This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Erica Duran shares with Karen how to grow your online business.

Erica Duran is an international online business strategist and freedom lifestyle mentor. She’s the creator of the Get Paid for Your Presence Method. She’s also the host of The Erica Duran Show.


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About the Episode:

In the process of growing an online business, it’s easy to get caught up in overcomplicating what needs to be done. Budding entrepreneurs often get caught up in setting up an amazing website, creating a 15-message email series, purchasing business cards… need I go on?

While all these things are good, they’re not doing you the service of gaining business. Erica Duran shares with us in this episode how to effectively start gaining income in your online business.

Hosting Events

When starting and growing an online business, hosting events isn’t at the top of most entrepreneurs’ lists. In reality, it’s one of the most important things you can do to skyrocket your online company.

By hosting events, you’re growing awareness. And awareness really makes a difference. Hosting events also allows you to dive deeper with people and build trust.

Unsure how to lead an event? Wondering if the event should be online or in person? Find the answers to these questions and more by listing to this episode

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s guest, Erica Duran (2:04)
  • Erica’s pivot (4:30)
  • How to start and grow income in a digital business (6:33)
  • Put events on your calendar (10:19)
  • Give your audience the “how” (12:45)
  • Attracting the high-paying clients (15:56)
  • Attracting sponsors (18:27)
  • How to learn more about Erica (22:51)

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Read the Transcript

Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast Episode 126.

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are, girl. Stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies, and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hi, I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And we’re on Episode 126 of the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast and this podcast is brought to you by Uplevel Media where we teach simple relationship and heart-based LinkedIn marketing to women that gets you on the phone consistently with people that you can’t wait to get on the phone with people that can change your business, your life and your bank account or ever teach digital marketing with the human touch actually talking to people. Today’s episode with Erica Duran is actually an example of that. Erica and I will talk a little bit at the end of how We met. And basically, I use the same processes. I teach in my programs to meet Erica. And she interviewed me for her podcast, I interviewed her for my podcast. And we both had an opportunity to get in front of each other’s audiences. And that, my friends, is where there’s profit in this right? Because hopefully, there’s going to be people in her audience that listen to this. And that, like what I’m doing and that eventually want to work with me. Not today, right? Not tomorrow. It’s about building relationships. And Erica talks a lot about that talks a lot about how she teaches a process to use events, and sponsorships to build relationships. So you’re gonna get some really interesting things that I don’t think we’ve ever talked about on this show before so I’m really excited for you to hear what Eric has gotten for in store for us today. And you know, as you’re listening, if you love what you hear, we want you to take a quick screenshot of this episode, share it on your social media, let the world know that you’re listening tag me tag Erica, all of the links are in the show notes or at And you can check that out. So without further ado, here’s Erica. Okay, we have Erica Duran here with us today. Erica is an international online business strategist, and mentor for entrepreneurs and influencers on the rise who are meant to impact millions earn millions and never settle my gosh, I love that. She provides hands on implementation based coaching and to help entrepreneurs simplify, strategize, sell and scale online. She, she is the creator of the Paid for Your Presence Method and the Evolved Entrepreneur Program. She’s the host of The Erica Duran Show and as a full time digital nomad who often lives at the resorts that sponsor her content. Erica, that’s so cool that I already have five questions I want to ask you, just thanks for being with us today.

Erica Duran 2:48
Thank you. I love the name of your podcast. I was like, Oh my gosh, I want to steal that.

Karen Yankovich 2:52
Yeah, well, you can’t, but they certainly can tell everybody about it. Um, but you know, at the end of the day, it’s the same message. Right, when you say #NeverSettle. That’s exactly what I teach. Good Girls Get Rich means find what you’re good at, build your business and your life around that. And that’s where the abundance comes in. Right? And when you start to do things that you’re not so good at, or you’re not loving, or you’re or you’re settling in your life or in your business, then you’re not reaching for the abundance and the stars that you’re meant for. Because you’re settling. So I love that so much. So okay, that was your official bios, tell us tell us the real deal about like, What got you started? And you know, let’s start with that. Where did you get started with this? supporting entrepreneurs in their businesses?

