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About the Episode:

Working in corporate brings stability. But many corporate jobs take away your time and energy. Oftentimes the commute to work is long. You might not even be getting paid enough. Many women want to own their own businesses and become entrepreneurs, but they’re not sure how to make the leap.

No doubt, it can be scary to leave your corporate job, but the freedom you’ll achieve (if you make the transition to entrepreneurship right) is worth it!

To make the transition, start by establishing yourself as a woman of influence on LinkedIn… because you are a woman of influence! It can also be hard to manage your time at first, so really learn to take charge of your calendar. Additionally, don’t spend all your time doing pointless things on social media – you just need to connect with five people per week. Lastly, come out the gate with high ticket offers.

Want to learn more about how to use LinkedIn to help you make the shift to entrepreneurship? Listen to Episode 166!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s topic (2:00)
  • Create yourself as a woman of influence (8:48)
  • Take charge of your calendar (11:10)
  • Connect with five people per week (12:52)
  • Come out the gate with high ticket offers (15:23)
  • Episode recap (18:15)

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 166.

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:24
Hello, I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 166 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this show is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing to women, that helps you get on the phone consistently with perfect people, people who can change your business, your life your bank account for ever. And she’s linked up family, we create wealthy women of influence, and what we really do at the end of the day. And that’s what this podcast is about too. We teach digital marketing with the human touch human to human marketing. So if you’ve listened before, or if you love what you hear today, I’d love to hear from you. So make sure that you subscribe to this podcast, wherever you’re listening, leave a review if you’re listening to something that you love, because when you leave us reviews, it gives us a sense of what kind of shows to do more of right. So we love to get your reviews. And I just love to know what you think about what you’re listening to. And of course, I’d love for you to share this episode on social media. If you’re enjoying it, use the hashtag good girls get rich, I’ll be sure to share your post with my audience. And that’s how we all get more visibility, you can tag me in the post, I’m at Karen Yankovich. And yeah, let’s lift each other up here. in the show notes, there’s a link for speakpipe, you can leave us an audio review there or an audio message there tell us if you’ve if there’s a guest you think you’d like to hear. Or if there’s a topic you’d like to hear about on our podcast, just click in and give us a message on speakpipe. We love those. If you go to Karen, slash 166, you’ll see everything we talked about on the show today, you’ll see the link to speak by you’ll see any links I talked about here on the show today. And you know, get a little sense of what we’re what we’re talking about here today. So this is a fun topic today. And this is an exciting topic today. Because today, we’re gonna talk about how you can use LinkedIn to position yourself to take that leap from your corporate job from your secure paycheck, and really go all in on your entrepreneurial vision, or whatever the next chapter looks like for you. Right? It’s, you know, Summer 2021, when this episode is going live. And you know, we’re coming on the back end of the crazy year of 2020. And the pandemic and people working from home and remote. And so many people I talked to are looking at what the next chapter looks like. And they don’t want it to look through it like it looked in 2019. Right, like we just will go on. And I don’t know if you get this, but you know, you just do the day, right? You get up, get dressed, take a shower, you go to work, you come home, you make dinner, you do this, and then like repeat the next day. But in 2020, when we had a chance to shift it, it also gave us a chance to really take a look at what we were doing. And I know for me, and I’m not this is not a 2020 thing for me. But for me when I was working at a paycheck position. I had a crazy long commute a crazy long commute. And it was you know, you just did it right. You just did it. I didn’t realize the impact and the toll it was taking on my mental health on my physical health, right, I still have like tight hips from my foot being on the gas and the brake all the time always doing those yoga, hip openers and things like that. Because it’s, you know, years years later, and I’m still struggling with that. Right. But at the time, I didn’t know it because I was just doing the day, right like you do the day. And now, because we’ve had the year 2020 because it’s given us you know, listen, if there’s been a lot of horrible, terrible things that have happened as a result of the pandemic. And I think that it’s there’s been some good that’s come of it. And I think the good that’s committed is giving us