never been to a conference like a podcast conference. I think there’s a couple of different reasons why that is. But two, I find they are very, very helpful for content creators for several reasons. One, everyone is willing to share what’s worked for that. And while not everyone’s formula is the same or not Like you can’t copy everybody’s formula and expect the same results. But you can learn why they did something, and then apply it to your unique experience, and then turn that into something that will be fruitful for you. So, you know, somebody has a growth hack on their podcast, like I don’t can’t do it quite that way. But now I understand why they did it. You can come up with something else. So yes, they’re great experiences. They’re friendly, too, because I think a lot of us, we podcast alone, yeah. Alone in our offices in our basements and our closet. Right. And so it’s great to get out there. And it’s great to see other people that are doing this. The other reason is that most of us, we’re not in competition. There’s no right, like, just because I listened to your podcast, doesn’t mean I can’t also listen to somebody else’s, right? It’s not like I’ve already haven’t hit five podcasts, right? Like I can listen to whatever I want whenever I want, so we’re not in competition. And so it just creates a very warm friendly, you know, rising tide lifts all boats kind of kind of feeling. Yeah, a podcast By the way, especially. Chris and the crew at pod fest have always done a great job of making it a warm, inclusive. Joe Pardo as well with map con podcast conference. they’ve always done a great job of making them like warm and inclusive.

Karen Yankovich 24:20
yeah, absolutely. So Podfest is coming up March 6th, 7th, and 8th of 2020. And one of the things that, you know, so I, I have really embraced the podcast community and I’ve done a lot of talks at some of these conferences, how to use LinkedIn to monetize your podcast. And again, if you’ve got even one of the things I will say, though, about Podfest, and now it’s called Podfest Multimedia Expo, because one of the things that Chris Krumitzos is really committed to is making it about more than just podcasting. And so there’s a lot of video. There’s a video track, I think, and then there’s some other other kinds of content that don’t have it’s really for content creators, right. Obviously, there’s going to be a ton of stuff about audio and a ton of stuff about podcasting, but there’s a lot of other content Well, so one of the things that so I’m going to be speaking at Podfest, Matt, what are you speaking about at Podfest? I’m speaking to right.

Matt Passy 25:06
Yeah. So there’s a part of what you’re saying is a lot of like specific mini conferences.

Karen Yankovich 25:10

Matt Passy 25:11
So there’s a podcast editors conference. So I’ve ever thought about becoming a podcast producer for others. great experience. It’ll be a wealth of knowledge with amazing group of podcast editors. So I’ll be talking about other ways to build your podcast, production business besides just taking outcomes and other people’s audio. And then I’m doing a talk that I’ve done a couple of times about the 10 biggest mistakes essentially that most podcasts are making.

