This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen discusses simplifying the tasks in your business.

It’s easy to get caught up in the routine of performing certain tasks just because they’re on the list of things to do. Are those things actually benefiting you or your business, though?


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About the Episode:

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a crazy time for everyone. It has also given a lot of us more time on our hands. Instead of going to network meetings and going on lunch dates, we’re stuck at home. Thankfully, we can use this extra time to reevaluate our business, remove what we don’t enjoy, and start doing more of what we love.

First, ask yourself the question, “What do I really enjoy doing?” Don’t ask what you’re good at or skilled at. Ask what you enjoy. Then start focusing on what you love doing!

Second, take a look at your calendar. What events on your calendar make you cringe? What can’t you stand doing? Start cutting those events out! If you hate them and they’re not beneficial, don’t do them.

Lastly, lean into your pricing. Instead of selling multiple low-cost items and services, dream big and ask yourself, “How could I make this more valuable and sell it for a higher price?” By raising your prices, you can make more money while spending less time and effort. This takes guts, but, in the end, it’s worth it.

It’s easy to clutter our business with tasks that don’t really bring any value. Start looking at your company, cut out the things that don’t matter, and start living with more freedom!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s topic (2:11)
  • What is it that you really want to be doing? (9:33)
  • What on your calendar makes your cringe? (14:08)
  • Lean into your pricing (17:42)
  • Episode recap (19:15)

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 141.

