This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen shares how you can use Clubhouse to connect with potential clients.

Clubhouse is the place for casual, drop-in audio conversations, and it’s a great place to meet potential clients. Let’s get started on setting up your account!


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About the Episode:

Not on Clubhouse yet? Now’s the time to join! It’s a great way to connect with potential clients. How can you get started? Glad you asked!

Your Clubhouse Bio

Start by customizing your Clubhouse bio. You want to position yourself as though you’re peers with the most influential people. And don’t forget to include a link to your LinkedIn profile!

Check Your LinkedIn Profile

How long has it been since you last updated your LinkedIn profile? Take a look, and update anything that needs updating. Make sure you have a customized LinkedIn URL as well.

Get in the Right Rooms

Seek out rooms that have people you’re dying to meet and have potential clientele. Once you’re in those rooms, don’t be scared to raise your hand!

Once you start joining rooms and connecting with people, send them over to your LinkedIn profile, and watch your bank account grow!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s topic (1:45)
  • Your Clubhouse bio (6:00)
  • Check your LinkedIn profile (7:11)
  • Customize your LinkedIn URL (7:50)
  • Join the right rooms (8:04)
  • Get them over to LinkedIn (10:19)
  • Episode recap (13:17)

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 154.

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello, I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 154. of the good girls get rich podcast and this podcast is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach women simple relationship and heart based marketing to get you on the phone consistently with perfect people. This is a very feminine model, just meet people have conversations, and change your business, change your life, change your bank account, or ever. We use digital marketing, but we have that human touch in their human to human marketing. So if you have listened to this show before or if you love what you hear today, we love to hear from you. So take a quick screenshot, let your audience know that you’re listening to this show, share it on your social media, share it in your stories. If you tag me, I’m @KarenYankovich, or use the hashtag #goodgirlsgetrich, we’ll see it and we’ll share it with my audience. And that’s how we all get more visibility. Right. I am all about lifting each other up here. in the show notes. There’s a link for speakpipe where you can leave an audio review I love that. Or you can just leave us a message and let us know if you have a guest you think we should interview or a topic you want to hear me talk about right? So just go to You can see the blog for this page, you’ll see the link to speakpipe you’ll see all the things we talked about in this episode and dive in deeper. So today we’re talking about clubhouse. And you might be thinking clubhouse care, but you’re talking about LinkedIn. But let me tell you something. clubhouse and LinkedIn are magic together. Magic together. So let’s talk about clubhouse for a second clubhouse is an app that has exploded onto the scene. It is an audio only app. You do at the moment I’m recording this at least you do need to have an Apple device an iPhone or an iPad, something like that to utilize the clubhouse app. Hopefully that will change because that’s crazy. I see people talking about getting like used secondhand iPhone so that they can get on clubhouse because it’s such so crazy that it’s only Apple right? And you know, I got on it pretty early on. I mean, when I say early on probably maybe October and October 2020. And there wasn’t a lot of people on it. Now Now my gosh, everyone’s on it. So I guess the question is, you know, is it a time suck? Right? Because you can certainly spend a lot of time on clubhouse, I look at the notification sometimes and think how do all these people have as much time to be on clubhouse? Or is it an amazing place to meet amazing people? Right, or maybe both? I think it’s a little bit of both. I think it’s a little bit of both. And because I’ve been on for a while I’ve had the pleasure of being able to introduce some people to clubhouse, some of my colleagues, my clients, and they’re killing it, they’re killing it. It’s really a lot of fun. And I do a room every Tuesday at around 5pm. Eastern with Beth Granger, who also teaches LinkedIn marketing, and we do it together. And we’ve been doing it together for months now Beth was on even earlier than I was. And we just have so much fun being able to to just talk a little bit about LinkedIn strategies, because I gotta tell you, there’s a lot of people on clubhouse, talking about LinkedIn. And now a lot of people that tell us say that teach things the way I would teach things. Now that there’s a right or wrong way to do it right, there probably is a wrong way to do it. Like I’m not a big fan of connecting with a million people. Right. And there’s just there’s lots of different