This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen interviews Suzanne Evans and discusses the importance of change and work ethic in business growth.

Suzanne Evans, the founder of Driven, Inc., went from secretary to a $7,000,000 business in record time. She’s also the author of The Way You Do Anything is the Way You Do Everything.


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About the Episode:

The goal of your business should be to grow, and two important catalysts that bring business growth are change and work ethic.

The Importance of Change

As the world changes, so should your business. When you started out, maybe your client market was different. The economy was probably different. The niche you filled in the market has also most likely shifted. You probably learned what does and doesn’t work for your business.

Shifting your business to meet demands is important. Without doing this, your business will become outdated. Your business needs to stay current with the times and demands of clients.

Work Ethic

Growing a business, often, is difficult. Even if you love your business and love what you do, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Business growth requires a lot of time and effort. You know what they say… nothing good ever comes easy.

Success might not come easy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun! With a strong work ethic, you will achieve much higher goals at a much faster pace than those who only put in half the effort.

There is a lot to learn and figure out in a business journey, but with an openness to change and a willingness to work hard, you will set yourself up to achieve your business goals!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s topic (2:21)
  • Learn about the free video series, Make $1,000 Today (4:12)
  • Learn about the weekly workshop, Your $5,000 Offer (5:20)
  • Introducing this episode’s guest, Suzanne Evans (6:41)
  • Why shifting your business is important (13:07)
  • Suzanne’s biggest challenge (19:01)
  • Why it’s okay to say “No” (23:10)
  • The importance of work ethic (26:21)
  • How to find out more about Suzanne (32:41)

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast episode 113.

