This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, guest Chelsea Martin and Karen discuss how you can connect with your clients through direct mail and cookies.

Chelsea Martin is the co-owner and head of marketing at Noms Bake Shop, the industry expert in the art of convenient corporate gifting that leaves a lasting impression. Chelsea and the Noms team specialize in making sure you and your company make a lasting impression on past, current, and future clients with premium customizable packaging and delicious cookies that will actually be enjoyed.


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About the Episode:

In our modern world, everything is online, and we’ve lost the art of human-to-human marketing. How many times have you received a marketing email from a company and deleted it without even opening it? Probably more times than you can count.

Chelsea Martin understands the art and wow-factor of connecting with others through direct mail. Her company is in the business of customized gift baskets (which often contain cookies). When a company hires Noms Bake Shop to deliver a basket to a client or potential client, those on the receiving end are nothing short of impressed.

Email marketing has its place, but you need to stand out. You need to connect with clients. If you’re not connecting, your marketing will be fruitless. Try reaching your clients with the help of Noms Bake Shop. You won’t regret it!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s guest, Chelsea Martin (2:00)
  • Noms Bake Shop’s story (3:56)
  • How COVID-19 has shifted conferences (14:30)
  • How Chelsea gets customers (20:43)
  • The value of direct mail (23:36)
  • How Chelsea’s business has shifted (27:14)
  • Where you can find Chelsea (32:21)

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 151

Intro 0:07
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:24
Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 151 of the good girls get rich podcast. This podcast is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach simple relationship heart based LinkedIn marketing that gets you on the phone consistently with your perfect people, people who will change your business, your life, your bank account forever other people in this program are changing the world. It’s amazing. And you’ve heard it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, right? So we teach you the who you know how to build out the who you know, and getting some really great people in your life and it’s human to human marketing, right good old fashioned marketing. So if you love what you hear today, or if you’ve listened before, you know, I’d love to hear from you. So take a quick screenshot, let your audience know that you’re listening to this show today. Share it in your story, share it on your social media, and tag me so I can see it and then I can share that with my social media and get us both some visibility this week. Right. That’s how we work together. That’s how we lift each other up in the show notes there’s a link for speakpipe where you can leave us an audio message that can be a review it can be just something that you maybe you have a topic you’d like me to speak about on the show or somebody you think I should interview speakpipe is the place to do that the link is at you’ll see the blog for this page you’ll see the link to speak pipe and you know that’s how we can chat with you. So this week on the show, we have Chelsea Martin and you are going to love Chelsea I can tell you, I love Chelsea and I can’t wait for you to hear all about Chelsea and what she’s doing in the world. All the sweet, sweet, sweet things she’s doing. Here’s Chelsea. So we have Chelsea Martin on the show with us today and she is the CO owner and head of marketing at Noms Bake Shop, the industry expert in the art of convenient corporate gifting that leaves a lasting impression in the noisy world of gift giving noms Big Shot makes you the hero providing a solution to gifting by cutting through the clutter and delivering a premium twist on traditional baked goods in a highly personalized way that’s really easy to order. Chelsea in the noms team specialize in making sure you and your company make a lasting impression on past current and future clients with premium customizable packaging and delicious cookies that will actually be enjoyed. Chelsea was in Scottsdale Arizona with her husband Trevor and their two dogs. And prior to founding naams. She attended Arizona State University and the University of Southern California. She’s got extensive experience in marketing and real estate and is passionate about helping companies impress, retain and grow their customers and client base tells me it’s so cool to have you here. Thanks so much for joining us today.

Chelsea Martin 2:59
Thank you so much for having me. Karen. I’m so excited to be on here.

Karen Yankovich 3:03
Yeah, you know, I have so many so many questions for you. Because I think that now more than ever, like we’re recording this, it’s the end of 2020. Right. And it’s been one heck of a year. And you know, we’re we’re trying to find ways, we’re always looking for really creative ways to stay connected with our, with our people, right? And you know, my business is teaching human to human marketing, right? networking, how do you how do you find and really build relationships with really cool people that can change your business and your life and your bank account? Right? So. So from that standpoint, we’ve we’ve got to get creative, right? We’re not reading them for coffee. We are not, at least at this moment in time going to live events. So I love that you are focusing on a way to help people stay connected. So tell us tell us a little bit about the background of noms bakeshop