things out there. So you’ve got to you’ve got to kind of Judge because it’s so noisy. Now, you’ve got to kind of judge who you’re listening to and does the way they are explaining their strategies. Does that resonate with you? And if it does, listen more, if it doesn’t, you know, then move on, because there’s definitely someone else there that you will resonate with, because there’s a lot of cool stuff. But there’s some cool people in there. I’ve been in rooms with some really, really cool people this morning when I when I turned on my phone and I looked at clubhouse and a notification that Katie Couric had just joined, right? Like, yes, I want to follow Katie Couric. I’d love to chat with Katie Couric, right? And honestly, you have the opportunity to do those kinds of things. But here’s the thing, if you’re in clubhouse to chat with Katie Couric, and just to have fun, by all means do that. But if you’re on clubhouse, to use it as a business networking tool, then you need to have a strategy. Okay, and with clubhouse you have the option in your bio, to link to Instagram and Twitter, both of which are both human interest and business, right? They’re both personal and business. They’re not all business. So what people what most people are doing is they’re using Instagram DMS to communicate with people afterwards. I’m not a big fan. I don’t really use my Instagram. I don’t I’m not that I don’t use my Instagram DMS Instagrams not the place that I do business right. I mean, I promote my podcast there. I have a lot of business connections there. And I’m not I’m not unhappy when people connect with me on dm on on Instagram, but if you go to my Instagram, you’re not watching The best of me, right? You see the best of me when you connect with me on LinkedIn. Okay, so. So if people are connecting with you on Instagram, you have to think about your Instagram strategy, right? And what do you want people to do? How do you want to be seen in the world? It’s a lot harder to do that on Instagram than it is on LinkedIn. So I’m going to tell you a little bit about how, in this episode, you’re gonna hear a little bit about how I think you can use LinkedIn. Because I think that’s the way we can really build some strategy. So are you in clubhouse? If you are? I’m Karen Yankovich. There, I’m Karen Yankovich. Everywhere, right? So make sure that we’re connected. And let’s test this out together. Because it’s really something that you have to test right. Beth and I are testing new things every week in that room we do. I have a club, you can look you can join my club, but she’s linked up, we do rooms in the club. So that’s a lot of fun. If you want to do room in the club, you can let me know. Right. So there’s lots of fun things we can do with clubhouse, because here’s the deal. So far, in 2021, about half of our sales and income have come from clubhouse there is a real business opportunity there. If you treat it like business networking. Okay, so let’s get started. So the first thing you need to do is some prep work. Okay, you have to take care of your clubhouse bio, right, you have to take care of your clubhouse bio, make sure that you are it’s thorough, that you’re flushing it out, you can do some cool emojis. But most importantly, make sure that your LinkedIn URL is in there. Make sure that you’ve customized your LinkedIn URL, write my LinkedIn URL is slash n slash Karen Yankovich. If you still have a LinkedIn URL with lots of crazy letters and numbers in it, you want to customize it so that it is very clean, like mine is so that people cuz people are gonna have to type it in right at the moment I’m recording is it’s not clickable in clubhouse, so people are gonna have to look at it, and they’re gonna have to go to LinkedIn and type it in. Okay, so you want to make sure that it’s easy to see easy for people to remember. Okay? Make sure that it’s in there and say, Please connect with me on LinkedIn. Okay, make that in your creative bio that really positioned you as if your peers with the most influential people on clubhouse, okay, and then give them a link to your LinkedIn URL so that you’re telling them what you want them to connect with you there doesn’t mean they can’t connect with you on Instagram and Twitter also, but let’s make sure that our LinkedIn URL is there. At the same time, when we’re doing our prep work, you need to make sure your LinkedIn profile is positioning you as if you’re peers, with the most influential people in your industry, you’ve got to do the profile work. So if it’s if you haven’t touched your profile in a while, it’s time to do that, right, get into the shoes linked up clubhouse, and we’re doing LinkedIn profile reviews, at least once a week, we can totally give you a LinkedIn profile review there. Okay, but make sure that you’ve done the work on your LinkedIn profile. And if you’re listening to this podcast, there are a million episodes. Well, we’ve only had a 154. So that’s an exaggeration. But there are probably dozens of episodes on how to professionally show up on LinkedIn added to your about section, how to do your summary all of that. Okay. Also, if you have not customized your LinkedIn URL, right, there’s a link in the show notes of this episode to a video that shows you exactly how to do it. Okay, so don’t stress about it, I got you covered, go to the link in the show notes. And you can see how to do that. Okay, so the second thing you need to do, still thinking big, still positioning yourself as if you’re peers, with the most influential people in your industry, think big and join rooms with names that you are dying to meet? Right? Who are the people, you don’t need to be connected to everyone? Right? It might be cool and fun to talk to some people. I’ve got in some rooms, and I’m just like, oh, Lord, get me out of here, right? I can’t even deal with with the toxicity of some of the rooms. And not in a bad way. It’s more like, I don’t know, I’m all about like peace, love and harmony. I want you to get clients and I want you to do it in a simple way that makes mud cake makes you money with by just meeting really cool people, not all this work 25,000 hours a week, right? So find rooms that with people in it that you think could be your ideal clients, your ideal partners, right? Because partnering is great. Imagine if you’re on clubhouse with a partner, and you have similar audiences. Now they’re you’re getting introduced to their audience. They’re getting introduced to your audience. Right? So who’s doing clubhouse rooms like that? And then are there are there How about the media, right, the Katy currux of the world, right? Maybe there’s an opportunity for you to meet some journalists that write about the kinds of things that you do. So think big, when you join these rooms and raise your hand, raise your hand, get your voice heard in these rooms, okay? spent if you’re going to be doing this be strategic, you don’t have to go in every room. Right? If you go in a room and you just not feel it, then leave that room and find another room. Okay, find another room where people are where you’re feeling the vibe, okay? Because there’s a lot there. But so you have to weed through some of the nonsense. But when you find people, like if you love my rooms, then make sure that you did you save me so you get notified when I do another room. Right. And for other people like that. If there’s people that you’re following, make sure that you get notified when they do a room so that you don’t have to weed through all the nonsense all the time. Okay, because there is a lot it’s getting noisy as people are just joining and joining and joining. But you can weed through that by just kind of sticking with the people that you really like and you Maybe they’ll have guests that you really like. Or maybe they’ll come up on the stage that you really resonate with. And then you can follow them and follow their rooms, right. So it takes a little bit of time to go down the rabbit hole, but raise your hand, get your voice heard and think big, expect to be on the stage with Katie Couric. And I mean that because you can be okay, you can be. And then the third thing you need to do is remember that you need to get them over to LinkedIn, when I am sitting on clubhouse, I am always you typically I’m at my desk, not even sitting on my couch with my phone, I’m typically at my desk, because if this is business networking, I want to make sure that I can check out their LinkedIn profile while they’re talking and see if there’s somebody that I really want to, you know, be be associated with, I really want to connect with, and if so, then I connect with them. And I say, Hey, we’re chatting on clubhouse, I’d love to get to know more about you. Right? This is a great way to build your own personal network, right, not just your LinkedIn network. LinkedIn isn’t about like Twitter, having a lot of followers. LinkedIn is about meeting cool people, right? So connect with the speakers that you really resonate with on LinkedIn, the people that are hosting the rooms, connect with the people on stage, who you think could be great to have in your network, you can always find them, which is why I love you to put your LinkedIn URL in your bio. Like, I’ve definitely connected with the wrong person once or twice, thinking I had the right person, but you know, connect with people on LinkedIn and then follow up to actually get on the phone with them. Just think about how powerful this could be right? If you have a message that you want to get out there, even if it’s just simply to build your list. If you have, you know, I mean, and I and I want more for you. Okay, but even if it’s just I have a free PDF, and I want to get in front of more people, right? Get in a clubhouse room meet people that could potentially have you speak to their audience, right? Maybe they’ll close the clubhouse room with you, right. And now you can get people to get your PDF, because you’ve got it listed in your clubhouse bio. Right? Maybe it’s so meet people network with people, right? You’ve heard the expression, your network equals your net, your net worth is is associated with your network, right? So build your network, right? It’s who you know, right? Create the who, you know, in your world and