Intro 0:07
Welcome to the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast with your host Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are, girl. Stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies, and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:24
Hi there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 113 of the Good Girls get Rich Podcast. And we’re brought to you by Uplevel Media where we teach simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing that gets you on the phone with the perfect people that are interested in your high ticket offers people who you can’t wait to have the opportunity to chat with. We teach digital marketing with the human touch. How do you build your business from the top down, not the bottom up. So if you’ve listened before or if you love what you hear today, we love to hear from you. We love to get your rating And reviews, you can rate us review us on Apple Podcasts or wherever you’re listening to the show that helps us know what episodes resonate with you, especially if you give us some details. If you’ve already rated us remember, you can also whether you rated us before or not. You can also go to or go to And you’ll see the show notes for this podcast there and look for the link for Speakpipe there, and you can leave us a voice review and you can tell us if there’s a particular episode that you liked. If there’s a show or a topic that you’d love to hear if you have a guest, you think we should interview going over to or find the link in the show notes and leave us a an audio review. We love that. So lastly, before we dive into this, take a quick screenshot of this show. share it on your social media tagged me I’m @karenyankovich. Put it in your stories or in your feed whatever whatever works for you. Because when you share that you’re listening to this podcast with your audience. It helps more people get to know about the app, the show gets to know about me and my business. And I appreciate that so much that I share your posts with my audience. And that gets you more visibility. Right. And that’s how we lift each other up in this crazy world. And speaking of crazy worlds, so this episode is coming out or it’s getting edited, right in March 2020, right smack in the middle of all this COVID-19 virus craziness. And you know, it’s shifted things a little bit, right. It shifted things a little bit in my business. And when I listened to this episode with Suzanne, I think what she’s talking about what we’re talking about is even more important today, since the world has shifted a little bit on its axis, certainly the marketing world, because it really boils down to understanding marketing. And marketing isn’t a bad thing, even in today’s world. We still The world needs, the services you provide. It is not the time to stop sharing your greatness with the world. Of course, if there’s something you can do to provide value, or to support the people around you that might be struggling, by all means you should be doing that. But you don’t have to hide from the marketing. Because of things that are happening in the world. You want to look at it, you want to make sure that it still makes sense, right? You want to make sure that the marketing you’re putting out there is still the messaging is what the messaging you want right now, but it’s still really important that you’re marketing. And to me, it’s even more important today that we recognize how important our own skills are to our lives, right. So many people are getting laid off or getting furloughed and we don’t have a lot of control of that right. We don’t have a ton of control if if our job is laying us off or furloughing us, but maybe this is the time to think about what are the skills you have? what it what is your zone of genius? What do you do whether or not people will pay you to do what you love doing it? Maybe now’s the time you can build a business around that. Right? I’ve been doing a free video series that we’ve labeled Make $1,000 Today. Okay, so I’m going to link to that in the show notes to an episode that I did with Laura wick. And then a subsequent episode that I did Laura and I used to play this little game with each other and we were in a mastermind together, when one of us would get a little like frustrated or whatever with our business or you just needed some cash. We would challenge each other to make $1,000 that day, and honestly, it happened almost every time. Can you do this every day, but you definitely can do it today. And in you know, here in the US, the government is talking about sending checks to people for $1,000 which is amazing. And I love that and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be looking for those checks. What I am saying is you have it inside of you to be to be generating income and when you when you build a business or even a side gig or career, whatever level looks like to you, when you build it around your own skills, you always have complete control of that, right? So, we’re doing a video series, you’re, if you go to it’ll link you to some of the videos we’re doing. We’re also doing a free weekly workshop, how you know, on how to take that because when you’re working with people, right, when you’re making those lower end offers to people to bring $1,000 into your world, there’s gonna be some portion of those people that are going to want more from you. And I want you to be ready for that. I want you to be ready. When somebody says Alright, this half hour has been great. How do I get more? So we’re also doing a free workshop. Make $5,000 your $5,000 offer what is your $5,000 offer? So we’re doing weekly workshops on that will take you to the weekly workshop. I want Be ready with that higher ticket offer when you’re offering the lower ticket offer to bring that thousand dollars in at some percentage of those people are going to say, all right, I need more from you. And I want to be ready with that. And of course, all of this ties back to LinkedIn because that’s where you establish your personal brand, right? That’s where you tell the world how amazing you are at what you do. So I wanted to just kind of give you that PSA, public service announcement in light of what’s happening in the world, but I do for sure that you’re gonna love the conversation Suzanne Evans and I are going to have today this conversation took a little bit of an interesting twist as we realize we were both raised by parents who were basketball coaches, so if you want to hear our stories around that, listen in. So I am here today with Suzanne Evans and Suzanne went from Secretary to a $7 million business in record time. Her company driven Inc has been on the Inc 505,000 List of fastest growing companies for five straight years. Her New York Times best selling book, the way you do anything is the way you do everything. Said hundreds of thousands of business owners on their fast paths success. Suzanne’s grown her brand from humble beginnings inside a 350 square foot Manhattan apartment to a sprawling office where she works with clients around the world. She currently lives with her family in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Suzanne is so good to have you here. Thanks for being here today.

Suzanne Evans 7:20
Thank you so much for having me. And as I joked a few minutes with you, I’ll let everybody know. I’m not usually drunk by the afternoon. Sometimes on a Saturday, but I had a root canal this morning. So if I slur a word, I’m not sipping on the podcast. I’m just still a little numb.

Karen Yankovich 7:41
Well, thank you for doing this in light of what your morning was like. And also, you know, that speaks to your determination like your commitments like this was on my calendar. This is what’s happening and you know, life goes on business goes on.

Suzanne Evans 7:54
Absolutely. Happy to be here.

Karen Yankovich 7:56
Yeah. So now that we’ve heard your official bio, why don’t you tell us about little bit about your journey. I mean, you know, there’s a part of me I live right outside of New York City. So there’s a part of me that thinks, okay, 350 square feet in Manhattan sprawling ranch in North Carolina. That’s about even price wise. Like, that’s, that’s kind of my thing. And I’m sure that that’s not true, but…

Suzanne Evans 8:16
It’s definitely not but it’s 30 acres. So… Definitely more space.

