This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, guest Katrina Sawa and Karen discuss why raising prices is the most important thing a business can do to make more money.

Katrina Sawa is known as The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear. Katrina is an international best-selling author founded the Int’l Entrepreneur Network to serve tens of thousands of businesses around the world.


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About the Episode:

We’re in the middle of a pandemic, and many people are wondering, “What can I do to make more money?” The answer: raise your prices. That might seem crazy since a lot of people are struggling right now, but trust me… it works!

Let’s say, in order to reach your sales goal for the week, you have to pitch 20 different people. Not all 20 will buy, but of the ones who do, they’ll have helped you meet your sales goal.

Now, if you were to double your prices, fewer people might buy, but you’ll still make the same amount by the end of the week because you made double the money per sale.

If doubling your prices runs away half your client base, it’s okay. You can afford to lose half your clients since that means doing half the work while making the same amount of money.

Raising prices takes guts. It’s not an easy mindset shift. But once you do raise your prices, you’ll reap the benefits.

Listen more about how and why you should raise your prices by listening to Episode 132 with guest Kristina Sawa.

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s guest, Katrina Sawa (1:51)
  • Katrina’s journey (3:58)
  • Katrina’s shift from door-to-door sales (6:40)
  • Who Katrina helps now and how she helps them (8:22)
  • Can you charge high prices? (12:42)
  • Why conversational marketing is important (16:20)
  • Where to start pivoting your business (18:05)
  • How to get Katrina’s help (19:14)
  • How to find out more about Katrina (23:29)

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Read the Transcript

Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 132.

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl. Stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 132 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this podcast is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach women simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing that gets you on the phone with amazing people. Really cool people that you can’t wait to have the opportunity to chat with that can change your business, your life and your bank account for ever. We teach digital marketing with the human touch, right? It’s virtual networking, which has never been more important as it is now. So If you love what you hear today, you know, I love hearing from you. So please leave a review or come on over to social media, share this episode on social media, tag me at Karen Yankovich, or use the hashtag good girls get rich, I’ll be sure to share your post with my audience. And that’s how we get more visibility. So let me know what you what you love about this episode. And what you think of our amazing guests that we have today. in the show notes, we have a link for speakpipe where you can leave an audio review, we love that. And I just go to to see the blog and the show notes and the link to speakpipe. And that is how you can touch base with us. And you know, you can leave us anything on there. It doesn’t have to be just a review, you can let us know if you have a guest you think we should interview or a topic you want to hear me talk about. So that’s where you do all that. So on the show today we have Katrina Sawa and Katrina and I met recently very recently in a Facebook group and realized that we had a lot of entrepreneurial friends in common And I really love the work that she’s doing. So I wanted to have her on the show. So it’s always fun when I have people on that. I don’t know that well, because I get to know them. And it’s so crazy how very often it just is Kismet and I think that’s what you’ll find today with Katrina. We talked a lot about pricing. And you know whether or not this is a good time to go out to the world with your high ticket offer, so check it out. Here’s Katrina. Katrina Sawa is with us today and Katrina is an award winning international speaker and business coach known as the jumpstart your business coach because she literally kicks our clients in their businesses into high gear and fast she’s the creator of the jumpstart your marketing system, jumpstart your business in 90 days system. jumpstart yourself as a speaker system and an international best selling author 10 books including jumpstart your new business now and love yourself successful. She’s been featured on Oprah and friends XM Radio Network ABC, the CW, hundreds of podcasts, radio networks and print publications. was awarded national collaborator of the Year by the public Speakers Association, the two time nominee for women of the Year Award from the National Association of women business owners. She built a foundation for a highly successful coaching business 18 years ago but on nothing but networking and follow up. She would you know, we love around here. She loves to inspire and educate other entrepreneurs how to create a strategy to develop, market and monetize a consistent money making business doing what you love. Katrina lives in Northern California, with her husband, Jason’s stepdaughter, Riley and their German Shepherd Willow, and she enjoys entertaining cooking wine tasting hosting live events all year long to help others jumpstart their businesses marketing life and more. Katrina It’s so good to have you here.

Katrina Sawa 3:44
Thank you, Karen. I’m glad to be here.

Karen Yankovich 3:46
Yeah, so Katrina and I don’t know each other well, so I love those are my these are kind of like my favorite interviews because I get to really, I don’t get any preconceived notions about what I wanted to talk about, right? We’re gonna I’m gonna learn about her as you guys learned about her, right? But what we did talk a little bit About before we came started recording the show is her journey from offline marketing to online marketing, which my journey is similar. So Katrina, what did your bio not tell us that you want to tell us about you or about what you’re doing now?

Katrina Sawa 4:13
That was a lot of hard work. No.

Karen Yankovich 4:15
I’m sure. I am sure. No magic wands, right. There’s no magic wand. So

Katrina Sawa 4:21
if only I do ask people that when I talk to them, what if you could wave a magic wand? What would you How would you design your business? Right? I see. So we can get a good plan in order because so many people don’t think of the future and what they really want. And I wish someone would I wish someone did that for me in the beginning

Karen Yankovich 4:38
or they they think about this is what I want, but I can’t get there because I don’t have a magic wand. Right? So I like to take that out of the equation and so right to forget about how you’re gonna do it. Tell me what your dream is. Right? Give me you know, pretend I have a magic wand.

Katrina Sawa 4:52
Yeah, yeah, I have a feeling we’re pretty similar in that regard. And no, I mean, I I’ve been in sales and marketing Type jobs before my business since I was 16 from you know selling people upselling in restaurants from regular vodka martini to a top shelf, to adding You know, I’m always…

Karen Yankovich 5:16
sales, right sales, sales is everything we do

Katrina Sawa 5:20
right you make more money if you get the check higher and you make a better tip right so that’s, that’s really the basis of selling and I swear to god, that was probably one of my best jobs. One of the other ones that was really super hard was door to door sales. Oh my god, I had to do door to door sales.

Karen Yankovich 5:36
Oh my god like knocking on people’s doors.

Katrina Sawa 5:38
residential home owners, we would just get plopped in a neighborhood by the company owner and they would bust us out. We get plopped in a neighborhood and we would go literally knock on doors, hundreds of doors. The goal was to make 10 sales and the formula was if you knock on 100 doors, you make your 10 sales, which guess what I made. I made two $10 a sale at that time. So there’s 100 bucks by knocks on 100 doors, I would make 100 bucks for the day and that was a win. And I’m like, I can’t even imagine that we’re selling like oil change certificates like you want for oil changes for 20 bucks and $5 oil changes. Oh yeah, that was my little thing before they slammed the door in my face, you know, wow, restaurant coupons and things like that. It was okay, crazy. But that really allowed me to start taking I can take a note like nobody’s business, right? It doesn’t affect me anymore, which is that is so helpful and starting my own business.

Karen Yankovich 6:38
Yeah, so how did you shift then from door to door? Oil Change sales to what you’re doing right now? I know. There was a I know there was a lot of things that you talked about in your bio. So there’s Yeah, I’m sure it was a journey. But well, you know, tell us a little bit about the journey.

Katrina Sawa 6:54
Luckily, I only did that particular job for nine months. I sold knives with Cutco knives. At enterprise rent a car some of the most grueling jobs that they feed on these young people, right? When I was in advertising sales, though, I used to sell ads for the local newspaper, I loved that job, I was so good at it because I was I was more of a console consultant to these small business owners, then a sales rep, I wouldn’t just come in and take your money and then put your ad up, I would help you figure out I’ve helped the businesses figure out okay, once they come in, then you need to do this. And then once they do this, you have to take their contact information so you can follow up again. And then then the ad you have to do this, you got to get your logo out. Nobody cares about your logo, you got to put a big attention, headline call to action, I had to teach them how to really put themselves out there. So that would be productive, and it would actually get results. And I was topping sales at that. But I would still see so many businesses going out of business and that’s really why I started my own business and because I like they need more help than just me selling them ads. So I went into more marketing consulting at that time, at $59 an hour, I was scared to charge $59 an hour back then. But that was what I was doing. And oh my god, it’s just increased ever since right with my competence and the clarity around what I did and how I help people that I was able to charge more, do more and create more, right?

Karen Yankovich 8:20
Oh my gosh, so cool. So cool. So tell us a little bit about who you help now and how you help them.

Katrina Sawa 8:25
You know, a lot of people will niche in the business. I’m a business coach and I specialize in really helping people find the money. So figuring out how to make more money sometimes bad who are speaking my language today. We got I know good girls get rich, right? Like we have to be comfortable making more money, we have to know that we’re worth making more money, we have to charge more for more money. And we have to be confident and that we can provide the transformation that is worth that more money. And so we have to put things in place though to make that happen. The lead generation marketing follow up and sales processes have to be more automated delegated or systematized so that you can reach a lot more people, you can’t just talk to a couple dozen people and and then sell half of them. That’s just not a realistic number these days usually for most people, unless you really get a lot of sales and marketing experience, no, you have to talk to 1000 people every month, and then funnel that down to okay maybe a dozen might be willing to talk to me from the thousand and then how many are willing to actually do something with you from that doesn’t perhaps and so you’re just most people are just not talking to enough people and getting in front of enough people. So it’s about the that mass marketing that we have to do, but still making it relationship oriented, genuine and personal. So there’s a lot involved in doing that. As you know,

Karen Yankovich 9:50
there is there is and you know, one of the things that that we teach at you know, in my programs is the exact same thing that you’ve got and first of all, you have to be consistent. I’d like you like you brush your teeth, you connect with people and you schedule calls like you have to. Because if you’re not consistent, the whole thing falls apart. But also that the better you are on the front end, the more time you take on targeting, the less of these calls you have to do, you know, so taking a little bit of time on targeting, finding the right people being clear on who you want to reach, and having a good message. And I love that you talk about Where’s the money? Because, you know, I spoke to somebody just a little while ago where she was saying that she wants to charge like 20 $500 for something. And I was like, well forget about what you think it’s worth, like, what if it was 5000? Like, what could you offer for 5000? What other things could you give them for that like flipping on its head, you know, and then because if you’re going to talk to if you need to talk to let’s say 20 people a week, you know, to get that or you know, they get that $5,000 sale, or to get you know, to get one sale like then you have to talk to 40 people a week to make that same $5,000 you know what I mean? if you’re if you’re only charging 2500 so you have to talk so the more you can create Create a product and service that is high value, right? Like stop thinking about I got to build my way up to it and start thinking about like, what if I go straight there, you know? And then what else can I give them? What other kind of amazing things can I put into this product or service in and I guess you know what I think what happens otherwise as you burn out no matter what your good intentions are you burn out if you’re just not priced hot, you know with the right pricing and you’re talking to so many people, and you just can’t make it land if you just found out it doesn’t have anything to do with your your desire or your ambition.

Katrina Sawa 11:33
Or you’ll get resentful of the clients you do have because you didn’t charge enough and then they’re asking more of you are you over promised and then you get resentful. So it you know, it only takes a couple of those usually for people to smarten up and then figure out that they need to charge more. And in fact, it was funny. I just got an email this morning from this gal that I met on a zoom call probably less than three weeks ago and I ran I think We were in a little breakout mastermind thing and I just randomly said, Oh my God for what you do you need to triple your rates because she said what she did, and I said, Oh my God, please go triple your rates. didn’t do anything with her since she got on my email list. She just sent me an email. So thanks for encouraged me to raise my prices. I reviewed my July numbers, and they were the best ever. So October when my prices go up, announced in my latest newsletter on Saturday. Thank you. So it’s like,

Karen Yankovich 12:27
oh my gosh, that’s awesome. Yeah,

Katrina Sawa 12:30
I love to hear that.

Karen Yankovich 12:32
Ah, so we’re recording this, We’re recording. This is August 2020. And I think this is actually gonna be going live in maybe September, but pretty soon. But we’re in the middle of this pandemic. And what I’m hearing a lot is, but can I really charge those kind of prices at this moment in time? So tell me what you think about that. I think our answer is gonna be the same.