Chelsea Martin 3:56
Absolutely. So and I love some of the things that you said. So I definitely want to circle back on this whole human connection because a lot, you know, as you mentioned has changed even in the last several months in regards to how we approach human connection. And so when we developed this company back in 2015 the current circumstances were not you know, even a foresight, you know, so it was definitely a little bit different but in a brief way, my husband and I co own a company called noms bake shop and that is with his two sisters and his father and it kind of came to be through a combination of events but really, we started dating in about 2014 and, and I got to know his family a little bit better and his father is a retired computer programmer. He has two sisters and I got to know them and and really as he got to know my family, we went on vacation or something like that where he was, you know, coming to stay with our family and his parents sent us in A gift basket made with cookies and dessert bars and things, all things that his father had made. And it was just a side hobby. It wasn’t anything that he was doing professionally or, you know, seriously in the way of making money. And my husband and his sisters had grown up with these cookies their whole life, they definitely had a different baseline for product quality, because they grew up with his father making these amazing cookies. And that was just the norm for them. But they didn’t know you know, people loved them. They had heard that at sporting events, and throughout the neighborhood, you know, when they’re doing little gift baskets for the neighbors for holiday treats and things like that. However, it was just so commonplace for them. So when he brought them to my parents and my family, and we got that reaction, I think that was pretty normal. And my parents, of course, did the traditional, you have to sell these, you know, and, and the more we think about that, I think you hear that a lot. You hear that when somebody’s really good at anything, you know, so if they’re good at making clothing or jewelry, or you know, any kind of skill that somebody doesn’t have people say you should sell this right. So they have definitely heard that before. And it but it wasn’t like a You’re right, I should this is my calling, you know, in anything like that. I think at that same time, my husband was looking for kind of a change of pace. He wasn’t really super excited about what what he was doing in his career. And I think he saw this kind of as an interesting opportunity to build something small. It wasn’t meant to be a world domination type of thing. But just build something small with this dad in the way of why don’t you bake these cookies. And we can sell them just locally at farmer’s markets or call centers. It’s very, you know, very low stress type of thing. But it’s also fun, you’re retired, you can kind of go and socialize his father’s super social. And so it’s a nice way to like, meet people and connect with people. That’s something he’s really good at. And so they just started very, very small. And his sister, Andy, she came on and really took the reins on spearheading baking more and more, and learning all of the recipes from their father. And they started to actually develop this into something my husband Trevor’s really great at, he loves scaling businesses, he loves building things. And, and from there, they kind of started to outgrow the home kitchen. So they made another home kitchen. And this was still just farmer, farmers markets, things like that, and eventually got to a place where Trevor and I said, You know, I think that we need to step in, I think we need to have you step in help with marketing and make this a bigger thing. This is how can we, you know, how can we build this beyond a farmers market. And at that same time, it was around the holiday season. And, you know, you’re seeing a lot of corporate gifts with my parents working and owning their own business in the valley and Phoenix, we’re located in Phoenix, Arizona,

they were getting a lot of holiday gifts. And whenever you’d go over to their house, there were tons of gift baskets just kind of stacked up. And they’re awesome. I mean, it’s always great to get a gift basket, it’s nice to have wine, and you know, but there is so much crackers and freeze dried salmon that you can have before you’re kind of like tapped out. So even though it was a really nice gesture at some point, because they had a really large network of people, they were getting the same gifts. It was you know, receiving the same gifts, which were all appreciated. But the fact is, when you’re a business owner, and you have Rolodex of people to send gifts to or maybe you know, maybe it’s 50, maybe it’s 100, maybe it’s 400 you, when you have that many people, it’s very hard to tailor every single gift to every single recipient. And you’re busy on top of it without the holidays happening, you’re very busy. So to be able to take that time and do that is really challenging. And I think that’s where we saw an opportunity for a space for us in the corporate gifting world. And so we started to develop gift boxes that allowed for a more personalized component so that our customers could send gifts of cookie assortments because, you know, yes, freeze dried salmon might be good but sore cookies. So we definitely want to switch it off with a little bit of the product offering and then you know to be able to send a cookie assortment to 100 people that are your your partners or your high value clients and show them that you care but it actually comes in a gift box that maybe is personalized with their name, or maybe it has your logo and happy holidays on it. Just something that shows you did go a little bit of an extra mile in really creating a gift for the person rather than just picking one out of a catalog. And on the flip side of that our goal was seeing how challenging it is for business owners or professionals. Have a large client base or large, larger array of gifts that they need to send for partners and colleagues. How do we make that as simple as possible for them to. And so for us, and that goes beyond the holidays, you know, that goes for prospecting clients throughout the year when you’re trying to get new clientele or you’re trying, you work in a referral based kind of business. And so having a strong relationship with your clients is really important. But gifting and keeping track of that can be tedious, it was important to us that we created an easy convenient way to still send 50 or 100, or 400 gifts, but still have that personalized component. And that’s kind of where noms came to be, we do everything in house. So we from the baking of our cookies, all of our cookies are individually packaged with the allergens, the nutrition, facts, everything, so that if you ship them to an office, people can grab and go and all the you know, informations listed on there, it’s easy for sharing. And I know, you know, as of late, that’s actually been kind of an important factor for people that are sending things beyond just to families. But then even the gift boxes themselves can be personalized with your branding, your messaging, logos, we we customize everything in house. And so because we don’t outsource, it also means a really quick turnaround time. So it really creates kind of a best of both worlds, because it’s easy for you to send. And the recipient really feels like they that you went the extra mile, even if we really did the extra mile park on your behalf, just to make it so that my gosh, landed. And I think you know, to your point just to circle back, like, it’s always been at the very root, we’re a family owned business. And and I work I get to work with my husband and my family in law, but really, you know, my family, and it’s always been about relationships from the get go, the whole reason all of these cookies came to be was about bringing them to sporting events and bringing them to neighbors and creating that lasting connection. And then as we grew this, it became How do I help others make that connection with their clients and their colleagues and friends and family across the nation. And then furthermore, we you know, never anticipated the events that are going on or have been going on in the world. But it’s definitely changed the dynamic of how people are connecting right now. So like you’d mentioned, you know, people aren’t necessarily meeting at coffee shops, or they have been, you know, as the world opens up, but it all looks a little different. So how can we pivot? Like, how can we get creative with connecting with people? You know, can I send a gift of, you know, cookies to somebody and say, hey, let’s meet for cookies over zoom? Or, you know, how can I use gifting to still strengthen connections that I can’t make in person, given the circumstances. So we’ve definitely tried to help our clients with that, too.

Karen Yankovich 12:50
Oh, my gosh, I love that. And I love that background, that you just kind of found a need and went for it. But that you understand the value of like the personal connection, not just with the connection that you have with your clients, but what your clients have with their clients.

Chelsea Martin 13:05
Right, exactly. Because it’s people we work in such an interesting industry, because people are gifting for different reasons and different, you know, they all have different needs. But at the end of the day, you want the person on the receiving end to get a gift that makes them feel happy and, and cared about and often the gifts out there, you they might look really nice on the website or something like that, but you don’t know how they arrive. And, and sometimes that’s not exactly in the picture, perfect condition because of heat or, you know, shot founders that have eaten. And so sometimes depending on the gift, it actually it doesn’t. I don’t think anyone would receive a gift from somebody and say, Wow, they like, you know, I think less of them because of this gift unless it was, you know, intentionally insulting for some reason. But I think I think nobody would do that. But it’s always nice to know, you know, that you can, who you’re gifting with can be trusted to actually give you quality because at the end of the day, it’s your name, still, you’re still attaching your name is MIT I write, but I’m getting them from someone else, which means that it’s that connection that is so important. And it’s and that’s why like product quality for us personalization, all of that is very, very crucial to our products, because it’s really about making our client look good to their client.

