This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, guest Debbie Lang and Karen discuss the importance of homework and the reward it will bring.


Debbie Lang is the top New Jersey real estate agent. She has been marketing and selling homes full time since 1986, and she’s the former host and producer of “The Voice of Real Estate.”


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About the Episode:

It’s easy to forget how important homework is. With clients, we want to focus on providing excellent service – which is a great thing – but it’s important to wow the client from the beginning. That’s where homework comes in.

Before communicating with a client, take the time to look them up. What exciting things have they been doing? Have they been featured in any articles recently? Find out a little bit about them. By doing this, you’re sure to wow them from the beginning.

Homework can also do the work of finding clients for you. By putting yourself out there, explaining who you are, and showing your tract-record, clients will be able to find you online and immediately begin to build a relationship with you.

In this episode, Debbie Lang shares how homework has helped her in her business. Listen now!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s guest, Debbie Lang (2:33)
  • Debbie’s journey (4:06)
  • Debbie’s recipe for real estate success (7:55)
  • How Debbie positions herself digitally (14:08)
  • Homework leads to success (21:13)
  • How Debbie nurtures relationships (22:00)
  • The wow factor (27:36)
  • What’s next for Debbie (32:00)
  • Where you can find Debbie (34:05)

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Read the Transcript

Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 142.

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:24
Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 142 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this show is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach women simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing that gets you on the phone consistently with perfect people. It’s really about building a million dollar network, we want you to meet people that will change your business, your life and your bank account for ever true good old fashioned human human marketing. But with these cool new tools that make it really simple for us. So if you’ve listened before, or if you love what you hear today, we love to hear from you. So make sure that you subscribe to this podcast, wherever you’re listening to this so that you get the episodes next week in the week after because we’ve got some great shows coming for you. And if you love what you hear today, I’d love for you to take a quick screenshot of this episode on whatever you’re listening to it on and share it on your social media. tag me in it. I’m @KarenYankovich tagged Debbie in it, her links are in the show notes, hashtag it, use the #goodgirlsgetrich hashtag. Because here’s what happens when you share this with your audience. We appreciate it. And we want to share then your post with our audience. And that’s how we all get more visibility. Right. That’s how we lift each other up. And we need to be lifting each other up more, right. So don’t forget to you can check out the show notes either where you’re listening to this or go to And you’ll see the blog for this page, you’ll see all the links we talked about here. So check that out if you’ve got some time. So I’m looking forward for you to meet my friend Debbie Lang. She is an amazing realtor. And what I love about her and what I really wanted to bring her onto the show was because she has built an amazing business for herself. That is built on building relationships. And you know, what we’re talking about here, right? We’re talking about using LinkedIn to build that million dollar network for you, right. So this Debbie talks about how to do the human to human piece of it. And you’re not gonna want to miss this. So check out Debbie. We are here today with Debbie Lang. And Debbie is a top real estate agent in New Jersey marketing and selling homes full time since 1986. She’s had been a five star professional Realtor award for seven, eight years in a row for exceptional customer service. She’s the former host and producer of the voice of real estate, which was running on Fox Sports Radio in New Jersey. And I was lucky enough to be on that show a couple times with her. She’s got a ton of certifications. But one of the reasons I really wanted to have Debbie here is because of the way she built her business. And you know that we teach human to human marketing here. And I really want to do just have you understand that even, you know, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. It’s the human to human interactions, which is where the biggest opportunities for growth are in your business. So Debbie, thank you so much for being here today.

Debbie Lang 3:26
Karen, it is so exciting to be on your podcast, I have to tell you, I am so impressed with what you’ve built here. It is so informative and fabulous. And I’ve actually seen you speak live for the Chamber of Commerce and elsewhere, you are an inspiration to all.

Karen Yankovich 3:47
Well, Debbie, thank you, Debbie. I love it. So Debbie and I met locally at a chamber of commerce when I moved down to this area that I live in now that I joined and it’s been really great getting to know you and watching all of watching your growth as well. And just watching the detail and the level of attention that you give to your clients. So tell everybody a little bit about your journey because I you know, I know I can’t do your your bio justice. So tell everybody a little bit about your journey. What brought you to serving people in the real estate and with the help with the houses that they live in right with the most important decisions of their lives.

