This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen talks about making LinkedIn part of your spiritual journey.

As women, we often don’t live up to our full potential. It’s time to change that!


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About the Episode:

Do you ever feel like you’re not living up to your full potential? Surprisingly, might need to start incorporating LinkedIn into your spiritual journey. Where do you start though? Glad you asked!

  1. Start by asking yourself, what is it that you do better than anyone else?
  2. After coming to that realization, then ask yourself what opportunities you want to land.
  3. Step three can be difficult for many people, but show up! It’s not bragging. It’s showing who you truly are.
  4. Finally, once you show up, start building relationships with people on a higher level.

The more you do these things to make LinkedIn part of your spiritual journey, the more you’ll achieve!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s topic (2:18)
  • What is it that you do better than anyone? (7:32)
  • What is the opportunity you want to land? (10:06)
  • Show up (10:30)
  • Build relationships on that higher level (12:34)

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 158.

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Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

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Hello there. I’m Karen Yankovich, the host of the good girls get rich podcast and this is episode 158. And this podcast is brought to you by she’s linked up the community that is just supporting women with simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing, the kind of marketing that just get you on the phone consistently, with just the coolest people, your perfect people, people that change your business, your life and your bank account for ever. Lots of times on this podcast, we’re talking about LinkedIn. And LinkedIn is the tool that helps us achieve a lot of the things we talk about here. But really, what we’re talking about is just talking to people human to human marketing. And LinkedIn allows us to do kind of digital marketing with the human touch. So if you’ve listened before, or if you love what you hear today, I love to hear from you. So make sure that you’re subscribing to good girls get rich, or wherever you’re listening to podcasts. Leave me a review. 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So just go to Karen Yankovich comm slash 158 you’ll see the blog for this page, you’ll see the link to speak pipe and you know we can connect from there. So this is an intriguing topic today. Right? I’ve had this topic, this title. What if LinkedIn was a part of your spiritual journey on a post it note on my desk for a while now because I am finding that to be the case with many of the women that we work with in our she’s linked up program. And I’ve been teaching LinkedIn for a long time. So this was a little unexpected for me as well. Right? I wasn’t, you know, expecting to look at LinkedIn as my spiritual journey. You know, I was thinking it was the place where where we do marketing, right. It’s strategy. That’s what I’ve been doing forever. I’ve been doing marketing strategy, sales strategy, I’ve had sales companies over the years, right. And my, my strength has always been relationship based marketing. So LinkedIn was a great, a great supplement to that when LinkedIn started to be a thing, right? It was just a great way to build relationships on a whole new level. I have this like, right brain left brain thing going right. So I love the strategy and the, and the brainstorming, and even just the tracking and the metrics and all that stuff. But I really I have, you know, in my right brain, I also love the relationships and the marketing, and really getting to the heart of a relationship, right? Focus on all of that being relationships, right. So as my business that as it currently stands now started to evolve into where it is today. One of the things we were doing early on was writing LinkedIn profiles, we still invite LinkedIn profiles, but we were writing LinkedIn profiles, kind of more of it on a standalone basis than we do now. And I remember, like, way back a few years ago, like five, maybe more years ago, we had a client who is very, very well known. And I’m not going to share who it is for just privacy purposes. But you know, she is a woman who has been in top 10 women who kind of articles right and, and it was great to work with her. And she has done amazing things in her life write amazing things. So it was fun to kind of pull all that together and write her profile. And when we showed it to her. Her first reaction was I can’t I can’t post this. I feel like I’m bragging. I was like you did all this stuff. Right? We didn’t make any of this stuff up. Right? We did all this. You did all this up. So even this woman who so many people look up to has accomplished more than probably, you know, 99.999% of the women on the planet ever will. When it went to shine a light on her achievements. She hesitated. She hesitated and she said I don’t want to feel like I’m bragging. So is it bragging right? Or is it owning it? Is it really like looking at your achievements and saying, I am awesome. I’ve done all of this. Right? And is that a bad thing? Even if it was bragging? Is that a bad thing? If it’s things that you you know, things that you’ve done in this world, changes that have happened in people in the world that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for you? Is that a bad thing to talk about that how did that even become a thing? Can you relate to that? Can you relate to, you know, maybe going onto your LinkedIn profile and typing something. And if you’ve ever heard me speak in person, or or have ever heard me talk at all really about how I want you to position yourself, I often say like, if it’s really easy to press share, then you probably haven’t gone deep enough into how great you are. I want you to feel queasy, I want you to feel like, Can I really say this about myself? And like, have it not be so easy to click Save? And I say that not because I want this to be difficult for you. But because I know that especially women, we don’t go deep enough into telling the world how great we are. Right? So you know, listen, I’m the same way. And here’s what happens when we don’t get this right. We continue to sit and watch our competitors get the business. Have you ever seen that somebody that you know you’re more qualified, then has gotten a raise? Or has your company ever brought somebody in as a consultant for you know, $50,000 for a month or two? And, and you could have done that work? And you know, you could have and you’re watching this, why are they getting that work? Why are they getting the press? Why are they getting the publicity, it isn’t that they’re more qualified than you, we all know that. Maybe it’s because they’ve done the work, or maybe they haven’t needed to do some of the work that that some of us need to do to really be able to shine a light on our genius. And that’s why I feel like, what I’ve realized over the years, is that for many, if not all of my students and the people that I work with, LinkedIn is not just a strategy to get more clients, it’s a spiritual journey to show up differently, to shine a light on yourself, and to really start to become the person that you want to become. Right, we can say we can talk the talk, right? And we can say this is gonna be my seven figure year, I’m gonna have a six figure month this year. But if you don’t do anything differently, if you don’t do the inner work, you could do you can tell you that all day long. How many times have you done a new year’s resolution to lose 20 pounds, right. And next year, you got to lose maybe the same 20 pounds, maybe even 25 pounds, because you didn’t do the inner work to shift your identity around all of this, right. And a lot of what the work that we do on LinkedIn is identity work is identity work. And that is tough stuff. Sometimes Trust me, I have spiritual coaches and mindset coaches that work with me on this stuff all the time, right. So this is not something that you’re going to listen to this episode. And you’re going to do it and it’s going to be done forever. This is work that you need to continue to be able to do. But LinkedIn is a place where we can start and we can start to shine a light on the identity of the person that we’re becoming. So first thing I want you to do is really not just think about you think about what is it that you do better than anyone? And I don’t want to hear that there’s always people better than me. I’m sure that’s true. But what is it that you do that people love? What is the transformation that happens with other people or in the world? When you’re brought into this? Right? What is it and you know, sometimes, especially as women, this is why I focused that my podcast and my program on women. I know we need more support on this, you know, we have we make this great lasagna. And we think everybody can make great lasagna, but it’s not true, right? It’s not true. We just we think the things that we do really well everybody can do. And it’s just not true. So what I want you to do is dig deep and go straight to the heart of what it is you do, right? If you are a health coach, right? Sure, you’re going to help me clean out my refrigerator. And maybe you’ll help me create an exercise schedule. Or maybe you’ll help me make some menus. But at the heart of it. That’s that’s the stuff right at the heart of it. What you do is you transform my life. Right? You guys have heard me talk about the fact that I’ve got a couple of grandkids now one more on the way so much fun. And let me tell you, it’s not easy to sit on the floor with though I was at with my 18 month old granddaughter the other day sitting on the floor and she’d like scoot over five feet and like expect me to scoot over five feet without my okay. Right? So for me, staying healthy or becoming healthier, isn’t just about being able to wear a great outfit. It’s about being able to be the grandmother that I want to be to my