clubhouse is a great way to do that. But you can’t just let it hang. And you can’t just connect with them on Instagram. I mean, you can, but I think it’s gonna take I think that’s the long route. I think that’s a long route. If you’ve done the job on your LinkedIn profile, if you’ve done the job to really position yourself as a leader as an influencer, and you can, no matter what you’re doing, and if you thinking you can’t, you need to talk to me, you can, then people are gonna want to know you, they’re gonna want to be connected to you. Right? And and this is such a great way to consistently build out your LinkedIn network so much better than spamming your people that you don’t know saying, Hey, are you interested in my 401k? So are you financial advisors, but I get at least one of those a day, right? I don’t, I don’t want that I want you to be building your LinkedIn network intentionally full of people that can build up your bank account, okay, build up your personal bank account, not just your business bank account, we get your business bank, I want your business bank account to be high enough that it is filling with overflow into your personal bank account. Okay. And that can happen when you’re intentional about who you connect with on LinkedIn. And clubhouse is just a great way to do that right now. So let’s recap here for a second. First thing you need to do as a prep work, you got to do your bio, you got to make sure your LinkedIn URL is in there, check out the link in the show notes if you need to video. If you don’t know how to do that. And then your LinkedIn profile, you’ve got to have that prep work done, you’ve got to get those two things done. You got to show up, like your peers with the most influential people on clubhouse. And then think big join rooms with the names of people that you are dying to meet with that people that you can’t believe you’re having a conversation with, right? You’re positioned just like them. I am meeting incredible, incredible people on clubhouse and raise your hand, get your voice heard, don’t just be in this audience. Raise your hand get your voice heard. Because people will start to want to see you as an influencer. Right? And that’s how you start to build connections with these powerful people. And then take those clubhouse connections and bring them on over to LinkedIn. Because that’s where you can follow up the conversations. Right? You meet someone on clubhouse, they look amazing. You connect with them on LinkedIn. And now you’ve got that message there. Right. And you can you know, once they accept your connection request, you you can continue that message and saying I loved what you were saying. I’d love to hear more about that because I have a podcast, I have a blog. I’d like to interview you, whatever, right? I want to see what you’re doing. I want to share your message with my audience. Right? That is how you start to build really, really powerful relationships with people that can put money in your bank account. Okay? So you got to connect with those people connect, connect, connect, connect, connect. Sound good. You’re all for that. Are you ready? Are you ready? If you want this year to be different than all of the years you’ve had before. Then today, starting today, you’ve got to think bigger. You’ve got to be that person and clubhouse is a great way to fill your life and to fill your business full of amazing people. No disrespect to Instagram by Following up there is just not as powerful as following up on LinkedIn. It’s just not you may have heard me refer to LinkedIn as my money tree. Right? It can absolutely be the same for you. I love having a money tree. You’re gonna love having a money tree, but you have to be intentionally connecting with people that can lead to more money in your bank account if you want that to happen. You can’t there’s no magic wand. Okay, so if you want to learn more about that about how I use LinkedIn as my money tree then you gotta check out my free masterclass at water that money Okay, where did that money get you into my free masterclass and, you know, connect with me on clubhouse connect with me on LinkedIn if we’re not, because I want to support you as well right if you are sharing this podcast, like I said earlier, taking a screenshot and sharing it with your social media audience, share it with your people, your friends on clubhouse, right, if you think it can be valuable to them, share it with them. I will share if I see that I will share it with my audience to get your name in front of my audience. Because what we know is a rising tide lifts all boats, right? I do this podcast to support you. And now I’ve got this free masterclass at water that to help you get started, you know, with your profile with your strategy, which is the first step to LinkedIn success, right? So I’m here to support you for that. Let’s lift each other up. Help me Help you share this podcast. I’ll share it with my audience. And let’s kick some 2021 booty together. Okay, the bottom line is, this is doable. This is not hard. This is simple. Let’s create our simple empires together. See you back here next week.