This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen shares three improvements you can make to your LinkedIn profile.

Your LinkedIn profile is vitally important. Here are three improvements you can make that’ll make a big difference.


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About the Episode:

Your LinkedIn profile needs to be well-maintained and up-to-date. Every aspect of your profile is important, but there are three key areas to focus on at first.

  1. Your LinkedIn Headline: Your LinkedIn headline needs to include three bits of key info… who you are, who you help, and how you help them.
  2. Your About Section: You can have up to 2,600 characters in your About section. Use every single character! And make sure it’s full of important keywords.
  3. Your Experience Section: List your most recent experience in your Experience section. People want to know about your experience!

By making just these three simple improvements, your profile will stand out. Listen to Episode 172 to hear even more details about how you can improve your LinkedIn profile.

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s topic (1:42)
  • The importance of your LinkedIn profile (4:02)
  • Improve your LinkedIn headline (5:11)
  • Improve your About section (9:35)
  • Improve your Experience section (12:53)
  • Episode recap (15:34)

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 172.

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Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello, I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 172 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this episode is brought to you by she’s linked up the family of programs where we teach women simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing. We want to get you on the phone consistently with perfect people, people who change your business, your life and your bank balance forever. We create wealthy women of influence with no spam, no cold calling, just simple, easy to fit into your life. LinkedIn relationship marketing strategies. This is Digital Marketing with the human touch human to human marketing. That’s where the money is. That’s where the biggest opportunities are. And that’s what we want for you. So if you’ve listened before, if you love what you hear today, you know, we love to hear from you. Please subscribe to this show, wherever you’re listening to it. If you feeling it, leave us a review. We love your reviews, you know, it helps us understand what kinds of shows you want to see more of right. So please let us know what you think of our shows in the show notes, which you can check out at Karen Yankovich comm slash 172. There’s a link there for speakpipe. Or you can leave an audio review. I love that you can leave us a review you can tell us about a guest you think we should have you can you just tell me what you’ve probably wait with only telling me that day, right? We love getting speakpipe messages, because it’s really a fun way to just communicate with our with you. Right? So we’re going back to basics. Today, we’re going back to basics today, it has it’s been a while since I’ve done it like LinkedIn 101 type episode. So I wanted to do that. Because you know, for a few reasons, you know, I do a lot of in person training. Well, I did do a lot of in person training, I’m going back to doing more in person training, obviously, over the pandemic, I did a ton of zoom training. So I shouldn’t say in person, I should say private training. So if you have an audience that you think could benefit by some LinkedIn training, please either check out the link in speakpipe. And give me a little message or, you know, send us a message where you can touch it’s hard not to be able to find me. And when we do this in person training, what I basically teach is, you know what you need to get started what you need to get started on LinkedIn. And you know, a lot of the episodes I do we talk about the energy that you need and the mindset I want you to be in and how to how to shift the energy from resume to personal brand. But sometimes there’s just stuff you got to do. Right. So today we’re going to talk about the stuff you got to do. Right. And you know, here’s the thing, I bet that all of you listening, when I say is update, I update my LinkedIn profile on your to do list. I bet all of you shaking your head, yep, yep, my profile needs some updating, right? So you know what I’m talking about, you know that it’s important that you update your profile. In order for you to achieve the goals, you have to meet the kind of people that can change your business and your life and your bank balance forever, right? Listen, our digital brands are here to stay, regardless of what happens with the world and the pandemic and blah, blah, blah, right virtual everything. Our digital brand is here to say, because what we’ve learned over the past year through 2020, and 2021, is a lot of this virtual stuff works. virtual networking works, do I miss people meeting people in person? I absolutely do. But there’s a part of me that really is going to miss the virtual networking, because I was able to attend networking events that I never would have been able to attend in person. So therefore, my digital brand is even more important because people are checking you out. Right? They want to check you out. If you’re there talking to talk and you’re like I, you know, I do all this cool stuff in this virtual networking, or virtual whatever, then they Google you and they can’t find anything, right? And you’re like, it’s a little bit of a disconnect, right? So I want your brand, your digital brand to match the amazingness of you that people see when they talk to you. That makes sense. Here’s the other thing. I have talked to people and I’m thinking