How do you build your business connections? This is where LinkedIn becomes your best friend and #1 tool. It is the ONLY social media site that lets you network on a business and professional level!

Follow these 13 tips and you are guaranteed to grow your business connections FAST!

  1. Complete Your Profile

LinkedIn has a feature that shows you parts of your profile that aren’t yet completed. Take the time to finish these before you send any connection request!

 2. Keywords in Your Profile

These are essential if you want to be found! Make sure you include the most SEO friendly keywords in your profile that goes with whatever your profession is!

If you need some ideas, take a quick look at my profile! At the bottom I have listed all my specialties and make sure these words appear multiple times through my profile! You don’t want to go overboard, but the stronger the keywords the easier it’ll get to be found!

  1. Connect With Old Co-workers

Your past coworkers are some of the best people to keep in contact with! They’ve worked with you so they know you, your skills, work ethic, everything! Connecting with them gives you easy access to how they know and let’s you in the door for more connections!

  1. Connect With Old Classmates

Same thing goes for classmates! You never know whom you might find as a 2nd degree connection that they can introduce you to!

  1. Alumni for your University

Whether your University was large, small, new or old, people are ALWAYS willing to connect if you attended the same school. The span of reach is incredible so make use of your alumni!

  1. Review “Who You May Know” Section

This one is pretty obvious. It’s the easiest way to find new connections and takes up less time too! This section is always changing so make sure you keep up with it at least once a week.

  1. Update Your Status Frequently

Businesses and people are always changing, so you should update frequently as well! Show people you are active and what new stuff you are up to! You will reach a bigger audience this way.

  1. Engage with Your Connections Updates

People love to feel appreciated for their hard work! Interacting with their updates not only makes your relationship stronger, it also keeps you in the loop with their status. A new audience for your connections means a new audience and stronger connection potential for you.

  1. Participate in Groups

Groups are constantly changing and adding new members. Staying engaged with groups can increase visibility to your business and other connections too! Interacting with group members daily keeps you present and allows new members (and old) to connect with you and spread positive WOM about your business!

  1. Go through member directory for chamber, write a personalized connection request

Do you belong to your local chamber of commerce? An industry focused networking group? Connect with all of the other members! Use a personalized connection request, “Hi there name! We’re both members of the XXX Chamber of Commerce and I’d love to be connected here on LinkedIn. Hope to see you at an event soon!” When you GO to that event, you’ll have warm introductions, since you’re already connected on LinkedIn. Easy and powerful.

  1. Connect with Speakers Before Conference

This is CRUCIAL for gaining new connections like I mentioned in my recent blog post about speaking engagements and conferences! Do your research and be present to a potential connection, so when you meet them in person, they already have an idea on who you are and what you’re all about.

  1. Put Your LinkedIn URL on Your Business Card

Business cards are an ok form of connecting, but people want more from you! If they really want to get to know you, they’ll search you up on social media. Make sure your LinkedIn URL is fully present on that card so they have all the info they need about you when connecting.

  1. Put Your LinkedIn URL on your Email Signature

Emailing can be the perfect way to get your foot in the door with someone. Including your LinkedIn URL gives the receiver everything they need to know about you!

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