This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, guest Kelly Lynn Adams and Karen discuss the importance of confidence.


Kelly Lynn Adams, is a certified leadership, life, and high-performance coach, speaker, and creator of the weekly podcast, Perfectly Imperfect. She is also the creator of the Women. Work. Worth. Inner Circle and founder of The After 5 Club movement.


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About the Episode:

What’s holding you back? Your answer might be, “Not enough time,” “Not enough money,” or even, “Not enough skill.” The truth is you’re so much more capable than you think. With a confidence boost, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Confidence is an important factor in achieving your goals, yet so many of us struggle with having confidence. Kelly Lynn Adams says, “The only way we can build confidence is taking action before we’re ready.”

To build your confidence, just go for it, even before you’re ready! If you keep waiting for the perfect opportunity to move forward with your goals and dreams, that time will never come. Just get going!

In this episode, Kelly and I discuss the importance of confidence and how you can boost your confidence. Listen in to learn how!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s guest, Kelly Lynn Adams (2:51)
  • Kelly’s journey (4:21)
  • How to build confidence (6:41)
  • Time management and confidence (9:23)
  • Do the uncomfortable and take the risk (13:11)
  • The rewards of taking risks (14:27)
  • Don’t be a disservice (17:30)
  • How Kelly works with people (19:58)
  • How to find out more about Kelly (22:57)

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Read the Transcript

Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 138.

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:24
Hello, I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 138 of the good girls get rich podcast, which is brought to you by uplevel Media, where we teach simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing, to help you get on the phone consistently with people that can change your business, your life and your bank account, or ever. What we teach is human to human marketing, right, which has never been more important than it is in the fall of 2020, which I think we’re all starting to embrace a little bit how this virtual networking stuff isn’t so bad, right? It does work. I mean, I do miss human to human, you know, like hugs and meeting people for coffee. But there’s a lot to be said for virtual networking and how it can work effectively. And that’s exactly what we teach over here in Karen Yankovich. Land. So I would love I can’t wait for you to hear Kelly Lynn today because Kelly Lynn and I get passionate about some of the very same things, and we really talk about is so many things, but a lot of it is about confidence and, and really showing up when you’re not so confident. And I don’t know, have you guys been feeling that in these crazy times that you have done that more than you’ve really thought you were gonna have to ever do? Do things that you’re not confident doing and people that have never thought even cared for using their phone and I was zooming right with people. So we talked a little bit about how that confidence and really showing up how that can change. And it really ties into what we do right? your business, your life and your bank account forever. So check it out. If you go to you’ll see the show notes, the blog, the links for everything we talked about on the show today. And in there, as well as a link for speakpipe. where I’d love to hear from you. You can click that link and leave me a voice message. Let me know what you love about the show. Also, you can let us know is there a guest you think we should have on the show? Is there a topic you’d love to see me tackle? I want to hear from you. So go to the speakpipe link in the show notes for this episode. And let me know. And of course we love for you sharing this on social media, because that helps us help you. So take a quick screenshot and let your audience know that you’re hanging out with me today listening to this episode of the good girls get rich podcast and make sure to tag me. I’m at Karen Yankovich so that I can share it with my audience. All right, I am going to let you jump in now to my interview with Kelly Lynn Adams. So we have Kelly Lynn Adams on the show with us today. And Kelly Lynn is a certified leadership life and high performance coach, speaker and creator of the weekly podcast perfectly imperfect. She’s also the creator of women work and worth inner circle and founder of the after five club movement. Her work has helped thousands of high achieving women manage their mindset maximize their time and monetize in their business and in their life. Kelly Lynn has spent over 14 years in corporate America working for some of the top retail and fashion brands in the world like Gucci can why Bed Bath and Beyond just to name a few. Her mission is to help others redefine success. They’re shifting their thoughts, increasing their confidence, stepping into their power and supersizing their self love. Kelly Lynn’s transformational coaching, speaking and success secrets are often sought out by the media. She’s been featured in, Huffington Post and affiliates of CBS Fox, and ABC just to name a few. Kelly Lin. I’m so glad we finally did this.

Kelly Lynn Adams 3:49
Yeah, Karen, I was so glad to be on this podcast. I love this podcast.