grandchildren. Right? Like fundamentally, it isn’t about eating healthier and exercising. It’s about the transformation that happens in my life, I can do the things I want to be able to do that I might not be able to do if I wasn’t doing this work, right. So that’s what I want you to go with this, I want you to dig deep. And think about where what is at the heart of everything you do. Right. And I’ve you might have heard me say this on the podcast before like so that so that so you can’t do it anymore. Right? I help women, you know, with their health so that they eat healthier so that their meal prep and they can be consistent so that they lose a little bit of weight so that they can be spend more time with their grandchildren. Right? So keep doing that so that until you get to the end, right and that’s where I want you to be and it’s important that you do this work. Everybody that I work with, whether it’s in my shoes linked up accelerator program, or privately, we do this work first, what is the opportunity that you want to land? Okay, what is the opportunity that you want to land, and I want it to be big, because this is life changing stuff you do, right? So I’m not talking about well, I can bring 10 people are together in a room and charge them $100 each, I’m looking for the big opportunities, if I can work with somebody, and I have a budget to do that, Oh, my gosh, this is what we’ll be able to do together. Okay, dig deep, and really create that because then I want you to show up, because you need to show up like you’re worthy of that $10,000 investment of that $50,000 consultant fee that your you saw somebody else get paid of that spot on TV that somebody else got interviewed have that, you know, Forbes article, where you’re looking at it going, how did this person get this Forbes article, right? You have to show up? Like, you’re worthy of that. So you have to tell us how great you are. And this is where can you see where this can be a spiritual journey, right? You have to face look in the mirror, right and say, I am awesome. I am awesome, I am worthy of being on Oprah, I am worthy of interviewing this person that I’ve been following for a million years and never dreamed of being able to get an interview with, I am worthy of these things you have to be. So you have to show up on LinkedIn, and you got to tell us all this stuff in your profile. But behind all of that, you have to be feeling it, you have to be feeling it. And that’s why like when we write your profiles, sometimes we like sit on them for a week, because we need you to kind of start to feel into it. Because if you’re not feeling it, it’s you’re missing a huge component to your success. Right? So you can be looking at you can be sitting on the couch and watching Oprah interview somebody, and you know, feeling a little bit like the how cool for them. But like, why not me? How cool would it be if it was me, or you can start to be the person that is worthy of that interview? And obviously doesn’t have to be Oprah, right? But I can tell you like in our shoes linked up program, we have people saying I am feeling more like an influencer now. And because of that, I’m going after this. And they’re getting it, it’s landing, it’s happening, okay, but you have to start feeling like that person. So when you’re writing your profile, and you’re talking about how you’re an expert at this, and you know, and you’re talking about the transformation that you that, that you bring to people in the world, you’re not just saying it, you’re starting to feel it. Okay? Because here’s what happens next. Now, I want you to be building relationships on that powerful higher level, right? We’re before if you might have been like, well, I really want to talk to this person and their middle management. But let me see if I can get through the receptionist, and then maybe I can get to his assistant, she had to do that anymore. Right? When you’re showing up like an influencer, you can go straight to the top, you go straight to the top. And then they’ll say, Well, you know what, let me have you talked to, you know, Mary in accounting. And Mary, when you call Mary, now you’re saying, well, Mary, you know, your boss asked me to give you a call about this, right? But it starts when you show up like an influencer, and you start to build those relationships at that powerful, influential level. I can tell you to do this all day all day long. But if you’re not feeling it, if you you know, and and I get it takes practice, right, it takes practice, you know, I’m not sure who it is that started saying, and maybe it’s just coaches that I’ve had. But you know, when you have a high ticket price point, like let’s say it’s $20,000, and you’re on the phone with somebody, and you’re they’re asking what the investment is, and you have to be able to say the investment is $20,000 as easily as you say, Please pass the salt, right. And that takes practice, that takes practice. All of this takes practice. But that’s why this is called a journey, right? Because as we go through our journey in life, LinkedIn, of all the social media platforms really hits us in the heart, right? It really hits us in the heart, it hits us in the heart of who we really are, and how we really want to be seen and how we are showing up and we can affect that. Right We can affect that we can affect how we talk about ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. By being intentional about the work we do on LinkedIn, first of all really getting clear on what you do. And what is you know, I’ve got like literally, I’ve got $10,000 I got $20,000 in my hand I’m handing it to you. What is it that you can do for me that will change my life? Right for that $20,000 that’s where I want you to be so dig deep. What is it that you do better than anyone else? Why you right? And what is it that you do that is worthy of my high ticket investment? Because that’s what we’re talking about on LinkedIn, right? We’re not selling our pens. We’re getting a distributor for a million of our pens, right? So you got to know what it is that you’ve got that’s better than anyone else. And then you got to show up like a person that is worthy of that. I know you’re worthy of it. You know you’re worthy of it but we can forget it is so easy to forget our worth right. It is so easy to slip into watching other people do things and not getting the opportunities, losing opportunities. I have somebody that I spoke to recently that recently joined our she’s linked up family who said, you know, she knows she was she applied for an opportunity, she did not get the opportunity. And it was a big deal. And she saw that they looked at her LinkedIn profile. And she said, Karen, I’ve been following you for years. And I am not going to let that happen again, like, let’s do it, let’s work because, because that’s what’s happening. You know, I know, she’s great. She knows she’s great. But she wasn’t shining a light on that to the world because she was prioritizing all of the other things in her life, and not showing up like somebody worthy of that opportunity. Right? Can you relate to that, so you’ve got to start showing up. And then you got to start building relationships at that powerful level, at that level of I am worthy of reaching out to the CEO, I am worthy of reaching out to, you know, Oprah’s publicist, because I have this product and want to show it like I am worthy of this stuff, I am worthy of publicity, I am worthy of being in Forbes, I am worthy of being in you know, whatever it is, right? You You, you have to show up and connect with these people, right, connect consistently. And I’m not looking for you to just connect with them. And like kind of be at some kind of BS way, we’re gonna find a nice warm way for you to reach the people that you have been dreaming about being connected to. And then when you do this for a year, and you look back at the year, and you’re like, I cannot believe I’m living this life with these people in my life that I’ve been dreaming about for years. Like, that’s what help, that’s what happens. But it starts with you. It starts with you prioritizing you, and how you show up in the world, right, that spiritual journey over all the busy work, all the other things you need to do. And that’s where we start to see the biggest shifts happen. That’s where we have to start to see the biggest shifts happen. So are you ready for this? Are you ready for this? All right, you you, you may have heard me refer to LinkedIn as my money tree, it can absolutely be the same for you. But you have to be intentionally connecting with people at that influencer level, right? And that is what leads to more money in the bank. It’s not we’re not pitching people and saying buy my stuff. We are building relationships on that high ticket level. And when we do that with intention, the sales follow. Doesn’t that sound like a more feminine model for building out your business than pitching a million people all the time? Right? We can do this you can do this. I’m here to support you with this. You know if you have not checked it out yet, in fact, we’ve just updated it go to what are that money tree calm. It is our free on demand masterclass where you can get a little bit more than this on just how you can start to shift your energy shifts the energy of your LinkedIn profile on your LinkedIn marketing, from your resume to your brand is hard to show up on this more powerful level. I’m here to support you. I love when you’re supporting me and one of the ways you can do that is to literally share this episode with your audience. Just take a quick screenshot tag me use the hashtag good girls get rich. And let’s lift each other up. I’ll help you I will share your post with my audience and that’s how we all get more visibility. Alright, so show up if you need some support. Check out the masterclass What are that money tree com it’s on demand. It’s under an hour. We’re not selling you anything on it. It’s just a pure here’s what you do next place to go from here. Because you know what, I want to kick some 2020 booty with you. I will see you back here again next week for another episode of the good girls get rich podcast.