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Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:24
Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 141. of the good girls get rich podcast and this podcast is brought to you by she’s linked up the program where we teach simple relationship in a heart based LinkedIn marketing to women that gets them on the phone consistently with perfect people, people who will change your business, your life and your bank account for forever. Basically, what we’re teaching is digital marketing with the human touch human to human marketing, but using these cool tools that we have available to us to make it really simple and easy for us. So you know, if you’ve listened before, or if you love what you hear today, we love to hear from you. So make sure that you subscribe to The Good girls get rich podcast, wherever you listen to podcasts. And if you listen somewhere where you can leave us a review, we love hearing your reviews. And you know also take a quick screenshot, you know, let the world know, let your social media audience know that you’re listening to this episode, use the hashtag #goodgirlsgetrich. Tag me in it. I’m @KarenYankovich. And when I see those posts, we make sure that we share it with our social media audience because that helps you get visibility. If you’re helping us by sharing this episode, we love to help you by sharing your posts. So if you want to see any of the links, or anything we talked about on the show today, just go to You’ll see the blog for this page, you’ll see a link to speakpipe, where you can leave us an audio review or you can just tell us what you want to hear about on the show. If there’s a topic you’ve been hoping that I cover or if there’s a guest you think we should interview, you can use the speakpipe link in the show notes, Karen, slash one for one. And let us know. So this episode is a topic that’s near and dear to my heart. We are recording a word this episode’s going live in the fall early winter of 2020. And many of us are thinking about what 2021 look like for us, right 2020 has been certainly a crazy year for me. And I know probably for you in so many ways. You know, Who would have ever thought that we’d be sitting here and still be wondering when we were going to see people and go to in person events again. And it’s been crazy, right? So you know, I’ve had to do a lot of reimagining in my business. And I had to do I chose to do and that’s actually the topic that I want to talk about here today. Because with this pandemic, I mean, I’ve always worked from home. So that’s not different for me. But what is different for me is that I don’t go anywhere, right. So maybe I was going to Chamber of Commerce meetings, and that would take a couple hours out of a week. Or maybe I was meeting, you know, having lunch dates or whatever. And you know, even just even if I was the lunch was only an hour, chances are there was a drive to meet people, right. So, you know, there’s just been a lot more space, even just in my work days. And having that space in my work days has really allowed me to reevaluate how I spend my time. Because I know that I was on, you know, as much as I would like to think I wasn’t I was on the hamster wheel, I was doing a lot of busy work. To what end I don’t even know why I was doing a lot of the things I was doing. And when you look in hindsight, but it’s just on your to do list, you do it. Or you’ve taken courses or you hear you know, the Guru’s say, this is what we should be doing. And, you know, you just do it because that’s what you’re told to do. Right? And I’m a rule follower, I follow the rules. I do what people tell me to do. But having the space that 2020 has given me in my calendar has really allowed me to reimagine my business. And what that looks like for me is I have stripped absolute freakin lucidly everything out of my business. And I’ve put all of my attention into my she’s linked up program. And the reason it’s important to talk about this is because I didn’t have the courage to do this beforehand. Because you’d be like, Oh, you know, the bank account is starting to slip, I better find something I can sell for $47 or 497. Or, you know, I’m going to run this membership thing and it’s going to be $50 a month that I’m going to get 500 people in it. Or, you know, you know, you know the drill, right? So I just made a conscious decision that I just wasn’t going to do that anymore. And you know, listen as an entrepreneur. I made a decision early on in my entrepreneur journey, that I wanted to keep my personal overhead low because I wanted the freedom to not ever not have to be stressed out about money, right. So my, my personal overhead is very low, which means that, you know, if there are swings in my business, it shouldn’t make that big of a difference. But, you know, I do have business costs to have to pay out every month. And that needs to happen every month. So it was a little scary to make the decision to kind of just cut everything else out. But I did, because what I was finding was when she’s linked up was it was originally get linked up. And those of you that weren’t get linked up, if you haven’t, if we haven’t touched base, you totally want to reach out to me, because we got lots of things happening, and you’ve got lifetime access, even to the she’s linked up program. So you want to definitely reach out to info at Karen Yankovich comm and schedule a call to see what’s new. But when it was get linked up, it was a digital program. And it was a six module program. It was similar to what it is now, but it was a little more disjointed. Because I would have like Module One is the profile. Module Two is learning about how to do you know, groups or whatever, whatever it was. And what we did was we were able to shift it to being more of a journey than all this disjointed stuff. But it was still just a digital program. And what I was finding was people were getting stuck, they were getting stuck on module one is it’s hard to do your own LinkedIn profile. Right? And then they if you’re getting stuck on module one doesn’t matter if you paid $1 or a million dollars for it. You didn’t get your money’s worth. Right. And I don’t know about you, but I have a hard drive full of digital programs that that that I did get my money’s worth on not because the programs weren’t any good. But because it wasn’t the right. It wasn’t the right delivery mode for me. Right. So as we started to reimagine this program, we focused it more on women. And that happened about a year ago pre pandemic. But we also started looking at Okay, well, if we have to start to if we’re going to write your profile for you, then the investment has to change. And that took a little bravery on my part, right. And then we just continue to and then we found Okay, we were just giving people too much time to do it. And what that meant was, they weren’t doing it, right. Like you know what it’s like, if I gave you a gigantic bucket, you filled up a gigantic bucket, if I give you a little bucket of time, you use a little bucket of time. So we decided we really had to limit the time that we had people in the program so that they were achieving what we mutually wanted to achieve what they wanted to achieve what we can help them achieve. But then we know we needed to, we knew we needed to even do more. So we added some one on one support, so that we can guide them through this so that we could keep them on task that we can keep them achieving what they wanted to achieve at the end of the program. And we just I mean, I can go on and on about the things we’ve added to this program over the last year, all of which increased the investment, and which was scary. But here’s the thing, it didn’t just increase the investment, it increased the success rate. And the successes that people were that people are having in this program are well exceeding the investment even at the increased investment level. Right. And that is win win win. So can you relate to this a little bit? Can you relate to doing what you were like following the rules and doing all the things you were in all the programs you were given and dialing in, and you know, doing all the things you were told to do. But then, like just not just it just didn’t seem like it was in alignment or an integrity, right, just having a checklist of this stuff. I spent years doing the opposite of this, I spent years doing all kinds of programs, maybe some of you guys might have been in our social media PR program that I ran with Christina Davis, for a couple years where we had a whole library of training, it was an amazing program. But it was a lot. It was a low price. There was a ton of content in there, we were completely overwhelming people with content, all of which needed to be updated all the time, right? still creating content after content that needed to be updated, flying all over the country to do sales meetings that were shiny objects, right? Which How much time does that take out of your life? Now I’m not leaving my house, my business revenues are almost 10 times what they were during that time. And my clients are getting bigger wins. So it’s a win win win. Right? So that’s what I want you to think about as you’re thinking about what you’re planning for 2021. And I’m going to dive in a little bit and talk a little bit about how I’ve done this and how you can maybe do some of the things if you feel called to that you might want to do some of these things, same things. And the first thing I want you to think about is what is it that you really want to be doing? Okay, not what you’re good at, not what other people are telling you to do. But what you really want to be doing, you know, just going back to the social media PR program with Christina, you know, I love doing that. But I love LinkedIn. I mean, yeah, can I talk Can I talk about Twitter and Instagram and all those things. I absolutely We can. But when I talk about LinkedIn and the power, it has to get you the higher ticket clients. That’s what I’m passionate about. Right? So I was doing a lot of things that I did enjoy the work that I was doing. But I wasn’t as passionate about just being a social media generalist, as I am about focusing and dialing it in on LinkedIn. Right now, I don’t know what that means for you. But what think about what that means for you, you know, I mean, I have a lot of Twitter followers, I have a lot of followers on other platforms. And I do get business from those platforms. I mean, listen, I could talk about podcasting, right. My podcast is a big part of my business. It’s the front end of my business, we get a lot of business that comes in from this podcast. But I can’t be all things to all people. Right. And not that I don’t love talking about podcasting, because I do. But now what I do is I talk about LinkedIn, as it relates to growing your podcast, right? See how that see the shift there that the subtle shift there. And it’s a little again, it takes a little bravery to kind of cut all that stuff out, right? But just but not worry. Don’t worry about cutting stuff out right now. Just thinking of just think now about what is it that you love doing? What is it that if I said to you, you could be doing this all day long, you’d be happy to do it. Now, here’s a little bit about what that means for me. And if you’re in the she’s linked up program, or you weren’t get linked up, and you haven’t logged in and seeing the updated content recently, or if you haven’t been in if you’re not in the program yet, then what you may not know is that one of the things that I did was I started to incorporate mindfulness into the program. Yep. It’s a LinkedIn strategy program, right, all his left brain strategy. But we started to infuse mindfulness, because I know that if you come into the your strategy, your LinkedIn strategy, with your left brain, right with saying, You know what, I want five of these and 10 of these, and I want to make this much money bla bla, bla, bla, bla, it’s kind of like a new year’s resolution, right? You started January 1, and you’re going to lose that 10 pounds this year, but you don’t do anything, because you’re still the same person you were the day before. I need you to be thinking, like the person that has already achieved it. Like the person is already living less those 10 pounds, like the person that’s already running a multiple six or seven figure business, I need you to be that person. And I know that it’s your mindset that I need to hit you up with. First, I need you to be thinking like that person, I need you to be showing up on LinkedIn like that person. Yes, are there LinkedIn strategies and tasks? Of course there are. But I love spirituality and mindset and mindfulness and all of the right brain stuff that I interact with, with the left brain stuff. I am sort of I’m a Reiki Master, right? I’m certified as a dream coach. These are things I love to do in my spare time, but I’ve never had the courage to build it into my business before. This is what I really wanted to do. So now I’m doing it. Now when we reimagined the she’s linked up program, we infused an entire thread of mindset through the entire program, we’re actually even giving one on one mindset strategy coaching sessions, to our our students, because I know, I know that that’s where they’re going to have the success. But I had to stop and think about what I really wanted to be doing, not what other people thought I should do. because trust me, if I came to many of the people in my life and said, I want to start talking about like, third chakra energy and my LinkedIn program, they’d been like, What are you talking about? Right? But that’s what I wanted to do. And you know, what, the people that have embraced the mindset piece, are the people having the biggest successes in the program, right? See how this works. And it came down to me doing what I really love to be doing. And and that’s what I want you to do. If you could dream big, what is it that you really want to be doing in 2021? and start to think about that, if you’re listening to this on replay, just insert whatever Year is coming up, or the next 12 months doesn’t have to be a calendar year. Okay? But that’s the first thing I want you to do is really spend some time thinking about and dreaming big about what you really want to be doing in the next year. The second thing I want you to do is look at your calendar and see what is it that you that makes you cringe when you see it on your calendar? What is it that makes you cringe when you see it on your calendar? Those are the things we’re going to start to rip out. Because the more space you have in your calendar to do this amazing thing you identified in the first thing we talked about here, the better success you’re going to have with that. So what it means is you’ve got to start letting go with things. And you know, one of the things that I absolutely love to do is one on one, like live work with people like I love meeting people, we rent a conference room. I’ve had people fly to me, I’ve flown to them. And we sit in a room for a day and we brainstorm. It’s a high ticket service and that is the high ticket service that I was selling in 2019 and 2018 and I was kind of leading with that for most of the work that I was doing. And I still love doing that. But obviously, I had to let go of that. And this pandemic world we’re living in, because you know, it just, it isn’t needed. But what I’m now able to do is I can still do that work. But it’s before it was, it was something I had to lead with. Now, it’s something that I can put on, like, put on the back burner, and say, if there’s an opportunity, I’m happy to do this with you, okay? And it’s not that I cringe when I see it, those are really the only two things I’m doing. But I was forced to kind of let it go because of the pandemic. But when I was forced to let it go, it’s not that I cringe, it gave me the space to to build out my program. Okay. But here’s the thing I gave up, I gave up another a lot of other things. We were selling a LinkedIn profile program for I think, 100 bucks for a lot of years. And there was a whole funnel that went to it. Some of you might have seen that the first three things you do on LinkedIn video series, and that took you to the opportunity to purchase this $97 program that had you doing your own profile. But remember what I said earlier, that people don’t want to do their own profile. So they were buying that program, and they weren’t doing it anyway. And I was providing an insane amount of support to this $97 program. Right? So nobody was winning, I wasn’t winning, because it was not making us enough money to even keep the business open. And the clients weren’t winning, because it’s hard to do your own LinkedIn profile. Right? So. So those are the some of the things that we let go. And now we are stepping into this, when we stepped into really just putting all of our efforts around one amazing, incredible program. So what is it that you’re doing, I want you to look at that, because let me just tell you something, I did this exercise a couple years ago. And when I listed all of the different things that my business was offering, my business coach was like, You got to be kidding me, who’s doing all this work? I’m like, I know, I don’t have any idea. And this was this wasn’t even including the social media PR stuff that gets seen be heard stuff. This was just my own business, right? Like who can be successful at that? Well, you’re doing a million different things. So start with what you don’t want to do, start to get rid of that. And that gives you more space to make Number The first thing the first step in this process even more successful. So look at list out everything that brought you money in 2020, or whatever the year, you’re listening to this and look at it and say, Can I cut half of this out? What are the red line it red line, it doesn’t mean it goes away, it just means that you’re going to look at that list and say, What if I only did these three things instead of all six of these things, right. So that’s the second thing I want you to do. And the third thing I want you to do, and this is really where it takes guts and bravery is to lean into your pricing. Think about how amazing it would be to enroll a few higher paying clients each month, instead of being on the hamster wheel with funnels with 47 into 97 into 497. You know, ladder type products that works for some people. And I’m cool with that if it’s working for you. But if it’s not working for you, if it’s stress for you, If like me, you’re looking at this $97 product going oh my gosh, how do people support their $97 products with the level of support it needs and you know, still make any money. So have any profits, right? So lean into your pricing as you go back to the first step in this program. And really Dream Big about what you can offer. And that one thing that you’re really good at that you want to offer. Just keep making it juicy or and yummier. And don’t be afraid to put a price point on that that will allow you to really give it your all, I want you to really give it your all because you know you’ve if you’ve listened to this podcast before, you know what I think about hitting six figures, I love when you hit your first six figures, but that is not enough money to live here, at least not in the US. Okay? Because by the time you’re as you’re being an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur, that is not the same as a six figure paycheck, okay, and this can be done during these pandemic times 100%. Okay, so just think a little bit about having this. So we’ll, let’s recap this a little bit. You’re going to create this amazing, amazing thing that is right in your wheelhouse, what you love to be doing, and you’re just going to focus on that one thing for now. You’re going to get rid of some of the things that you’ve been doing that are just not serving you or, and or your your clients. And you’re going to lean in to the opportunity that you’ll be giving people at a price point that you can so over deliver, that they can’t wait to do more work with you. Okay, think about how that amazing that could feel. And I’m not saying that I never want anyone ever to do the 4797 497 funnel things, but who knows, I might do it again, someday. What I am saying is flip it, flip it dream big. What kind of amazing service can you offer, filled with all the yumminess you can dream of, and be brave enough to deliver that service at a premium price point. If you do this, right, it’s a no brainer, right? So just imagine this, let’s say that you are a life coach, or some kind of, or legacy you serve women in their 40s. Okay, maybe you’re a life coach, maybe you’re a health coach, maybe you’re a career coach, your focus is women in their 40s. And this woman is now working from home, her husband is home or his power partners is home. Okay, working from home, her kids are home doing school from home at least part of the time, okay. And she’s still working from home. Remember that working from home means she’s still getting a paycheck, okay? She doesn’t have the time or the inclination or the energy for a six month anything or for your digital course, she doesn’t have time for that. So if you’re a life coach or a career coach or a health coach that serves these women, she needs your help now. Okay, it’s worth a lot to her to be able to manage all of that, that we talked about the the partner, the kids that the job the house, it’s worth a ton to her to manage all of that with more ease in her world. I mean, come on, you know, Amazon and meal delivery services are at her house almost every day, right? So there’s that she’s got a paycheck. So the investment isn’t the issue. The issue is you need to be brave enough to create something for her that she’s willing to invest in that will give her fast results. Because we women will pay for results. Okay? And when you’re in your groove, doing what you love doing what you’re great at with people who need you, and over delivering at a premium price point. It’s Win, win win. Do you understand what I’m saying here? Listen, you know that I’m here to support you with this. We have got an on demand masterclass that you if you haven’t watched yet, you have to watch okay, because it takes you step by step how you can use LinkedIn to do some of the things we talked about on this episode today. You can check that out at because you know I want you to have a network on LinkedIn that brings you in that million dollars so go to to get an out to the masterclass I am happy to support you. If you want some support that the masterclass will tell you how you can you know, schedule some time to chat. And we can tell you how we can help you. Because here’s the thing, I know that the world needs you. And if I can help you get to those people, then we’re rising the tide and the rising tide lifts all of us right. I do this podcast to support you. Now I’ve got this free masterclass to help you get started, which is the first step to success. Right. So let’s lift each other up. Let me help you. Check out the masterclass share this podcast, take a quick screenshot of this episode. If this was something that was helpful to you and share it on social, give me a tag I’m @KarenYankovich or use the hashtag #goodgirlsgetrich so we can share it with our audience and get you some visibility. And you know what? Let’s start our 2021 or our next 12 month planning and let’s kick some 2021 booty to gather. Bottom line is I want this to be simple for you. Be back here next week with another episode of the good girls get rich podcast.