Karen Yankovich 3:54
Yeah. And I love I love your whole vibe, Kelly Lin and I just talked for like 15 minutes and said, we should be doing this on the show, which happens way more often than it should. So hopefully we’ll catch some of that. But what I love about what you do, and it’s just embodied by the name of your podcast, perfectly imperfect, right? You support women. I mean, our podcast focuses on supporting women as well. And, you know, we get caught up in perfectionism so much, and it gets in our way it gets in our way. So tell me a little bit. I mean, our journeys are not all that different. I didn’t spend you spent a lot more time in corporate America, I think than i did i and mine was years and years ago. But tell us a little bit about how you got started and what brought you to shifting from a corporate position to running your own business.

Kelly Lynn Adams 4:40
Yeah, so great question. So my I started in on Wall Street actually like in the investment banking world, so go figure and then I just always had a love for fashion. And so then I pivoted and I was in the fashion retail space for years and supporting luxury No high end, you know, fashion brands. And it’s so funny because as I was in corporate, I always wanted to do something else of my own. I didn’t know if that was real estate or owning a brick and mortar. And so my first business ever was in network marketing, and I was selling skincare and one of my clients was like, you’d be great at coaching. And this is years ago. I’m like, what’s coaching? Like,

Karen Yankovich 5:24
right, right?

Kelly Lynn Adams 5:25
You know, a sports coach, she’s like, no, you’re already doing it. You’re training us. You’re teaching us you’re, you know, you’re helping us build our businesses with the, the makeup stuff and the skincare stuff. I was like, okay, so I went back to school got certified, and I literally started my business that way, I reached out to family and friends. And I was like, This is what I’m doing. This is what I’m coaching. I’m doing it for I coached 50 people for free, Karen.

Karen Yankovich 5:50
Which I love that guy. And then because that’s that is how you get good. By doing it not by like, I think honestly, that right there and bodies what I think that tells a lot about you, and why you teaching people to do this now. Because so many people need no certification and other courses before they’re ready to start coaching. And you were like, No, no, I’m coaching now. And you learned by coaching, which I bet makes you a better coach.

Kelly Lynn Adams 6:13
Yeah, 100%. And you learn, right, and this is the whole thing with the conversation of women. You know, what I teach now is like women truly stepping into their embodiment, and their power and their confidence. And for me, it’s like, we still have a long way to go, I am still you know, fully stepping into my confidence. And I’ve done a years of self development work on myself and transformation work. Yeah. And it’s like, the only way we can build confidence is taking action before we’re ready. And that’s what I teach. And the whole perfectly imperfect. The reason why I named that podcast the way I did is because I was seeing in the fashion industry, you know, everything kind of had it, you know, the images had to be perfect, or it had the new season had to be right, like what’s going to sell and you know, I landed in the hospital because I was my worthiness came from overworking and trying to be perfect and trying to fit the mold and, and I really was like, Oh, the more productive I am and the more busy I am. And I was really craving that know, like and trust and likability and love ability from outside sources instead of myself. So I was pushing myself to exhaustion. And no one’s perfect. Everyone’s perfectly imperfect.

Karen Yankovich 7:29
Right? Right. But you are working in corporate while you were doing all of this still. Right? You were working while you were doing it. Right? Which is kind of what started the after five club?

Kelly Lynn Adams 7:38
Yes, yeah. So that that after five club, I was mostly I pivoted my coaching because I was just coaching everyone in anyone when I first started out, and then the after five club was like, wait, like, this is my story, like, I’m side hustling on, you know, basically the same time in corporate. So I was helping women really like manage their mindset, like maximize their time, and then really monetizing their business. And there’s still so many people doing that. And it’s not, it’s not an easy thing, you know, for a lot of people especially and some people just want to make extra money. And some people want to be a full time entrepreneur. So that’s when I shifted, you know, I would say mid career. And then I kept seeing this like worthiness and this confidence and women not going after what they want, or we were just talking about this before is like, even if women want to invest in themselves, you know, men sometimes are more easily to, you know, quick to invest in themselves than women. at certain times. So