Debbie Lang 4:21
That’s kind of an interesting story. I really started out in media, I was a radio and television want to be, you know, broadcasting I worked in radio. In college, I was one of the inaugural first founding mothers of my college radio station. Interestingly enough, I was discovered by a gentleman who is still doing radio today. 40 years later, I hate to date myself, but it’s true. I don’t know where these two, four decades have really gone. But I started out in college radio and went to the number one FM radio station in Albany, New York. From that I worked and at NBC affiliate up there and I worked in a little bit in television, work for magazine and wrote, so I have a journalism background. And when I landed in the Big Apple, which is where I grew up, I was born and raised in Manhattan. And the streets of New York were my playground. And when we went to Brooklyn on weekends, I thought that was the country. You know, the fresh air in the country because they had trees, flowers, and they had houses, not buildings, I thought that was really cool. Anyway, I always had a fascination with real estate starting there. And even remember, when my aunt and uncle were looking to build a home on Long Island, I was 10 years old. And they took me around to look at model homes back then. And lo and behold, Who would have guessed that fast forward, many years later, I would be selling real estate as long as I have been. But there was a period for six years after I left Albany to go to Manhattan back where I came from, I was a modeling Talent Agent. And I was representing some of the top models in the world out of one of the largest modeling agencies in Manhattan at the time. And the owner had died after I had been there only for two years. And I really had made my mark then, and I was called into a back room. And I was one of five people who were left a piece of the agency at such a young age. So I became an owner of a major international modeling and talent agency at a very young age. So I went from the marketing of people, to the marketing of homes. So if they’re, you know, five foot 10, and they have 10 bedrooms and five bathrooms, it’s basically the same thing. You know, it’s marketing. It’s all about relationships. And I always had a fascination with the world. And I love to travel, and I speak a little bit of many different languages, enough to get us a good reservation at an international foreign restaurant. And, Charlie,

Karen Yankovich 6:52
I don’t think I knew that, Debbie, because we’ve learned to restaurants together, I’m gonna have to put you on that on that.

Debbie Lang 6:57
Yes, we go to a Greek restaurant or Russian restaurant, any a French restaurant Spanish with any kind of restaurant, I have enough skills to speak enough to charm them. And that actually translates into real estate and building rapport with clients who come my way. And it’s very interesting thing. It’s not just one thing that makes you successful. In real estate, it’s really like a recipe, you really have to have all of the ingredients for it to come out amazing. And I take a little bit of everything that I’ve learned from my background, in working in media, in journalism, to working as a model and Talent Agent, with beautiful people from all over the world and all the different advertising agencies on Madison Avenue at the time, that’s what they called it, you know, to translate that into what I do in real estate. And to me, it’s all about relationships, and being exceptional and giving great service.

Karen Yankovich 7:55
I love that. So is that like the outline of your recipe, tell us a little bit about your recipe for real estate success.

Debbie Lang 8:02
So the recipe for real estate success is about first of all knowledge, really knowing your market area. But not only that, knowing your clientele, and basically putting yourself in their shoes and looking at the world through their eyes.

Karen Yankovich 8:20
Wait, I need to stop you there. That is huge. Because at the end of the day, nobody really cares about you, right? They care about what you can do for them and the changes that will happen in their lives. And if you can come to them, helping them with that vision. That’s amazing. That’s huge.

Debbie Lang 8:37
So my brand is a lifestyle realtor. I am not just your average realtor, I try to strive for extraordinary in everything I do. And it’s true in my relationships with my family, with my friends, new and old. And with my clients new and old. I like to go above and beyond it really gives me a great deal of satisfaction to know that I gave it my all and that I gave my clients everything I could give them but always keeping their perspective in mind and what they need or what their needs are. I’m not looking to just sell a house, I’m looking to sell a lifestyle. So it all depends on what their needs are. So some people are downsizing, some people are upsizing and my favorite term is right sizing. What is right, who right now at this time in your life.

Karen Yankovich 9:37
I love that. I love that. And right now you’re specializing in Central New Jersey and I don’t think a lot of you I think like Central New Jersey is like the the hidden gem of the world. Because you know, we have beautiful beaches here but we also have amazing real estate here. Mountains and farms and you know, and what I love about that is you can you know there’s people that live in central jersey from Bruce Springsteen to Kids that just out, you know, just get are just buying their first house, right? So it’s such a diverse community. And you seem to have really found a way to to make people comfortable where wherever they land within that, within that range,