Karen Yankovich 8:24
Yeah, no, no, no, I get it. I get it. I, I mean, it just it is it’s not easy to start to have a start in Manhattan, right? Because because of the cost of that. So tell us a little bit about when you started your business, what were you thinking and What kept you moving? Because I think we have listeners here that are in that space where they are doing something that they know, there’s something more for them in this world and they’re, you know, kind of trying to find out what their first couple steps are.

Suzanne Evans 8:47
Yeah, you know, ignorance is such bliss. You know, I didn’t know what I was doing. I kind of had an idea of why I was doing it. But I I just knew I didn’t have another choice. And what I mean by that is I was working in the Broadway theater industry. And I was just, I had the itch. And I think that most entrepreneurs or small business owners, they can relate and they get it at some point where you are, you know, I’m an overall happy person, if I, if I get assigned to, you know, shovel horse food, I kind of make the best of it. So I wasn’t unhappy, but I wasn’t satisfied. And when I began to look at what I wanted to do next and who I wanted to be, when I grew up, I went a million different directions. But when I landed on coaching, I really thought, I just need to replace my salary. And I have no idea if that’s possible, but I can tell you this, I have no one else to depend on. I’m $100,000 in debt. If I stay in a job, I’m just going to get raises and I’m never going to really be able to accumulate wealth. Or even have free will and choice. And so um, so when I started out, I really started out with the mentality of, you have nothing to lose, and you have to do this no matter what, and you can’t stop no matter what. And the end result can’t be worse than what where you are now. And that wasn’t even that bad. But I just knew that if I went long enough, something would pop and I kind of believed that about everything.

Karen Yankovich 10:29
Yeah, I agree with you. So when you when you took the shift in your life and your business to do some coaching, did you take coach certification classes Did you like how did you know what did you do to equip yourself to start to move into that world?

Suzanne Evans 10:43
Yeah, I’m kind of a coaching school dropout. And what happened was…

Karen Yankovich 10:48
You and me both. I’m sending you high fives like across the nation here.

Suzanne Evans 10:52
I started off with a coach. And that’s really what made me go Oh, I think I’d love to do this Matt, a wonderful coach. And I was like, putting it on three credit cards to be able to afford it. And I did go to a coaching certification program. And what I realized was because we got in these little mentor groups, and we got in these buddy groups and got an accountability partner, and you know, within six months, I was doing about four or $5,000 a month. And then within a year, I grew it to a six figure business in a year and 18 months after I first went to that first coaching class, if you will, I had people who were still trying to figure out their website, you know, that were in my accountability group and I went, Oh my god, this is a place for people to stay broke. I gotta get out of here.

Karen Yankovich 11:42
Well, you know what, I I kind of almost want to qualify what I when I left about that, and what I do agree with you, I’m not knocking coaching. Oh, no, I think it’s great to get certified and to get trained and all of these things, but it is the drive to just make something happen. I think that really makes a difference. And I’m right there with you. When I, you know, first started my business, I took programs and same kind of thing was part of groups. And, you know, some of the people that were in those groups with me are my clients today and I look at them and go, but you’re still not building your email list, you know what I mean? Or you still aren’t doing this, like, it’s been years. So, you know, so like, what is this really what you want? Right? So I, I love that you, you know, the action really is what propelled you as much as the training.

Suzanne Evans 12:30
Absolutely. I just, you know, I knew enough. My dad had been a politician. And I knew enough about like, the circle you it you’re in determines the win. And I thought, I’m, I’m in trouble here, right. I mean, this was great information, and it was great knowledge, but I’ve got to, I’ve got to get myself to a place where people are taking action that that created You know, monetary results. Because what’s the point in doing this, I have no desire to run a not for profit, and I have no desire to coach my neighbors for free, I really do want to start a business and I really do want to leave my job. And I really do want to have a future. And I really do want to get out of debt. And so that, you know, when I was transitioning through that it was hard because I kind of made all these friends in that world because it was so exciting to be around people who were also getting certified and had dreams, and then I had to kind of shift to those friends. So there are a lot of transitions very quickly those first couple of years.