Katrina Sawa 12:52
There’s billions of people on this planet. You only need a teeny tiny teeny tiny percentage of those people. So you’re just not talking to enough or enough of the right people, because there’s plenty of people paying $20,000 $30,000 $100,000 for things right now there’s plenty you’re just not finding them, or you’re not talking to them, or you’re not in the right circles, or you’re just not a numbers game. You’re not talking to enough. Right?

Karen Yankovich 13:22
I agree. And I think too, that when you’re building enough profit into your, into your products and your services, that you can hire people to support hire better people and more people to support you, then you can offer more things like this podcast takes an incredible amount of my time, and I pay people to help me get it produced, right? If I if I didn’t have a profitable business, I wouldn’t be able to do all the free stuff I’m doing. So I’m still helping all of the people that are struggling financially now, by building in a profit model that allows me to be able to do that. Right?

Katrina Sawa 13:53
Yeah. You have to you have to end you have to you can’t just sit home and eat Top Ramen. Oh, I don’t want to I don’t want to impose on people and Oh, they can’t afford me right now stop making decisions for other people. Before you even have a conversation with them too many people are projecting your lack money mentality on the people that you’re talking to, oh, they can’t afford it. So I’m just not going to try stop it just yet. You have to, like, oh my god.

Karen Yankovich 14:22
So true. So true. And you know, it is this is really an important message. I think it’s I hope everybody’s really taking this in this there is no better time. If you are sitting around like waiting for this to be over. You’re going to be you know, you’re not going to be new business is going to fizzle out. I think.

Katrina Sawa 14:39
Yeah, it really yeah. And I you know, it would have been one thing if this pandemic had only lasted a month or two, right? Some people were just trying to hold out until it was over and then they were gonna get back to normal. Well, I’ve had clients like who are professional organizers who go out every single day organizing people’s garages, homes, offices, etc. And they are Monday through Friday, eight to five or six. And that’s what they do. And so immediately shut down like immediately no business. Right, right. And we know that the salons and spas are in the same boat, although I know some that are working from their home. So they’re still making some money, but that’s under the table and whatever. I think that’s good. They need to do whatever they need to do to survive. But the professional organizers I was working with, I had three clients, and all of them just said, Well, well, the hold out will hold out and then two months go by and they’re like, I can’t pull that much longer. What am I What am I going to do? So then they finally had to embrace this online marketing world. Okay, well, I’ve been telling you for a year now that you should create a little online program or have a call at least once a month to start talking to people about helping them virtually etc. And they finally just had to start and say, Okay, okay, as much as I don’t want to do this, I’m gonna have to do this. And so the sooner you can embrace the fact that the things that you don’t want to do and you just have to do them anyways, unless you want to just go get back and get a job. And even that there’s half the jobs are available that used to be so it’s better to have your own business right now. It really, truly is. And it’s better to figure out the different models that you can do no matter what happens in our planet or with our society.

Karen Yankovich 16:16
I completely agree. I completely agree. So, I feel like one of the things that this, you know, change in our lives in our world has done is reminded people kind of like the importance of talking to people, right, like, you know, a year ago, online marketing was a lot of push marketing, a lot of noise, a lot of content, and it’s still important to have content, I think, and that you’re still connecting, but I think people are coming back around to the right. People buy things when I talk to them, kind of mindset. What are you seeing around that?

Katrina Sawa 16:48
Yeah, I mean, unless you’re selling something under $200 most people are gonna want to have a conversation with you to buy it. They don’t usually trust as much anymore. They’ve already been burned. They spend The 5000, or the 200, or the $20,000, on something, and they’ve been burned or not gotten what they need. And so now they’re more hesitant now they want to, like, get a drop of blood from you before they trust you. I mean, they, and rightly so I get it. I’ve, you know, there’s a lot of people that are that are really great marketers that are not good at what they’re doing. And they’re not serving their clients, and they’re having a bad name for the rest of us, right? There’s my teeny tiny percentage of them. And you just don’t know when you’re looking from in this sea of people online, who to trust. And so you have to have more conversations with people because they have to feel your energy. And I think was zoom. I mean, people say, Well, I hate zoom, because it’s not as personal. I’m sorry, I feel very connected to people on zoom these days. I can feel your energy. I’m good with my intuition and my gut, and I can feel if I think you’re being a little sheisty or whatever, or if you’re really, truly Heart centered, and you have my best intentions. So that’s what you got to do.

Karen Yankovich 18:05
So tell us a little bit if we are if we’re in a position now where our business is struggling or we need to make some shifts or pivots or reimagining what’s on the other side of it, where do you recommend people start?

Katrina Sawa 18:16
Well, everybody’s in a little different boat. And this is why I love working with different types of businesses on different types of things, is because I would get bored, frankly, talking about the same thing to the same types of people every day, I would get more so I think it depends on what their goals are. First, you know, the number one question I usually ask people is, okay, where are you at on the money? Or do you have enough money coming in where we don’t need to focus on money making things right, the second, can we build out the plan for the achieving your dreams, and building the foundation for that kind of business or you need to make fast cash, then we need to know where we’re going to pivot and where we’re going to really focus so if we need to make fast cash, then we need to create a money making thing right now. And then you need to know how to sell it and where to go to get it, and how to get clients enrolled, etc. And then we can back up and do the big picture planning and the foundational stuff in my opinion. That’s kind of what I asked first. So I really value that.

Karen Yankovich 19:13
I love that. Yeah. So if people wanted to get your help with this, how would they how would they start to learn more about you and your product? What kinds of products and services do you offer to people?

Katrina Sawa 19:23
I honestly I do a lot of coaching. So okay, I’m still 18 years into this business. And I know I drank the Kool Aid 10 years ago that said, Oh, leverage, everything, group everything, low access, no access. But I think in this world, people need more access, frankly. And I love doing my coaching. I love it when I can get somebody excited about something or teach them a new thing. And they have a bigger, broader understanding and then they just go forward with that next step. When you don’t give them access and you just give them info, then it’s to their own mindset, take it or leave it or implement or don’t. And some people don’t care, buy my thing and I don’t care if you implement it or not. I don’t that would drive me crazy. So I do high end mastermind programs, unlimited access to me. I do one on one coaching still with a handful of people. I have online trainings where we’re talking about what you’re doing, and we’re showing you what to do. I have a lot of things that are recorded to for those Do It Yourself learners, I have 10 books. I mean, I love helping people become an author or a speaker. I love finding out the right marketing strategies and business strategies for you as an individual, whether whether you’re outgoing and you’d love to talk like me and love to teach that way. Or you want to be behind the signs just kind of communicating behind the scenes in your Facebook group. There’s differences of how people are so it’s not one size fit all you know,

Karen Yankovich 20:54
I think what I want to really make sure people heard you say though, cuz you said this right in the beginning of that paragraph is You know, a few years ago, it was like, you know, offer products offer services have people buy them in mass, and it was very hands off. And it’s come back around to people wanting more of your attention. And that’s kind of what I was talking about earlier. I think I still hear people say, and they barely have a business and they’re saying, but I need something leverage I need to have, you know, I need to have like, I can’t do one on one all the time. And I’m like, let’s How about if you do one on one for a while, so you make enough money, that you can hire people to help you do some of the leveraged stuff, right? Like you, you can’t just jump straight to you have to have a huge audience to make enough money to live in the United States, which is where I live to, you know, off of your leverage products or services. And most people don’t start out with a huge audience. And even with a huge audience, there’s still a lot of trust that has to get built. So I love that you said that and I hope everybody heard that because I hear so much that you know, you don’t need to be doing all this stuff and you know, stop trading time for money and I don’t want you to trade time for money, but I do think that That, that access to you is what is what makes you unique and what makes you know, what makes you be able to charge the kinds of prices that you and I were talking about earlier.

Katrina Sawa 22:11
Amen sister. You said it like I say it That’s exactly what I say all the time. It’s so funny that we are like two peas in a pod on this.

Karen Yankovich 22:18

Katrina Sawa 22:19
I say the same thing. I’m like you fastest path to cash is networking and speaking number one, because people will like trust and connect with you faster than doing some kind of posts on Facebook that like maybe I’ll even see. Okay, they have to experience you. They have to then try you out with like an easy yes offer. I talked about easiest offers, which is like under $200. So my easiest offers when I speak or like you get a ticket to one of my live events, you get a one on one call with me you get an audio training program that I have you get one of my books mailed to you, all the different learning styles you notice so I put it all together for like $197 That’s it. He’s a yes offer or a call with me when it’s normally $700 an hour is $97. That’s an easy yes offer or an event ticket that’s free or whatever would do an easiest offer but do it so people can try you out, and then get them to the next thing if they love you in the trying out stage where you give the juicy stuff, then they’re more likely going to trust like and connect with you to do more. And it’s just so important.

Karen Yankovich 23:29
So how can people find out more about you and connect with you and learn more about all of these yummy good stuff that you teach? Because anyone that listened to this podcast is jumping up and down at this right now and they’re gonna want to be connected to you.

Katrina Sawa 23:41
Well, I love Love, love giving free stuff and to try me out why not right? I mean, you’ve only heard me for a little bit of time. Yeah, go grab a book. You can get them on Amazon but I prefer if you got them on my website, right? But is the website If you go to /freetrainings, there’s seven different trainings and a way to do a call with me if you want to if you’re ready, not everybody is ready. And I think it’s crazy. Like seriously, I say this all the time come to a call, you will be shocked, you will probably get the advice that I told the girl earlier on this other call, like, raise your rates, do this, do this, do this. Because I can’t help myself. Whether you hire me or not, I can’t help myself.

Karen Yankovich 24:24
I know. I agree. I hear you. I hear you. I will put links to all of that in the show notes. I know when I first started doing this kind of stuff, and I was being interviewed on a lot of like summits and things like that. They would say, Well, what is one thing I can do to get started and I would say double your rates, and they’d be like, why? I’m like double your rates. Yeah, just double them, double them. If you lose half your clients, you’re making the same amount of money for half of the amount of time and you can so you can deliver so much more value to the ones that you keep, and it was like almost like shocking. I’m like just double your rates. Just close your eyes and do it.

Katrina Sawa 24:55
You know, what’s fun about doubling your rates is you can then discount your rates. Okay, so then you look like you’re giving people a hell of a deal so if you’re uncomfortable doubling your rates, double them, please and say, Well, my regular rate is $2,000 for this thing, but I’m happy to give it to you for 1200 if you’re interested, so if you still can’t, like charge, double your rate, please double it, put it on your website. And then when you talk to somebody say, you know what, I’ll give you a deal if you sign up today. Cuz they’re like, super happy because they’re getting a deal. And you can breathe because you can actually say the word so I, my big thing about pricing is, you charge as much as you can possibly say without stuttering. That’s what’s your charge?

Karen Yankovich 25:37
Yeah, exactly. If you’re if it’s easy to say you’re not charging enough money. Exactly. Awesome. All right. Well, on that note, I think we’re going to wrap this Thank you so much, Kristina, we definitely have to talk and find something we could do together, because there’s so much good synergy here. But thanks for sharing. Thanks for really, because it’s so important. It’s I want everybody here to just really be abundant. And find find time if you’ve got extra time now or less time now, like Either way, it’s the time to really look at what you’re doing and show up in a way that you’ve never shown up before. And it really does come down to pricing. So thanks for being here and telling us all about this. And we’ll link to all those good stuff. Y’all need to get all of our freebies because I know I’m getting them all. You can’t hear this stuff enough times. Right? So thank you so much for being here.

Katrina Sawa 26:23
Thanks, Karen.

Karen Yankovich 26:24
Oh, man did I love this conversation with Katrina, about pricing? It is one of my favorite topics because we undercut ourselves and we’ve done ourselves right out of business. And when we when we find a way to create high ticket offers that serve the heck out of our clients, because we’ve priced them in a way that allows them to do that. And it allows us to serve people that can’t afford us as well. Right? So it’s just such an important topic and I hope you got as much out of it as I do. It was so fun to meet Katrina and really get to know her. So you know, I always have more for you. We’ve got a brand new workshop that we’re running now. If you check out, you can listen to that. It is my five shifts that change everything in your business and your life and your bank account for ever. And I really look forward to sharing that with you check it out. I will see you back here again next week for another episode of the good girls get rich podcast.