Karen Yankovich 25:37
Cool, awesome. So one of the other things that I’m going to be doing at Podfest, and Podfest is in Orlando. Again, March 6, seventh and eighth. Chris Krumitzos reached out to me a couple of months ago and said that he really thought that what the podcast community could benefit from was a really deeper dive into LinkedIn. So I’m collaborating with Chris put on an event the day before Podfest and march six I’m doing a full day live event. And I’m calling it a jumpstart to your jumpstart to the conference and what we’re actually going to be doing at this LinkedIn live event. And I would love your feedback on it. So you guys that are live, I’d love to hear you think about this. Or if you’re listening to the podcast, you know, drop me a drop me a, you know, an email or something you know, or wherever you’re listening to this, take a screenshot and put on social media, tell me what you think. We’re going to be doing a full day event the day before Podfest. And the goal of our full day event is to monetize Podfest. So you know, you go to conferences, and like you go there and you got all these plans, you’re gonna meet all these people and you have all these business cards and you get home and three months later, you find the stack of stuff from the conference that haven’t looked at it, you love the conference, right? And you’re like, Oh, my gosh, there’s so much opportunity there. And I like I blew it right? I had fun. But I you know, I really could have made more money, right? Because it’s an investment to go to these cons to any conference, right? So what we’re going to do is we’re going to be spending the day really learning a little bit in the morning about LinkedIn like picture your profile. oppositions you like you’re worthy of somebody’s attention. And then we’re literally going to be looking at the attendee list and the speaker list for Podfest, and we’re gonna be putting a plan in place to say, all right, which of these people do you want to meet? Whose podcast? Do you want to be a guest on? Who do you want to have as a guest on your podcast or whatever your goal is, I met somebody at pod fest last year, Matt, and this is what maybe think of this. She flew in from California to Podfest, and she went there, she doesn’t have a podcast, she came specifically to meet other pod to meet podcast hosts, because she wanted to be guests on podcasts. I thought that was brilliant. That was brilliant. Because you’re meeting all these podcast hosts and I as a podcast host, I very rarely take somebody on my show as a guest that I haven’t already met or talked to. I don’t you know, people pitch me all the time. But I feel like the best shows are people that I’ve personally invited because I, I can get a sense of what kind of vibe we’re going to have and if the show will be valuable. So we’re literally going to put a plan in place on on the six to monetize the monetize podcast, so that you leave there with the interviews you’re hoping to get or with the guests that you’re hoping to be able to interview or maybe it’s clients, maybe you maybe maybe there’s people there that you would love to have as clients right. So we’re going to be, we’re going to be putting a plan in place on the six. And then we are going to meet again on the set on the seventh at dinner time to kind of catch up like I’m going to hold your hand through this the whole weekend. And we’re really excited about it. And the beauty of this is and I’ll put a link in the show notes to this but you can also go to Karen slash pod fest 2020. And you can see the you know, the the page that describes all of this, what happens when you purchase a ticket to my live event, it gives you full access to the pod fest event as well. And honestly, it is only at night it’s not much more money to do the full day event and with the full ticket than if you just came to pod fest and bought your ticket. It’s like an extra like 50 bucks I think at this point, maybe 100 bucks, something like that. So you’re getting you’re practically getting this full day event before pod fest for free with your ticket to pod fest. So check it out. If you have any questions about it, I would love to see you there. I’m it’s the first time we’re doing this. And I’m really excited. I’ve also got some special guests that have decided to join us. Jessica brace is going to be there and she’s going to be offering everybody that comes to this event. She does video marketing. She’s going to be offering everybody free video marketing consultant, she’s going to be supporting us with that. And my friend Nicole is coming and she’s coming from London. And she does branding and business branding and personal branding. And she’s also going to be offering to you Kylie and get this full day event with me learning about LinkedIn and learning how to monetize the conference, and then the whole conference. I’ve got all my friends on I help Oh, I’ll help so I’m really excited about it. And if you are at all interested in coming to Orlando for this conference, you need to be there you need to be there if you’re already have a podcast ticket and you want to come to my live event just messaged me wherever you messaged me DM me, LinkedIn message me, email me, you know, it’s pretty hard not to find me and tell me that you want to come to this and we’ll we’ll make happened, we’ll have to manually do some things to make that happen. But I’m really excited about it, Matt, because I feel like I feel like I, I have a whole process. I’ve done a whole podcast on how do you leverage conferences, but most people don’t. They go to conferences, and they don’t understand that. Just a little prep. Right, you can leave that conference monetizing it in such a massive way.

Matt Passy 30:21
Well, I like the fact that it’s white. So for Podfest, because so often, we either hear about something, and then we don’t put it into practice right away. And so when we actually need it, we’re like, not ready. Our skills aren’t aren’t, you know, adapt or anything like that, right? Or better yet, you go to Podfest, right? And you go to one of these great workshops, you’re like, Oh, that’s a great thing on email marketing, like, I totally need to get in there and start doing it. And then like you said, you go home, you don’t do it right away. You spend 234 days, two weeks. Next thing you know, it’s like how do I do this again? So the fact is, you’re going to look How to leverage a conference. Walk out of this workshop into a conference. So you can put the skills right into practice right there.