Karen Yankovich 13:36
Well, you know, this is the first time you and I have talked so so I want to just let everybody know that but I you know, I’ve seen some of your journey. I’ve watched some of your journey just through being in the entrepreneurial world and you have shifted your journey a few times. So can you tell us a little bit about that like when, you know, because I think I think by the way, that is something that is also key to success is knowing that Shifting isn’t a failure. It’s just staying. You know, it’s just you as you learn more about what you’re good at, and what works and what you’re doing and as the world and the industry in the market changes, you know, sometimes it’s important that you can you can shift with that.

Suzanne Evans 14:14
Yeah, well, it’s really simple, it’s change or die. I mean, I look at people who are still trying to do the same thing that they did, you know, listen, you know, I’m now 11, I guess, 11 years in business. And I’ve had a couple of brands from the standpoint of, you know, of course, everybody starts off with some, my brand was like, blueprint life coaching design your best life. You know, it was like free clipart from from Microsoft Word. But, you know, I’ve had a couple of transitions of brand and transitions of message. At the core, we’re still the same. You know, it’s still my belief around that. You know, the best way to have freedom in your life. is to have financial freedom. And I believe that money is not the most important thing in the world, but it touches everything that is and that money makes everything easier. that triggers a lot of people and annoys a lot of people, but still the heart and core of what I’ve always believed from the beginning, but the world changes, you know, and and the internet changes and economics change. You know, I started my business in an incredible recession. And here we are in, you know, an incredible economic time for the US. And so, you know, money changes, and people change and society changes. And so if you’re not moving with that, that doesn’t mean you change the essence of who you are, or even maybe your business does. But if your business doesn’t shift, and it doesn’t innovate, you become you know, it’s kind of interesting, right? Because we’re in a political season right now. Now presidential season, and you hear people go, oh, that person seems outdated or that person seems out of touch, or that person. And it really got I love looking at that analogy in business, because you see, like, that person seems outdated or out of touch, or they’re not innovating and nothing about what they’re doing is fresh and it can keep you okay, but it’ll never keep you great.

Karen Yankovich 16:24
Yeah, that is interesting. That is interesting. And, you know, I don’t really want to get into the political scene here. But one of the things that I’ve been one of the things that I’ve actually been trying to driving my friends crazy with is because I’m in marketing and because I love marketing so much. I’m so fascinated by the marketing around all the candles, you know, and it is, you know, it is fascinating to me, and it is a light it should be a lesson to all entrepreneurs by the way.

Suzanne Evans 16:50
Marketing right now, marketing, to everybody listening, this is the time of season when I almost stopped reading any marketing emails. Come into my inbox. And I only read political emails that come in both sides, no matter what side you’re on, because the best marketers are always hired by the political campaigns. And if you want to read the best copy get the best angles. That’s where you should be putting your attention.

Karen Yankovich 17:15
Yes, yes, yes. Yeah, I agree with you. Because I’ve seen ads, you know, again, on all sides where I’m like, Oh, my God, this is a brilliant ad. Yeah, you know, this is brilliant and and, you know, we can all I mean, just just even looking at like taking just looking quickly at like Mike Bloomberg, he just hired great people, and his ads are unbelievable. Now, what it means to the country is not a conversation we’re going to have right now but marketing when you when and and and as a business owner, you don’t have to have that kind of money. To do that. You just have to understand that marketing will make or break could make or break your business.

Suzanne Evans 17:52
Again, doesn’t matter. And actually I think a lot of business owners miss a lot of learning and a lot Lot of knowledge because they do, or they’re like, but I don’t agree with them. The best copy you’ll ever read is from people you don’t agree with. So you got to watch all of it. You know, that’s how, you know, I was getting a root canal at 9am this morning and before 9am I had read three different periodicals. I had read five different news skims. I had watched two different news stations. I had read two chapters in a book and it’s my job to know more than everybody else. And if I don’t read everything, all sides all opinions up down political, not political, social justice, business, finance, money help. I it’s my job to know more than you not not you.

Karen Yankovich 18:45
No, I know I agree with you. Yeah.

Suzanne Evans 18:47
So it’s really key. That’s a key marketing tool that I think a lot of people miss.

Karen Yankovich 18:53
Yeah, yeah. And, and it’s not sales. It’s marketing. Right. There’s two different things.

Suzanne Evans 18:57
Yeah, absolutely.

Karen Yankovich 18:59
Yeah, very cool, very cool. So what’s your biggest challenge now?

Suzanne Evans 19:04
Oh, my biggest challenge now in business. So what’s my biggest challenge? Now, I’m probably finding a I don’t want to use the word balance because I don’t believe in balance finding a, the word that comes from a balance of how much I really want to do have a three year old. And so, you know, again, you know, you change and your business has to change and economy changes and you have to change, you know, everything affects you. And I used to travel quite a bit, and I was speaking all the time everywhere. And I’d certainly cut that out the last couple of years, doing a little more of it now. Just because we’ve moved and I love it. I mean, it’s something I love doing so. So it’s really about like how much I can do of certain things without impacting what’s really important to me which is to be with my son and to to expect that it’s going to change even again next year, because he’s been in preschool a couple days a week, but next year is full time. And so how often I travel and he’s gone everywhere with us. It’s so funny, he’ll get on a plane and somebody will go, Oh, is it your first flying like? It says, it’s like this. So I think that it’s a very personal thing for me. My business is, you know, in many ways, I have a lot of things on autopilot. We’ve done really well over the last 10 years, I’ve been very blessed. We work for every bit of it, but we’ve also had great fortune. And so my business does really well and a lot of it is we innovate the programs and the angles, but the core is rinse and repeat, if you will. And so and we also know what works for us. I’ll tell you a struggle I was having that we’re kind of out of this. You know, you get in this this thing where you think you need to do everything. I’m just as guilty as other people. And the last few years we’ve just done such an amazing job of at. I know what works for us. I know what works. I know where we get the highest return, I know where we close the most cells. And so I’ve just eliminated doing some things that worked. Okay. And we really are trying to just keep the things that worked amazingly. So that that’s been a shift the last few years, because also I did used to have a lot more time and energy to do some things that worked. Okay, right, I could keep those up. I worked a lot. And I don’t say that as like, workaholic or Oh my God, I had to work a lot like I loved it. You know, I vacationed and I party then I had friends and I had hobbies and I worked. A child changes that and of course for the good. I’ve never been happier in my life, but I don’t want to work on things that kind of work anymore. It’s not a benefit to me. So that that’s a huge shift.

Karen Yankovich 21:59
That’s that is That’s an important shift. And you know, a couple things I want to just address from that. Number one, you have created a business for yourself. And I think that, you know, you have, while you have done extraordinarily well, I think that anybody can really focus and create a business that fits around the lifestyle that they want. I didn’t know that when my kids were little. And I didn’t do that. And, you know, there’s a lot that I missed. And I, I don’t live with regret. But I, you know, there was a lot that I missed when they were young, because I didn’t know that I could, and maybe maybe the time wasn’t the same either. Maybe I couldn’t really do as much as we have the ability to do now with with the free tools and the internet and all these things that we have. So I think it’s important that we all recognize that we can you know, one of the first things that when I work with people around creating their businesses, it’s what did you What do you want it to look like in your life? Do you want to be home at three o’clock when your kids get home from school? Or do you want to be able to work from Italy for a month, you know, like, what are what are the things that are important to you? And let’s kind of build your business around that because I think that we can, but the other thing that you said that I really wanted to point out was when you said that, you know one of the The big shifts you made was in really staying focused on the things that were the most profitable things. And that’s exactly how you said it. So I hope I’m paraphrasing that, right. But I had a conversation yesterday with one of my clients, one of my private clients, and she got on the phone and it just sounded like she was exhausted and she’s had a tough day. She’s like, Oh, my gosh, all the things and I was like, you know, what, sometimes the money is in the know, you know, sometimes you have to start saying no to the things where there’s no money, so that you’re not exhausted when it’s when so that to focus on the places that where there is money, you know, and you know, there’s more money sometimes and saying no to things than saying yes to everything.