a chance to reevaluate how we’re living our lives, who we’re spending time with and how we’re spending that time. So if that’s you then this episode is for you. Whether you’re looking to leave your corporate job and go into an entrepreneurial endeavor, maybe maybe you’re going all in in your corporate job and you’re ready to like take the next level you want to take the next leave you want to you know, you want to get a raise, you want to get a promotion, maybe you maybe you want a combination of it, maybe you’re looking to you know, there’s no end of combinations of what a transition might look like for you. But this this episode really is about that. So, you know, I’ve been there I’ve been there. If you listen to Episode One of this podcast, I talked a little bit about my story and you know, leaving a very secure very well paying great benefits an incredible amount more time off than anybody I know. Right? I left and I left because I just because I was doing this and I loved this right and I was getting it was getting to the point where I was making I was taking all my vacation time to do speaking engagements on LinkedIn and, you know, it just got crazy, right? And it was scary. It was scary to leave that Secure paycheck to leave the health benefits that just were the best benefits of anybody I know. Right? Had I had better benefits than anybody I knew it was scary to leave all of that. And you know, I come from a family of mainly audit teachers, right? A lot of people that work in education, they don’t get it, they don’t get it, like who leaves their job who leaves a really high paying job, right? Just because you want to do more what like play on the internet, right? Like, when people didn’t get me, thank goodness, I was surrounded by a lot of entrepreneurs, I had taken some courses and was in a mastermind and I had a lot of support from my entrepreneur friends. It’s not that I didn’t have support from the other people in my life. I did, but they didn’t understand it. Right? So because they didn’t understand it. They struggled a little bit with learning how to support me, because they didn’t get it right. So like, they’re happy for me, they want the best for me, they love me. And what the hell are you doing? Karen? How are you leaving us? Right? So it was the entrepreneurs in my life. And my business friends that really were there. For me, I remember got flowers from them, I definitely didn’t get flowers from other people. Right. And when I did that, so I so so so rewind back to those days, I’m having my last few days in my corporate job. And I’ve got these visions of getting up in the morning and doing yoga and, you know, like, going to luncheons with my friends and really having full control of my schedule. And, you know, that didn’t happen. It didn’t happen right away. It does. It has happen now, but it didn’t happen right away. I went from, you know, yes, I had this crazy long commute. So my days were long because of the commute, but I was actually doing longer days as an entrepreneur, you know, so we’re gonna talk a little bit more about that. It really wasn’t an option that I really, you know, I was committed to making this work. So I was putting a lot of time and I was putting a lot of hours in and you know, I surely wasn’t, you know, hanging around doing yoga and meeting my friends for lunch, I was pretty much lucky if I took a shower on with out of my pajamas by eight o’clock at night. Can you relate to that? Can you relate to, you know, being in a place where you just know, you have to make a choice about the next chapter. And then, you know, just trying to get the guts and the courage to actually do it. And then, and then putting things in place to do it. I remember at the time, I had a countdown app on my phone, and I was like, I’m gonna leave in three and a half years, right. And I was like, people, some of my friends were like, that’s like 900 days, you know, it’s like 2000 days, I was like, I know, I know, I know. But mana Hurry, I businesses doing well. And I’ve got this security. In the meantime, I didn’t last anywhere near three years, because I just couldn’t do it. All right, I couldn’t do it all but I was getting myself all this time to be able to do it. So if you can relate to that, if there’s a transition ahead for you, maybe it is from a corporate job to taking the leap to doing your coaching business, or your consulting business or your therapy, your you know, some kind of therapy or health coach practice or, you know, I mean, whatever it is, whatever that is, then you you know, you probably can relate to the the fear, right, just the fear of doing it. But I had a really big Y, right, I had a really big Y, I knew that my kids were getting older, and I would have loved to have been able to be more flexible when they were young. But I just didn’t have that option. I just didn’t have that option when they were young. Or maybe they did, but I didn’t know I had that option, right. I didn’t think I had that option. But now I knew I had that option. And I knew that as my kids got married and started having kids, I wanted to be there for them. Right. So that was my really big why I really wanted to build my schedule so that I could spend more time with my kids and then their kids when that happened and