Debbie Lang 10:17
or the suburbs are hot, hot hot right now. And I have to say with COVID, this has been the hottest summer literally, as far as real estate is concerned, not just in temperature with regard to buyers buying here, and the young millennials, and they’re not so young anymore. They’re turning 3031 32 are coming out in droves from the major cities, the biggest population in the United States right now aren’t baby boomers and millennials. So the baby boomers have sort of reached their earning peak and they’re starting to slow down a little bit in their careers and are looking for a different kind of a lifestyle. they’ve raised their children. They’re done with the high taxes, and the school systems and they want something different. The millennials now are just beginning their families. And we have them coming from the major cities now, which I think is really interesting, because the millennials, and even baby boomers were trending towards the major urban cities for not having to get into their car every time they walked out the front door. It’s now with COVID it’s it’s really something interesting. The whole lifestyle perspective is completely changing. self care, you know, peloton, I wish I bought stock in that right? You know,

Karen Yankovich 11:40
right, right? Oh my gosh, I’m well on

Debbie Lang 11:43
Netflix and, and home movie theaters. And you know what’s interesting, this is What amazed me this summer, I’m seeing a shortage of inventory. But yet, there’s some great inventory. I actually have seen more homes that have beautiful movie theaters, and wine cellars and home gyms, and a pool with a spa and home dry saunas and steam saunas. I’ve never seen more of those come on the market and more of a demand for homes like that, in my entire 34 year career of selling real estate in New Jersey. And this is where I’ve been and I also this year, 2020 has become licensed in Florida in the state of Florida. And my specialty down there will be in the winter is Palm Beach County out of the Boca Raton office in Palm Beach County, Florida. I want to specialize in lifestyle for all my baby boomer clients that I’ve been servicing all these years, and then some to help them you know, enjoy the nicer weather, I think, which is what people tend to do when they get older and have more time to go to more of a tropical resort area that I’ve been going down there for more than 30 years. So I’m very familiar with all the

Karen Yankovich 12:54
Yeah, yeah.

Debbie Lang 12:56
So so I’m going to be you know, working both markets with a strategic partner in each office. So you can’t be in two places at once. So they will be well service. And again, it’s all about service. I’m very particular wouldn’t just be anybody. And the other thing that has made me successful is my experience, you cannot put a price tag on experience. And one of my sayings is experience is priceless.

Karen Yankovich 13:21
I love that. I love that. So, you know there’s a couple places I want to go with this. First of all, I think that I love that you’re following your best clients, right? Because I would think that these the people that the boomers right that we’re paying, they had a they had a home in New Jersey with a pool and a sauna. And we’re you know, had to maintain it because they owned it are now ready to move to a condo in Palm Beach County or a house in Palm Beach County, in a community that has a pool and a sauna, but they’re not responsible to maintain it, right. So they still have the same amenities. But the lifestyle is different, because they’re not you know, they, they they have they want the less responsibility. And I love that you are building your life and your business out to continue to serve the people that you’ve been serving for 30 years. So I think that’s so cool. But I kind of want to take people on a little bit of a journey, because there’s so much that you did behind the scenes to bring that brought you to the success you’re having today. Right? So I so yes, the servicing your customers is is such a huge piece of it. And I know that you over deliver, you know to your customers, and that’s a big part of what you’re doing. But I also know how good you are at positioning yourself even digitally. So for example, we were talking yesterday before the show, and you were talking about people that you that are clients that are moving across the country, right? So but they find you because of the way you position yourself digitally. So tell us a little bit about that.