Suzanne Evans 23:36
Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, I do have a belief I have a slightly different belief around No, I think my job is to say yes to everything, but to get somebody else to do it.

Karen Yankovich 23:49
Oh, okay.

Suzanne Evans 23:50
So I don’t say no, a lot. Um, I sometimes don’t even engage if that makes sense. But I’m kind of this Funny, I don’t know Goofy, maybe magical mindset belief that anything that’s brought to me is something I’m meant to try. But I don’t have to do it and I don’t have to put the work down. So I have a pretty big team. And one of the reasons that sometimes my team even may even be a little bit larger than I need is because I do say yes to almost everything. I just don’t do all those yeses. And now that is not something I knew in the beginning either. To try to do it myself, but but I do love the idea of when an opportunity comes up for me. I don’t know if it’s the right opportunity for me, and I don’t you know, I got a pretty good gut, but I don’t always love going on gut I like going on data. And so to try something gives me data. But I have the team do it and my rule is an 80/20 rule, which is 80% of everything we do has to go to somebody else besides myself. I’ll only hold on to 20% and the other data point that I can give you is only 20% of everything we do works only 20%. Yeah, but that 20% we wouldn’t find without the other 80% I love the story of the Chief Marketing Officer of Coca Cola going into the board meeting and saying, well, the news is we spent $500 million on marketing this year. And the good news is 50% of it worked. And they all said great, like, wonderful. Let’s repeat what he said. The bad news is we don’t know what 50% and so that’s kind of how I look at our marketing all the time.

Karen Yankovich 25:35
Interesting. Yeah, that is interesting. But it’s also important to note too, and this is something that maybe we at least I wasn’t brought up with, I did not grow up an entrepreneurial family at all. It’s normal for only 20% or 50%. Which means 50% or 80% is not going to work. And that’s not something you can beat yourself up over. It’s just like, Alright, well, we’ve learned some lessons here. And you know, let’s take what did work and and, you know, kind of rebuild from there.

Suzanne Evans 26:01
Absolutely. And I think the challenges, most entrepreneurs don’t even do 20% to get 20% of 20% so you got to be doing 100% right to find that 8020 to find that 20% that’s gonna make you multiple six figures or making multiple seven figures.

Karen Yankovich 26:19
Yeah, yeah. So let’s like rewind back to some of the people that are listening that are making their first hundred thousand. What advice would you give them that you you know, you know, now that you didn’t know them?

Suzanne Evans 26:32
You know, I’d say a couple of things. But I would say that, you know, I’m a big believer in I’m never going to outsmart most people. And I’m never going to out educate most people. And I’m never going to out experience most people, but I can outwork everybody, and every highly successful person I’ve ever met been able to interview but friends with connected With his just outworked everybody else. There’s, as a matter of fact, the smartest people aren’t typically the most successful. And I wouldn’t say that’s something I know that I know. Now, I always knew that I grew up in a family that told me that my dad’s a seventh generation farmer, and he would always say, you know, if I came home and I didn’t get the best grade, or I didn’t win the thing, or whatever it was, or I didn’t get appointed to something, he’d say, it doesn’t matter. In the end when all of you have graduated when you’re all through college, because you can outwork them all. Anyway. He said, People exhaust from working, he said, and if you can, you know, create a work ethic where you have an incredible amount of endurance, which I do, you’ll always win. And it’s been true and that doesn’t mean hours. You know, that doesn’t mean that I’m good to the office at 6am and I leave at 10 o’clock at night as a matter of fact, I don’t actually work that many hours. I’m a very smart worker and a very focused worker. But I really think, you know, I was talking to somebody the other day, and it was a colleague, and they just had done a couple of things where I was like, What in the world are they thinking? And the person said, I mean, they just need help in their business. And I looked at her and I said, I gotta be honest with you, this person does not have a business problem. They have a parenting problem. She said, What do you mean? And I said, their parents didn’t teach them something they needed to know. And I said, and now she’s a 56 year old woman that’s trying to have to figure that out. And it’s so true. No, I coach housands of people a year and what they were taught in their home is how they typically behave in their business. Now people relearn those behave, you know, unlearn bad behaviors, and they and they recognize they didn’t get it, but when I meet somebody who parents had an incredible work ethic and they instilled that in their kids. It is easier for them. It really is actually.