Karen Yankovich 14:30
Oh my gosh, I love that. So I want to delve in a little bit to how you get your clients. But before we do that, I think that, you know, I can tell you just from my own personal experience with this in the beginning of COVID like in March or April 2020 you know, businesses I literally came out of a conference to getting locked down in my house right so I’d spent early March at a gigantic conference center and and we didn’t really kind of know where we were going with all of this but in the last few months as people have been Kind of realizing that in some ways, some of this virtual conferences and virtual programs and workshops and things like that may not here to stay because of COVID. But they’ve kind of they worked pretty well, right? That doesn’t replace in person ever, right? But, but maybe it can supplement it. So in the past couple months, I’ve participated in a couple of conferences, one through a coaching program that I belong to another through some other I mean, I feel like there were gift boxes arriving at my door regularly for a while. Which is, which is cool, because what they were doing, which was really interesting, the one event that I went to, they basically, I guess they kind of looked at, okay, if we’re gonna do this three day event, if we were in, we would be feeding them if they were in person, right. So they’re just kept food just kept arriving at my door. Right, like bagels. And, you know, like, all these all that cookies, right? A couple of other things, which was so fun, right? So it was so fun. And it makes me remember the conference, you know, because of their attention to detail. But to what you were saying about the delivery in one of the boxes I got, somebody sent this amazing box of Godiva chocolates. And I mean, who doesn’t love Godiva chocolates? Right? But they were all melted. Oh, yeah. I know. I know. So it was so sad. And it’s not like I don’t judge at all, but it was just sad. Like to open this box and sit and think, Oh, no, right? Like, these chocolates are just all melted, right? So and then another thing was, you know, cheese and crackers. And then the cheese came with a with an ice pack. But at the same time, it was like don’t open this until the conference and I opened it, like all the cheese went the garbage. Right? So. So I love that you’re helping your your clients, make sure that those kinds of things don’t happen with their client.

Chelsea Martin 16:51
Right. And I think and yeah, you know, you are at the mercy of the industry you’re in. So you have to do the best with what you have. For example, the ice pack thing is common with I’m not sure about Godiva having them in there as if it showed up melted but I know with certain companies that do heavy chocolate whether that’s like a brownie or something like that they will ship with ice packs and I was living in Phoenix Arizona, trust me it was a fear. For a while there was just a you know, the first couple years it was very tense during the summer while we were holding our breath thinking like oh my gosh are cookies gonna make it but we did so many tests. We shipped all over the nation we shipped with thermometers in the boxes we shipped to friends and family, from Phoenix to New York to Florida, you know, just to test it. And we’ve we’ve done this every year just to try to you know, get a handle on it and, and really make sure that if there were any issues, we could tackle them, we’ve been fortunate enough that we’re I guess we’re not heavy on chocolate enough we have we do have chocolate cookies, and we have peanut butter cookies and things. But thus far, something about the way that we’re shipping on maybe in the double boxes or something is retaining the quality, which is good, because definitely those are things that not everyone thinks about. I’m sure when you receive those, they were thinking this is amazing. We’re gonna send Godiva chocolate, just like you said, Who doesn’t love that, but they’re not on the receiving end unless somebody says something to them. And

Karen Yankovich 18:21
it was in a box with a bunch of other stuff. So it’s, and I you know, and I’m so grateful that they sent it. So there’s no part of me that’s like judging it. But you know, wasn’t good divers fault because they didn’t even know they were bought all these boxes of good diabet to include them in a gift box. Right. So yeah,

Chelsea Martin 18:38
and it is interesting, I do love. I do love that people are getting creative, though, to your point about conferences, because we have in the past partnered and been part of other conferences where on site they will use we have these like wooden gift boxes. And they’re slide top kind of cigar style wooden boxes, and we attach your logo or any special messaging you want on the front. And it’s a really nice gift box. But it also acts as a keepsake after and so a lot of companies like to use that across the board for gifting it during any time of the year. But also for events, they would do them as room drops. And so they’re waiting in your hotel room for you. It’s super nice and obviously, being on site. It’s changed But to your point, I think because the funds are getting reallocated. Some companies are finding unique opportunities to still keep their their clients or attendees engaged. Because let’s be honest, unless you’re doing something unique. We’ve all been on a six hour long webinar and it’s you’re not keeping our attention that long. It is exactly exactly we’ve heard some really great things similar to that. You know, I’ve heard people do wine tastings where they’ll ship on wine and then they have like a Somali a Come on in the middle of it, which is kind of funny, you know, like, let’s get some cocktails and they are going by, you know, obviously, I think it depends on the industry. And it also depends on your attendees. And if you want to do that, but there’s also alternatives like doing the cookies, it’s kind of a fun way to just, you know, bring everyone together and kind of reengage them. And it’s something that’s still you can ship to their home, and they can still be part of rather than just ditch all of it, because now everything’s online.

Karen Yankovich 20:25
Right? And it was fun. It was a lot of fun to just get boxes after boxes, and I’m like, What the heck is right? Oh, what’s the year now? You know, so. So it was a lot of fun. And it was, you know, and it would have been in their budget anyway, had they done it live? Right. So I thought that was just such a great idea. And your cookies are a great way, a great way to do that. So. So how do you get your customers like how do you you know, how do you market this? How do you get people to know more about you and your products and services?

Chelsea Martin 20:53
Yeah, so it’s interesting that you asked that, because this is definitely I mean, it’s my first rodeo in regards to building a business. And we certainly didn’t, if you asked me, you know, five years ago, or no, I guess, wow, okay, Time Is Flying. So if you asked me in 2013, for example, if I thought that I would own a, I guess, for lack of a better term cookie company, I think we’re more of a gifting company, but it’s still, you know, if you thought I would have never, ever guessed that. And it’s not because I’m not passionate about it. I think it’s just that it wasn’t on my radar. I love I love building things, and I could not ever, now that I’ve made this jump into owning a company, I cannot see my life being any other way. And I absolutely love that, even if it is a totally different animal. But in doing that, I have no experience in regards to the gifting sphere, the experience I have is as an observer, as a consumer and as a recipient. And then the experience, you know, I have for marketing is different. But how it was it was a unique problem to solve that I think we’re still solving every day is to how do we find new clients? How do we market this? Because every, every business is different. And the way that your audience is listening or seeing you is different. And so we have tried the gambit as far as marketing goes, but one of the things that I don’t know if this is a boring answer or not. But one of the things that has been time again to work for us is getting our product in the hands of somebody. And so for us doing the research of Okay, what demographics right now are everyone gifts for the holidays, like we all have gotten tons of holiday corporate gifts, you know, whether that’s a pen or gift basket, or, you know, a T shirt, we’ve all gotten some kind of gifts for the holidays, but who is gifting outside of the holidays, because it’s easy to get to advertise for gifting for the holidays, how do we identify the people that are going to use us year round. And so that was the big mission. And so we started looking at, we started networking, we started looking at different industries based on who was coming to us. So, for example, real estate professionals or trades, you know, plumbing, HVAC, like all of these kind of professionals that really work off of referrals and relationships with their current clients. They are gifting throughout the year, companies like software companies, they’re gifting throughout the year, because they want there, they have a larger budget to send prospective gifting. So, you know, if I’m not answering the 35 marketing emails that I get in the morning, you know, from every single business, then how do they get my attention, because they’re all they at this point, all they can do is hope that they have a really catchy subject line. So now people are turning back to direct mail, as

Karen Yankovich 23:54
Oh, that’s exactly where I wanted to go with this. So awesome. So tell me about that.

Chelsea Martin 23:58
Yeah, so a lot of you You know, I think I think direct mail in the past was was big that’s why we’ve all have junk mail. Right? It’s the it’s the catalogs and the coupons and you just get tons of these handouts and flyers and and that used to be so noisy that it was just a bundle that you got that you you tossed and and then email marketing became a not only a thing, but really it became a necessity in the way that it’s a free to an extent you know, but it’s something that you own that you can then put out. Why wouldn’t you be email marketing to your potential clients or clients or past customers you need to be doing that but if you’re doing that, and everyone else is doing that everybody’s inbox is filled with catchy subject lines and emojis and and the fake you know, tricks that people use, like pretending like it’s a reply email, but it’s really not a reply email. You know, there’s all that

Karen Yankovich 24:53

Chelsea Martin 24:54
and we all know what those things are. So I think that we have seen a shift of what’s going on in the world. We’ve also just seen a shift in the marketing sphere or the sales sphere of, Okay, how do I cut through all of that noise? They’re not and they’re not open, they’re not even opening my email, I can see that they’re not opening it? Well, the best way to do that would be to have a box of cookies, with their name on it, land on their desk, they cannot deny that. I mean, if somebody has the willpower to not even open that box, then I’m baffled.

Karen Yankovich 25:27
Then they they need psychological.

Chelsea Martin 25:28
Right? So yeah, so I mean, if you get this box, and it’s been personalized with your name on it, and then you open it, and it’s an assortment of cookies, and then it says, like, hey, Karen, I would love to connect with you over zoom and talk about this. And this or, you know, please enjoy these cookies, I’d love to connect soon, you know, nothing high pressure. Just a very, I hope you enjoy these, how are you not going to have their attention? You know, so I think a lot of people have shifted into unique ways to do that. That isn’t just a catalog, and it isn’t just a pen. It’s something that says if it had your name on it, you’re thinking, wow, this person really wants to talk to me. I, you know, I might as well give them the time of day they went through this effort, like how are they going to be to do business with if they’re going to go the extra mile, just to get my attention to talk to me? You know, what does that say about them as a professional and how hands on they are and how attentive they are. And, and so I think that a lot of people have liked to shift into that, because of the, you know, positive, I guess experience you get right on the outset.

Karen Yankovich 26:33
Oh, my gosh, I love that. And you know, we have, we kind of got away a little bit from from mail, write us mail or mail, you know, actual landing in your mailbox mail. So now when we get it, it’s extra special, right? It’s extra fun to get something cool physically in the mail from someone?

Chelsea Martin 26:51
Absolutely. I mean, I get excited just when my friends, you know, send me a little letter or something. But of course, like, if you get a package from a cookie company, you know, that’s super exciting. I think people love that. tangibility. Now, because we are so digital, that it’s just kind of refreshing sometimes. And then of course, it’s also pretty awesome to get cookies.

Karen Yankovich 27:12
Yeah. Oh, my gosh, I love that. So has your business shifted in the time with these new times that we’re living in? Like it has it? How has it shifted? Are people coming to you more now thinking, you know, I need to get creative to stay in front of people? Are you putting it in front of them? Or both?

Chelsea Martin 27:27
Both. So I think sometimes what I’ve learned in this, you know, I guess as a business owner, now I’ve started to learn through through trial and error that sometimes people don’t know that they have a solution. They don’t know what they want until you tell them or that you show them they, you know, we don’t know what we don’t know.

Karen Yankovich 27:51

Chelsea Martin 27:52
Right. Like I you know, they might not know that that’s an that a certain thing is an option until someone tells them it’s an option. And then they think, wow, that’s, that’s awesome. So one of the things that we saw that affected us a little bit was the work from home, when everybody started to work from home, or the most people started to go remote. It doesn’t affect things that are bigger, like holiday gift, because most of the time I mean, people do still send to offices. But when people are gathering their holiday contacts or things like that, you’re they’re usually reaching out and asking, you know, they’re going that extra mile. But when people are sending prospective gifts, it becomes a challenge when they don’t know where to send it to. Because you, you can’t just send it to the office and hope that they get it when everyone’s working remote. And you certainly don’t want someone to get a six month old box of cookies because they’ve been remote for so long that they come back into the office and realize that they’ve had mail so so some of the things that we have done is we’ve started to employ these address verification, sort of IE notifications, and basically their campaigns that we run, where a company can reach out to us and say, Hey, we want to do so we want to do our prospective gifting campaign. We have 200 people that we want to send gifts to, but we don’t know where they live. And we don’t. I don’t think if someone emails you and you haven’t had that connection with them, that you’re just gonna be like, sure. Here’s my home address, you know, because it is Right, right. I like it. So we reach out on their behalf. You know, we introduce ourselves as the company, you know, we have a website we are on the phone we have, we have a email campaign that’s set up that says you have a gift waiting for you so and so has purchased it on your behalf. All you have to do is fill this out, they can see that we’re not you know, a real company, they can see our work, it’s real. And once they fill out that form, we just fulfill the boxes and that way the company that works with us, they don’t have to pay for extra boxes that might just give Return to Sender immediately. Because that could really destroy someone’s budget, if they send 200 boxes and 100 or return to sender, you know, things like that. So then they only pay for boxes that really have been validated and are going to the right place. And furthermore, those became, I guess, warmer leads, but people that are actually accepting your gift, like not only did we did you give it to them, but they said they are reaching out and actually accepting it, which is like, a nice extra, you know, level of, okay, they’re, they’re willing to have a conversation, this lead just got warmer for us. And it also allows, you know, again, the follow up for for the people that are trying to prospect they can at least follow up, say, how did you love the cookies, you know, they know that it got in their hands. And, and so it just, it’s kind of been an interesting thing, because we’re learning as we go, we’re seeing how people behave. And a lot of people have been receptive to that, that email campaign. But it’s, you know, we’re just trying to pivot like, I think any other business out there and figure out this kind of new normal, and ways that we were able to do that. That has been people have been responsive. Right now, we currently do it for any customers that reach out. So if anybody’s listening, for example, and that was something that they were interested in, we currently do that manually on our side, we just get their information and we deploy it on our own. But shortly here, we will actually have this available. And it might even actually be available by the time we air. But we will have it available on our website that you could just go and set up manually and you don’t have to, you can enter in all the information yourself and in your account, and then it’s all good to go. So I mean, we’re always happy to fulfill on behalf of our customers. But we know some people like the ease of just being able to log in and kind of do that on their own. And so we’re working to offer that too.

