This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen discusses having alternate streams of income with Jennifer Maruca.

Jennifer Maruca Platinum leader with dōTERRA Essential Oils. Karen and Jennifer share their experience with dōTERRA and how it may be an opportunity for you too.


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About the Episode:

The old model is shifting. Instead of going to college, working the same job until they’re sixty years old, and retiring, many people are now breaking the mold. They are doing what they love, on their schedule and creating freedom. Sound like something you’d like to do too?

Me too. Which is why I explored dōTERRA, not just in my lifestyle, but into my business. As an entrepreneur, I loved the idea of an additional revenue stream. This episode is about that story!

dōTERRA Essential Oils

Whether you use essential oils or not, no one can deny the fact that more and more people are looking for natural and holistic ways to stay healthy and/take care of themselves, their families and the environment around them. 

dōTERRA has worked with over 100 different organizations to do research and implement essential oils into their facilities, including universities, hospitals, VA medical centers, hospices and care centers, and more. And, as a leader in the essential oil industry, dōTERRA invests in research and testing to remain at the forefront of essential oil science. “dōTERRA’s mission hinges on discovering and developing the world’s most potent and effective essential oils,” said Dr. David Hill, dōTERRA Founding Executive, Scientific and Healthcare Initiatives. “These studies are a demonstration of our leadership in essential oil scientific advances, as well as our commitment to ensuring safe and powerful outcomes for families and individuals using dōTERRA essential oils.”

dōTERRA’s Medical Advisory Board is composed of board certified physicians from around the world who are leaders in integrative healthcare. Their experience with essential oil usage in their various specialties is a valuable contribution to dōTERRA’s mission of educating individuals on the value of essential oils as an alternative method of care and wellness.

Why I Chose dōTERRA

If I’m going to sell a product, I want it to be a product I love… and I love essential oils. But not all essential oil companies choose to enforce high testing standards for their oils. In fact, many companies skip important steps in the testing process in order to save money or time. Unfortunately, when proper testing measures are not taken, it’s impossible to ensure that an essential oil is truly “pure.” To ensure that each bottle of essential oil is pure and free from contaminants or synthetic fillers, dōTERRA created the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® protocol. The CPTG process includes a rigorous examination of every batch of oil, along with third-party testing to guarantee transparency.

Join My Team

I’ve created a program for people wanting to build a dōTERRA essential oil business. When you join my team we will teach you proven systems to jump start your success. Want to learn more about joining my team? Visit

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Karen’s experience with dōTERRA (1:21)
  • Introducing this episode’s guest, Jennifer Maruca (8:30)
  • Jennifer’s story (9:20)
  • dōTERRA’s growth (19:14)
  • Why dōTERRA is like Karen’s pension (20:54)
  • Buckets vs. Pipelines (22:37)
  • The new model (23:30)
  • Why Karen chose dōTERRA (25:11)
  • Jennifer’s dedication to the business (27:31)
  • The airplane analogy (28:24)
  • How essential oils work and why they’re powerful (32:45)
  • The business opportunity of dōTERRA (37:17)
  • How to find more about Karen’s team (42:31)

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Read the Transcript

Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast Episode 122.

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are, girl. Stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies, and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:24
Hello, I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 122 of the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast. And I am excited to for you to meet the person that you’re going to meet on on the show today because it’s going to pull the curtains back a little bit to some of the inside revenue streams in my business. So I’m really looking forward to sharing that with you. But just remember that this show is as usual, brought to you by she’s linked up accelerator program where we teach women heart based LinkedIn marketing strategy that gets you on the phone consistently with your perfect people. And you know as a LinkedIn strategist, I firmly believe it’s really important that you are, you know, stay in your lane and you understand what you’re really good at. And that’s what you build your life and your business from. That’s why that’s why I do this podcast, right? Good Girls Get Rich. You listen to all the way back to Episode One, you’ll have heard me talk about, you know, find what you’re passionate about, find what you’re good at, and build your business and your life from there. But sometimes, sometimes we’re multi passionate. And what I’m really excited to introduce you to today is a revenue stream in my business that I have not talked about much at all, but it is something that I really look to as a solid piece of my business. So what we’re going to talk about here is direct sales. So I’m gonna so stick with me cuz you’re gonna want to hear this story because this is a really interesting story. So the direct sales business that I made a decision to invest in is doTERRA doTERRA essential oils. And the reason Well, let’s take a step back to that I’m a huge essential oils lover. I use them in my life in My business, I’m you know, listen, I am not getting younger every year. So every year that I, my birthday hits and I get a year older, I it becomes more important to me to stay healthy, not get healthy, stay healthy, you know, I have two little grandbabies that I want to run around after and be able to sit on the floor and be healthy with, I have a business that really is heavily dependent on me, which means I have to be healthy and you know, entrepreneurs don’t get sick days. So I have to be healthy every day. So I’m always looking for ways to stay healthy in my business. So essential oils came into my life and I tried them all. I tried them all. And this is not me dissing on any other oils. I can tell you that I did buy some oils on Amazon at the grocery store at Walmart. And I just kept coming back to doTERRA because I put them in my diffuser and like half hour later I’ll be like, did I diffuse it? Like was I diffusing something? Where is that? Like, I don’t smell it anymore. And they just had no longevity. And I felt like I was like even though doTERRA seemingly seemed like they were more expensive. They At the end, they weren’t because I was just kept pouring these other oils into my diffuser to keep it to keep having the sense of that I was, you know, I was wanting to get from having it in my diffuser. So, at the same time I in my LinkedIn business, the primary business that I run in my life, I met Jennifer Johnson, who and I will link to her episode in the show notes. She’s the CEO of since Cher, and Jennifer and I met a couple years ago on a at a conference that we were both speaking at. And I loved the work she did. I mean, you guys have heard her if you hear this interview, you’ll you’ll hear she is so smart. She’s running a you know, I think a multimillion dollar business. And I think if we go back to that wheel, you can see that and Jennifer built this business on supporting direct sales representatives. And what she has essentially is a social media support tool that helps direct sales representatives grow their business, using the scheduling tool that helps make it easy for them to again what I teach you here do what you do best. But make sure that you’re staying in front of people and you’re positioning yourself, right as an expert. So Jennifer, and being in front of Jennifer’s audience several times I got in front of her audience teaching Twitter, I got in front of her audience several times teaching LinkedIn. And I just met a lot of those people. What it did was it brought a lot of direct sales representatives into my business. So I started to have clients that were killing it. With these direct sales businesses. I’m like, okay, I was really amazed by the business, the income potential, because honestly, I was one of those people that was really skeptical of direct sales, and I just didn’t have any personal personal experience. So I was skeptical, and I was like, wow, these people were making some serious money. And what I loved about it was like, they got to just go out and do what they did best. Because they’re, they’re the company that they represented, handed them all the marketing stuff, handed them all the stuff, right. So, so it was really interesting to me. So as I was continuing to purchase doTERRA All this different stuff. I was like, why am I not leveraging the income part of this? Right? So that’s kind of what sparked my interest in this. And let me tell you, I spent a couple years doing this. Another person that I’ve interviewed on the show is Lynn bartowski. And Lynn, and actually, I actually met Lynn at the same conference I met Jennifer at, and Lynn has a book called The million dollar party girl and she built her business around party like handles. And because I loved Lynn, and I bought her book when I first met her, I read her book, and this was probably six or seven years ago, and I read this book and I was like, I need to do this. And in my head, like so there was like, I had like, like, Can you just picture like the angels on your shoulder like Karen, like focus on what you do best but the other part of me is like, I love the marketing piece of this I know how to help people market their businesses. So I read her book a few years ago and I so that kind of got me the bug but then when I started to see my own clients, making all this money, I was like, I need to do this. So then my first question was, is doTERRA have the right product for me to represent. Because honestly, I, I bought tons of products from tons of different kinds of direct sales companies. But what I was interested in was something that was consumable, because the marketing brain to me is like, I want to sell this once and have people continuing to come back, because they love this, you know, they love that they can put this blend together and it gives them this, you know, this energy or this focus and helps them get through their day and that they’re going to want to buy more of it. So I kept coming back to doTERRA. With that, so I spent a lot of time really researching what product I wanted to do. But I still had this, we really want to do this, because maybe you can relate to this, right? I love the work that I do on LinkedIn. And I’m grateful that I have a business that abundantly supports me. But there’s also always that what if, right like we we’ve heard out if you’re an entrepreneur especially, but even if you have a paycheck, and you’re listening to this, like alternate streams of income Especially in this volatile world we live in right now is always is always a good thing because it builds security into your life. Right? My business is heavily dependent on me. And while I’m surely working on that not being so the case so much. I’m always intrigued by having multiple streams of income. Because what if, what if something happens to me? And, you know, I can’t do this, how do I keep everything afloat? I mean, obviously, there’s lots of ways to do that. But maybe you can, maybe you understand that it doesn’t mean and it’s not just entrepreneurial woman having these thoughts, right. Even if you have a big fat paycheck. It’s not necessarily you can always depend on. So I dove in and I did my research because that’s what my left brain requires of me. If I was going to explore this, I wanted to explore it. Not only the product, but I wanted to explore the people that I would be working with because if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this right. So I kind of really, I was pretty sure that my the step I was going to take was going to be in the direction Have doTERRA but now I needed to find a team that I felt was going to be fully support what my goals with this, I wanted really smart people on the business side of it. Because I know that I frankly just my own personality, I have no patience. I don’t I want people smarter than me that are above me in this business. So I was really looking to explore this with somebody who’s really good at the business side of doTERRA. So I talked to tons of people, but I’m gonna introduce you to Jennifer maruka, who is our guest today, who is the person that I decided to invest with to build my doTERRA business. So Jennifer, thank you so much for being here. I know that was a long intro. You guys.

Jennifer Maruca 8:46
I’m excited. Thanks for having me.

Karen Yankovich 8:48
Yeah, I felt like the listeners here needed to hear a little bit about what the heck is Karen talking about? doTERRA for right so I wanted to give you guys some sense of what my job and that was. Trust me, that was the Reader’s Digest version. But I wanted to give you some sense of this because I, you know, mainly the biggest reason that I really wanted to do this is because, again, I love the product. I’ve been intrigued by the direct sales model for years. And I kind of was like, Can I really do this? Okay, so you guys heard my story. Now, I want you to hear Jennifer’s story. So Jen, why don’t you jump in here and tell them a little bit about you and your story and your journey?

Jennifer Maruca 9:25
Yeah, very good. So I think similar lady, okay. I’m business minded first. So when I before I heard of doTERRA, as far as I was concerned, all I knew about essential oils was the hippie pachulia oils that people use. And so I had no idea what what the potential here was. And I for 22 years, I was in corporate America successful yet in a very deeply unfulfilling career in finance. And one day my husband came home he had been introduced to the oil He had some digestive issues and lo and behold, his oils resolved his problems. And so from there began to explore the oils some more and as we use them to sound more and more uses for them, and we’re having success with these oils, so it was definitely intriguing and, and sort of at the so a few months after that, lo and behold, as many in corporate America have experienced, I was laid off after 22 years, pat on the back, thanks for your service, and no more and I had been, you know, unhappy for a long time in my career and felt like there was something more so I actually did at that time, sort of like a blank piece of paper. I was like, you know, I could just do my resume. I could go find another job, but I was like, What if I did, what I really wanted to do what if I really focused on creating the life I wanted and wrote things down like work from wherever work when I Want to work with the people I want to work with? Right? So those are some of the themes really around like freedom from probably the experience that I had. Those are some of the themes that I was focused on. And so I had also known that the people that had introduced us to doTERRA were really successful. I kind of knew they were in direct sales, and I had all of the preconceived ideas and notions of mlms and direct sales that maybe some of your listeners are, are thinking about in their heads right now as they hear us talk. But being in finance, sort of similarly to what you said, I knew that there was value in the street, multiple streams of income moreso value in passive income, and especially looking at how the lifestyle I wanted to create that was totally in alignment. So I wanted to learn more and so from there, I really, you know, sat down with them and got a lot more education on the process. But, you know, my decision to to do this was Really based on probably three different things first would be the product, right? So they really work. We could talk a little bit more about that. But it’s through experience and also through sharing the oils with thousands of people. And hearing a lot.

Karen Yankovich 12:15
I totally agree with that. It’s and that’s why I wanted to do this in the first place with doTERRA, because I had experienced the fact that they really did support me, right. I wanted to be supported before I even made a decision to to investigate the business piece of it.

Jennifer Maruca 12:29
Yeah. And kind of Karen like you too. I’ve been intrigued by this for a while, but I had tried other products from other companies, right, and nothing quite clicked the same way. Nothing was something that I could see myself using on it again and again and again on an extended period of time.

Karen Yankovich 12:47
Same. And I talked to people, and I don’t want to diss their enthusiasm about their direct sales companies. But sometimes I’m like, yeah, this is great for this season of your life, but you’re going to be doing this for the rest of your life. And that was why doTERRA was in To me, as a matter of fact, I’ve had many conversations about doTERRA with people that have done other direct sales companies, and then at the same time are layering something like this over it? Because they know this is a long term thing versus something that might be in somebody’s season of their life.

Jennifer Maruca 13:16
Yeah. And it’s a great point you make in that is that the market? Is everybody from maybe grandparents, men and women, right? It’s it really they’re there, everybody benefits so and that’s really unique, I think for for this product versus some of the other things that might be out there for weight loss or, you know, physical appearance, things like that. So, and again at all, I agree with you to not to diminish anyone else, and everybody has to find the right opportunity. These are just some of the things that were important to me when I was kind of going down this line. So I’d say the first thing is product. I said the other thing about product that was important to me is that the sales are independent of the business operations. Unity so a lot of companies will have buy ins that are pretty big if you’re going to be a builder right if you’re going to grow the business it’s likely that you have to buy into some big thing here really the oils you have like Karen I don’t you know the oils you’ve got started with the oils that you can start the business with right so there’s no like additional need to buy more of the products. Sales are independent I think that’s important second after the product and in the quality and how they work The second reason would be around the unlimited earning potential and and and where that came from for me was after 22 years of being in corporate America and having bosses Tell me what my salary was Tell me what I earned, quote unquote, earn in a bonus when I would or would not be promoted and then just to be laid off it I really liked the idea that I’m in control right I’m not limited by my upline my downline, my sidelines, right. It is up to me and my decision to create what I want out This, so there was that potential. And then the third eye, you know, again, these all sort of go together. I can’t say one is any more important than the other. But the third is that it’s disruptive. And so let me tell you what I mean by that. So doTERRA hit a billion dollars in revenue in seven years. And just to put that into perspective, Apple hit a billion dollars in revenue in seven years. And I view and I think the company views themselves as very much in the same boat as in terms of being disruptive. They are looking to disrupt healthcare, and probably now more than ever, we are all very aware and alert, that that would be a good thing for the healthcare industry to be disrupted. So doTERRA is really looking at this the integration of Western medicine and integrative medicine, where you have allopathic as well as alternative options for wellness and and really building This a health care model versus a sick care model. They are opening these Prime Meridian clinics around the country which are this integration of the two we are currently in and we’re not anti Western medicine. We’re currently in 160 medical institutions including some of the biggest names hospitals, Vanderbilt, emergency room, Mayo Clinic, I could go on and on there are a ton of them in which we are being utilized and in some cases in post surgical treatment as an offering to patients that are recovering you know, from surgery that it’s on the actual, you know, formal protocols.

Karen Yankovich 16:37
So, cool. Yeah, it really is. It’s so cool.