Erica Duran 3:40
Yeah, well, way back in the day, I was a hotel executive and an executive with Disney for a long time. About 15 years in corporate America, a lot of marketing a lot of operations. And then I just got sick of the politics and the backstabbing and things like that. Not so much at Disney but at some of the hotels. And just started moonlighting and getting licenses I didn’t know how to there really wasn’t online entrepreneurship back then or or, like thought leader kind of thing back then it was more. I got an investment license and a real estate license and insurance license like I’ve been getting all the licenses because those were like freedom based jobs to me.

Karen Yankovich 4:21

Erica Duran 4:22
Yeah. Back in the day back in 2004.

Karen Yankovich 4:27
Right, right. So okay, so how did you then make the switch or the pivot to from working at a hotel chain to helping people understand how to do things like you know, like, like building your like the paid for your presence with the evolved entrepreneur? How did you start to develop programs to help these people what got that you started on that path?

Erica Duran 4:49
Yeah, so I, after all those licensing jobs, I landed on being a certified professional organizer for quite a while and I really took to online marketing because As I was a massive introvert you know about all these videos and podcasts that it ended the day I’m an introvert and didn’t like…

Karen Yankovich 5:08
So common by the way.

Erica Duran 5:09

Karen Yankovich 5:09
So common. We hide behind the microphone.

Erica Duran 5:15
So I started I really took up online marketing. I was all over that when it came out because it was more of an introvert thing. And all the other professional organizers in my town in area and online even started asking me for help on how to get clients online. Because the internet marketing was very new back then social media was just starting. And so everyone is asking me how to get clients online. So I just turned around and taught them what I was doing. And then the evolved entrepreneur program. We’re on evolved entrepreneur 4.0 now, because it keeps evolving all the time.

Karen Yankovich 5:56
Oh my gosh, of course. Well, so you know, many people listening, you know, we’re recording this at Spring of 2020. And many people I find are reevaluating what’s on the other side of this pandemic world we’re living in now. And maybe it was on the other side is exactly what was on the on the front side of it. But I think there’s a lot of people thinking what if I don’t go back to my corporate career or many people are laid off and can’t go back to their corporate careers? Right so so how and they don’t necessarily have a year right to build up a new business. So what’s the fastest way to get started and to grow and scale some income in business in a digital online business?

Erica Duran 6:42
Yeah, well, the fastest way is what I built my paid for your presence method around and I’ll just go into that just yeah, Heidi. Yeah, yeah, it actually it’s funny you mentioned the the Coronavirus, spring 2020 situation because I was ill with it. And that’s how I put this whole thing together. I just had so much time for reflection myself. And so I looked back in and was like, What over the past 20 years? What have I done that has survived the housing crisis 911 ups and downs in the market like what have I always done as far as marketing online and leveraging on online and offline, honestly, and what I landed on after all that reflection was events, high high value events. So when I say paid for your presence, some people are like, what are you a diva? You just want to get paid for your presence? And I’m like, no, it’s going back full circle, like you said, going back to being super present and human, with your prospects with your clients with with you know, absolutely everyone in your life, your social media followers, getting into the DMS with them, being present, all around and high, high value really an online entrepreneur expert? Yes. But I have just ripped out so much tech and automation out of my business and my clients businesses, because that’s what was really holding them back is they’re like, I need a website and I need this big list and I need a funnel, I need a 17 part email series, and then I need videos, and then I need to edit them. And then I was like, all this tech stuff that does doesn’t need to be there. If they threw all that out and just did outreach on LinkedIn. And we’re super present with those people. Like we just talked about. When I interviewed you on my job.

Karen Yankovich 8:35
I was just saying to the people listening to this might not have heard that conversation. Yeah, we’ll link to it in the show notes. But we’re actually doing back to back interviews here. Erica just interviewed me for her podcast. So we’ll link to that in the show notes. And yeah, so now she’s coming on here. But yeah, because I have people listening to this know that that’s exactly what I talked about being present, meeting people, building relationships. And you know, at the end of the day, everybody says to me, I get Most of my business from referrals, yet, they’re creating 17 step email sequences and video sequences and, you know, doing all the things you just listed that you just stripped out of your business. So really interesting that you’re saying that because i don’t think i think that there’s a place for all of that I’m not knocking people for doing that. But when you get caught up and all of that, I completely agree that that’s where I mean there’s no money and sitting on your computer and writing a 17 part email sequence doesn’t pay your mortgage.

Erica Duran 9:29
It takes all the human connection out of it. And that’s how you get a client is the know, like, and trust human connection. So and the it takes the excuses and the procrastination off of my clients. That’s what I was going for is like they’re saying they need all these things and they need a logo, they need business cards, and I’m like, you’re just procrastinating out of fear. You’re not. You don’t need any of this stuff. You can have a LinkedIn profile and host an event every four to six weeks and leverage your time. Because all you ever do is invite people to this event, which is also like a little bit of a softer sell on LinkedIn, like we talked about earlier on my podcast going for the kill or having a softer, you know, an invite is a lot softer invite to a free workshop is not by my stuff.

Karen Yankovich 10:18
So what… Okay, that’s interesting. So you’re saying that the fastest way to teach people the fastest way to grow and scale your business is to is to put events on their calendar? Is that what you’re saying?

Erica Duran 10:27

Karen Yankovich 10:27
Are they inperson events or online and offline?

Erica Duran 10:30
I’m writing offline. I mean, of course, you’re gonna get better results from the offline but it online COVID world we might be doing online for a bit here. And and I think that especially just to go back to to what we were talking about earlier to the automation piece and the over automation kind of thing. It’s not going to fly in post COVID because people are already anxious.

Karen Yankovich 10:56
Oh my gosh, yeah. Yeah. You know, we just, you know, I have a LinkedIn digital program and we are incorporating a ton of more personalized support in that program. And you know, somebody said to me, Well, don’t you have an automated email that goes out to people? So of course I do. But I want them to get a personal email also, because I think that that few minutes it takes to send the personal email is and you know, listen, the personal email is going to be the same for everybody with a little bit of tweaking to personalize it to what their goal for taking the program is. So it doesn’t take that long. But that extra little step i think is makes a difference. And I agree with you, we’re what we’re, you know, I think what we’re seeing, at least what I seen is that people are like, they’re realizing that they were spending a lot of time on the hamster wheel. And now that they’re not on the hamster wheel and they’re not driving all over the place and flying all over the place. And, you know, I even find the same thing. I love speaking I love being in front of a room with a microphone, and I’ve traveled all over the world to do it. Um, but I’m not reevaluating even that, you know, I mean, yeah, if you want to pay me to be in front of your audience, I’m happy to go wherever you want. But in many cases, I was doing it like, you know, kind of selling from the stage and things like that. And honestly, you don’t need to do that anymore. I’d rather go as an attendee and just enjoy their presence or maybe, you know, not, I don’t know, I feel like we there’s so much we can do without spending like a ton of time to do it. And we can split it because because we’re doing all this stuff that goes with that, instead of building relationships. And then we’re not following up with people that we’ve done all this work to do to me, because we’re busy on the next one, right? So, um, I think that diving deeper with people is 100% my message and I love hearing that it’s yours, too.

Erica Duran 12:45
Yeah. And the other piece of video, you’ve probably heard it because you’ve been around online and stuff, but a lot of the teachers online say, Tell them the what and the why and save that how until they buy so you go to These webinars and everything you don’t really learn anything except all about the person and and selling their their program. And so I’m flipping this to in these in these events you are going to tell them to how like because there’s always if you’re a true expert you’re not going to give away everything in an hour webinar whatever you’re not gonna give it all away so how and have a have a quick win right away Get them over right away from your event and then that full circle builds know like and trust but I just never liked that. You know give them the the what and the why and don’t give them the how until they buy something from you. That was just never said…

Karen Yankovich 13:44
I okay, so I want I have some questions about that because I agree with you. But it is a tricky thing. Because what you don’t also don’t want though, I agree with you. I mean, if anybody has taken in my webinars and all that I do a lot of teaching, but the challenge with that is often When people come back to me and say, okay, as soon as I finish all the things you just taught me on the webinar, I’ll come back to you. But then they know because it’s a month later or two months later, and they’re still doing all the things I taught them on the free workshop, right? Because they don’t always implement right away. So. So you really have to figure out the balance of really giving them the how, but not giving them so much that they don’t need you. Right? Because at the end of the day, if especially if we’re speaking and not charging for being in front of the stage, or being in the front of the room, you know, we have to figure out what the monetization of that is. Right. So I agree with you completely, that there’s got to be how, but I also think we have to be really careful that we’re not giving so much now, it’s not about giving it away. I mean, I do a podcast every week, between my podcast and my facebook group. Like there’s so much information here, right? I teach a ton of stuff. But if they’re still implementing from all of that and never, never invest in anything, and I can’t continue to do all that stuff because something’s got to be paying the bills too. Right,

Erica Duran 15:00
right and i think that to fix that is to give them just the tiniest, quick wins with simple homework steps that they can do and so that they get a quick one right away and then they implement something with you during the workshop. So in my five day workshop, there’s a tiny little piece of homework that they do. But by the end of the workshop, they have a complete marketing plan, but it’s a tiny little piece. The other thing is to pull something out of your bigger program. Like if if I use myself for example, and no evolved entrepreneur program, there’s like 10, you know, modules that dive deep into everything online business, but I pulled one piece of it out the event paid for your presence piece, and I teach that from A to Z, but in the paid program, we go deep on, you know, 20 other things.

Karen Yankovich 15:53
Yeah, so I love that. I love that. So okay, so when you do these live events, are they what kind of clients are they Attracting because I also think that one of the mistakes I see people make is they’re always going for, I need a program, I need a membership program, I need all this, and I love all of that. But those are the lower ticket things. And that keeps you spinning and it takes, you have to spend a lot of time building, I think building influence to have an audience big enough to really be successful with a lower ticket thing. And that’s why I love LinkedIn, because you can go straight for the higher paying opportunities. So when you’re doing these events, how does where does that fall on that scale? Like how do you attract the higher paying opportunities so that you have the money to pay people to help you when you’re starting to do things like creating programs and creating, you know, the because it costs more money to create the lower ticket things that it does degrade higher ticket things? I think,

Erica Duran 16:47
yeah, it’s actually easier to because the high end things are a lot of one to one attention and that doesn’t cost it doesn’t cost any time to create. So attracting the high paying clients to it. Anytime you have an S, I was more talking about online but but I did plenty of in person events where you know, Las Vegas like that you do just by having I’m probably going to answer the question in a roundabout way. But just by hosting the event like I had this huge mastermind in Las Vegas a few years ago live. And just because I hosted it, it kind of positioned me more in the marketplace. As an expert or you know, a business coach, that’s legit, because I was able to host something like that. So that’s one way it’s, it’s a positioning piece in the market to even be able to pull an event off, but the people that are looking for more attention and the actual answer and don’t want to get buried in a bunch of pre recorded video and PDFs, they just want to work with the expert. It may be in a small group that an event or one to one, they those, those are the higher paying clients. So if you’re offering customization and help with implementation and the attention and the presence that you give to them at an event and the the experience that you give to them at an event is really going to attract those higher end clients that are not wanting just a PDF answer for or a free course to, to solve their problem.

Karen Yankovich 18:24
Right. Right. Awesome. Awesome. So, you know, you talk also about attracting sponsors, right? cache resorts, sponsors, merchandise sponsors, to your content. And you also talked about, you know, even in your bio, you talked about the fact that you you know, you’re a digital nomad that often lives at the resorts that sponsor your content. So tell us a little bit about sponsors, because a lot of people that listen to the show, definitely would want to hear about that.

Erica Duran 18:52
Yes, so oftentimes, it’s a cash. It could be a cash sponsor, well, we’ll just do a little kind of like a radio commercial. for them and we’ll stick it in the podcast in it depending on how many times the commercial plays they pay a set amount of money. The thing with that is that the podcast lives forever and and they’re going to keep getting exposure from that even though they paid you know, once or twice the resort sponsors was I practically lived at the resorts for probably like three or four years non stop for a while because we would build the relationship with them on social media and then we would pitch them a sponsorship and so I didn’t get any money for that but I got to you know, basically room and board at the resort, which also gave them a bunch of exposure on social media. So it was a great win win that I got to you know, live at these fancy resorts and they got a bunch of social media exposure. And and then just the clout of me partnering with a large hotel also help position Me and my business. So it was like a win win win win win.

Karen Yankovich 20:04
So how do you get so how would one get started down that road? That’s pretty cool.

Erica Duran 20:08
Yeah, well, I was a little lucky I, you know, because I was a hotel executive, I knew how to speak with them and talk to them and hit their pain points. So I teach that to my clients now to is, you know, the all the hotel lingo and how to approach hotels, because I used to be on the other side of that. And so that was a little bit of help. But I promise you, you do not need any hotel experience or hotel executive experience. You it’s all about what you do. Karen building relationships on LinkedIn and Twitter. That’s exactly how I got my first few sponsors was the very first one was a Hilton waikoloa on the Big Island in Hawaii. And the whole first year of my first podcast, they sponsored it, and they actually reached out to me on twitter of all things so you don’t know who’s watching.

Karen Yankovich 20:58
Yeah. So do you Teach that in your programs how to do that?

Erica Duran 21:02
I do. So you see that’s one little that’s one module that we go way deeper on the other side of you know, the free workshop is great you learn the paid for your presence method. But then when you go in the evolved entrepreneur, there’s all these other things like podcast sponsorship and SEO and all these other kind of things.

Karen Yankovich 21:20
Yeah, yeah. Okay, cool. Really cool. So, Oh, my gosh, I could I could ask you a million questions for this because I think that there’s so many people that, you know, that really, that really will resonate with this. Because I what I love about what you do is you’re taking like, one thing and you’re helping them really build it out, you know, and maybe that’s getting sponsors for it or things like that versus having 50 different things and having all this different stuff going on, right?

Erica Duran 21:47
Hey, oh, wait, we didn’t talk about that. The live events you can totally get your food, alcohol cakes, sponsored music, all that stuff sponsored for your for your event,

Karen Yankovich 21:59
And you teach how to do that in your programs because that people would be totally interested in that. Right?

Erica Duran 22:04
Yeah, yeah.

Karen Yankovich 22:06
But what about like podcasts? Like lots of my, lots of my listeners have their own podcast? Do you? You know, can you think do you talk about how to get sponsors even for your podcast?

Erica Duran 22:16
Yeah, that’s exactly. I have a podcast profit plan. program. And that’s exactly what we do. Yeah, it’s it or YouTube. It works for YouTube or Instagram feeds, anything like that. But I started with the podcast. So that’s where it was from, but yeah, totally. And they and again that too, even though I knew some lingo and all from being in the business events. You can totally get your live event food beverage, goodie bags sponsored.

Karen Yankovich 22:47
I love that.

Erica Duran 22:48
You don’t have that business expense and…

Karen Yankovich 22:50
yeah, so how can people learn more about all of the services you have and all of the things that you do? Because I think that a lot of people listening to this are going to Want to know more? Like, tell us about your five day live event do a five day virtual live event, right?

Erica Duran 23:06
Yeah, it’s a live event I hosted my Facebook group which is a free mastermind group if anyone wants to do do that it’s called New World Mastermind and it’s a five day live event where I teach the paid for your presence method Don’t hold back from A to Z you’ll learn this whole method of using events to online and offline events to leverage your business and sell one to many instead instead of you know so many console calls we don’t want to be event dependent but we definitely I remember the days of having 1020 console calls a week and now you know you have have an event and and you’re you’re selling one to you selling too many instead of one at a time. And they just over the five days they get to know you so well. We talked about in sales and marketing all the time that you need several touch points. People need to see you six to 15 times whatever the number is now because people are distracted, you know, by hosting a multi day event, even if it’s online, those people are going to really know like and trust you by the end of it. And if they don’t, they’ll get off.

Karen Yankovich 24:15
Right, right, right. Right. Right. Cool. So we’ll put links to that in the show notes for this. And tell us a little bit about your podcast.

Erica Duran 24:23
Yeah, yeah. Well, I have awesome guests like Karen on my podcast. We actually filmed the podcast live in that same Facebook group, and then it becomes a podcast. But it’s all things entrepreneur, online entrepreneur and I do stick some minimalist stuff in because I’m a hardcore minimalist. Stick some travel stuff in there, but it’s it’s mostly about online business mindset marketing, stuff like that.

Karen Yankovich 24:49
Cool. Cool. What’s the name of it?

Erica Duran 24:51
It’s The Erica Duran Show.

Karen Yankovich 24:53
Cool. All right, cool. Erica, thank you so much for being here today. What else do you want people to know about you? Where else can they find you?

Erica Duran 25:00
Yeah, I’m on all this social media, I’m probably most active on Instagram and LinkedIn, I’d love for anyone to connect with me on LinkedIn I when I was with COVID, I also just redid my whole LinkedIn got rid of everyone and started really organically building it back up again, my connections with real solid connections instead of just everyone wanting to connect with me and sell me insurance and stuff like that. So I’ve been really organically growing that again, and I’d love to connect there.

Karen Yankovich 25:31
Well, and that’s how we met. I mean, actually, we should talk about that. That’s how we met we basically Eric, I don’t remember who sent who the connection requests, but we connected and then I always, you know, follow up with people really not knowing why but I looked at Erica’s profile, I think you connected with me. Yeah. And then I looked at your profile, and I was like, Wow, she’s doing some cool stuff. And I think we speak to a similar audience. So I was like, you know, I’d love to hear more about you. You know, like, I feel like if you initiate the connection request, I can go straight for that, let’s jump on a call, right? Like I’m not initiating it. So I did, and we just got on this short call. And we’re like, wow, there’s a lot we can do together. And that got me on in front of her audience on her podcast. Now she’s on my podcast in front of my audience. And that is so much more, I believe that that will turn out to be so much more profitable for both of us. Then if she had reached out to me and said, you know, join my, you know, come on my five day anything, even though it could be the best five days I ever spend, right? But if you go straight for that, you’re not you’re missing this kind of opportunity. Because people immediately shut down when they feel like they’re being pitched on that first message. Even though they know it’s business, right? I know, you connect with me because they’re, you know, there’s obviously you’re not going to connect with me if you don’t think there’s an opportunity for your business there. Right. So I know that when you send the connection request, but at the same time, if you hit me right with the pitch, I’m not going to be so quick to respond. Versus, you know, it looks like she’s had some pretty cool things. I want to check her out, you know,

Erica Duran 26:59
yeah, we say that thing in my in my program we never pitch on Aloha so we never pitch on Hello.

Karen Yankovich 27:05
Oh, there you go. I love that never pitch on Aloha. That’s something a tweetable Alright guys, thank you so much Erica for being here. This was really cool. I think people got a lot of good stuff out of this. And I look forward to I’m gonna join your group and I want to, you know, look forward to learning more about you and what you’re doing and thanks for thanks for being here today.

Erica Duran 27:27
Yeah, I’m so grateful that you accepted my cold LinkedIn request and that now we have a great relationship.

Karen Yankovich 27:35
Exactly. Which is exactly how this works. It’s just like, putting my money where my mouth is. You guys see how this works? You have fun this could be you meet cool people not and you can ignore the people that don’t seem like cool people. You just ignore them. Don’t worry about that. block them. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. All right, Erica, I’m gonna let you go do your thing. It was fun to hang out with you today and everybody definitely check out Erica’s Facebook group. Thanks so much for being here today.

Erica Duran 27:59
Thank you. Bye.

Karen Yankovich 28:02
This was such a fun episode to record because I didn’t really know Erica that well. So it was really fun to get to know her as I was introducing her to you. And I really love her energy. I love the work that she’s doing. And I hope that you do also I definitely am joining her facebook group. I want to learn more about the way she books herself in hotel rooms and get food and beverages copter at her events, all really interesting stuff to me. So hopefully that was to you too. If you want to know more about the process that I use to meet Erica and to bring this whole relationship together. You can take the next step at That’s where we’ve got an on demand workshop for you which teaches you step by step. The process that I teach to do this, you can check that out. It is my gift to you So check that out if you have any questions. You know how to find me I’m @karenyankovich anyway. Just DM me, and I’m happy to get back to you. And don’t forget to share this with your audience that you listened to the show if you loved it, and I’ll see you back here again next week for another episode of the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast.