This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, guest Krista Martin and Karen discuss why you should have courage and how you can make sales fun.


Krista Martin is the president and founder of Make Your Mark. She teaches coaches how to attract more clients, make more money, and create a bigger impact. She’s also the founder of the Six Figure Impact Academy and takes a stand for helping her clients build six-figure businesses.


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About the Episode:

Does the word sales sound icky to you? Does it make you squirm and think, “I could never enjoy that”? Perhaps the reason a lot of people feel this way about sales is that they’re looking at it from the wrong perspective.

The goal of sales is to answer someone’s problems and fulfill their needs. How do you do this? Start by serving them. Learn who they are, what they need, and cater to those needs. Even if someone chooses to not buy from you immediately, they’re sure to remember how you tried to help them instead of “selling” to them.

It’s no secret, though, that you have to have confidence when making sales. As Krista Marin likes to remind herself, lend a cup of courage. Believe in yourself, invest in yourself, and soon you’ll have the courage you need to make sales fun!

Learn more about how to invest in your confidence in this episode with Krista Martin!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s guest, Krista Martin (1:51)
  • How Krista and Karen met (3:59)
  • Six Figure Impact Academy (5:16)
  • Krista’s journey (7:10)
  • People are wanting change (13:49)
  • Going first (15:52)
  • Go for the money first (17:35)
  • Lend a cup of courage (23:29)
  • People are still investing in themselves (25:27)
  • Where you can find Krista (32:06)

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Read the Transcript

Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 144

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 144 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this podcast is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing to women that gets you on the phone consistently with your perfect people, people who will change your business, your life and your bank account for ever digital marketing with the human touch human to human marketing, right good old fashioned talk to people on the phone and get their credit card for big fat juicy deals marketing. So you know what, if you’ve listened before, or if you’re loving what you hear today, we love it. When our listeners take a screenshot and share on their social media, and let your audience know that you’re loving this podcast, we have an amazing guest today you’re gonna love this show. But if you tag me @KarenYankovich, or tag Krista, her links will all be in the show notes. We’ll be sure to share that with our audiences. So put it in your stories, put it in your Instagram post whatever works for you. Put it in your LinkedIn stories. Are you doing LinkedIn stories? Pretty cool, right? So put it in your LinkedIn stories, and tag me so that I can be sure to share it with my audience. And that’s how we both get more visibility right, we can lift each other up that way. in the show notes, there’s a link. There’s links to everything we talked about on the show today. And you can just go see that at So check that out. today. I am so excited about this show today. It’s a long time in the making. Krista Martin was my business coach for a while we have known each other for years we met each other when we both took Marie Forleo B school seems like a million years ago now. And we have just supported each other from that moment forward. And talking about human human marketing. Chris and I have never been in the same room together yet. And we will be we will be soon we have to be right. I mean, it’s crazy, that I’ve just, you know, I really consider her a good friend and a mentor and she’s helped me in so many ways. So I’m so honored that she agreed to be on the show today and share her genius with you. So check it out. Krista Martin on the good girls get rich podcast. So we have Krista Martin here with us today on the good girls get rich podcast and Krista is the president and founder of Make Your Mark. She’s a sought after speaker and business coach and teaches coaches how to attract more clients make more money and create a bigger impact. She is the founder of the six figure impact Academy and takes a stand for helping her clients build six figure businesses and the reach impact and personal transformation that our clients achieve through this process is what makes this level of success so important. And Krista has spent a lot of years 12 more years in the corporate world. She’s got lots of business experience. She’s got all kinds of awards that she’s won. She’s the former director of marketing for the Georgia international coach Federation was featured speaker at the Midwest Regional coaches conference in 2017, and 2020, as well as the ICF global converge conference in 2018. And Krista, her passions include supporting homeless animal shelters with the goal of helping every pet live in a happy and healthy home. And she is my friend. So I’m so excited to have you here. Krista. It’s way too long in the in the making to have you on the show.

Krista Martin 3:42
Oh, Karen, I’m so excited to be here. And I know you and I go way back and we can geek out on all things, business marketing and and just life in general too. So I’m just thrilled to be here and can’t wait to dig into some really yummy stuff.