and be there for them. So I was determined to make it work. And honestly now here we are, you know, fast forward to today. And that is exactly how I’m spending my time I am doing yoga most mornings, or evenings. And I do make it a point of doing luncheons with my friends at least once a week, I try to make sure that happens. And I really have a lot more control of my calendar now than I did in the beginning. So I want but I want that for you too. So let’s dig in. Now let’s dig into the house. So remember, we’re really using LinkedIn as the focus here and how to use How do you can use LinkedIn to really support this big, scary transition. And the first thing I want you to remember is that you have got to create your influence and create your brand. And obviously LinkedIn is a place to do that. You probably have heard me say that LinkedIn is not your digital resume, write your resume is all about who you used to be. And while that’s important, what I want you to do with your LinkedIn profile with your brand is create the create yourself as a woman of influence, right? I bet that if you’re leaving a paycheck, or you’re leaving a full time job, you’ve got experience, you’ve got years of experience, maybe even 20 or 30 years of experience. Even if you’re new to what’s ahead. You’ve got experience. And I bet that the experience that you’ve had over the last however many years plays a part in what what the next chapter is. So when you’re creating that LinkedIn profile, that brand of you remember that remember that you are not a newbie, even if you feel like you’re a new coach, you’ve probably been coaching for years. You just didn’t call yourself a coach, right? You’ve probably been doing this consulting work. It’s maybe it’s work you’ve done for years, but you just didn’t call yourself a consult. Have you had a paycheck, right? So even if you feel like you’re new, and I cannot even tell you how many people say this to me, right, but I’ve never I don’t I’ve only had one coaching client so far, you’re not 12 years old, right? You’re 3040 5060 years old, you’ve got years of experience, lean into that, pull that out, create the brand, have you on LinkedIn, and I promise you, you can do that. I promise you, you can do that. We’ve got a free Facebook group that if you go to the show notes, you can see it’s on LinkedIn for women. gets you there. If you need some help come to that free Facebook group. And we’ll help you with this, right? But you because it’s kind of hard to talk about yourself as an influencer, it’s easier to get some help from other people. But you’ve got to do this, nobody’s gonna think you’re better than you say you’re. So if you are, if you want to hit the ground running, I don’t want you to take three years to build. Like, as soon as this happens, as soon as that happens, no, no, today, today, you are influential today, you are a brand today you are worthy, right. So that is so important for this to be successful for yourself. And this is hard for women, which is one of the reasons why I focus on women, right? I want to be there for you and hold your hand through this as you create that brand of view. And then the second thing is, and I touched on this a little bit already know that for now, time might be a challenge. Boy, I remember, I was oh my gosh, the last like six months that I was working full time and doing my business knowing that I was leaving, I worked so much oh my gosh, I worked so many hours. But I knew that it was a means to an end. I am you know, my goal is I do not want to work hard. I want to work. I mean, I work hard. But I don’t want to work all the time. Right? I’m doing all of this so that so that I can spend time with my family. I can’t be calling them saying sorry, I got to work can’t come right. So be intentional, and ruthless with your calendar. Okay, be intentional and ruthless with your calendar. Because it is going to be more time than like, if there’s ever going to be a time in your life that you’re going to be working more hours than you want. It’s probably now it’s probably this time, right? Just accept it know that it’s not forever, and do everything you can to be ruthless with your calendar. And then from there, I want you to do figure out what those few things are that are going to be the most impactful to move you forward and be consistent with them block out time for those kinds of things. Right? Like I am consistent with this podcast, I block out time to get this podcast on. Because I know that when I’m consistent with this podcast every single week, it gives me some level of influence because you can expect it every Monday, you know when new episodes coming out, right? When I meet new people and I say I have a podcast there’s a there’s a like an element of authority there. I can now that I’m at Episode 166, I can send people to past episodes. If I’m talking to them, I can say oh my gosh, you got to listen to Episode 12 or Episode 112, whatever, right. But that wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t consistent. So whatever it is that you’re going to do pick out the few things that you have to do and be consistent with them. And then on LinkedIn, and please do not send out 100 connection requests a day or even a week. Right That is so many people say I need