Jennifer Maruca 16:41
And I know you had an experience with your Blue Cross where you are

Karen Yankovich 16:44
Yeah, where I got you know, a couple things like when I got the you know, the what you can use your money, your your extra healthcare money for whatever doTERRA was listed. They’re not essential oils. doTERRA was listed as something that you could spend your healthcare dollars on which I was blown away with. Which is awesome. I also remember, I mean, I know we want to stick on healthcare for a second but I always remember going to a hotel chain at one point and there was a little bottle of lavender oil, right on my bed. You know, I’m like, Oh my gosh, like hotels are starting to embrace this. So there’s, it’s really being embraced all over and, you know, the western Eastern medicine, combination philosophy is really important to me, because I am not anti Western medicine. I just want to be sure that I’m doing everything I can, you know, from a staying healthy perspective, which I think Eastern medicine does a better job with right now. But, you know, I remember distinctly being at my acupuncturist and, and, and had this horrible cough and as I’m laying there with like pins all in me, her going to meet you need a chest X ray, and I’m like, Alright, I will, I will, I’ll get a chest X ray. But promise to do whatever you can do here first, and if I’m not better by Friday, I promise you I will get a chest X ray and she literally called made me an appointment like so that and I love that about her. Because I didn’t want somebody that said, you don’t need a chest X ray. I like people in my life that understand that, yes, there’s a benefit to the Eastern medicine. But you know, it’s got to be in my world. I want it to be complemented with science and Western medicine. And by the way, by Friday, my cough which I had to had for a month was so much better. And I did not end up having to go for the chest X ray, but I loved that I, I loved what I loved about her was that she wasn’t just saying, I got this. She was like, Yeah, no, we need you to go for a chest X ray. And that’s what that’s the philosophy that I when I was looking for somebody like you, I really wanted somebody that would accompany doTERRA I really wanted to bring that philosophy to the table. Not this is it this is the be all end all. But this could complement maybe some of your existing stay healthy protocols that you’re…

Jennifer Maruca 18:55
And the reason doTERRA is able to be in that space and be in 160 minutes. institution’s is because of the quality. It’s because of how they source the oils. It’s because of the transparency of and testing with their oils that surpasses what in a lot of cases is out there. And I also love that the model, the business model that they’ve built is one that empower and empowering supply chain. Right? So supply chains usually deplete at every step along the way.

Karen Yankovich 19:26
Yes, I do want to talk about that. That was that was another reason why I want to do that. I do want to talk about that. But before we get to that, though, I really want to make sure that people understand that what you what you’re saying about the disruptive model. So doTERRA is growth is the same as Apple’s growth. Yeah. And I want to hear that. I want people to hear that. This is not like some This is not a fly by night opportunity here for me. This is not a fly by night company. This is a company that is investing so much money in research so much money in how they source their products, because That’s getting more important. And it’s so funny Jennifer because I actually like you know, as I get sometimes as I get my, my oils in the mail every month, right? I was looking like in the beginning at like, Oh my gosh, all this plastic and then all of a sudden now it’s not coming wrapped in plastic anymore. It’s coming Platt wrapped in, you know, you know something that it I don’t even know what it is it’s like some paper kind of thing, right? But it’s, it’s something that is you know better for the environment. So every step of the way, they’re always looking in my, from what I see. We’re always looking to really make sure that we’re taking care of not just the people that the oil support, but the planet, as we are, you know, as they are creating this business. And to me, there’s nothing more important on this world in this world right now and supporting our planet because everything else we can undo. Right, but we can’t undo the damage we’re doing to the planet. So I loved Tara’s commitment to that. So that you know, there’s one other thing I do want you to talk about the let’s talk about the structure of it. But you know, there’s one thing you remember Jennifer, when we first met And we met like at a coffee shop in somewhere between us. Jennifer lives in Connecticut and I live in New Jersey and we met at like a coffee shop in between us. But what I remember thinking at that time is one of the things that brought me to doing this and why I wanted to look at the business model was because you guys have heard this on the show before I come from a family of teachers. I come from a family of people that have worked 50 years in the same job and retire with health care and a pension. And I am the family rebel baby that does not have, you know, a guaranteed health care or a guaranteed pension. So to me, I have this as much as I know my business is supporting me and can support whatever I want in my life. Like I’m you know, grateful for that. And, and I that is not going to change. There’s always that little part of me that’s like, but I don’t have a pension. So this piece, to me, feels like my pension. Because of the business model. It feels like the pension that I don’t have from the thing. If I’ve been The investments that I’m putting in now in my 50s will pay off not just in my 50s. But as I get to the point where I want to maybe step back from all of the full time work that I’m doing in my LinkedIn business, and get supported by this, and as a matter of fact, I was my dad at one point, because I’m like, you know, sharing them with everybody. He’s like, what is this stuff? I’m like, all I had to say to him was Dad, this is replacing the pension that I don’t have right now. You know what I mean? I you know, and, and he was like, Okay, I get it now, like that. That’s how I that’s how I was able, that’s how I’m able to carve the space in my business for this. Does that make sense?

Jennifer Maruca 22:37
Oh, my gosh, totally. But, and I’ll even you know, you’re talking about pension and I’ll just I’ll put it a little in a little bit different terms in terms of how I thought about it. And that is this concept of we talked about it a lot where it’s building a pipeline versus calling buckets. So like anytime you’re doing a job and you are going to the job and you have to you are required to To be there, whether you’re a chiropractor and you need a patient on the table, you have to physically be there. Whether you are like you, Karen, where you’re a coach, you have to physically show up to do the coaching sessions when you’re in corporate America you better show up for you’re not getting paid. Exactly. So this is a way to really build a pipeline where you’re, you’re creating an investment, right, you’re creating a business and an investment that will produce a stream of income for you much more much longer than the effort required to build it. And there’s so you know, it’s just a different model to there’s so many people we you know, we’ve sort of been programmed that you go to school, you work hard, you, you you get you graduate from college, you go to your job, you work your job till you’re 65 years old, and then you you stop and then you retire and then you enjoy life. The new really the new model, you’re seeing a lot more people that somewhere after college and before 65 they’re going through this time where they’re like really do I really want to wait till I’m 65 to enjoy life and I think that was probably where I was Like, you know, how can I retirement ish lifestyle while still creating an income and working? Oh my gosh, I myself in that middle section there.

Karen Yankovich 24:12
And I think that I think that, you know, we’re recording this in the spring of 2020. And I think there’s a lot of people reevaluating that in their business, you know, so, you know, whether, regardless of when you’re listening to this, you all know the spring of 2020 was the pandemic that we’ve all you know, we all live through. And I think there’s a lot of people reevaluating what’s on the other side of this for them. So I love that you did that. So let’s, we are just we are like, rambling. But it’s good stuff. It’s good stuff because I think it’s important. You know, I think it’s important because this is it’s that’s how powerful this is in my business, you guys and in my life. And I think you’re starting to see now why it was important for me to do research on not just the product, but the people that I wanted to partner with to do this, right because this is this stuff’s important to me that I know that I can I, you know, I can. Listen, I’m a marketing expert, right? There is no part of me that ever wants to be a wellness expert. I use that for my own health, right. But I want to build a team of really, really smart wellness experts that I can send people to, and stay in my marketing zone of genius, but this fit this hits all of those boxes for me, right is the product I love. It builds a lifestyle that I want to live. And it allows me to, you know, support a team of people, which is what I just love doing right. I love being a strategy and helping people build their businesses.

Jennifer Maruca 25:33
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. When I started so like, those are the reasons for all of those reasons that we just talked about are why I chose this opportunity. And then once I took that leap, I had success and continued to do it. So in 90 days, and I’ll give you just some average income numbers for where the levels are that where the income is for the levels that I hit and when just to give you a rough idea and I was built to silver In 90 days to the average income is a little over 2000 per month. For Silver’s, in eight months I built to gold the average income for Gold’s is 4750 per month. And in about 20 months, my 2021 months I can’t remember exactly the date I hit platinum and the average income there is around $8800 per month. And the other really cool thing is that in the four years since I’ve been doing this doTERRA has raised the comp plan every other time I’m in corporate America, they talk about changing the comp plan, what do you think? It goes down. So doTERRA raised the comp plan twice and have contributed 3% in total in that four year period of time of total revenue to the compensation of the of people like me that are doing that are doing this business.

Karen Yankovich 26:53
So here’s so here’s what I want to just point out though, I want to make sure you’re hearing this, when I again, being who I am who If you’ve listened for a while, you know this about me. I wanted I didn’t want people that said, this is the opportunity. I wanted people that did it. I wanted people that did it that I could trust could help me do it, that it wasn’t just like, Oh my gosh, doTERRA has got the the income opportunities are endless. That is true. But I wanted people that have done it, so that I could replicate it. And I could teach the people that work on my team to replicate it, not just people that say that opportunity that understand that the opportunity is endless. So tell us a little bit about I know, I know, I want to hear about what’s happened from there. But in those 20 months, was it a full time business?

Jennifer Maruca 27:37
I dedicated I not totally but I did focus a lot on the business and you know, it was interesting for me and you and everybody can do this at their own pace like there’s no right Yes. Yes. As I said, you’re you’re you have unlimited potential but you really have the it’s you do it yourself. You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself. So you create what you want and so people can take different different paths to get here and in their own time and on their in their plan. You know, some people just want a little bit of extra money to pay for their oils every month. Some people want to supplement, which is where a lot of people start, I just was supplement what I’m currently doing. And then other people really want to replace their income. And I was like, Well, if I could do replace my total income, that would be pretty cool. And so, and I’d heard this analogy, and I’m going to share it because I think it’s true of any business that you start. I’ve heard this analogy of an airplane going down the runway. And what does the airplane need to do? It needs to accelerate really fast to get off the off the ground, it stays going really slow. It just keeps going and going and going and never get on. And I remember hearing that in the context of just taking massive action for a short period of time. You can really build tremendous growth and…

Karen Yankovich 28:55
Oh, I’m totally gonna use that analogy. I’m totally gonna use an analogy with all my people. I love that. I love that.

Jennifer Maruca 29:02
Yeah. And I think it’s true even if you’re relaunching, or you’re, you know, trying to get it getting re inspired to use that in your, in your mindset in terms of like, just you can do anything for a short period of time, right? Like, you just just massive action create massive results. And I’ve seen that time and time again in my life. You know, Karen, I think the other thing I really want to talk about is why now why today you talked about this is the spring of 2020. Why now? Why I’m on the podcast now, we’ve been working together for what a year or so. So I mean, you know, we’ve known each other for a long time I’ve yet to be I guess, I guess there is an important reason that…

Karen Yankovich 29:38
We talked about it, but it was just never, but I know that our conversations in the past couple weeks have really was like oh my gosh, this is we do this right, right.