Karen Yankovich 3:58
Yeah, so Kristin I met years ago probably like 2012 ish. And we were both working corporate jobs at the time. And our careers our businesses kind of had like kind of went along the same trajectory for a while. We both left our full time jobs in the same area and you know, started our businesses full time. So you know, we’ve just I feel like we’ve been through a lot together. Could you imagine we would be doing this in 2020 Kristen when we first met in 2012

Krista Martin 4:25
Oh, heck no, I would not have I mean it’s such a beautiful place to be now and look back and say wow, you know, if we could have only known or had a clue and and the whole journey with you has been such a wild adventure and and just the fact that we connected right away and we’re so mirroring each other like you said in our journey, that it was so great to be partners in crime through a lot of stuff.

Karen Yankovich 4:49
Yeah, and I think one of the things that you and I have Well first of all, like when I read your bio, it’s like read the beginning of it actually is teaches coaches how to attract more clients make more money and create a bigger impact. Just a lot of what I do, right? I mean, we’ve, you know, I use LinkedIn as the tool that helps get there and you focus it specifically on coaches. So we have different like angles to what we do. But at the end of the day, it is about creating impact for your business that creates impact around the world, right?

Krista Martin 5:16
Yes. Oh, my gosh, absolutely. And that’s, you know, one of the things that I’ve really been working with clients on especially just recently, we actually read dug into this, but it’s what I call your six figure impact that you create that, really your successful business allows you to create. And I always say there’s, there’s three tiers of impact to the first year is, I know, you can’t see me right now. But it’s like this, I’ve got my hands like in a circle, if you think about it, just where it’s the closest level to you, where you’re making the impact on paying your bills, you know, covering your mortgage, you know, doing those things that allow you to be whole and taking care of your loved ones. The second tier of that impacts of going out a little bit further is when you’re impacting people or groups or the community that I like to say that you can reach out and touch because you’re actually seeing them or talking to them. And the third tier, which some people want to go to this level, some don’t. And there’s no right or wrong to that. But what I’ve discovered is that third tier is when your impact reaches and impacts people across world that there’s literally no way that you could ever meet all the people that you’re touching.

Karen Yankovich 6:25
Oh, that’s so cool. That’s so cool. I’ve never heard you describe that like that. I love that. Because you know, here at the end of the day, it all ties together, right? If we want to have a bigger impact, we can have, you know, a lot of followers, but that doesn’t really make an impact. What makes the impact is when we are running, you know, we have money in our bank accounts, right and had to get money in our bank accounts, we need to have clients or we need to have a business or in your case, because you focus on coaches, it’s really about clients. Right? So. So but somehow I feel like in, you know, there’s so many women that I talked to that, that want to make the bigger impact, but are, you know, concerned about the sales piece of it and attracting more clients. And you know, I know I’m preaching to the choir here, Tommy. So tell me a little bit about your journey from when you lie, I know your story. So I don’t want to assume everybody else does. So tell me when you left corporate, why you really chose to help coaches.

Krista Martin 7:20
And, you know, it’s I love that you’re asking this. And for me the reason that, you know, I think so many times when we’re trying to get clear on who we want to work with, or a lot of times what I work with clients on too is figuring out who their ideal client is. And the reason I chose to work with coaches is because I went through the exact challenges that my ideal clients are going through right now. And so so many times, our ideal client is a younger version of ourselves, in some way, shape, or form. And so knowing that I went through coach training program came home, you know, I, the way I tell my story, which is true, but it’s also you know, a little bit funny, but it wasn’t funny at the time was coming home, you know, having my coaching certification in my hand, and I opened the front door, and I yelled, I’m open for business. And I love that. Yeah. And that people will totally come tackle me and I jokingly say, but it’s true, it was just me in the cricket. So I yelled even louder. And they’re still just me in the cricket. So since I went through that exact challenge myself, and learn how to build, you know, multiple six figure coaching business, that’s exactly why I love supporting clients is getting clear on what they need to do, because they’re always my ideal clients are super smart people. They’re great coaches, they just don’t necessarily know the business side of running a coaching business.

Karen Yankovich 8:40
Oh my gosh, and that’s so true about all businesses, right? Not just coaching, you might be a great yoga teacher, you might be a great you know, accountant, but again, you can’t just open your door and say, Okay, everybody come on in, you need to have a plan to get business to get clients.

Krista Martin 8:54
Yes. And that’s where people mistakenly think I’m a great coach, I built it so they will come, which isn’t at all how it works, you know, and, and I was thinking and I thought, well, I have my MBA and marketing I’ve been in sales, you know, all these years, this should be easy, and it was the most different thing learning then you know, how to sell and market and communicate value and attract clients, when you’re essentially selling yourself especially when you’re first starting it’s, you know, you’re exchanging your services of working with someone for the transformation they want. And it was even with all that background, I still struggle to figure it out right at first and so that’s a long answer to your

Karen Yankovich 9:36
no and that’s that’s a it’s an important thing because I think that that’s important because my you know, my journey was I was in sales pretty much my whole life. I’ve always done something along sales, but I was never selling myself. And I didn’t know that there was a difference until I started doing it. And even when I started doing it, I didn’t realize that there was a difference and that there’s a big mindset difference between You know, representing a company, or even if even when I own the company, it still wasn’t my name that I was trying to you know what I mean, that bill didn’t come from Karen Yankovich. International, you know, so when I started my business and just started doing consulting, it was a, it was a lot to make that shift from selling somebody else’s products, even if they were kind of still mine, two things, everything had my name on it, everything was selling me, right. And that’s so different than anything I’ve ever done before.

Krista Martin 10:27
Yes, and it’s so to me, at least my experience, and that really what I work with clients on a whole lot to is that mindset piece of seeing your value, building your confidence, you know, in the value that you can deliver, getting clear on what your clients need, and making sure that you can help your clients get a result. And those pieces aren’t necessarily required when we’re selling somebody else’s thing or another brand. Or, you know, I jokingly say that I sold drugs for a long time, there were pharmaceuticals. But I would say I learned a lot through that experience, because I was selling essentially something that was invisible, you know, as a client feeling better, or a prescription, but it wasn’t like I was saying here, buy this thing. I’m going to give it to you, you know, hand it to you. It was me helping them to think differently and make different choices, which is really what I really look at sales as now when we’re having a conversation with someone, we’re helping them to get past the mindsets that have kept them stuck up until this point. And so, you know, not only working on the mindset piece for the the person on the other end of the sales conversation, but for ourselves, too.

Karen Yankovich 11:33
Yeah, that’s so important. That’s so important. Because at the end of the day, people aren’t buying, you know, what you think they’re buying, right? They’re buying the, the answer to their problem, whatever that problem is, you have to uncover that problem. So that they know, you know, like, people don’t like the I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, Krista, people don’t buy socks, they buy warm feet, right? So, so finding the warm feet in your business, and then you know, kind of really, and at this at this point in my business, and I’m sure you’ve seen the same thing, there’s people that I’ve talked to a couple different times over the years, and that have not invested in my services. And then I talk to them a year later, and they’re in the same place. And I feel like that I’m not doing my job properly. Right. Because if I, if they’re in the same place, and I haven’t been able to help them, right, and they’re still obviously having that same, they still have cold feet, right? Because they still don’t have the socks, yet. It’s a year later. So it’s an interesting, it’s just an interesting talent that are a skill that that I needed to learn how to develop in order to grow my business and, and to have the impact on the world that I wanted to have.

Krista Martin 12:43
Oh, absolutely. And it’s, it’s also looking at it, too, from the lens, you know, I always talk about with clients, you know, sales and service sales as service because so many times people have that energy of no sales is spammy, or achy or whatever. And if we have that mindset, of course, our clients, you know, that’s going to come out in our sales conversation, that energetic feeling of us not wanting to have a sales conversation, because we feel like it’s spammy or icky. Doesn’t, you know, that keeps people stuck in in the same place. But when we can shift to see the value and the impact and the transformation. And like what you said right there, too, is really taking a stand for helping your person that you’re talking to not be in the same place in the year. It’s all about them, and them getting what they need. And it really becomes a conversation about service and transformation. And not, hey, I want you to buy this random thing today. It’s saying you want a different result. Let me help you see what’s possible when you invest in yourself through, you know, working with me, you know, to leverage your LinkedIn presence or really just helping them to take a stand for themselves too. And so they’re tired of seeing in the same place.

Karen Yankovich 13:48
Yeah. And you know, as we record this, it’s October 2020. And there’s a lot of people rethinking the place that they’ve been in for a long time. Right, they may or may not be, you know, that things have shifted for almost everyone right in their business and in their careers. So there’s a lot of people looking at making changes. And I think that, you know, they really have finding the confidence to determine what that changes and invest in themselves. To help them get to the other side of it is never been more important, I feel like than it is today.

Krista Martin 14:22
Oh, yes, this year, especially I see it as a year of like the most people learning about how strong they really are, how resilient they really are, and what they can really create. I think this year is going to make such strong business owners or help people step into that level of really being a CEO and looking at what the client needs, helping them achieve those goals and really looking and enjoying sales, which I know makes a lot of people break out and set and hives when I say enjoying sales that feels like an oxymoron but, but really looking at you know, what are the gifts here? How do we shift it and How do we create a bigger, bigger impact? And how am I willing to go first, that’s really a big thing too, that we don’t wait until we get the clients or, you know, the speaking offer or that kind of thing. We we have to go first. That’s what I’ve learned about building your business and really showing up with conviction and confidence for yourself to is that you have to go first. And when you go first, it’s almost that the universe says, okay, Chris is really serious. Now. She’s all in on building a business and creating this different impact. I’m going to, we can now open the doors and send clients versus the, I’m gonna wait, you know, that energy of waiting is a chaotic energy that that tells the universe maybe sort of kind of I sort of want a client, maybe I’m ready for it. Maybe sales is spammy, but when we’re willing to, to go first, everything shifts.

Karen Yankovich 15:51
So give us an example of going first.

Krista Martin 15:53
Okay, so there’s one client that comes to mind. And she, I love working with her. And she is someone who felt like building her business. She was very, I mean, she would tell you, and she would use these words that she felt very scared to invest in herself, she felt like she had spent all this money on her coach training. And she was scared in the sense of she’d already spent, you know, $10,000 on this coach training program, and yet was just more of the waving energy of, you know, I’m just kind of building my practice. I’m doing a little bit here and there. And she actually decided to join us in the six figure impact Academy before she had the business income to support that, you know, so that was her saying, Yes, I’m all in, I’m gonna do all the things, I’m willing to take the steps. And really what the energetic shift for her was, was, she was willing to bet on herself for the first time. And that right there not saying that any program out there is the perfect one. But when you bet on yourself, everything shifts, because you start looking for reasons you’ll succeed versus reasons you’re, you’re gonna fail or reasons your business won’t grow. So so she said, Yes, for example, to stepping into the Academy, scared to death. And she said her commitment was to recoup the investment as quickly as possible, you know, do all the things trust the process. And she, in that year, of growing for business, cross into six figures in one year, which is not something that everybody does, but I will tell you her willingness to take imperfect action, and be all in shifted exponentially when she invested in herself first.

Karen Yankovich 17:33
Oh, my gosh, I love that. So this is not something that that we talked about talking about. But that leads me to something that I know that you will just full disclosure, I’ve actually hired Krista at a time Krista has been my coach at times, because I know, sometimes I need to kick in the mindset, right. So one of the things that I know, so one of the things I know you teach the people in your program, which is also what I teach people, but sometimes I need to even we all need to be reminded of this ourselves is go for, like go for the one on one clients go for the money first. Because a lot of people when they start out as a coach, or even in a lot of businesses, they’re like, Alright, I’m gonna do this program. And it’s gonna be $97 a month, and we’re gonna do all this stuff in it. And it is for sure the hard way to hit six figures. So do you still talk about that? Do you still coach around that?

Krista Martin 18:23
Absolutely. And I’m sure you have similar reasoning, you know, that, that you look for that and create that with your clients too. But what I see as really being the number one goal, especially being pre six figures, is to bring in income and clients and create confidence as quick as possible. And when you’re selling something for $97, you have to sell a whole bunch of $97 things to likely reach your income goals. And so looking at how can we create really big results? And by the way, really big results usually happen working one on one with someone versus an info product or a yes, you know, something like that?

Karen Yankovich 19:00
Yeah, I agree. I agree. And and I think that comes down to confidence too, right? Because if you’re a new coach, or you’re new to your business, you probably think well, I you know, often I see people that are thinking that how am I going to charge that I don’t even have a lot of experience yet. But it isn’t about the experience. It’s about the results that people can get. And that’s weirdly how you can start to base that. And to me, then you if you really want to do that $97 something then you have the money to hire a team to help you with it. Right because you’ve you’ve established a nice base of income with the one on one services that you offer.

Krista Martin 19:35
Absolutely. And and I would say especially at first Our goal is to help you hit whatever you know income number that you need to make yourself feel like you’re at least achieving that first level of impact. And I remember going through the exercise for myself because I thought I was in the same camp too. I built a $297 information product. I was like this is gonna sell out you know be on the beach drinking Mai Tai And just million dollars.

Karen Yankovich 20:02
Pay Pal is just gonna keep beeping all day long while I’m drinking my does.

Krista Martin 20:06
Yes, exactly. And, and then when I did some, you know, just basic math of reverse engineering and I thought for me to leave my corporate job I needed to be bringing in $10,000 around, you know, or on average a month. And I thought okay to sell $297 program, how many do I need to sell to reach that income number and it was I don’t can’t do the math right here in my head, but it was a whole ton of selling those. And so I think what’s the easier way to do it? Well, the easier way is to have a higher investment bigger impact program. And then we I saw maybe I needed I think at that time, you know, I had a three month coaching program that was 20 $500, or something like that. And so all of a sudden, I could see, okay, I need four of those. Sadly, you know, or Yeah, I’m my math is I’m no, that’s not…

Karen Yankovich 20:53
Your math is right. Hire Krista as a coach, not as an accountant.

Krista Martin 21:00
Yes, exactly. That’s what I don’t have my phone pulled up. Like, let me double check myself, that’s something I’ve learned. But looking at it just as a business owner versus the, you know, saying, Okay, how is what’s the most easy way to hit my numbers and my goal, or what I want to reach, and you have to sell a whole bunch of $97 things? And then to think about to do you have an audience Do you have, you know, the ability to get in front of enough people knowing that likely 3% of your audience is ready to buy at any time. And when you do that math, that’s what motivated me. And that’s also what allowed me, you know, Karen, to grow my business from $40,000, to over 220, that next year, and then grow quickly from there. And it was because I said, Okay, I’m all in on doing the program serving individuals. And then we can look at groups or whatever that looks like,

Karen Yankovich 21:55
right. But Krista, I’m gonna help you recognize that that took some courage on your part, to say, all right, what is it 20 $500 program look like? Right, so. So that takes some courage. And I think, I think that that’s what I love about what you do is that you so you have this, you know, this group, or the support system built in for the people that you work with, that helps them have the courage to go, alright, let me let me try that because it isn’t always, you know, easy like the my she’s linked up accelerator program that we run. Now, it was originally just a digital, just a digital form. It was never just a digital program. But it was a digital program. And we had q&a calls built in and things like that. But I recognized at one point that for people to have the successes that I wanted them to have, I need to build in that we’re going to write their profile, and that increase the investment a lot. And it took it was it was a big step. right to do that. I was like, but they’re not, you know, when you buy a digital course, I have a, I have a hard drive full of a million dollars worth of digital courses that I’ve bought that I haven’t really finished. Right? So I had to look at it and say, What do I need to do to the program to shift that so that people are finishing it? And that increased significantly increase the investment, which took courage, right? So that’s kind of why you know, I lean on people like you and the people in my life. And I hope that people are leaning on me and you as they move into that new new paradigm in their business.

Krista Martin 23:19
Yes. And it’s you know, and I look at it as my job and your job. And you know, as we’re serving our clients and supporting them is really to I’ve a little sticky note on my computer that says, you know, lend a cup of courage. And that’s just a reminder that that is my job. Like, that’s what I tell myself part of my job is to help lend a cup of courage to my clients, so they can see what’s possible that I can maybe already see for them, and they’re stuck in the, you know, figuring things out, but to help them say, Okay, this can be possible. This can happen, and what would it look like if it did?

Karen Yankovich 23:57
Very cool.

Krista Martin 23:58
And Karen, what I heard you say to that’s so important that most people don’t do is that you said one of my clients need to get massive results, versus what’s being offered out there. And that you said, okay, they need to have this LinkedIn profile, you know, that’s huge, to help them get the results. And you were willing to do that. And it’s really like looking at what’s offered out there. And then not saying I have to offer exactly what Karen offers or FL for exactly what Christina offers, but ask yourself the question, What am I clients really need that would allow them to get huge results. And then all of a sudden, you have ideas, you have ways of showing up of serving this may be very different than what’s being currently offered. And that’s awesome, because then you become a category of one, you’re doing something nobody else is doing. You’re really thinking about what gives the clients the biggest, fastest, most amazing results. And you’re not stuck in the cookie cutter of this is how I do it. This is how it’s always been done. But you say these are the things that people need to succeed and I’m going to give it to them

Karen Yankovich 25:00
My gosh, yeah, it’s so true. It’s so true and making it about them and less about you. Right. And even though we’ve gone to all these certifications, and and all these trainings and all of that, that helps us help them. Nobody cares about that stuff, right? They care about can you get them to the result they want to get to? Yeah. And you solve that, that, you know, pain point that you uncovered earlier, those cold feet? How you know, and I mean, do you have something that can help them? You know, never have cold feet again?