Karen Yankovich 29:09
Oh, that’s an interesting, that’s an interesting message to a lot of parents who are who struggle a little bit with, you know, parenting their kids and how much work they should be doing versus doing it for them. That’s a really interesting message. An interesting message.

Suzanne Evans 29:23
Just on parenting standpoint, for parents listening out there, this will… I hope it won’t get too too much hate mail, but…

Karen Yankovich 29:30
I could care less.

Suzanne Evans 29:33
I don’t think people teach kids to win anymore. My parents taught me to win. They taught me the importance of winning. They taught me that Yeah, there’s a first in a second, a third and the third is not first and the first is not last and there’s value in winning. Now. They also taught me to be a good loser. And they taught me to respect when other people won. And they also taught me that like, if you don’t win, it doesn’t make you a bad person. Right? It may mean you need to work at something or you need a new strategy or you but my my parents really taught me to when my mother was a very, very, very successful basketball coach. And was…

Karen Yankovich 30:13
Wow, so was my dad.

Suzanne Evans 30:14
Oh, really? Yeah. My mom was she was a phenomenal I mean to this day, it’s so annoying people come up to me and go where you’re the basketball player. Your mother was no, I was not.

Karen Yankovich 30:25
Yeah, no, 5’1″ me of me did not have the basketball genes. My dad the basketball coach. Yeah.

Suzanne Evans 30:34
But my sister so I played her my mom a little bit, which is not something I necessarily recommend. But um, she she’s a really tough coach and an amazing coach. And, you know, we’re like in the state finals game and I rolled my ankle. And I came to the sidelines and I said, Mom, I think you got to take me out of the game. I said, I rolled my ankle and she said, What’s the rule about coming off the coordinate injury and I said, if you’re bleeding, you have to Come off the court. She said, Are you bleeding? I said no. She said when the damn game. And you know, people are gonna hear that they think one of two things. Oh my god, how cool are mother? Or they’re gonna think oh my god she taught indoors. I wouldn’t take that lesson back for anything in the world die from a sprained ankle. But I learned how to I learned how to win with an injury. I learned how to keep playing even when you were hurt. And that’s all you do. That’s that is the only thing entrepreneurs need to learn to be successful is to keep playing even when it hurts. If you can learn, you will make money.

Karen Yankovich 31:37
Yep, yep. And so I will add to that my and I have never I haven’t thought about this in relation to business and ever I don’t think but my dad’s I remember my dad when he was a basketball coach. And he you know, as a high school coach, he had an incredible record as a college coach he did as well. I mean, it just really he was really a great coach. And one of the things that he would say was like, you know, if it’s halftime and his, you know, two is up by whatever 20 points or whatever he’s like. The winner is who’s got the most points at the end of the game? Yeah, like it’s not the game ain’t over yet. You know, like no sitting back on your laurels because the game ain’t over yet. The game is over when, you know when the clock buzzes, and if you’ve got more points and they’ve got not a minute, not a second before then so you know…

Suzanne Evans 32:19
You can win in the last minute, and you can lose in the last minute.