of one person in particular, if you’re listening, you know who I’m talking about, who have told me that 100% they know that they’ve missed opportunities. They were offered an opportunity, whatever that opportunity might be, right? They had some competition, of course, we will have some competition. I’m not normally worried about that. But then they saw that the decision maker looked at their LinkedIn profile. And they didn’t get the opportunity and like kicking yourself, right, like, Listen, if you didn’t get the opportunity, but your LinkedIn profile is on point, then Okay, something that we don’t we don’t want them all right. But I don’t want you to be kicking yourself when you know, maybe there was one thing like she had said to me, this particular woman said to me, Karen, I have been following you for years. I’ve been meaning to call you for years, now that I’ve lost this big money opportunity. like where do I sign? How do I hire you? I want to get this done. Right? So so I don’t want you to miss these opportunities. I want you to get these opportunities. And here’s the thing, this the work we’re going to talk about today. The things we’re gonna talk about today is just going to make it more Solid, it’s gonna make your brand more solid. And it’s not easy to do this yourself, I completely recognize that. But you got to start somewhere, right? So we’re gonna start with you doing it. And of course, you know, if you want my help, you know, you can always reach out to me. So there’s three places on your LinkedIn profile that I think, listen, I want your whole profile done. But there’s three places on your LinkedIn profile that I think is important to be done, to at least just capture the attention of the people that are most important. Okay, there’s a lot of other places to talk about. So don’t be like, Well, what about this? And what about that? Yeah, yeah, we need to do it. All right. But if you just do these three things, it’s it’s at least giving you like, it’s given you a leg up, you’re ready, you’re on your way, right, and you can at least be presentable. And you can feel free to start reaching out to people, you know, that can change your business, your your life and your bank account. And the first section is the headline. Now the headline is what is under your name under your picture. So my headline if you want to know what I’m talking about, if you’re looking at my profile, my headline at the time that I’m recording this, and of course, I change this stuff all the time. So it’s helping women entrepreneurs, and business professionals grow a profitable LinkedIn network, LinkedIn success, strategist, keynote speaker, virtual networking trainer. So a couple things about that. First of all, you have you have 220 characters you can use here. So you definitely want to use every single one of them. Because there’s such a thing as LinkedIn search, right? So people are searching for the things that you do, I want your profile to come up soon, the way they know that is if you’re inserting your keywords right into this, so you wanna use every character and use your keywords, obviously, LinkedIn, you know, keynote speaker LinkedIn training, I’m actually I’ve actually advised most of the people I’ve talked to, to insert the word virtual into this headline somewhere, because people are looking for virtual networking trainers out virtual, whatever you do, right? Maybe what you do is virtual by nature, maybe you’re a coach, and you’ve never worked with anybody in person, use that word now, because people are searching it. And it’s gonna come, it’s gonna stand out, make you stand out from your competition. And that’s what we want. So in this headline, you want to be using every character. And remember that people don’t really care about you. They don’t care about you, they care about what you can do for them. So in this headline, I want you to tell people who you are. So in my case, I’m a LinkedIn success strategist, keynote speaker, virtual networking trainer, who I help entrepreneurs, women, entrepreneurs, and business professionals, and how do I help them I help them grow a profitable LinkedIn network, who you are, who you help, and how you help them? Nobody cares about all the letters after your name, nobody cares. I mean, yes, I want you to, if you have a doctorate, you earned it, and I want you to use it, because I absolutely positioned you with credibility and authority, and I, and I don’t want to minimize that at all. And all the letters after your name, right, but nobody cares about that stuff. They care about what you can do for them. All of that’s going to help you stand out from your competition. And of course, I want you to use it, I want you to be confidently projecting into the world, right, what you do and what you can do for people. But like, the example that I use a lot is maybe you’re a financial planner, and maybe you’re a financial planner that’s helped tons and tons of people make tons and tons of money. And I know you can’t, you probably have a license that says you can’t say this stuff. And I get that right. This is just an example. But if you say I’m a financial planner, and I have all these letters after my name, that’s cool. I love that. But there’s a million of you on LinkedIn, right? But if your headline says, I’m a financial planner, with all these letters after my name, that helped women over 50 create enough wealth to retire at 60. Now I’m like, Wait, what? I need this person, this financial planner is talking to me, right? And she can under she understands my unique situation. So do you see where I’m going with this. So if you just take time to create a headline that positions you as an expert, but also if you’ve got a niche, lean into it, because it doesn’t mean you can’t help other people, right? This