Karen Yankovich 31:09

Matt Passy 31:09
And then fresh. It’ll be, you know…

Karen Yankovich 31:12
And I’m going to be there. Like, I just commented, that’s brilliant back knows, once you’re in my world is one of my clients. I’m on it. I’m on it. I’m like, Did you do it? Because you and I know. Exactly. I know so many people there, I can introduce you to some of these people. Right? So, and Matt will be there. All right. So so there’s so many, you know, there’s so many opportunities there. So I’m really excited that you need to be there. Okay? I don’t think Orlando’s that far from you. I mean, I know it’s not the wrong corner, but you should totally be there. So anybody else is interested in this reach out and let me know we do have a limited space. But you know, to be a little wild. I took me a little while, you know, Chris gave me this opportunity. But I wasn’t ready to do it until I had. I had I knew what I was going to do. I didn’t want to just be like, hey, let’s go on LinkedIn, the day before. podcast. I knew I needed to find the exact right, you know agenda for the day and I think I did. I’m pretty excited about it. And again, there’s still people stepping up saying, I’ll help I’ll help I’ll you know, I’ll give your people something. So like somebody just as I was, you know, driving here, I was texting her about something, she’s like, Well, what do you mean I’ll do whatever you want, like I buy people want to meet with you. And she’s like, okay, so they’re offering half hour consoles and you know, free half hour consoles, people coming to this just because they want to be you know, it’s just such an exciting exciting event and that is the mat I also feel like it embraces the spirit of Podfest, you know, and embraces the spirit of just support it the supportive and you know, I know nothing, I just I my podcast, you’re listening to this, it doesn’t cost you anything to listen to this. There’s a lot of things that I offer that are at no cost to you. But you know, if you hire me, you gotta pay me right. I want to make sure that you’re getting massive value from anytime I get you invest in something with me. So I think this case, you’re going to get massive value because you get the full Part three day podcast conference and everything that goes with it for free by buying a ticket to the LinkedIn jumpstart the conference jumpstart the day before so and after that we’ll put the link in the show notes to that. I’m pushing it to me back and I hope we’ve inspired you a little bit to to really understand the power of this medium. My when I say I recorded my first podcast episode and you guys can listen to it to Karen Yankovich show .com/001 I mean listen, it’s not going to sound like this sounds but it doesn’t sound bad. And I will tell you I recorded it on my iPhone with my iPhone headset on my bed at my parents house at the beach. And that was I had caught I had no cards and I had you know I remember what I had but so is it the best sound it is not but honestly if I didn’t tell you that I don’t think you would have known that. So that’s how I got started. I got started with my iPhone and and i would the recorder app on my iPhone and my and my iPhone headset, the one you get when you buy the phone right so you’ve got now I bought you know fancier equipment, I still need to upgrade. And I think one of the things I’m going to be doing a podcast is really doing some research around equipment. Or maybe I should get backed up for the leave here today for some equipment suggestions, but I know I need to do some upgrade to equipment. I think it’s time for me to do that. But you don’t need to get started to do that. And I think it’s such a great. It’s such a great medium for so many people.

Matt Passy 34:21
Yeah. And to your point, by the way, about getting started on the phone, and you know, building up like a couple of things. One, you won’t know what mistakes are making until you start doing it. Yeah, too. If you start out on your phone, and then you realize after three or four episodes like no, I really like this I want to do and then you buy a microphone, those people who have been with you since episode one, and get to experience your growth and progression and evolution, all the improvements. They’re going to be so happy for you and so proud of you like they get to be a part of it. If you think about some of your favorite TV shows, right shows that have been on the air for 10 years, and you go back and you watch the very first episode that That episode, it probably looks like garbage. That’s exactly what you know, wait, they got started, they put something out there they care. And then they built on their momentum and they made improve. So like you said earlier and a lot of podcasts will say this, you’ll hear it if you go to the office, just get started. Just start doing it today start making mistakes and make little improvements every single time. And one you can go back and hear your progression get better, you can go back and use this stuff as blooper reels, and to the people will come with you on a journey and be so happy that you were getting better and better and have been able to invest in more and go to a studio in Boston to record like, people are having fun. People want to enjoy your success with you.

Karen Yankovich 35:48
Yeah, yeah. I mean,

Matt Passy 35:49
You gotta start somewhere.

Karen Yankovich 35:50
And you know one thing that that maybe some people that have was this show before have heard him say, but one thing that I you talked about things you didn’t know to get started and you experience it once thing that I absolutely did not expect to happen. And I only realized this not even that long ago, I get downloads to every single episode of my podcast every single month. That absolutely did not happen with my blog. There are not people every single month reading a blog that I put out for years ago. It’s not happening. But with my podcast, and with the podcast players and the way they work people binge it, I guess, right. And and I never anticipated that. And now I’m going back to those old episodes go and listening to them and saying, Do I need to change some of the calls to action? Like, where do I send people? Is there so some more intentional now about what those are knowing now that people can be listening to this in two years? Right. So that’s a really, really cool unexpected benefit of podcasting for me is that people are having opportunity to really listen to their bingeing on my podcast, you know, they’re calling me at some point saying, How can I hire you? Right? What else can you do? Right? So that’s what that’s there for you but you’ve got to take that first. Stephen get started.

Matt Passy 37:01
I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Karen Yankovich 37:02
All right, Matt, how can people find out more about you?

Matt Passy 37:07
Very easy., or Mathew Passy, on all the social networks.,

Karen Yankovich 37:16
okay, I will link to all of it anyway in the show notes. And for those of you that are listening to the podcast in the show notes will also put the link to the LinkedIn live broadcast. We’re doing this again, we’re coming to you live from the Staples Center staples connects center in Boston, they’re doing their grand opening to these really, if you guys are in the Boston area, you really have to check these locations out. It’s really cool. They’ve got this I wish I could show you. Yeah, maybe I’ll just take a little video a little like video video and upload it somewhere. It’s just a really cool space. And it’s available to all entrepreneurs. And you know, Matt, I mean, again, as an entrepreneur and you guys, like no I hear this stuff. I share it with you. One of the things he was saying was that they have community space like Oh, how much does it cost to rent? That’s was free. I got what? Like it’s free, you can put 15 people in a room and teach LinkedIn marketing and not pay for the room at the staples Connect centers in Boston. Right. So that perked my ears up because always looking for places that I can get other people, right. And I thought I have to pay somebody to do that. It’s a beautiful thing, right?

Matt Passy 38:16
So it’s a nice, really clean. So it’s usually somewhere that everybody recognizes. Yeah, you have a staples in yourself. Of course. It’s usually there’s a parking lot. It’s very easy to get to. Yeah, familiar.

Karen Yankovich 38:29
And yeah, this is not sponsored by staples, by the way.

Matt Passy 38:31
They’re not sponsoring this

Karen Yankovich 38:35
We’re just gushing anyway.

Matt Passy 38:36
They’re just they’re nice. They’re, you know, it’s like a great shared co working space. And again…

Karen Yankovich 38:42
And I’m here because I met Matt at these podcasting conferences, and he posted on a Facebook group. Again, for podcast, you’re saying who’s got a podcast in Boston? I’ve got you know, I’m doing this thing with staples who wants to check it out? And I was like, I’m going to be in Boston that week. Maybe I’ll check it out. And that would have happened if I wasn’t just fun, right? It’s the fun thing to be doing while I’m up here. So thank you so much, Matt for being on the show. And I’ll put all the links to everything we talked about. Hopefully, Matt and I will both get to meet a bunch of you guys that are listening at pod fest on March 2020. If you guys are whoever’s listening to this after that, because you know, I said people listen to this years later, hopefully they’ll be still still be pod fest and your future and we’ll, we’ll see at those as well. So that audio wasn’t too bad, right? It wasn’t so bad. I hope that you enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. And I would love to meet you in person at pod fest at the jumpstart workshop before pod fest. I am not kidding you. When I tell you that if podcasting has been on your radar, you will leave that workshop with every single thing you need to know to get your podcast moving the workshop in the conference, right the workshop we’re going to, oh my gosh, I’m planning so many fun things. We’re going to be leveraging the conference so that you meet the exact right people you want to meet that can absolutely bring your business to a new level. And that’s what we teach on LinkedIn. Right? How to hadn’t been one powerful connection at a time, I’m going to teach you exactly how to do that. So if you invest in coming to pod Fest, you also have the opportunity to make sure that you’re leaving there with exactly what you went there to do if you go to the page, which of course is all over the show notes for this, or you can go to she’s linked up jumpstart calm and get to the page. If you’ve already got your pod fest ticket, you can still come to the jumpstart workshop, just scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a link there that just says I’ve already got my pod fest ticket, I just want to add the workshop as an add on. So you have the opportunity to do that as well. If you have any questions about any of this on the page is also a link to schedule a short call with me so that we can talk and see if this in person opportunity is a good fit for you. Because I get that sometimes it’s not right. And I only want people to invest in this that I think I can absolutely support and absolutely hope so. I hope you check it out. I would love to see you there. I’m really excited about it. And again If you’re listening to this episode after the pod fest conference has already taken place, she’s linked up jumpstart, it’s something we’re looking to do more of moving forward, not sure exactly how we’re going to position it because this one is really specifically designed to leverage this specific conference. So we’re going to kind of see how it goes right at this conference, and then see how we can bring these to more cities and more areas. So I would love for you to come be part of this inaugural one, you know, that the first one is always the best deal to write. So get in on this, she’s linked up jumpstart calm gets you all the details, and gives you a place to schedule a quick call with me if that’s going to be helpful in your decision making. So thank you again to Matt pezzi. For the fun experience of being and hanging out at the Staples Center, the staples Connect center in Boston, Massachusetts. It was a lot of fun. I will absolutely be back there to take advantage of that amazing space. And if you’re in that Boston area, you should check it out if you’re in the Orlando area. Yeah, you know definitely come to pod fest if you want to. If you’re like me and you know a couple hundred dollar plane ticket will get you anywhere come to both. I will see you guys again next week for another episode of the good girls get rich podcast.