Jennifer Maruca 29:46
So why now so just to put this into context for the last year or so, I have really taken a step back from that massive action we just talked about and I was going through divorce So it wasn’t really a time for me to sort of take a step back focus on myself and being well, and then all of this happens. So my divorce was finalized February 20, of 2020. And what happened two weeks later, we had a massive, you know, pandemic. And so, by the end of April, keep in mind, I’ve done not a lot in terms of that growing of the business. I have been more in management, maintaining mode, then my business since that time has been up 56%. Right. So why is an M so you know, looking at the world, I’m like, Oh, my God, how blessed and amazing is that, like, How blessed am I, I have this business that’s going up while I’m going through this tremendous, awful period of my life. While there’s a major pandemic, so many people are being laid off or out of work. There’s massive unemployment like we’ve never seen in our history of our country. before. And everybody is more focused on wellness and taking responsibility for their health than probably ever before. Right? We can’t go to the doctor for a sniffle anymore. That’s not like we have to really keep ourselves healthy. And, you know, and it’s still a relatively new opportunity. So it was amazing for me that that was happening. And as I began to look at it, I, you know, I realized what, it’s a responsibility for me at this point to share this. Yes, at this time.

Karen Yankovich 31:30
Yes. And because i that is, oh my gosh, that is the essence of how I vision sales. If you have something that can support somebody else, and you’re not sharing it with them, then you are doing them a disservice. Not you know, so I love that approach to to this. I mean, that’s, I do believe that’s a great approach to this business.

Jennifer Maruca 31:50
Yeah, we may should have started with this because there might be people people that are listening, thinking so like, what’s the big deal about oils right, like yeah, I think you probably to like, it’s it is hard to wrap your head around like, these little peculiar things like, you know, these things that smell good. How am I going to build a business out of these things that are like smell nice, who cares? Right? And so I think and maybe again, we should have started with this was…

Karen Yankovich 32:15
Well, you know it Jennifer on that. On that note, I remember when we first met one of the things you said to me that was striking to me was like you had like a existential crisis at some point, at one point in the middle of your journey going, how the heck did I go from Wall Street to essential oils? Don’t you mean? So it’s so it happens to all of us. But as you start doing it, you start realizing this is really good stuff. You know, it’s really good stuff. And it’s so life changing. It’s been life changing. For me, it’s been life changing for you. I you know, I just…

Jennifer Maruca 32:44
Yeah, but I think it’s worth mentioning like not to go, you know, we don’t have time to go into much more than just really touching the surface today. But but just so people get just a little more about how they work and why they’re so powerful. I just want to give some examples. So yes, because there’s So many more ways in which they help that you may not even be people out there that are listening may not be aware of. So first the way they work is they focus holistically to support your system versus like Western medicine on the symptoms. And so for me and I’m going to use the digestion as an example Karen, I know this was one of your my favorite. Yeah, so we have this oil called digestion and it really is supportive of the digestive system right so it it relieves occasional or mild heartburn, acid indigestion, occasional upset stomach agent digestion, alleviates gas or bloating, relieves occasional constipation. And you think about what you would make this isn’t one little bottle right that you would look to to support your digestive system for all of those different functions, such as like Western that addresses the symptom here you can address and really support your system to function at its optimal level. So if you think about I’ll just give you some other quick examples. You know, right now it supports the immune system. It’s amazing for supporting your system against seasonal or environmental threats, such as what we’re experiencing in today’s world. For every entrepreneur out there listener who leaves head and neck tension, it helps you relax and helps to reduce anxious feelings, soothe away tension, relieves restlessness helps with more restful sleep, you know, helps with weight loss helps you stay focused and on task. So there are so many ways and that’s again, just touching the surface in terms of what these oils are able to do for people why we’re talking about how they’re good for everybody, and why there they are, you know, once people use them, they continue to use them for more and more things because they really are they do work and help people.

Karen Yankovich 34:51
So Jen, when I first started using digestion, and actually you introduced me to digest and that wasn’t an oil that I was using before I met you, and when I was telling you You know, one of the conversations we had was a consultant, you’re like, you need to try this oil. And I’m like, Alright, I’ll try this oil. And like, in a million years, I really didn’t know that I didn’t think it was gonna work. I thought it was gonna support it. But did I think it isn’t my car, it’s in my purse, it’s in my laptop bag. It’s everywhere. Because it, you know, as an entrepreneur, and I’m running all over the place. And, you know, I, I never truly would have believed it if I hadn’t tried it. You know, and when I tried it, and I saw that it made such a huge difference to how I feel on a regular basis. I mean, my family has a history of stomach problems. And this has helped me keep that settled. But what I also do now is, you know, now that I mean, I mean, I’ve just I’ve kind of always been all in on essential oils, but now I’m really old. I’m always looking like as I wake up in the morning, I think, okay, what’s on my schedule for today? How do I best need to be supported for that? And what kind of blends do I want to put in my diffuser today? You know, do I need focus today? Do I need motivation today? Do I you know, what is it that I want a little extra support with and it’s kind of a fun way to start my morning to think about how I want to best support it and I also you know a couple of like two oils that I use every single day no matter what balance is my absolute favorite oil and because if you listen to the podcast while you know I can get a little, I can get a little ranty right and sometimes I just need to take a step back and remember that you know, like just balanced everything in my life. So balanced. I roll it on the bottom of my feet every single day when I get out of the shower, and serenity oil which helps me sleep at night I spray it on my sheets and and it just it just feels so good when I walk into my bedroom and and I can you know I can I get that. That sense of serenity just from that oil being there. So there’s so there’s oils that are literally just a part of my life. I leave them everywhere I have, you know, my family has a house at the beach and my aunt lives next door and she was telling me she had trouble sleeping. I was like going over to the other house. Go in the bedroom, there’s serenity oil up there, go grab it and give it a shot. You know I leave it everywhere because I want, you know, I want to make sure that it because it’s so important to me right now. So, so I’m saying this because it isn’t just the business opportunity business opportunity, I wouldn’t have even stepped into if it wasn’t for the fact that the oils are so powerful in my life. Right. But let’s talk a little bit about the business opportunity because I know that I drive Jen crazy a little bit with this because number one, I don’t want to do wellness consults, because I feel like if I’m going to support somebody, I’m going to do it where my zone of genius is, and that’s the marketing piece. But I also want to I want to make this simple for you. It’s not always easy, but I want it to be simple. So, you know, we’ve really created a way to get people not just interested in essential oils as a part of supporting their lifestyle, but as a as a part of an income stream for them. So john, I’m gonna let you talk a little bit about that.

Jennifer Maruca 37:48
Yeah. So when I you know, when I started, I had no like, and so some of you might be I was overwhelmed. And that’s what some of you might be thinking to like. I’ve never done an MLM I’ve never been in direct sales. I don’t want to bug all my friends and family like how do I do this? I didn’t even know how what was like how you start. And so I relied very much on on people that had been successful before me, and created systems and had had processes in place that if you followed, you would be successful. And I followed them. I literally did what they said to do, and I had success. And so you know, and that was four years ago, and you learn as you go, you definitely learn more and you refine, and refine and refine. And so we have a system that we’ve successfully implemented to launch people to silver 90 days. We want people if you’re going to do this, and you’re doing this as a business, we want you to have success. And so we’ve also adapted that to be implemented 100% virtually and digitally. So we’re in different times right now and…

Karen Yankovich 38:53
Right which is what I do for a living, which is what I like this isn’t what I do. So I’m you know, I’m Not that I’m excited that we have to do this virtually and digitally, but it’s I’m excited for the opportunity that people are more willing to maybe participate in a class or something digitally than maybe they would have been a couple months ago.

Jennifer Maruca 39:12
Yeah. Yeah. And so we’ve been, you know, you adapt. And, and there’s so much and I think, Karen, also with your expertise in the marketing side, it’s, it’s really amazing for people to take advantage of.

Karen Yankovich 39:26
Well, and you know, what, here’s the thing I know, we’ve all seen and heard, you know, I mean, you can find a statistic to tell you absolutely anything. And I The last thing I wanted was people to be having a conversation with somebody and saying, you know, yeah, you know, I, you know, Karen Yankovich she was, you know, she was she was telling me all this doTERRA stuff, and, you know, it’s just I just I wasted all this money I that can happen to anyone. I want people that would be I wanted to put a simple plan in place that I could say, but did you do these things? Save thing with those of you that listen to me on LinkedIn, when you say to me, I haven’t had a, you know, I haven’t had a sale in a while I was you know what was gonna come out of my mouth? I’m gonna say what, how many clients? Did you call this week? How many people did you connect to this week? And 99 out of 100 times it’s zero. Okay, so I wanted the same kind of marketing thing, you will have success on LinkedIn, if you follow my process, you will have success with doTERRA if you follow this simple system that we put in place, because I want it to be simple, but when I say it’s simple, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. But there are steps you need to take consistently. Listen, you can binge it, if you want to a couple in a row. That’s probably my style. But we’ve laid it out in a way that if you just spend a little bit of time every day, some days maybe longer than others, depending on you know what it is we want you to learn at that time and just consistently take these baby steps. So remember that pension I talked about, there are a lot of people that get a $2,000 month pension and average doTERRA silver rank makes over you know, is the income Over $2,000 a month, we have a strategy to get you to silver in 90 days. Okay? So it really depends on you doing the work, right. Just like everything else that I teach, it really depends on you doing the work. I can’t make any promises just like I don’t make any promises to you, if you’re in my LinkedIn program, it really depends on you doing the work, but my strength is putting a system in place to help you to achieve the things that I know are there for you to be able to achieve. So I wanted to have Jennifer on because now is the time now is the time to do this. And a lot of people have been asking me about this. And I thought if we did this, it would be a great way to just kind of go to the beginning, tell everybody the whole story. And listen, if you want to know more about this, that’s what we’re here for. That’s what I you know, I would love to support you on this. We are in you know, massive team building mode because that’s what I do best. But at the same time, maybe you’re just looking to learn a little bit more about an essential oils lifestyle, right, a little bit of a little bit of you know, I could use a little bit of that focus Blend if I you know, when I know I have a day that I have a lot in front of me. You know, it doesn’t matter if this anything we’ve said here in this in this podcast today is intriguing to you. We would love to chat with you. Because I have a lot of years of marketing experience Jennifer has a lot of years of, of wellness experience and career coaching experience. And, you know, the team that we’re building gets the benefit of that just by being a part of this team, not with any additional investment, right. So let’s cut to the chase here. If you want to learn more about this, we’ve set up a page called thrive with essential calm, it gets you to a page. It’s just a simple page it says, yep, tell me more about an essential oil living in essential oil life, or Yep. Tell me a little bit more about the business opportunity, no obligation on either side. We would love to talk to you. We are really interested in people that are looking to make a shift in their life and in there and maybe in their careers and whether it’s one or the other or both, you know I’d love to talk to you about whether or not this opportunity is a fit for you. You know, and and we’ve got access to smart people like Jennifer and all kinds of other smart people.

Jennifer Maruca 43:08
Yeah, Karen, you know, there is it is no obligation. It’s no no pressure, no obligation. We want it to feel good. And like a right fit for anyone on the team, as well as we want to make sure it’s the right team for us, right fit for us and this team as well. And I always have said, and I even have friends and other businesses, and I’m like, tell me about the opportunity. Like I think it’s always good to learn and know what’s out there. Right. So, you know, we invite you to have a conversation. You know, Karen, I was no pressure, right?

Karen Yankovich 43:41
No, you were saying that, you know, even if you’re really interested in the business opportunity, you don’t have to start with that. You can start by saying let me play with this stuff for a couple months and see how it feels to be using these oils and see if I’m passionate about it, because trust me when I tell you, it’s a whole lot easier. Back to the whole Good Girls Get Rich thing. You are going To build abundance in your life if you’re doing what you love to do. So maybe if you’re already using essential oils, and you love the idea of this, and yeah, let’s jump in. But if you want to just explore it a little bit in your life, that’s cool too. You know, you can explore using essential oils, I can tell you a lot about my favorite ones and what I think you could try doTERRA always has great deals on how to get started. And depending on when you’re listening to this, you’ll hear about those great deals. And all you need to do that is to just go to thrive with essential calm, it gets you to the page that that I mentioned. And we can talk. So Jennifer, I’m so glad we finally did this. Yeah, there’s about 25 people that I can’t wait to send this to. Because I don’t want to be the person that’s going up to people going Let me tell you about this essential oil opportunity. Something like this, like this right here. Like Think about this, you guys that are listening to this. This is how I love to market things. This is like here’s my story. If you love it, let’s talk if you’re not interested you No no, no, no worries. There’s a lot of people that I can’t wait for them to hear this because I think that it’s It’s time for them to hear the full story because I am not interested in shoving it down their throats or, you know, kind of getting a message out to people that are not interested in hearing the message, you’re interested, you’re gonna have to find me. So on that note, Jennifer, I’m so glad we finally did this. Thanks for being here.

Jennifer Maruca 45:15
Thanks for having me.

Karen Yankovich 45:16
I look forward to talking to you guys that are interested in doing this. And we’ll be back here again next week for another episode of the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast.

Hey, it’s Karen. And I just wanted to jump in. Before we wrap this up for today to tell you that Jennifer’s amazing. And I did a lot of research before I joined her team. But our results can’t and should not be used as an indication of what your potential success would be. What we shared, the numbers we shared with you are average numbers that doTERRA publishes. They’re accurate numbers, but they’re average right and just as as all average, there’s some that are higher, some that are lower and some that come right in on the middle right. Nothing is guaranteed there’s no guaranteed compensation here. As with any other sales opportunity, even the ones we’re using LinkedIn for and and all the others The things we talked about on the show the compensation earned by doTERRA. wellness advocates vary significantly. wellness advocates aren’t guaranteed a specific income, we’re not assuring you any level of profit or success. The profit and success of a doTERRA wellness advocate if this is something you’re interested in doing can only come through the successful sale of products and from the sales of the other wellness advocates within the organization that you’re building right within the organization of the wellness advocate. Your success is based primarily on the efforts of each wellness advocate 100%, we can generate meaningful compensation. But generating meaningful compensation as a wellness advocate requires your time, it requires your effort, and it requires commitment. You know, you’ve heard me say this on the show many times I don’t have a magic wand. This is not a get rich, quick program. There’s no guarantees of financial success. And the bonuses we talked about are available only if you fulfill all the requirements of a doTERRA sales compensation plan and if you’re not in default, Have any of the material obligations under the contract? This is all the legal stuff that I want to be sure you understand. But understand this. That’s what I’m here to help you understand. It’s what Jennifer would be here to help you understand. And know that even on LinkedIn, right, you hear me say all the times, I’m not going to teach you anything on LinkedIn, that’s going to have you building a business, and then have LinkedIn shut you down and say, you know, you did this wrong. And then you’re out there saying, I’m doing what Karen Yankovich told me to do, and I got shut down. I work really, really hard to make sure that never ever happens to anybody that I work with on their LinkedIn strategy. The same applies to doTERRA. I want to make sure that you’re following all the rules that you understand all the rules, and know that I’m here to support you every step of the way. And we’ll work hard but we’ll work hard together. So with that being said, Have an amazing rest of your day and I will see you next week.