financial planner doesn’t mean she can’t help men, doesn’t mean she can’t help you know, college students. But this is her specialty. And when you have a specialty, right, like my specialty is supporting women on LinkedIn. If there’s a conference looking for a speaker, if it’s a woman’s conference, looking for a speaker, there’s a lot of LinkedIn speakers out there, right. But I support women specifically. So now I have a leg up over a lot of my competition, that maybe support LinkedIn. And otherwise, we’re all good. There’s a lot of great LinkedIn speakers out there. But I, you know, listen, I’m cool. I don’t want to speak in front of a group of you know, I don’t know, that doesn’t make any sense for me to speak to write, I would much rather speak in front of a group of people that have my ideal clients and the people I really want to work with in it. So think about that when you’re creating your headline, but take care of the headline, it’s going to default to most current experience title if you don’t do this. And again, nobody really cares that you’re a coach or consultant or an accountant or an attorney or whatever, they don’t care. They want to know what you can do for them. Okay, so that’s the first part of your profile that I want you to take a look at. The second part of your profile is your about section. And the about section, I want you to be like it doesn’t say used to be called a summary, but it used to be called your summary. And a summary is boring. It’s just full of, you know, here’s what Karen does, right? But about is interesting about his personal, right. So just that little shift from summary to about, I think was a tiny little show. Technically, but a made a big psychological shift in the way they’re that we’re presenting ourselves on LinkedIn. Right? You’ve 2600 characters hear us, every single one of them. And I hear you, I can hear you across the ethers. Karen, who’s reading all that I don’t care who’s reading all that, right? First of all, people are reading all that your exact right, people are going to be reading all that I’m going to talk about what to write and how to write it in a minute. But second of all, there’s 2600 keyword characters that you can build in for your keywords, right, so that you start coming up in more searches for the things you want to be found for. If you’re not feeding LinkedIn, LinkedIn is not going to know when to bring you up. And I promise you, your competitors are getting this business. So I want you to get it. So use this summary, use all 2600 characters. Here’s the thing, I don’t want this to be one big giant paragraph because no one’s reading that. So think like sales page, right? Like you want a little bit of whitespace in there, you want to make it readable. I want it to be a narrative. I like it in first person, you know, not third person, no one wants to read Karen Yankovich has an what via vast experience and like nobody’s reading that, right? make it interesting. Make it cool. Make it mate hook me with a really cool story that tells me exactly what you do and why you do it. Right. Like, you know, I could say something like, my refrigerator is covered with recommendations or success stories of the women in my program that have you know, hit their first $50,000 month, right? Like if I say that, and that now people looked at like, Oh, wait, I wanna I want a $50,000 month, right? But isn’t that more interesting, then the people in my program have success? If I say my refrigerator is covered with like, like my kids report cards on there and said, I have my clients successes on there. Like, do you get what I’m saying? make it interesting hook me don’t like people think they need to do corporate speak on LinkedIn. That is not true. I actually spoke to a LinkedIn, somebody that works at LinkedIn recently. And we talked about the fact that LinkedIn has changed, you know, the energy of LinkedIn used to be online resume, it’s now personal brand. So you need to shift the energy of your profile from resume to brand. And the brand view is much cooler than your resume. Right? So I want you to do that. Tell me about that, in your summary, tell me what makes you unique. Feel free to model mine, by the way, like I don’t care at all, feel free to model mine. You’ll notice at the end, I have specialties listed. Guess what those are, those are my keywords, right. So feel free to do that. Right? I don’t want you to shove keywords in where they don’t belong. But obviously, think about what people are searching for on LinkedIn that you want to come up with the search result and use that in your summary. Because now, if you’re doing outreach on LinkedIn, and you’re reaching out to people, because you want to get on their podcast, or you want to be a speaker, or you want to client rate, whenever you’re reaching out to people on LinkedIn to do, you need to make sure your profile looks worthy of their time. And now it’s starting to write now it’s starting to now you’re starting to intrigue them a little bit. When they see that message from you. They’re gonna be like, Ha, she seems pretty cool, right? That’s what you want. Alright, the third section we want to talk about is just the first experience section. Now, let me just say that I want you to fill in your experience section way back to when you went to McDonald’s in high school. Okay, because somebody might have worked there with you. And you know, maybe they’ll like, wow, I wonder if that’s the person that worked with McDonald’s, right? Here’s the thing. There’s, I don’t care, nobody cares. You made cheeseburgers at McDonald’s. Right? But if you were the person that they brought, like, what you’re doing now is customer service related, like your, your, you know, like you help people really, you know, build relationships, right? You can say, you