Karen Yankovich 32:22
Yep. Yeah, intersting. This isn’t a direction. I didn’t think this interview is gonna go.

Suzanne Evans 32:28
Here. Yeah, we’re big basketball fans. Yeah, I think most of what I learned about business actually came from basketball.

Karen Yankovich 32:36
Interesting. Interesting. Well, that’s, that’s really interesting. Okay, so tell us a little bit. We’re going to link to all of your sites and everything. But tell us a little bit what you’ve got going on in your business and what we should be looking for. Moving forward, I know that you have that you offer strategy sessions. I want to talk about that.

Suzanne Evans 32:56
Yeah, I’ve got a phenomenal coaching team and so I think you guys are gonna put a link out there to grab a complimentary session it’s we really set them up to be kind of fastest path to cash sessions. So you can see where gaps are opportunities are for yourself and we’ll lay out a little strategy for you for a few months of how you can make more money so you can grab one of those with my team. We also hold an event we held a couple of big events every year but our one that’s upcoming in April is in Charlotte, North Carolina and it’s called driven the event I’m happy to give some tickets to your listeners and yeah, I don’t they didn’t even tell me to do this. So I don’t know if I’ll get in trouble with my team but I’m happy to get the story my life though. Right I pay I pay all the bills but I still get in trouble. But yeah, I’d love to give this a three day conference in Charlotte, North Carolina called driven the event which everything you’ve been hearing me talk about on here today, plus, plus, plus tactical marketing and Sales and strategy and all of that. And, yeah, I’d love to give some tickets if anybody’s interested. And I think the best way to do that would just be to email us. You can email us at It’s a help @ and just say, Hey, I heard it on the podcast, and I would love to grab one of those complimentary tickets. Awesome. Thank you. When is that event? It’s mid April and it is in Charlotte, North Carolina. So it is the April 17 18th and 19th.

Karen Yankovich 34:41
Okay, great, great. Suzanne, this was great. Thank you so much for all of the wisdom that you shared and all the goodies that you shared with our audience. And it’s been really fun getting to know you.

Suzanne Evans 34:51
Oh, you as well. Thank you for having me. And I love that. We both have basketball as a background. I think you tonight Think about all of your basketball analogies and all this stuff your dad talk.

Karen Yankovich 35:02
I don’t think I’m gonna have to create a podcast around that. That that one say, right? Yeah, interesting. Very cool. All right. Well, thanks. Thanks so much for being here. And I will definitely be looking into all of the stuff that you share with us. Thanks so much. Thank you. Well, I had a blast chatting with Suzanne, it was fun to dive into our basketball coaching parents and the lessons we learned from them. I think I’m gonna dive into a whole episode on that, and maybe even next week. So check that out. And I hope you enjoyed our stories around that. Suzanne made an offer for a live event, the time that we’re editing this, that event is still on. If you email if you email the email address that you know, she said to get your free ticket, put a link in I’ll put a link in the show notes for that. I’m sure if there’s going to be any changes to that they will let you know. But at this moment in time, that event is still active and still happening in April. So definitely take her up on that offer and don’t forget my gift to the world during the challenging We have is I’m doing daily videos on how you can So we put a link in the show notes,, we’ll get you to the free videos and, we’ll get you to the weekly workshop where I want you to be ready with your higher ticket offer. When somebody says I love this, I want more. And of course, it all ties back to LinkedIn because I want you to shine on LinkedIn so that you are should making sure they know that you are worthy of their investment. So I hope that this helps you. I would love to see you at one of these workshops that one of these free workshops we’re doing every week, and I hope you’re happy, I hope you’re healthy. If you’re homeschooling your kids and working from home, maybe you don’t have time to do some of these things. But if you do, maybe you can help out some of these people that are struggling with time management through all of us. So I look forward to hearing from you on speakpipe or in the reviews for the show or if you join me on my free workshop. So I will see you there and I’ll see See you back here next week for another episode of the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast.