This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, guest Nicola Wilkes and Karen discuss the importance of mindset.


Nicola Wilkes is the owner of Seriously Stylish Business. As a high-performance coach, she specializes in guiding design-related businesses to reach their highest levels of success. She’s also a specialist in brand management, promotion, and fast growth.


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About the Episode:

Mindset is important. It could literally make the difference in whether your business succeeds or fails. However, most entrepreneurs don’t focus on their mindset.

Let’s say we have two business owners. Both do great work. One owner doesn’t view her brand as being unique or special. She believes that the work she does is equal to her competitors’, potentially sub-par to some. This attitude reflects in her marketing, and her audience sees it.

The other owner understands the importance of mindset. She knows that her business is unique, and she believes that the work she delivers isn’t just equal but better than that of her competitors. Her attitude also reflects in her marketing, and her audience views her company as the better business to work with.

Mindset plays a vital role in every facet of your business. To learn more about the importance of mindset, listen to Episode 134!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s guest, Nicola Wilkes (2:29)
  • The importance of your brand (7:28)
  • How your LinkedIn profile helps deepen connections (10:56)
  • The importance of human-to-human marketing (13:26)
  • The role of mindset (14:34)
  • The balance of mindset (32:16)
  • How you can work with Nicola (32:57)
  • How to find out more about Nicola (34:45)

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Read the Transcript

Karen Yankovich 0:00
This is Episode 134 of the good girls get rich podcast.

Intro 0:05
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl. Stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello, I’m your host Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 134 of the good girls get rich podcast and this podcast is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach women simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing that gets you on the phone fills your calendar full of amazing appointments and fills your bank account full of cash because good girls get rich around here, right? So we teach really is human to human marketing, digital marketing with the human touch and LinkedIn is the platform that we use because we have it but I’m really committed to being able to kind of Lift the platform out of the equation, and have all the strategies that we shared here on the podcast, and that I teach in my programs kind of stand on their own. But because we have LinkedIn right, we might as well use it. So that’s kind of what I’m teaching and why I’m teaching it here. And today’s episode with Nicola Wilkes is just Case in point of the human to human marketing, the story of how Nikki and I met and how we’ve developed a relationship and a friendship, and really support each other in our businesses is exactly what I want for you. So this is an episode that it’s been a long time coming and I can’t believe I didn’t get Nikki on sooner, but I’m glad she’s here today. So as you’re listening if you love what you’re hearing, we love for you to share this on social media. So share the episode, take a screenshot, tell everybody that you’re listening to it tag me tag Nikki Nikki’s all over Instagram, I try to be as good as she is but I’m not. But if you tag both And I and I’m @KarenYankovich. And Nikki is we’ll put her links in the show notes here. We’ll share it with our audience, right use the hashtag #goodgirlsgetrich, so we don’t miss it. And this is how we all get more visibility, right? This is how we all get more visibility. And I want to hear from you. You know who is the one person that would change your business and your life forever? If you met them on LinkedIn, so check out Episode 134 I can’t wait for you to meet my friend Nicola Wilkes. So we have Nicola Wilkes with us today on good girls get rich and Nicola has a business called seriously stylish business which was created when after 16 years in the design industry coach Nicola Wilkes realized that creative businesses weren’t reaching their potential. As a high performance coach. She now specializes in guiding design related businesses to reach their highest levels of success and as a specialist in brand management, promotion and fast growth, and Nikki and I have become friends over there. So I’m so excited to Have Nicola Wilkes with us on the show today, Nikki, thanks so much for being here.

Nicola Wilkes 3:03
Oh my goodness, I am so excited because how many years in the making has this been?

Karen Yankovich 3:08
Oh, right. I know

Nicola Wilkes 3:10
Two or three. I have no idea. But it’s, it’s…

Karen Yankovich 3:13
Three, it might be three. Yeah, it might be three. And you know, I actually have my gosh, there’s so much we can talk about here. But let’s talk a little bit about let’s talk about a little bit about how we met. Should we start with that?

Nicola Wilkes 3:24
Yeah, absolutely.

Karen Yankovich 3:25
So those of you that listen to the show, you know, hopefully you listen to the show, because you’re looking for some good LinkedIn tips. And one of the things that I teach is really to lead with service lead with providing value. So one of the techniques that I teach in my program is to endorse people just endorse the people you’re connected to. It’s a little controversial though, Nikki because sometimes people think, oh, I don’t know these people. Why am I saying they’re good at this? And I kind of feel like To me, it’s more of a marketing thing than a like I won’t write your recommendation unless you deserve it. Right. But endorsing and skills I feel like is kind of a marketing thing. And what to do. as it provides value to my network, so I kind of went on a little bit of an endorsing binge one day, which often strikes up a conversation, right? Because instead of reaching out and saying some bogus, you know, hey, I found this article or we’ve got people in common, it literally is I’m endorsing you, and you’re saying thank you. And it’s a great way to start a conversation, which is what happened with us, right?

Nicola Wilkes 4:22
It is, yeah, and you know what I would say just on that Funny enough, even this morning, somebody dropped me a line and I don’t have a send me just a marketing generic thing on LinkedIn, because I will respond to you and I’ll make it really clear that what I am looking for, is yes, to expand connections with people you don’t know like, we didn’t know each other. But the way that you endorsed me for something made me sick and take notice, versus sending this generic, heartless message just basically screaming I want your money. No, no, no, no, no, no.

Karen Yankovich 4:53
Yes, yes. Oh my gosh, so true. So true. And you know, the other thing that I teach in my processes I really want you to get on the phone with people or on zoom or have actual real life human to human conversations with people. And, you know, it’s it’s really easy to amass lots of connections. But that’s really not the point. That’s not really how you grow your business. So we quickly scheduled a Skype or zoom call and realize that our messages were very similar, even though our focuses were different.

Nicola Wilkes 5:23
Yeah, absolutely. And like I said, there was, it was a natural path for what you endorsed me for. And I think then I took real notice of your profile. And because of the way that I like to use LinkedIn, I think LinkedIn is phenomenal for making these incredible relationships because we are a case in point. And I’ve got so many other people that I’ve met through LinkedIn that, you know, it’s gone the really natural, organic, authentic way. And we’ll come on to that branding, but really authentic messaging and this is it that we suddenly realized that there was this whole plethora of crossover where we could, you know, support each other. Because this is the thing is that you can grow and use LinkedIn. to support your own business, but also to support somebody else and grow this incredible network,

Karen Yankovich 6:04
which is where the money is in business, regardless of what your business is, I mean, I suppose there are businesses that have, you know, you can, you know, push a button and sit on the beach and they make money. I’ve heard that there’s businesses like that. I don’t know a single person that has a business like that. And I know a lot of entrepreneurs. So to me, the people that I know that have six and seven figure businesses are building their businesses on the relationships, because if you’re selling something that’s more than a couple of dollars, people are often buying it after they talk to you or after they’ve seen your they’ve had a chance to know like and trust you. And it’s not just it’s it’s some of it’s one to one, right, but you and I have never actually bought anything from each other. But yet we’ve provided so much value to each other’s businesses. You’ve done master classes for my business. I’ve done master classes for your business. You know, you flew all the way to the US when I was speaking a couple of Nicky’s from the UK. She flew all the way to the US in March in March of 2018. which I think was the last time we actually got to see people. Right?

Nicola Wilkes 7:05
it was absolutely.

Karen Yankovich 7:07
But it was fun to actually get to meet you in person to just purely support me and support the effort. And you know, hopefully you’ve met a lot of people and, and you’ll take you’re taking that experience and growing your business in ways with doing that. Maybe perhaps it was a podcast conference, maybe perhaps, incorporating a podcast into your business. But it all happened by building relationships. And that’s why I love LinkedIn so much. But Nikki, don’t you think that that your brand is a big part of the success of that process?

Nicola Wilkes 7:34
Absolutely. And that comes back to how the authenticity of your brand is felt so intrinsically in every single thing that you do. And this is why I actually just responded to this person. That’s money that sent me this generic email saying, because here’s the thing, the way that I love to use this platform to build a connection, is because I’m still really old fashioned. I love a business card because I think it can say so much about your brand, who you are and how intentional you are and what you’re going to do. And I still love meetings over lunch. So how can we take something like LinkedIn and and make it come to life? Why do we think that it all has to then, you know, stick in this it’s kind of zone of where our businesses almost don’t go deeper than the surface? How can we then use LinkedIn as this incredible way that our brands can literally speak for us? And then we can take that connection and build and build and build whether it’s on the phone on a zoom call, or at a lunch meeting, whether it’s in our case, something that was like say, a virtual business relationship that built up, but how do we take it from that point of LinkedIn and use it to massively strengthen what we’re doing, whether it’s we’re looking for business, whether we’re going to pass leads back to the other person, whether we’re just gonna become business besties whatever it is that we intend To create this incredible from LinkedIn, how our brand, and our business is shown there, how we show up because this is the thing is you can also have great branding. But does it go deeper than, than surface view? How do we show up as people as businesses on there? And then again, it comes back to what intentional connections are you looking to make? So when I talk about brand, it’s even not just about what does your brand physically look like? This is not just about somebody creating a logo, so to speak. It’s but how does it embody everything that you stand for? down to how do you message potential contacts?

Karen Yankovich 9:38
Yeah, yeah. But even beyond that, you know, yeah, you’re right brand is there’s so many things that brand is is such a generic term for could be the colors. It could be your fonts, it could be your messaging, but it’s also there’s also a personal brand that I think is important on LinkedIn, and that’s that if I had endorsed you, and my LinkedIn profile was just a wasteland of empty Right chances are you wouldn’t have been all that interest. You might have said thank you. But it wouldn’t have been intriguing enough for you to say, let’s get on the phone because honestly, we’re busy. We can’t get on the phone with everyone, right? So. So it’s my job. If I’m looking to use LinkedIn to meet new people, it’s my job to make my profile intriguing enough, my personal brand, intriguing enough for people to go, Wow, she looks really cool. I want to get to know more about her.

Nicola Wilkes 10:23
Exactly. And how and this is the thing is, I love to look at somebody’s profile. If they have connected me and think, amazing how can I now respond and show them that I’ve read their profile? How can I now respond and show them that? I see them? I hear them, how can I show them that? I’m grateful they’ve reached out to me that they thought I was worth a connection. Now how can I come back and say, absolutely, let’s take this the next step. Let me show you that I have looked at your profile and they see what you’re doing. Yeah, there’s there’s a potential for us to build some kind of connection here.

Karen Yankovich 10:55
Yeah. And you know, when that note, again, the responsibility is on To give people things that they can connect to, which is why people are like, Why do people care what my interests are? Or why, you know, like, why is my header? Why do you want me to have my header image be this because it gives, it’s an interesting thing gives a talking point it gives it you know, you want to give people something that they could hook on to in your profile and say, That’s really interesting. Tell me more about that. Right. And if it’s just a dull resume, then there’s not really like, you know, tell me about your time working for Cisco like, I mean, that doesn’t sound fun and interesting. It’s just, you know, but if, but if you had something like, you know, you’re the board of directors of a nonprofit and the nonprofit does this. That’s giving somebody something interesting, an interesting talking point.

Nicola Wilkes 11:43
Exactly. And this is about how we make connections in the real world as well and how we shouldn’t lose sight of how we do that when we meet somebody. And again, this comes back to authenticity. Don’t forget who you are as a human and bring that to these incredible platforms where, let’s face it. In the 21st century, we are lucky, we have this plethora of platforms that essentially, are free to develop these incredible relationships that we would like in our instance, we would probably never have met, had we had access to this platform that costs us unless you upgrade nothing. So how do we make sure we’re bringing ourselves to the table? 110% rather than thinking, Okay, this is just another platform, and I’ll just kind of hide behind a Dell profile. No, bring all of yourself to it, which is as well how I coach, you know, women, I coach design related businesses. And what’s really interesting about brand on LinkedIn, and how we show up there and what our profiles say is that I do find that because it was historically more of a corporate space and what I find is that because I specialize in coaching within the design industry, creative industries, particularly women, and it’s almost like a Can I really be on there? Have I really got a valid place? And it’s like how Yeah, you literally if you bring your best self, to this incredible, professional platform, you can stand out a mile if you bring all of yourself to it.

Karen Yankovich 13:16
Yeah. Oh my gosh, I love that. I love that. And, you know, one of the things that I don’t even know if I’ve ever told you this, but one of the things that we’re doing, and of course, I love LinkedIn, but you’re absolutely right. It is a platform. And because we don’t own the platform, I’m very conscious that I’m building a business on a platform that I don’t have any control over. But it is there, right? So I want to I want to take advantage of it. But every single thing that I teach and the process I teach people to do, can be done without I could pull LinkedIn out of it. And it all still works, because it’s still human to human marketing. We might have to get more creative and be sending them to our website or, you know, our YouTube channel. If LinkedIn isn’t is doesn’t exist anymore, and the follow up piece of it. done a little bit differently, but, but I, I am committed in 2021. Nothing is changing outwardly in my program. But behind the scenes, I want to make sure that as we teach the process that we teach, it stands alone with or without LinkedIn. We’re using LinkedIn now because we have it in it’s amazing, right? But but the process is still human to human networking human to human marketing.

Nicola Wilkes 14:26
And that’s exactly how I coach that’s what I say to everyone that I work with. And this is where the social media aspect or these platforms come in, is that typically people say when their business doesn’t succeed, that it’s because I don’t have enough time and I don’t have enough money or I didn’t have enough time and I didn’t have enough money. And I’m going to say this that particularly women when as the patriarchal way in which we live dictates that we are typically the ones that juggle the career and have to make excuses because we can’t show up at this that or the other. We can’t particularly put this time in because we have the kids to look after or what Whatever it is that we’re going to make our excuse. And it just shows when we’re talking about these free platforms, that it’s not about the money, is it about the time, maybe we could hire somebody to help us and get support. It’s about the mindset. That’s what peace is about the mindset as to what stops us showing up as our best authentic selves, what stops us being so mindful of that this is a platform we can use to create and build our businesses and actually taking ourselves from the starting point of what we create on LinkedIn and any other platform. But how do we take that into real life? And how do we become more confident? How do we structure our mindset and our goals and our visions to know how we can draw links into our business and build relationships, it’s never about the time it’s never about the money. It’s literally about how we view these incredible additions to how we can build businesses and like you say, bringing it back to the fact that these are human connections. We’re not just hiding behind Find this fake wall of a social media platform. They are incredible. But what do we do with it? It’s so much greater than the sum of what we see it.

Karen Yankovich 16:09
Yeah, LinkedIn is a tool. And it’s an amazing tool, right? But there, you know, and I teach people how to use this amazing tool. But you’re right, I love we’re talking about mindset, because to me, that’s a piece that’s very much overlooked in marketing. And I talk to people all the time, and they think LinkedIn is like a resume and your resume is all about who you used to be. Right? Like all the things you used to do, but your LinkedIn profile should really be portraying out to the future. The person you want to become the person you’re becoming the person that you want to be to be seen as. And I spoke to a woman yesterday who joined our program, you know, part of what I talk to people about is what is your What is your goal for your life and for your business, and she is she had a big money goal. She had, you know, multiple six figure per month money goal and she totally could get there. And then she starts talking about the investment she made, what she’s doing our website and this and she’s spending $100 on this and three on on that, and I, I literally when she finished talking about, you know that there’s a huge disconnect there, right? She’s like, What do you mean? I said, you want to make multiple six figures a month, and you absolutely can do that. But your investments have to start being in line with that, you’re not going to get to that number. If you’re nickel and dining, the what you’re doing now, because there’s, you’re never going to get there. That’s the person you used to be to get to be this person you’re becoming, you’ve got to get out of that mindset. And you’ve got to have the confidence in your ability. And you’ve got to start thinking a little bit bigger. What are the bigger opportunities? And yeah, is it important to have a website it is, it’s more important to get some clients coming in. So that at the price point that you can be doing this at, and then you could pay people to do all those things that you’re spending $100 a year or $200. Therefore, it was the mindset shift that had her enroll in the program. And she actually said to me, she had listened to a summit that I had done and then she’d watched my webinar and she’s like, I literally cried didn’t sleep that night. Like I literally couldn’t sleep as I, my body needed to shift into this. And I, my I had some I had to make physical shifts, but it all came down to the mindset because we have these goals, and then we have this reality. But if we’re not thinking about how they tie together, and that’s mindset, right? If we’re not talking about how they tie together, then we’re just gonna be doing the same thing. Like I call it like the new year’s resolution syndrome every year, you’re gonna lose 1010 pounds, and then next year, you might have 15 pounds to lose, because you still didn’t lose. You know, every year we just started over again, the only way to make a difference is to shift your mindset.

Nicola Wilkes 18:38
Well, what we allow continues, and I think this is what I’m getting at is there’s so many of my clients will say, oh, my goodness, I can’t like really, can I go on LinkedIn? I’m like, Yes. Because you have this mindset block as to who you think you are, how successful you are, how successful everyone else is on there. And like I say, there’s enough people not making connections based on race. Genuine you know what I’ve looked at your profile, I think we could do business together. And we could support like, let’s explore what’s there. And I think that once we get over that mindset of this is one of the feeders into building great relationships right now. And it’s that it’s a feeder, it’s a way of like you say, US declaring our goals and working with our own mindsets, almost like how do we show up as the business person, man or woman that we want to be that we aspire to be? What decisions would they make what would their profile say about them now and be that person function from the place that it’s already done? So just because we can’t see the clients and we can’t see the money yet it does not mean they’re not there.

Karen Yankovich 19:43
And you know, because the world that we are we found ourselves in since we were here had met in person is a much more virtual world, at least at this moment in time. There is no better time to be doing this. There is no better time to be creating a personal brand, a personal digital footprint, if so to speak, right of who you are, because we are doing a doing research on the people we’re talking to, we’re throwing their name in a search, we have control of what comes up. When people search us. We have control, we can tell them, we want them to know about us. Or we can sit back and say this stuff isn’t for us. But your personal brand is something that you can control. And you You must control if you want if you have big goals.

Nicola Wilkes 20:25
And one of the things that that pertains to is how I coach because it’s specifically women, that I’m constantly diving deep with them into what do you really desire that personal goal as in personal brand, gold or be? And I think what I find and again, it comes back to LinkedIn because it’s seen as as much more corporate and I typically coach in the design industry. And it’s like, Can I really own this space that I envisage myself being in that I would love to make my attainable goal and it’s a Like this, there’s this block between going for it and literally taking your foot off the brakes and just going all out there. And as you say, what, what do we create in terms of a personal brand? And how do we say and use that to shout from the rooftops, unashamedly? This is what I’m going for. This is where I’m aligned with my vision. And it’s that there’s too many instances where I see women hold themselves back. And then obviously, they work with me and we build up the confidence we build up the Permission granted. It’s like just I’m giving you need somebody to give you permission. Well, you just got it. So go out there and fail forward. Get yourself a profile on LinkedIn, start before you’re ready. And go do weather. You know, obviously, there’s other social media platforms that people say I can’t possibly do a live TV, I can’t do this. I can’t just do it. Do it your first time quickly, because you need to get to your fifth time where it’s just slick. I mean, it’s always Awkward before it’s elegant, to stop fast fail forward fail. At the point where you don’t have stacks of followers use these platforms to experiment and get to know yourself and connects back with you see who you draw in.

Karen Yankovich 22:16
I love that. It’s always awkward before it’s elegant. Like that’s a that sounds like it’s going to be a social media post for this podcast.

Nicola Wilkes 22:23
Well, everyone knows perfectionism is for the poor. So here’s, you know, the thing is that we always stop ourselves, again, especially as women because we feel like we have to be perfect. Before we can take that one. Leap men don’t seem to struggle with this quite as much. I mean, everybody knows that. You know, when it comes to going for a job interview, men will put on a resume a hell of a lot more that they haven’t done before, but they’ve said they can. Whereas women will look at a resume or a job list and think, wow, I haven’t done that. So I can’t possibly see that I can do it or I could learn it and, and I think it comes down to everything that we do. It shows up so Much in everything, even including how we show up and things like social media. Yeah, yeah, exactly. What I’m really committed to building is and this way we’re talking is building that, that side of personal brand and how our businesses are a direct reflection of who we want to be, where we’re going, what our goals are. And how do we show up as our very best selves across all meetings, whether it’s in a coffee queue, a toilet cue in the theater, or even on social media or LinkedIn?

Karen Yankovich 23:27
Yeah, yeah. Oh my gosh, yes. I love that. And you know, we’ve talked about this over the years because when we first met the you know, those of you that have listened know that I have been renovating my house forever. And I just didn’t have I’ve been, you know, I was showing up sometimes I was doing videos from my living rooms and those those are from outside I had a half I had no closet doors in my office forever. So I had to make sure that camera didn’t show the closet doors and you were like Karen, like fix it background up. You know, like you’ve got to show up.

Nicola Wilkes 23:56
I was quite outspoken about that.

Karen Yankovich 24:01
But you’re right, you’re absolutely right. And I was like, Oh, she’s so right. Like, and then I bought a then I bought, you know, I have everything I have, you know, backgrounds and I have a green screen and all that. But really for me, for the ease of for the ease of being able to turn on my camera and show up like a leader when I was on the spot, not wait, hold on, let me get my green screen, I needed to do that I needed to create a space that that I felt like I was showing up as my best self. Not that I’m trying to be somebody that I’m not right. But it is showing up as your best self and putting your best foot forward. Because it is sometimes your first impression and people hang on that first impression a long time. You know, it’s interesting. I have my master class that I’m running right now and I’ve got some Facebook ads going to it and I struggled a little bit with what image to use on the Facebook image, right? And what I went with because to me what happens when you start to learn these techniques, and you start to build these powerful relationships. Your income starts to grow. To me, that’s freedom. That gives you more freedom, right? Because now you have freedom to to donate more money and to help more people that you know that that can invest in your programs and freedom to do more things with your family or for your family, right. So I went with an image of a woman in a private jet, because to me that feels like I can get places I can. Maybe my family doesn’t want to get together because they don’t want to know like, whatever. It just felt like freedom. And there’s somebody that commented on it that was like, I hate this stuff. I hate when there’s pictures of expensive cars, and blah, blah, blah. And I was like, I said, so I responded to her and in my head immediately triggered me, right, because I’m like, Oh my gosh, I shouldn’t be using this. And I was like, No, I am. So I said to her, why does this trigger you? And why do you not like this? And she’s like, well, if you have to ask you one understand, but it’s because of all these things and I just wanted to go You know what, to me. It’s not a picture of me in front of something. I don’t I don’t like that. I don’t like I don’t want to go rent a you know 200 thousand dollar car and stand in front of it and pretend it’s mine. Like it’s not authentic that right? But do I want to be running a business where I have the freedom to charter a plane? If I want to go visit you in the UK for lunch? I absolutely would love that. And I want the people that take my program so that and that’s but but the point is the mindset, right? It comes back to the mindset and not that I’m trying to change people’s mindset on Facebook, because that’s like a challenge in and of itself. But I my mindset immediately went to oh my gosh, and then I was like, No, I’m gonna own this because to me, my mindset is that I am building a legacy for my family, I’m building a business that is going to give me this kind of freedom. And I want to help the people that join my program, do the same thing. And you need to have that mindset before, like this person. And if you’re listening, you know, I hope that you’re taking this in. I’m not berating you. I really, truly I’m supporting you with that mindset. She’s never going to get where she wants to go.

Nicola Wilkes 26:59
Oh, it’s the bottom line. shift. So you can’t plant seeds on a dry riverbed. And it’s always about opening up the vortex of receiving. So this is something I always, always work on. And there’s so I mean, we can get so deep on how you learn to receive way more success, wealth clients, into your business joy, ease, because the default is when we think about running businesses again, mostly as women, when we think how am I going to grow? How many physical How am I going to set up? How am I going to grow? How am I going to find the clients? How am I going to then sustain it? Gosh, how am I going to go to the next level? It’s like we you can almost feel it. When you start talking about it that we know as women, literally excuses are going to come from every side to allow ourselves we take ourselves out of the game. We are literally the blockers to our own success. So when rather than when we do that, if we can shift the mindset to say see These images which are about what somebody makes six excessive wealth that they can’t ever achieve but rather than Okay, so if that’s triggering you enough to make a comment, what is it telling you is it it’s telling you really that you desire it. Therefore if you desire it, it is possible for you so and it’s going to be different for everybody it could be some one person’s desire is to go and live in an incredible remote cottage somewhere in northern Scotland or it could be going to as mine is developed this incredible I besian farm house where I can literally float around in a caftan all day have clients come in and you know in the summer months and do their intensive there and run workshops and just live that lifestyle but whatever it is that you desire, make sure you align yourself with it truthfully, because this isn’t just a belief changes about how you need to feel in your body. We live so much in our heads we really become so so conditioned to not connected in with our bodies. What does it feel like for you? What does success truly mean? And then how do we stack our beliefs on that? And again, so this comes back to how do we build a personal brand? What does it say about us? Does it show people, this is what we’re aligning with. And if you’re a good match, amazing, they will naturally be drawn to you. But if we can’t be honest, from the start about what we truly desire, how can we attract that into our lives? And again, LinkedIn is a great example of what are you putting out there? And what are you going to get back?

Karen Yankovich 29:27
Yeah, I agree. I have to show you this. Nikki. So you are earlier in that in that statement, you were just making you talked about the importance of if what you’re looking for is, you know, to build joy and ease into your business and joy and ease are the two words that I kind of chose for my business in 2020. And those of you that are that are listening can’t see this, but I actually had the words made on little wooden blocks that I’m showing Nikki right now the words joy and ease, because to me, I want to embody them. I’m not like choosing a feeling and then remembering it like what was my word this year, like they’re in front of me all day long, every day. Like they’re on my desk, the words joy and ease. I went to Etsy and had the made and, and they’re sitting on my desk that I can see every day because it is the feeling. Because we all I mean, I should say we all I know, I have to sometimes remind myself and get myself back in that feeling I can get myself in, I can certainly get myself in my head too much. That is That happens a lot. But I also can get into overwhelm or even into frustration, right? And I have to kind of just be the person that that lives with joy and ease. And then when I’ve done that, everything kind of does start to fall into place. So the mindset piece is huge. I love that you have incorporated so much of that into your work this year, Nikki?

Nicola Wilkes 30:39
Yeah, and that’s again, like you’ve got those reminders every day, every single day at five o’clock. I’ve got on my Google Calendar, it pops up love joy source, which to me is about the love aspect for anyone that’s kind of on the spiritual path. You’ll know that it all in Gabby Bernstein it all comes back to love and how we don’t approach anything with judgment. But that’s a whole other conversation. But the joy is about not running a business with any overwhelm. It’s everything should just be joyful. We’re not put here to live things that are just misery overwhelmed kind of fast, we are put here to be happy, we just have to allow that. And really, it’s about sort of connecting into the source of whatever my aspirations are, whether it’s a spiritual connection, whether it’s just a connection to my business, what’s the source of everything you do, because it’s in you. And again, this comes back to the, the not living too much in our heads. It’s also feeling it and how you build these beliefs and stack on it. And again, so that’s about every interaction we have with something how do we bring our authentic selves so for me, the word authenticity is so strong, I can’t ever have a conversation that does not feel authentic to me. Sometimes it might mean I’m quite outspoken, those that coach would mean it to them straight but then that’s why you hire a specific coach, you’ll find a connection with a coach because I mean, for me I love a no bullshit coach. I love this softer side too. I also love the side that says, say on a day that maybe you know you have something personal going on or whatever they’ll say, I’ll hold the space for you. You either let’s not do this call today or let’s, let’s talk about where you’re at, you know, there’s such a balance. And again, it comes down to mindset, it’s about knowing how you can show up as your best self, your strongest self, your most connected self. And that also means listening to the days where you need to take step back, as much as the days you need to take a step forward. And this comes to every thing that we do. And because I know we are, we are kind of on the LinkedIn subject as well, just because you’re on one of these platforms, it doesn’t mean that every single day, you have to be there like fighting fit your best one day is going to be a really different best to another day. So it just means that when you’re ready to show up as your best self these platforms are there for you to show your personal brand, as authentic as it can be. The days you don’t feel like it. You don’t have to do it.

Karen Yankovich 32:57
So how do people work with you, Nikki?

Nicola Wilkes 32:59
Oh my Goodness. So there’s there’s a few ways we’ve got, obviously the private coaching and I tend to only ever open certain slots for typically women, I do work with some guys that run design practices and husband and wife teams really successfully. But typically women in the design industry creative roles, it could be that every designer, consultant designer, or they run their own business, or they work for a practice where they’ve got a really high position. So that’s why I offer private coaching, which is all about getting to your next level. Typically, these people are really well established at what they do. And they’re looking for a really great mindset coach to help them get on so I have private slots available, they’re always a 12 month container. Then we have three ways in program format. I’ve got a great 10 week course that you can do as distance learning on your own. You can do it at your own pace. And that’s really a 10 week business growth hubs, what gets you really sharp and your mindset works if you’re looking to really develop mindset work such an honor. And like a fire stop, maybe you’ve taken a career break or you’re just like, Whoa, I’ve just identified I am on such a plateau. I’m the kickstart. That’s what will get you there. And then we have a growth program after that, which helps you build sustainability in terms of work consistently coming in, and how you then scale that. And then I run masterminds, which are very, very small groups, where the women will naturally come together and create this incredible, really small condensed power mind mastermind group, which again, is a 12 month container, which in no other words propels that business forward. So that’s how you can

Karen Yankovich 34:44
Awesome, awesome. So how can they How can people find you and I know that you have quite an offer for our listeners today,