Debbie Lang 14:51
Well, a number of years ago I decided to combine my media skills with my My talent to service the community to provide as much knowledge and information to people because, you know, real estate has become transparent in the sense that you have all these third party marketing sites, which the consumer doesn’t realize. They’re just third party marketing sites and your computer somewhere in Silicon Valley, that’s just spewing out information. And it’s not always accurate. So the computer still cannot replace the human touch that a realtor brings to any transaction. And people think that they can sell on their own, but there’s so much that they are not aware of. And in today’s times, with COVID-19, you have to be even more cautious in terms of who you show your home to, we have releases we’re dealing with. So digitally, I went on the radio, I combined My Media experience with my real estate experience. And I developed a really real estate show called The voice of real estate. And I produced over 266 radio talk shows where I had guests that provided value to the consumer and to my audience. And it included everyone from you, who talked about digital marketing as an expert that you are two authors of books on investing in real estate, mortgage loan officers that have been in the business for a really long time. Insurance experts. I talked about everything in anything related to real estate on this show. And it went on for five years on 920, the jersey, which was Fox Sports during the week, and on Saturday and Sunday, they had other content. It was a top rated show. And I also went on to after I left radio, I went back to TV. And I created the Princeton lifestyle show on TV 30, which was aired on TV 30 in Princeton, but also on Verizon FiOS and Comcast, cable and it could be seen anywhere in the world because then it’s on Vimeo after it airs. So that show had interior designers and interesting people, and we could visually show some things and graphics on that show. And lifestyle is so important. And that’s my new brand, where I’m a lifestyle realtor. So I’ve taken that two, you know, video, it’s interesting, I was ahead of podcasting because I started doing this way back before podcasting became hot, that radio show and it was podcasted on the radio stations website, so people could go back and listen to it. And it was really more of a community service to give back to the community. So they were knowledgeable. And it was sort of a secondary thing that people would contact me as an expert, to work with them. And after they heard my show. So I live up to what I do digitally online. I have a lot of testimonials and reviews from past clients unsolicited. And people are finding me organically, actually from these testimonials. And when they interview me and they call me based on what they see online. I live up to it and the initial phone call. And then when we meet, I continue to live up to my reputation and unusual this year. This is not California. This is New Jersey, I was able to sell three homes virtually this year, which is very unusual. And the first buyer is a physician from Chicago who was relocating here to work for a very big hospital. And his wife is going to be working for Rutgers University. She’s a very big researcher there. And they had two young children. They could not move here. They cannot come here to look and house hunt because of COVID they were really scared. And do you ever hear that expression? Karen? You had me with Hello?

Karen Yankovich 19:01
Yeah, yeah.

Debbie Lang 19:03
In love, right. So I want every client to be in love with me. This is what I strive for. Always. I really am a very caring realtor. So I had them on the first FaceTime tour of a home with the cracks in the driveway that I pointed out to them in the driveway. That’s where I had them. They I had their trust, because I pointed out the cracks in the driveway on the first showing of a virtual home. And then when we went inside, I would look for leaks. I’m not an engineer, but I have two eyes and I have experience my nose nose, I can open the lockbox to a front door walk into a foyer and if that house has mildew or mold or moisture, I can sniff it out like a dog. And if I smell it, I will discourage somebody from buying a house because if there are issues I don’t want my clients to have it Some realtors will just want to sell a house just to get it over with and sell a house, I don’t work that way. If it takes 10 months to find them the right house, that’s right for their family, I will do it. Sometimes I get lucky, it takes a weekend, it all depends on what my buyer’s needs are. So that’s how I work. And it’s a timeline for my sellers to I do everything in anything I could think of digitally, and then some to get their houses sold as well.

Karen Yankovich 20:23
So So digitally, is very often how people find you, because I know that a lot of your clients do come from outside of the area. And that is absolutely something you can control. So obviously, you’re getting all these reviews organically, which is amazing. But you’ve also got to be there to get the reviews, right? Like when I’m looking at your Yelp page, it’s not just reviews, there’s a beautiful header image on here that you took the time to put on here, I’m sure right. Or somebody took the time to put on here cuz it’s all pictures of you and your new every brand.

Debbie Lang 20:54
Yeah, I don’t even know what I don’t do. I don’t hand it over to somebody less experienced it to say here, do it. I do everything myself.

Karen Yankovich 21:02
But, but that’s what I mean, you took the time to help people make get comfortable. So So from what I’m hearing, and this is kind of what I’m trying to, I want to I want our listeners to hear the pre work that Debbie does, is leading to this massive success she’s having with real estate in New Jersey, taking the time to make sure that when people do look for a real estate agent in New Jersey, and throw something in Google, that she’s doing everything she can to not just show up, but show up and look worthy of their time and their investment and their money. And that’s how you and that’s how they even get to that call where you can have the Met Hello, right? So that’s where it starts. But then they Okay, so now they’ve got they bought this house from you kind of taking people on the buyers journey, I know you well enough to know that you don’t just say okay, see ya, you know, people come back to you because you, you know, you really stay engaged, not that you’re like, you know, stalking them for the rest of their life. But tell us what happens after a client has bought a house? And how do you continue to nurture that relationship?