Karen Yankovich 31:54
Oh my gosh, that’s so cool. I love that. And it’s so creative. And I think it’s universally loved cookies, right. And even if it’s even if it’s not theirs, it’s always nice to give to other people. It’s like there’s one person in the world that really doesn’t like cookies, they can always give it to someone else, right? Because I think in some ways, like I love when you talked about like the wine, but that could be triggering for people, right? Like you don’t know, who’s got problems with those kinds of things, or whatever. Right. So to me, I feel like this is just a happy place, like a general universally happy place.

Chelsea Martin 32:26
Totally agree, because I actually and I personally like I don’t drink. But I mean, it would still be appreciated. Right? Like it still. Absolutely, absolutely. But then there’s also, you know, if you are pregnant, or you know, you, you might feel left out, but who doesn’t love a cookie? So, but I think that it’s like you said, you know, it depends on what the event is for and what the demographic is because some work and some don’t maybe, you know, you are a younger crowd or college crowd and, and while some of you are a drinking age, the other ones aren’t, or you know, things like that. And so it’s just kind of nice to provide something that is for the most part. Everyone likes. There’s always a few or, you know, there’s always a few that maybe, like crunchy cookies or something, you know, something like that. But I think it’s pretty. It’s a pretty solid choice. As far as you know, the dietary things go out there.

Karen Yankovich 33:19
Right, right. Cool. So how can people find out more about your products and kind of start to sample your goodies for themselves? Yes.

Chelsea Martin 33:28
So our website is get So it’s g e t n o m So just like give noms get noms. So we’re also on Instagram and Facebook. So you can find us just by our name noms bakeshop on Facebook, and we’re on LinkedIn. And then on Instagram, it’s the same as our you URL or handles. So it’s just get noms. And you can always peruse all the the photos or the stories we post a lot of like behind the scenes, stories on Instagram just to kind of give you a view of you know, our whole bakery and packaging process and things like that. But you can also message us on any of those platforms. And we can answer questions or help you with an order or anything like that.

Karen Yankovich 34:11
Well, cool, Chelsea, thank you so much for coming on. I love that you. I love your story just about how you, you know have grown your business. But also I love that you’re being creative to help people like me and our listeners that are looking for ways to stay in touch with our customers, right? We teach human to human marketing around here. So you know that there’s nothing more human than handing somebody a cookie. Right. So so I think that it’s really cool to have creative ways to continue to build our you know, to dive deeper into the relationships with people that are already in our world. So So thanks for doing that.

Chelsea Martin 34:44
Thank you so much for having me. It was really great to kind of talk with you and I love hearing you know, different people’s experiences and ideas from just like you were talking about with the events. So it’s really nice to kind of hear what other people have experienced too.

Karen Yankovich 34:57
Yeah. All right. So you’re all here. information will be on our show notes. You guys can check out Chelsea and noms from the show notes on the show. Thanks for being here, Chelsea.

Chelsea Martin 35:07
Thank you.

Karen Yankovich 35:08
I’m telling you those noms are good they did not last long in this house. So I hope that you get a chance that you enjoyed learning about Chelsea and how she grew her business. I’m telling you this is she’s got such a great business model. Actually, I’ll put a picture in the show notes of the box that the cookies came in that she sent me You totally have to check that out. And if you want to build your life full of amazing amazing people that you can’t even believe are in your business and in your life. Then you have got to watch our updated masterclass. Just go to Again, the links are all over the place, wherever you’re listening to this. And check out the masterclass it’s all updated. And it’s going to teach you a little bit about how, how to build how to bring the people into your world that can truly change everything for you. It’s simple, and it’s doable and it can happen for you. Check it out at Karen slash masterclass that is my gift to you. And I will see you back here again next week for another episode of the good girls get rich podcast.