Krista Martin 25:27

Karen Yankovich 25:27
So what do you advise people Krista to do when it’s, you know, it’s it’s, we’re well into, or beginning into q4 2020. You know, which forget the fact that it’s q4 2020. Alone, you know, is on people’s like, it’s just the crazy thing, like memes all over the place about how crazy 2020 has been, what do you do? Are people still buying this kind of stuff? Are they still investing in themselves? At this time of year?

Krista Martin 25:52
Absolutely. And I know, there’s gonna be people that say, wait a second, No, they aren’t? No, they aren’t. And we always find what we’re willing to look for. And so you know, if you’re thinking nobody’s buying right now, you know, I’ve heard from a million clients, you know, at the end of the year, they’re like, nobody wants to buy because they’re spending money on other things. And that’s actually the opposite. People love to buy when they’re buying something that helps them achieve a goal, you know, feel good, you know, thinking about Christmas, at the end of the year, people are buying presents, of course, they’re buying, they’re spending more money probably in that month, and they do the entire year. But it’s being willing to look to find that proof first to shift your mindset and say, okay, who is buying, let me see an example, for example of a business owner that’s thriving in 2020. Go out. And if you look for that, you will find it, which gives you the proof and the confidence that if it can exist for them, it absolutely can exist for you. And then the thing that, you know, I’ve some of my clients have had their best income years this year in 2020. And the reason was that we I know the word pivot has been used way over us this year. But we were willing to they were willing to go back to the drawing board and pivot in a way of re asking their clients what it is that they need, and not assuming that they know all the things, you know, or, you know, one of my clients I’m thinking of in particular, works with she coaches in the corporate space. So she was selling leadership development programs. And she was willing to go back and say, guess what, what do you need right now, what’s different for you than the last time we spoke? Because if that company, that Corporation had just laid off half of their staff, they are not looking for leadership development right then, but they’re looking for something else. And so she was able to pivot and actually leverage her HR background, to be able to serve them in a different way, but still serve them based on what they needed in this moment. And then when things shift back to normal, she can absolutely you know, she’ll be the first one they think of, but you have to be willing to go back and ask and be curious and help your client solve problems.

Karen Yankovich 27:58
Yes, yes. Yes. I love that. Krista. I love that. And so regardless of what time of the year, it is, what year of the in the world, it is, right? You know what, what you said earlier, which I want to pull out on is, you know, they’re just looking for one person right now, like, even when you’re saying you want for people for your 20 $500 to get to your 10,000. Right? You’re not really looking for for you’re looking for your next one, right? And you can find one person that’s in a position, even at q4 2020, that you can you know that you can make that impact on their life in their business.

Krista Martin 28:33
Absolutely. And there’s people that are looking for solutions always. And you know, what, what I see is so important is just being willing to really listen, versus where I think that the bad energy around sales comes from, is when it’s just Karen, I’m going to sell you this six month coaching program, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, it’s like I’m gonna sell it to you, versus Karen, let me hear what’s important to you, and see if I can help you know, you achieve what you want. And really look at helping Karen solve a problem versus Karen, I want you to buy this program, because it’s about me really making it about Karen, because and what she needs and then seeing if, if I can help her create those results, and everything shifts, when it’s focused on the other person versus focused on, you know, a selling that program, it’s no, we’re selling a solution or helping our person achieve what they must want. So really listening and being in tune with that.

Karen Yankovich 29:26
Yeah, I love that. You know, Krista, one of the things that I’ve started doing recently before I have calls with people that are new people that you know, are considering enrolling in our program, is I literally block out a half hour before the call like so I’m giving them an hour of my time on the call and I block out a half hour before the call to just look at their stuff watch look at their LinkedIn profile, look at their website, see what I can find them on Facebook or Twitter and see what they’re interested in and really tune into them before I even get on the phone with them. And because I really do want to know if it’s a good fit or not, and if it’s not, you know, that’s okay too. But It has shifted so many things for my business, when when I started doing that, and people on my team started to do that, to really kind of step into the energy of the person we’re going to be talking to, because if they’ve reached out to have this call, right, they have a, they have a need. And, you know, I, I’m willing to invest a lot of time, whether or not it’s a fit, I want, I want that call to be really valuable to them, whether or not they choose to move forward with us in the program. And that has shifted so many things for my business, because it isn’t about just sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, it’s truly about serving regardless,