Nicola Wilkes 34:53
because I know that you work with such incredible people because I know that you have such an amazing audience. That, I would love to support them and you so I am offering a complimentary 50 minute call, which is it’s kind of like a discovery call with five zero, not 15. Right? I just want to make sure I’ve zero it’s almost an hour. And it gives us 15 minutes to just really uncover where they’re at, where do they need to be? And how can we get them there, I’ll share some of the tips and the tools that I use, you know, the structure that I use to get my clients there. And you can ask any one of my clients does it work? They all follow me on social media, and they will say Hell yeah, because because it just does. So yeah, 50 minutes call. And it’s just about see whether we’re a good fit for one another and, you know, his private coaching, something they could do is my 10 week growth hub where they need to start or they just absolutely at mastermind level already. And that’s what we decided we could fit for them. So it’s a 15 minute call and it’s free. So they just need to go to seriously stylish business. dot forward slash schedule, and they will be taken through the process of booking a call.

Karen Yankovich 36:05
Awesome. Awesome. Thank you so much for doing that. You guys definitely take Nikki up on this because I have sent lots of people her way. And they are like, Oh my gosh, that was a great session. So you totally, you totally want to take her up on that. And if you’re looking for a coach moving through the next season of your business, Nikki is a great, a great choice. So and you also have Do you also show up on social media really well like your Instagrams amazing. So I will put the links to all of that in the show notes for this, but you definitely want to connect with Nicki on Instagram as well. This was so fun. Thank you so much for doing this today. I hope that you know everything we’ve talked about here, I just want to kind of just wrap it up in a bow. We haven’t talked, we haven’t said anything that’s like and to do this, you need to spend $10,000, right? Like all of these things are things you can be doing today at this moment. You know, showing up like painting the wall behind us when you turn your camera It looks you know, I mean, things like that that Nikki’s had me doing, you know, but things like that are not there are things, how you show up in anything is really how you show up and everything and it starts with you and you have the decision, you can make the decision to do that. And I hope that you that’s listening, they heard something today that you can take action on and move. Move your personal brand forward today. Thank you so much for being here. Nikki. I’m so glad we finally did this.

Nicola Wilkes 37:23
Oh, I’m so pleased and like say if I can leave listeners with one thing. One thing I would say is permission granted, whatever you are thinking that you need to do right now there will be something that you’ve heard today that sparked some fire in your belly, that you’ve thought Oh, only if only I could do it. Permission granted because the only person standing your way is you. And thanks.

Karen Yankovich 37:46
Yeah, thanks for being here. And there’s definitely more to come. I’m not sure what it is. But Nikki and I are always coming up with ideas. Maybe if we can ever you know travel again, maybe we’ll do some co workshops or something.

Nicola Wilkes 38:01
Our trip in Florida was at that conference was just the start of it. So yeah, fingers crossed.

Karen Yankovich 38:07
Absolutely. Well, remember that we started when we first it was like a four day conference maybe or a five day conference. And day one, we’re like, we’re gonna do a workshop in New York in the spring. And by day four, we’re like, Yeah, no, we’re not doing anything in this free that’s, it was literally the weekend the world changed. Well, we were like, What do you mean, I was like, people aren’t going to take a subway from uptown to downtown at this point. Nevermind,

Nicola Wilkes 38:30
we sat down to dinner, weren’t we thinking about this thinking? Yeah, we do this and suddenly it just…

Karen Yankovich 38:35
And theree days later We were like, yeah, we can’t do this. It was crazy. So but we will we will win. All right. Thanks so much for being here. And yeah, more to come. So I hope that you enjoy the story of the Karen and Nicholas show, and all the amazing things Nikki teaches I think you can see why I love her so much. Our messages are so congruent. At some point when we can meet in public again, Nikki and I will Do some kind of live events somewhere together London, New York, maybe somewhere else who knows that I can’t say in between right? We’ll be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. But we’ll meet up because I think that it’s just such great synergy and that’s what I want for you. This is what I want for you. This is why I teach what I teach you on the podcast. And what I teach in my program is human to human marketing. And if you want to get started with that, check out our free completely updated on demand masterclass at and take a listen. And it’ll kind of give you a sense of the mechanics of how to get started using LinkedIn for your human to human marketing so you too, can meet cool people that can change your business, your life and your bank account forever. I’ll see you back here again next week.