leads, I need leads I need leads. And there’s all these people out there talking about LinkedIn lead gen, and I’m gonna send out all that you pick and pay people to send out hundreds of connection requests and do all this spam in my opinion, automated follow up and it’s swamps you it’s swamps you because maybe you’re gonna get on the call and maybe text me these leads, but they’re not targeted leads, it’s it’s going to swamp you, I don’t want you to be swamped. away to do the complete opposite. I want you to do maybe an hour a week of research on who five people might be that could make a massive impact in your success and your fast success. And with intention, reached out to those five people every week, because of the relationships, we know you’re listening to this podcast. So I know you know that the money is in the relationships, when you build relationships with intention, the contracts follow the opportunities follow. But you have to be really intentional, who are unbanned thinking big, right? thinking big, who are the people that you would want to get on the phone with because you know, if you can get on the phone with them, that there’s an opportunity to get in front of their audience, which hopefully will introduce you to a bunch of their people. Or maybe they’re maybe it’s a big opportunity for a contract. Or maybe it’s a journalist, right? One nice placement with publicity can be more visibility than all of the Instagram and Facebook posts and stories and everything else that you’re doing. And it’s a whole lot less time if you’re building relationships with one or two people that can get you media placements. And you can if you are, unless you were born three days ago, you’ve got experience in what you’re doing. Even if you’re new as a coach or whatever, I’m using coach but it could be anything. So the media needs you, right? These are the kinds of relationships I want you to build. I’m not saying don’t do Instagram or Facebook or stories or contribute, you can be do storing up stories on LinkedIn. Right? But you know, 45 million posts on Instagram and Facebook takes a lot of time and you don’t have a lot of time right now. So you’ve got to be intentional with where the biggest bang for your time buck is. Right. So we’re at where LinkedIn is concerned. I want you to begin With five new people a week, remembering that maybe one or two of them might be journalists or podcast hosts, that would be interested in what you talk about, and could maybe get you in front of their audience. And that is so much more visibility than all of those posts that you might be doing. And it’s simply a matter of relationship building. Does that make sense? Alright, and the third thing, and this is, you know, this is something that I hang my hat on, and I believe from every with every fiber of my body, you got to come out of the gate with some high ticket offers. I know, I can hear you across the internet, I can hear all the whispers. But Karen, I don’t have any experience yet. Don’t I have to? Like Don’t I have to sell somebody something for $10 and then $50. And then $500.10? No, you don’t know you don’t, you are positioning yourself. And obviously, you have to have the credit to back this up. But if you when the less time you have, the higher the ticket products you need to be selling, in order to be successful, I think you should be always selling high ticket. Why not always sell high ticket products, right. But so many people come out of the gate and their new business and they’re like, Alright, well, I need to get experience first. So I’m going to do this, you know, four month coaching package for $400 or $1,000, or even $2,000. For months for $2,000. Who wants that, like, I immediately don’t think that you’re worthy of my time, right? Because it’s not people equate value, you know, with with, and they put they put more of their own effort in if they’ve paid for that service. So if you’re going too low, not only are you going to be spinning your wheels, trying to get a million sales to just be able to make your car payment, you’re also not going to be having people that are being responsive and actually taking action on what they’ve purchased from you. Because people you know, you when they buy something for $500. They don’t you know, they don’t value it. Right. When you can I promise you, you can create a high ticket program. That is the first thing we teach people in our shoes linked up program is what is your five or $10,000 offer, and I don’t care, I don’t care who you are, you’ve got a five or $10,000 offer and you and you can sell it, and you can sell it and but if you’re just leaving a corporate position, or if you’re just transitioning to full time in your business, you have to have high ticket offers. And you have to make that the priority, because that’s going to give you the cash to hire a VA to help get your website up to get your membership, all the other things you want to do. You got to use the high ticket and LinkedIn is the place to do that LinkedIn is the place because remember, you’ve done a profile that already positioned you as if you’re worthy of that high ticket sale, right? That high ticket relationship, that high ticket opportunity, you’re getting publicity, right? Because it’s so much easier than a million