Karen Yankovich 8:36
yeah, yeah. Many times many times. Yeah. It’s, it’s crazy. Because I mean, I, you know, we have that in common that we try it we support women and, and their success. And I can’t even tell you how many. And here’s the thing, like, I feel like when somebody slips through my fingers, it’s not like I didn’t sell them. It’s like they’re not getting, they’re not going to move ahead. I mean, some there are people that I’ve talked to year after year. And I’m like, I want to say to them, like, is this going to be the year that you’re gonna invest in yourself? Or are we going to have this conversation again, you know, in the fall of 2021, right, because you haven’t gotten there yet, where men will invest in themselves to move forward. And I’ve learned over the years, I need to invest in myself, just to get it done. You know, like, just to get it done. You know, that’s where we start moving forward. So yeah, I see that too. I totally see that too. So let’s talk a little bit about the confidence piece, though, because I know that that still comes up for me as well, you know, and I’m a lot older than you are. So as much as I’d love to sit here and say to you what, don’t worry about it. Kelly, you’re going to get you know, Kelly Lin, you’ll get over it in a couple years, it’s probably not going to happen. And and I think for me, what I realized is it’s always going to be there. So it’s not a matter of fixing it. It’s a matter of for me anyway, it’s a matter of lessening it, right like showing him more confidently more consistently. And also for me, I found and i’d love your thought on this. It’s sometimes it comes down to focus. Sometimes confidence comes down to focus because as a woman I’m doing 5500 Different things at once often. And if I am really focused on something and give it my all, then I can hit it more confidently. So what do you think aboutm that?

Kelly Lynn Adams 10:10
Yeah, so I totally agree on the whole 50,000 things multitasking, it’s like, we as women, and really anyone, it’s the emotional labor, like, because if we are split energy doing 1001 things, and we can do it because women are naturally multitaskers. It’s like how much of our emotional energy you know, and labor is taking up, like, right now I do this with my clients. And I’m doing this with myself, I do this every 90 days, I do something called like, a time audit or a time review, where I literally like kind of, yeah, like a diet. I know, I hate that word diet. But I literally write down in my notebook, and I can show you but in my notebook, and we’re in podcasts, okay, I show you but I live hour by hour, what am I doing? is one hour, I’m just on social media, you know, screwing around is the other hour. I’m watching TV. And literally, I’m getting so real with myself of every hour, like what did I do? And then I do this for two weeks. And then I see where are where is the majority of my time spent? And then I go back and say, Do I want to fix anything? Do I want to change anything? Do I want to adjust anything? And that all comes into play of like, what are my three top values or three things that I’m focused on for this quarter? But this can be done in any kind of timeframe? And it’s really eye opening? Because you’re like, wow, like for, you know, five hours a day I was on social media? You know, I didn’t really think so much time on social media.

Karen Yankovich 11:37
Yep, yep. Yep. Yeah. And to me, I think that that does impact how well I do things when I’m doing too many things, which then impacts my confidence, right, because I’m not happy with the output. Right? When I write me when, and then that hits me right in the confidence, you know, vulnerability.

Kelly Lynn Adams 11:56
And this is the thing, confidence, the way you build confidence is literally leaning in and taking action before you’re ready. So it’s getting comfortable in the uncomfortable, kind of like how we’re all doing now with COVID. And everything else going in the world going on in the world, it’s like we’re all slightly uncomfortable to some degree. And when we get to the other side of this, we’re going to be so much more confident in different areas of our life of what we’ve gotten through. And just think about anything that was challenging, or anything that you know you’ve overcome in your life, you probably started before you were ready, or you did something when it was uncomfortable, or you just sat with Yeah, that uncomfortable feeling. Because the thing is, is when we take action, and when we’re uncomfortable, it builds the muscle of confidence. And same thing, because it’s easy to say it this way, like when we’re working out or when we start walking or eating right. You know, we do it day after day after day and just build that muscle, whether it’s the mental muscle or the physical muscle, and it just it then increases your confidence be like, Okay, well, I did this yesterday, I can do this again today. So it’s just, you know, taking action before you’re ready and leaning in when it’s uncomfortable. And I think a lot of people don’t want to do the uncomfortable and don’t want to take the risk and don’t. And that’s why back to what you were saying, you know, some people year after year, say they want to change and they don’t take the action to change.

Karen Yankovich 13:30
Yeah, oh my gosh, that’s so true. That’s so true. And I bet there’s women listening to this right now saying I don’t want to be uncomfortable. And you can stay where you are, right and that but just know that you will stay where you are. So if you’re looking to stay to not stay where you are, then you do have to face some discomfort in some ways.

Kelly Lynn Adams 13:50
And think about you know, I always like to say this, and you know, we’re not all Olympians, but think of an Olympian right, they train, they are in the uncomfortable in the training process, right? They’re getting up 530 early in the morning, right? They’re really, you know, their coaches pushing them, and they’re uncomfortable, and they do it anyway, when they don’t feel you know, their best during certain days, or they have off days. They do it anyway. So it’s the same thing of like, yeah, it’s gonna be uncomfortable. And yeah, it’s not gonna, it’s not gonna feel nice. And the other side, right, there is a reward to some degree.

Karen Yankovich 14:27
So tell us about the rewards like what kinds of people have you worked with through these kinds of challenges? And what kinds of things are they embracing in their life now that maybe they weren’t able to before?

Kelly Lynn Adams 14:37
Yeah, so like, one of my clients, you know, she had a really hard time getting out there. And so like in this women work and worth what I teach is like, its impact its influence and income. So the impact and influence are very tightly together and she had a really big fear of being seen, like being seen in any capacity, whether it was going Live on social media or putting herself out there in the media or whatever. And literally, I was like, okay, you’re gonna get seen. So we worked, you know, week by week of pushing her out of her comfort zone and even challenged her to, like, do more video on social media, you know, get out there for her business. And literally, as she was getting more and more out there, she got opportunities, like in the media, she got clients, like, people were just buzzing towards her because people want to see you, you know, and, and she wasn’t perfect. She messed up. She said, um, she, you know, and people like that too, because they can relate. And she was getting and she also shifted her energy. So as she was getting out there, and I was challenged her every day to do a Facebook Live or Instagram Live, or whatever it was, she became like, Oh, yeah, I can do that. So it built her confidence because she was taking those baby steps every week. And we were doing things and it literally, like change the trajectory of her business and her life because she then was like, Oh, I can do this. And then we started to have fun with it. So so much came out of that just experience for her. And it was what I like to say it was like not only an external shift that happened, but it was an internal shift within her where she did not like me at first, because I was pushing her. But then it got easier and easier over time.

Karen Yankovich 16:26
Right, right. Oh, my gosh, that’s so cool. Because you know, I think that often women, what came up for me what you were talking about that is often women, when they think about earning more money, they think of supporting their families supporting their kids paying their mortgage, kind of the things that you think of almost when traditional male roles, right, they’re supporting, but what happens what I see what happens when women start bringing more abundance into their life, is that not only are they doing that, but they’re supporting nonprofits, they’re starting nonprofits. They can there’s so much more you can do in the world, which is where are often where our hearts are. Right? We don’t see that until we start to feel it. And when you start to feel it, and then and then it all sorts of steamroll. Oh, that’s kind of where I was hearing that. Because when women are not, not that men don’t support nonprofit, because I know they do. This is not man bashing at all. But it’s not just about the left brain, you know, let’s make $1,000 to pay our $900 mortgage. Right? It is about let’s be $2,000 parent hundred dollar mortgage and do amazing things in the world.

Kelly Lynn Adams 17:30
Yes. So this is one thing that my coach tells me all the time, and it’s like, Whoa, like hits me between the eyes, you are a disservice if you are broke, meaning you’re disservice to yourself, your disservice to your family, your disservice and a liability to the world if you are broke. And when the word broke, does it mean? And it could mean right? Maybe you’re living paycheck to paycheck, or maybe you’re living credit cards or credit card. But if you’re a liability and really just not doing what you’re meant to do in the world, right? When when women have more money and are making more money, you’re exactly right, Karen, we do more good in the world, we give back. We you know provide for our families we invest. There’s so many things that we can do. And yet, it’s like, a lot of us don’t ask for what we want. And we don’t we have a hard time receiving. It’s kind of like another question my coach asked me is like, How good can you stand it right? Can you receive the money? The abundance? Like how good can you sit? Stand it like

Karen Yankovich 18:41
How good can you stand it? Everybody that’s listening needs to stop and journal on that. Right? As soon as we’re done here. That’s awesome.

Kelly Lynn Adams 18:49
Yeah. And I’ll give you an example of my own personal life like So recently, you know, I was I was featured in a magazine, it’s a national magazine, and then I gotten invited to, you know, a private party. And then this The next day, my podcast hit Episode 100. So I had to promote that. And then the next day, I signed on to clients, I was like, Oh, my God. And then like, Karen, I was like, I wanted to self sabotage myself, like, Who am I? Right? Who am I to just like, just, you know, claim and tell the world all these good things that are happening to me, and it’s like, Who am I not to? Like, I, I’ve been working at this. I’ve been training at this. It’s like, yes, like, I had that moment, you know, that. I was like, wow, this is a kind of like an upper limit problem. Like how good can I really stand it? And really like that’s a lot of times women are so used to taking care of everyone else and doing things for other people and being you know, Mother Teresa, where it’s like when all the good comes to us, like are we ready? And are we willing to receive it? So it takes practice.

Karen Yankovich 19:56
Oh my gosh, that’s so cool. So how do you work with people Now so I know so do you still run the after five club?

Kelly Lynn Adams 20:03
No. So that’s a movement, I don’t work on that anymore. But I, like there’s a lot of women that still come to me for, you know, that support and that help. But mostly, you know, I’m helping women with this, like the the confidence piece, the worthiness piece, the receiving more. And I also work with men as well. So I don’t just work with women I know we’re talking about before on the podcast. So it’s really and I don’t have any cookie cutter approach, because for me, coaching is not a one size fits all. So it really depends on the person and what they’re up against. Because when you work on confidence, when you work on worthiness and receiving they’re all intertwined, and it can stem from different things, you know, that came up in your life or, or whatnot. So it’s it’s a lot of, you know, working with them privately. And just figuring that out. Now, with this program, yes, it’s going to be it’s finding strengths, because I know I wasn’t working to my strengths a lot. And I didn’t even know what my strengths were, I was like pushing a rock up a mountain, like so much in my business. And I was not working to my strengths. I was doing things that were not in my zone of genius. And I knew kind of like, what I like and what I was good at, but I wasn’t honing in. It wasn’t like I was necessarily actually doing it in my business. So we work on strengths. And then we work on literally getting out of your comfort zone and being uncomfortable getting visible. And really making everyone can make an impact in the world. And some people don’t know how, and we hone in on that for the for the strategy piece and the mindset piece, and we get rid of the mind trash that we all have. We all have mine trash that holds us back.

Karen Yankovich 21:43
So tell us a little bit about women work and worth what kind of program is that?

Kelly Lynn Adams 21:48
Yeah, so it’s a 90 day container. It’s very, it’s limited. I’m only limited to 15 women, it’ll eventually become you know, a signature course. But right now, it’s literally a container where we work on those three components. So it’s the mind trash getting with a mind trash, influence and impact. And that’s where the income comes in. Because when you’re more visible when you are working to your strengths and make more money, and then it’s also honing in on the strengths. So there are basically entrepreneurs that I would say, You’re too in their business to your seven. And that’s the dynamic. And it’s all different businesses, its product, its service based businesses, and it’s going to be like, it’s going to be very fun surprises, like I have a lot of like receiving prizes. And the women who come in will know what I mean by that. But it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be like, How good can you stand it and just working with like increasing your ability to receive as well.

Karen Yankovich 22:46
Oh, my gosh, so awesome. So we will link to all of that in the show notes, Kelly Lin, and to all of your social media, cuz I know you’re pretty active on social media, with your brand as well. So cool. So cool. So how can people get to know more about you? Should they just go to your social media? Or is there something in particular that we can send people to so they can learn more?

Kelly Lynn Adams 23:04
Yeah, they could just go to my website, because all my social media is on there. So Yeah.

Karen Yankovich 23:10
All right. Perfect, perfect. Kelly Lynn, this has been so helpful. I mean, I know we have a lot of we have a lot of the same philosophies at towards all of this. But I think it’s good for people to hear it from different points of view and different vantage points so that you can really hopefully, at some point, hopefully, there’s something that you said that maybe I never said that somebody heard and is like, yes, I’m going to do it. Right. So hopefully, that’s what’s happening here right now to the people that are listening. Thank you so much for being here. This was so awesome. And I can’t wait to see what you’re doing with how your new program runs for you.

Kelly Lynn Adams 23:42
Yeah, thank you, Karen, so much for having me. So fun.

Karen Yankovich 23:45
Oh my gosh, I had so much fun catching up with Kelly Lynn. We actually both live in New Jersey if you couldn’t tell that by our energy. And we have met up in person but definitely don’t do it often enough. So I think we’ll do that again. So for sure. I love the message and I hope that you check her out follow her on social media and you know, take a look at what she’s doing because she’s doing some really important work and if it resonated with you, you definitely want Kelly Lin in your world. So remember if you want to learn a little bit more about this digital networking stuff, this virtual networking stuff, we have got a free on demand masterclass for you, which you can check out at Karen Yankovich comm slash masterclass. I would love for you to let me know what you think of that. Listen to the masterclass and it’s just gonna take you down the next step down your path to, you know, really honing your virtual networking skills. If you love this, please take a screenshot of this episode on your phone or wherever you’re listening and share it on your social media. That would be amazing. And then I can share your link with my audience and it gets us both more visibility. So thanks so much in advance for doing that. And I’ll see you back again next week for another episode of the good girls get rich podcast.