Krista Martin 30:36
oh my gosh, that’s huge. And just giving yourself, you know, what I also heard in that to pull out is that that’s how a, you know, multimillion dollar, you know, whatever your aspirations are for your business. But that’s how a CEO shows up, versus the energy of someone who is plugging holes. And you know, kind of in that energy of, Okay, I’m just wondering, I’m so busy and not being intentional. When you show up that way for your client, I guarantee even if you don’t necessarily say that or bring it up, they feel that you’ve already invested in them energetically, and that you’ve also invested in your business by giving yourself the time and space to really show up as your best for that call to. So that’s hugely valuable and then just being detached to the outcome, meaning if this person says yes or no, that’s okay. This is about me, helping them to serve them, help them to see what’s possible. And then I like to look at it as that sales compensation is also helping them to make a clear decision. So if they say, No, I don’t want to do the thing. That’s great. But then in a year when they’re at the same place, they can remember and go back to say, hey, guess what, I made that intentional choice not to do the thing to work with Karen to work with Krista. So I chose to be okay with being here. So it’s also bringing their awareness to their own thought patterns and, and helping them to confidently decide I’m totally fine where I am. Or Okay, I’m not totally fine. where I am, I am willing to bet on me, I am willing to go first.

Karen Yankovich 32:03
So cool, Krista. So cool. So tell me how people can get to know more about you and what how to get more into your world? How do they step into your world?

Krista Martin 32:12
Well, thank you for asking this. The easiest way to find out more and to continue the conversation and see the cool things that we’re up to, is to check us out on our website. Of course, you know, I’m on LinkedIn. Of course, Karen has helped me really step into seeing the beauty and the power of LinkedIn. So connecting there or on Facebook, we also host a workshop that is going to teach you or does teach you everything you need to create rapid results in your coaching business. And you can find out more about that and see if it makes sense to join us at and everything you need to know will be there and I would love to continue the conversation.

Karen Yankovich 32:51
Everybody needs more Krista in their life, I promise you so totally check out Krista. We’ll have links to all of this in the show notes as well. But definitely check out the free workshop because I’m gonna check it out. Because I don’t think I’ve seen this new one on I learned something every single time. I talked to Krista and trust me you. You want more of that. So, Krista, I’m so glad we finally did this. Thank you so much for sharing your genius with our listeners here today.

Krista Martin 33:16
Yes, thank you for having me, Karen. And we totally need to set up a time to geek out and just catch up on all things, grandbabies. And all the good stuff.

Karen Yankovich 33:24
Yes, we totally do. We totally do. All right. Thanks for being here, Krista.

Krista Martin 33:28
Thank you.

Karen Yankovich 33:29
Come on. Was I right? is Krista not amazing? She is so smart. I’m not kidding you what we have in common and we talked a lot about a lot of these things. But is we really like to go to dive deep and go for the bigger opportunities rather than you know, creating a $29 something and selling a million of them. There’s no judgement to you if that’s what you’re doing. It’s just not what I do. And it’s not what Krista does. And I think that that’s why we we connect so well because we just have similar ways of thinking this. So obviously, click all the links in the show notes. do all the things Krista has offered because you’re totally going to want to hear more from Krista. But also, you know, remember that we have just completely revamped our masterclass. So we have a free masterclass that we’ve been offering now for a little bit it’s all brand new in November 2020 so check it out. You can check that out at And we have links to all of this in the in the show notes. But this is how we you start to learn a little bit about the things that we’ve talked about on this episode today. You know how I add the reasons why I think it’s important to be using LinkedIn marketing and to and to really take a quick jump forward with your life in your business. So check that out. That is my treat to you. You know we do this podcast every week we have this free masterclass. I’ve got a Facebook group that you’re welcome to join us in. We’ll link to all of that in the show notes where we do monthly LinkedIn profile, happy hours. We’re on there live doing profile review So do you want to join the Facebook group if you want to jump in on that? So there’s so many ways that we heard uplevel Media serve you. And if there’s if there’s more that you can think of, I would love to hear that. So again, help us help you share this episode, take a quick screenshot and share it on your social media. If you tagged me and I get to see it, I will be sure to share it with my audience. And that helps us both get more visibility. So I’ll see you back here next week for another episode of the good girls get rich podcast.