Facebook posts. So you’re getting publicity. So now you’re like as CNN and that gives you credibility to help you land these high ticket opportunities, high ticket opportunities is the key to this being successful for you. And I’m sorry to say, if you’re not doing these things, you probably will be going back to a corporate position soon. Or you’re going to have you know, drama in your family over where’s the money, right. So understand that I have been there, I have been there. And it is scary. And I know it and I’ve had people in my life and people in my family that thought I was crazy. probably still think I’m crazy, right? So know that I’m always here for you. Let’s just recap a little bit about what we talked about today, the first thing you need to do is create influence, you are not new to this world, you’ve got experience, pull from that experience, create a brand, create yourself as a woman of influence. Remember that this is not your resume, where your resume is all about who you used to be. Right and, and really, really own all of the years of experience that you have as you’re creating this brand and this influence for yourself and understand that for now, time might be a challenge. For me, that always sends me to LinkedIn. Because honestly, if you guys look at my Instagram and Facebook, like I don’t post a lot I used to. And you know, even Twitter, I have a ton of Twitter followers. I don’t post a lot I used to but it just doesn’t. It’s not where the money is for me. And I don’t think it’s this, I think it’s the same for you. Now I know there’s people selling things on there. And I’m not that’s not my area of expertise. I’m telling you what Eric, my isn’t my area of expertise is in his understanding how to use LinkedIn in a very strategic way. So it’s not taking you a lot of time because time is going to be an issue for you. Right? I know that you know that right? And under and remembering that one nice placement in the press can be more visibility than all of a social media have been doing for years. And that is all comes down to building relationships with the right people. And the last thing is, don’t be afraid of high ticket. Don’t be afraid of VIP days for $5,000 $10,000 $15,000. Don’t be afraid of your long coaching programs, six months coaching programs, don’t be afraid. You know, people devote their time and their energy around what they’ve invested the most in. I have a hard drive full of training that I’ve bought. It’s not that I don’t have the right stuff right. But when I invest in coaches that are higher price I do the work, I do it every time. Right? That’s the same will be for you. So don’t be afraid of high ticket because the reality is Why not you? There’s so many people in your industry that are doing really well why not you? Right? Why not you It’s such an exciting time. I’m so excited for you that you’re ready to do this or you’re thinking about doing this. Take the time to do some of the things we talked about in this show. I promise you that as you’re leaving corporate and moving into the next chapter of your life, LinkedIn is your friend. Okay, LinkedIn is your friend. use LinkedIn to build relationships with the people that are going to support you with the people that can get you in front of the biggest opportunities with the journalists that write about what you do know that this is a marathon not a sprint. It is a long term commitment. But it happens fast when you build relationships with the right people. And listen, accept help, accept help from me, join my facebook group, we’ll put the links in the show notes. Be around like minded people, because we are I want your success be around people that wants to see your success and then understand when you just hit 100 people or 1000 people or 10,000 people on your email list. They know what that means. And they’re celebrating with you right as opposed to your friends are like Oh, that sounds exciting. What does that even mean? Right? So join our Facebook group we got lots of like minded people there and also remember that we’ve got a whole family of programs that she’s linked up at she’s linked up we create wealthy women of influence and it all starts with our complimentary on demand masterclass LinkedIn is my money tree. And as like all money trees we have like all trees we have to water them so go to water that money tree calm. You’ll get our on demand masterclass. And that’s where it starts if you’re looking to get some support to understand how to do this. The Facebook group is here I’m here for you with our faith free Facebook group. I’m here for you with these weekly podcast episodes. And I’m here for you with our on demand masterclass. I do this so that you can achieve the goals you want to get. So if you love this show, remember a rising tide lifts all boats, right? We do all this to support you with a masterclass and the podcast and the Facebook group helped me help you share this podcast. Take a quick screenshot of this episode on your phone share that on social tag me. I’m at Karen Yankovich and I’ll share it with my audience. And that’s how we both get more visibility. I’m so excited for you that there’s something new ahead for you. I am here for you. Let’s kick some 2021 booty together. I’ll see you back here again next week.