Debbie Lang 22:04
Well, what I have a special guest that I do for my clients that I really think especial that they’ll always remember that they have. And I also tell them on their forever friend, not just their realtor. So if there’s anything that they need, they can text me, call me, email me, and they love how responsive I am, I feel bad if I’m not immediately responsive, you know, people know that if I don’t respond, it’s unusual that something happened to me, or I’m in the shower, or I’m sleeping or I’m with another client, you know, usually or maybe out to dinner in a noisy place. But usually I’m very, very responsive, because I care, I want to be there for them. In my opinion, if you snooze, you lose, it’s a competitive business, and you have to give exceptional service in order to continue to be successful, because every day you wake up, you’re really unemployed. And as a realtor, you know, it’s amazing that I’ve been able to sustain with any other source of income, I am single, and I have been divorced for a very, very long time. And I had no choice to but be successful. And and but it’s not so much about it’s about who I am as a person. Because I did win the epic award, for example, in my company, a year ago, it is being the most ethical, professional, innovative and caring, real estate agent. So after closing, I stay in touch. So just this morning, as a matter of fact, I had a text from a client who needed a contractor. And within 10 minutes, I gave him three names. I get invited for dinner to come visit them. And it’s very exciting to see the kids grow. They send me pictures, we stay in touch through social media sometimes and and what’s interesting with social media, and I find this fascinating and I want to share this with you, I will post a radically I don’t have a regular schedule when I post on LinkedIn, or Facebook or Instagram. But the one thing I did learn in my travels is that be consistent and focus on a few social media platforms. Don’t try to do them all. And, and, and and offer something of value. And I monitor what gets most interaction and engagement, which I think is very interesting. There’s a human touch this not just I don’t post just about real estate, it’s a there’s a human touch to it. I post information that’s interesting, valuable fun, you know, uplifting. I never talk politics or religion anywhere on any platform. I don’t think it’s necessary. I think there’s enough of that out there, that you don’t need to do that. And I’m very engaging. And I really try to be there for my clients. And one example is I had two clients this past summer, reached out to me randomly based on my reviews and I wowed them. I’m also So all about the wow factor. And they had children about the same age, and they’re coming from completely different states, they don’t know anyone. And I introduced them to each other so that the boys can have friends. You know, they’re both seven. And I thought, from what I could see in home shopping and meeting them, I could see that the children would get along well, so instantly, the seven year olds had a friend in the neighborhood, and especially with COVID. Right now, with all these different school platforms hybrid, I’m not homeschooling two days a week, it’s hard for these kids to define friends, you know, it’s a very difficult thing. So I made an introduction on via text to these two families so that they can meet each other, they live around the corner, walking distance from each other, I happen to have sold two houses very close to each other. And I thought that that would be a nice match. So I’m a matchmaker for friends for

Karen Yankovich 25:56
right? So they’re human to human, right? That is you. It’s not about the numbers, it’s about diving deep into each person you have, because I know that what happens after you do this is this is how you know these, the client rapport that you establish, and the relationships that you build, it has got to relate to repeat business, it’s got to relate to repeat business. So does that level of deep human to human relationships with your clients does that translate to

Debbie Lang 26:24
is it does, as a matter of fact, this one family that I just mentioned, I got a random text from her brother, about a month and a half after the closing and introducing himself that he will be looking for a house in the Princeton area in the next year. And he would love to work with me that they raved about me. And that just made my day, I walked around on a cloud the whole day. So I live for that I live for making people happy, that’s part of my mantra is to bring joy and happiness, and also to keep the transaction seamless. And to be a problem solver. One of the lessons I learned in my life is that there is a solution for every problem, don’t get focused on the problem, look for the solution. So if you focus only on the solutions, there’s no problem, you know, and I taught my kids the same thing. And that’s been also one of the ways that I operate is that to always focus on the solution. But this is something that definitely translates into referrals, but it’s secondary, it’s about I don’t think about it. See, I don’t think about the goals, financial goals at all. I will sell from condos to estates, it’s not about the price of the home. It’s about the service.

Karen Yankovich 27:34
Oh, my gosh, I love that. So you mentioned the wow factor, were tell us a little bit about the wow factor that you like to build into everything you do.

Debbie Lang 27:41
I just think it’s all about just going above and beyond, you know, exceeding expectations when it comes to being there for your clientele when they need things. So because I’m in the business so long, and I’ve lived in Princeton area since 1982. I know so much, right? So knowledge is power, right? You know, when I go to a party, somebody says Do you know the street around the corner from the supermarket that’s around the corner from the gas station, so just tell me your street. Oh, I know that street, I sold the house to the Smiths and I also, you know, listed the house three doors down. Like I have some kind of connection to all these neighborhoods around here I basically homeless on the street. So knowledge is power. So I know so much that a wealth of information. And if I don’t know something, I am a great researcher and I’m very connected. So besides being a connector where I like to help others, and connect them, so I’ve introduced people to their neighbors, and I’ve introduced them to other past clients or friends. They become lifelong friends and the kids become lifelong friends to the point where they’re, this is now 34 years that I’m selling real estate that they’ve been to each other’s weddings, and they you know, the kids got married. I mean, it’s so interesting to be responsible for this whole lineage of great relationships. Oh, cool. So that’s kind of cool. And then the other thing is, I do a little bit of research so I think in any business that you’re in, when you’re going to meet somebody, it’s kind of nice to know a little bit about them and the internet can be transparent there’s a lot of information and I’ve been blessed to have some of the best clients come my way just fall into my lap and i i really express my gratitude to a higher power for whatever it is that they’re sending me I’m so grateful and and the blessings and having an operating in life with a smile. And I almost bought a mask that had a smile or pasted on it because I

Karen Yankovich 29:41
totally should have it would have been so perfect for you

Debbie Lang 29:43
because I like to smile and I think personal it’s contagious and I work with a lot of international clients to from all over the world. So a smile it will go a long way researching my clients you know on the internet, just knowing something thing about them so that we have something in common, there’s a woman who wrote the scrappy book, and that’s being scrappy, you know, knowing something about your clients before you meet them and find ground with them. And, and really being able to talk about that really helps build rapport, you know, and the confidence they have in you based on your past experience of what you’ve done with other people that will help you. It’s also building that rapport, where you can find that common ground with somebody so they can relate to people do business with people who they like people who they can relate to who they have something in common with, you know, more so than not, I would think

Karen Yankovich 30:43
I love that. And that’s exactly in line with what everything that we teach on LinkedIn is, you know, spend more time before you make the connection request or before you reach out, researching them a little bit. And people often say to me, Well, I need a script to give me a script, I’m like, well, just ask them how they’re doing. You know, like, it’s crazy world right now, you don’t have to have, I mean, once you know, I want you to be have actual conversations. But if you have done this research, if you you know, if you’ve checked them out, maybe through their their name in a search bar, and you see that they were recently featured in an article, you can talk about that. And that’s so cool to talk about, or, you know, if you find that, you know, maybe you both worked at the same company 20 years ago, right, because we have this tool, this, you know, this tool of our phones and the internet on our hands. It doesn’t take that much to do a little bit of research, and it’s much appreciated when you can get on the phone with people and you know, and it helps you quickly establish that rapport. I love that, Debbie. I love that.

Debbie Lang 31:41
Oh, that relationships.

Karen Yankovich 31:42
Yeah, so you’re taking your your business now. So they bought houses, and now you’ve got lots of people that have bought houses over the year and, you know, and get any referrals and now you’re selling houses to people in Florida, that have bought houses from you in New Jersey so that you can continue with them on their journey? What isn’t what is next in your world, Debbie, what’s what is on your horizon?

Debbie Lang 32:03
I think just being the Princeton to Palm Beach connection, is really the goal here is to be able to continue to service my clientele in both markets. And especially I’m I love the warm weather. And I love luxury real estate. I’m certified as luxury collection specialist and marketing luxury marketing specialist. I love that. But I’ll do anything I really, it’s all about the service. I’ll even help clients with rentals. And I’ve had people say to me last week, Oh, I didn’t know to call you for this little rental in Princeton. I didn’t think he did them. You’re only doing I said no, no, no, I’ll do anything. It’s not about the money. It’s about the service. So I’m happy to continue to do that. I’m probably going to develop a Florida lifestyle show that will piggyback the Princeton lifestyle show and continue that and talk about that transitioning. They’re saying that about 1000 people a day are relocating to Florida right now, there’s a boom going on like no other. And I’m not happy. If I’m not servicing and serving others. I really like to stay busy. I don’t know how to sit still and read a book, I would like to do a little bit more that balance my life a little bit with that. But it’s I’m not happy, I probably will write a book instead of read a book, I’ll probably end up writing a book, I actually have a book in mind called it’s never too late. And it’s a book of empowerment for women, on how you can totally change your life. And it’s amazing how your life can just change on a dime. If you have the right attitude, gratitude and you just put the passion and purpose into it.

Karen Yankovich 33:41
So cool. You know what I love that Debbie and I know that there’s great things in store for you and I I’m so grateful that you’re in my life and I would encourage anybody listening to this. Reach out, we’re gonna we’re gonna put all the links to all Debbie’s social media sites and reviews and everything in the show notes for this episode. So reach out to Debbie if you have any real estate needs or just questions about lifestyle real estate because she’s truly real. She really truly is a connector and I think you’ll be glad that that you did. Debbie, how else can people find out like what how would you like people to connect with you?

Debbie Lang 34:10
Well, I have a website I’m at Berkshire Hathaway homeservices Fox and Roach realtors in Princeton, New Jersey. I’m affiliated with Berkshire Hathaway homeservices, Florida, realty in Boca Raton, Florida, in Palm Beach County, and I cover everything from Jupiter down to Boca Raton in Palm Beach County. And they can reach me by email at and I’m open to calls 6092131900 and texts if they want to do that.

Karen Yankovich 34:47
You might be the first person that ever dropped their phone number on the show, Debbie so

Debbie Lang 34:51
well, it gave me It’s okay, I’m accessible. And then the other thing I want to mention about relationships that has made me very successful, it’s to me Relationships I have with other realtors, and that has won houses for my clients in bidding wars has got me at the front door, the day a house hit the market, and we won the house within 24 hours ahead of everyone else that has really made a big difference where other realtors want to work with me over and over and over again because I’m kind of nice, caring, knowledgeable, and I cross my T’s I’s. So the relationship I

Karen Yankovich 35:29
didn’t think to ask you that question because that’s a huge thing. Because so many people say to me, especially on LinkedIn, well, all these other real estate agents or whatever, enter your enter your industry here, all these other real estate agents want to connect with me, why would I want to connect with them? That is why you want to connect with them. You want to build relationships. If you look at people that do something similar to you as your competition, you’re I think you’re setting yourself up for failure. If you’re looking at them as opportunities to collaborate moving further forward. That’s where abundance comes into everyone’s life.

Debbie Lang 36:01
Well, it’s interesting you say that because in 1988, I with a bunch of other top producers created something called the Mercer County top Producers Association, which was an organization formed with competing agents to get together once a month at the Hyatt Regency for lunch, to share ideas and have keynote speakers there that could inspire us and have best practices. And it’s still in existence today. It just celebrated its 30th anniversary, and I’m proud to say I’ve been in it and qualified for it every single year. And it’s grown by leaps and bounds with the president in 1997. I was the vice president the year before that in 96. It’s a fabulous organization. And I do get involved with other organizations like women’s Council of realtors, the Chamber of Commerce of the greater Princeton area, the Junior League of greater Princeton, which is the women’s charity organization I like to give back also to the community, because I feel if you give more than you take, everything falls into place.

Karen Yankovich 36:59
Well, that’s a great way to wrap this up. Debbie, thank you so much for being on the show with us here today. And I grateful to have you in my life and everyone listening, check out Debbie’s website and let’s let’s get let’s keep the connections going.

Debbie Lang 37:13
Absolutely. It’s a pleasure, Karen and you keep going because you inspire so many people. Thank you for everything you do and everything you give out.

Karen Yankovich 37:21
No, it’s crucial admiration society.

Debbie Lang 37:24
Definitely. Thank you.

Karen Yankovich 37:26
I love talking to Debbie, we can chat forever. Such good stuff from Debbie, she has really accomplished so much. And she’s done a lot of work. Listen, she’s earned every single thing, every single accolade she has, but she’s also done the work to get these accolades, right. And a lot of times, it’s about asking for it or showing up for it, or being in the right place for it and or building relationships with the right people. And all of that adds to your credibility, the credibility adds to your ability to build out your million dollar network. And that is, you know, it’s the people that bring in our lives that bring in the biggest money to us, right. So I love the way Debbie has done that in her business. And I hope that you got some great tips from Debbie that you can implement in your work and your career and in your business. You know, I’m always here to support you in this we have a masterclass that if you haven’t taken it yet, you totally need to check it out. We’ve just revamped it not that long ago so it’s all new. You can find it at we teach you how to build a millionaire network a network using LinkedIn to build a network of people that can take your business to multiple six figures seven figures and beyond check it out just get started with this completely complimentary on demand masterclass at So check that out. And then of course, I’m always here to support you. You can follow me or find me on social media. Let me know how I can help you with this and we’re happy to do that. I will see you back here again next week for another episode of the good girls get rich podcast.