know, when I worked at McDonald’s, I was the one that they put on the register when cranky, Mr. Murphy used to walk in, because I was the only one that could schmooze him. And he walked out of there smiling, instead of driving everybody crazy, right? Like that. Nobody cares, he made cheeseburgers, but that if that’s relevant to what you’re doing now, tell me that kind of stuff in your experience. So build it up. But don’t worry about all that stuff for now. Right? Don’t worry about all that stuff. For now. For now, all we’re doing is talking about the most current experience, because let’s get real, that’s all the people really care about, when that’s the most, that’s what they care about the most. Okay, so take care of that first experience. And this is of course, where it is more resume like, right, use your keywords. Your headline doesn’t have to be account executive, it could be, you know, voicemail marketing guru, right, if that’s what you sell, whatever you do, right, like, use your keywords, voicemail marketing as a keyword for you then put that in your headline, right? It doesn’t have to say what’s on your business card. There’s no LinkedIn police saying what’s on your business card. I mean, don’t make it you can make it up. But don’t misrepresent yourself. Right? Like, make sure it’s authentic. Because people will find that out in a minute. Right? But you got to do this, you got to do this and you and then and then in the experience, beef it up a little bit. If you know, tell me about your wins. Tell me how much you know if what you did if what you did was sales related. Tell me about how much you grew the sales for this department. You know if what if you have clients, tell me about your clients wins, how many what you do for them, right? Again, tell me about you but make it about me. Okay, so if you just do those three sections, you’ve got a huge head start. Right, then when people check out your profile, they, they’ll at least feel like you’re somebody that is worthy of their time. Okay, and probably when that decision maker looks at your LinkedIn profile, if you’ve done this work, you’re not going to lose that business because of a crappy LinkedIn profile. Right? You’re not gonna lose it. Because of that, I can’t promise you’re gonna get it. But Alicia LinkedIn profile won’t be you know, what will be will do its best to help support you landing those bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger contracts. Okay, so I just want to I just want to recap this for a second, the three sections I want you to do to just move forward with your LinkedIn profile is your headline. Right? We have 220 characters, your summary, we have 2600 characters, and your first experience section. Here’s the deal, we all miss opportunities. But when we see they looked at our LinkedIn profile, and we know it could be better than we’re kicking ourselves, right? I don’t want you to be kicking yourself. Don’t be that person. And, you know, here’s the other thing I mentioned to you, like, I don’t want this to be your resume, your resume is all about who you used to be. Nobody cares about who you used to be about hiring Karen from 10 years ago, right? I want you to project into the future. As you’re writing this the person that you’re becoming dress for the job you want not the job you have, right. So think about what future Karen is how what she’s doing, how she’s doing it the kind of the cool people that are in her life, right? And why your profile, so those people are like, wow, I need to get to know her. I want to know her better. Right? So of course I want your whole profile done. Of course I want your whole profile done. But you have to start somewhere. I mean, listen, I can tell you story after story after story about people in our program in our she’s linked up program that just from getting the profile done, had these huge successes like Jenny Cameron, who was episode Oh, was last week Jenny Cameron was Episode 171. Jenny Cameron, if you haven’t listened to 171, listen to it just by changing her profile, just by changing the profile. She didn’t start connecting with anybody and earning that stuff. Just by changing her profile. The she her her boss’s boss reached out to her and said, How do I not know you? You’re more qualified for my job than I am. And I want you know, we have an opportunity. We want you to interview for 12 years she’d been at the same job 12 years. Five weeks, she’s doing her profile for a couple weeks, not even a couple weeks. She’s doing a profile. And she got and she wasn’t even looking for that by the way, but she got offered a new job. So if you haven’t listened to 171 yet, then listen to that because Jenny Cameron is a perfect example of why you want your profiles on why this is so important. And what you’re missing by not doing it right. How many opportunities to Jenny Miss in the 12 years she didn’t do this. I mean, listen, I’m not I’m not I don’t live in regrets, right. I’m not living I’m not living in regrets, but let’s get real. Let’s Let’s not miss another one. Let’s put it that way. Let’s not miss another one. Jenny’s journey to success started with our online masterclass. As you know, I mentioned earlier that she’s linked up our goal is to recreate wealthy women of influence. Jenny is on her way to being a wealthy woman of influence it and she started with an on demand on demand masterclass. I would love to invite you to watch it as well. Right I refer to LinkedIn as absolutely my money tree. So our on demand masterclass, you can find out what are that money tree COMM The links are all in the show notes. Check it out. It’s on demand. It’s It’s my gift to you. Right. I want you to understand, once you do these couple things, listen to the masterclass. So now you understand a little bit about the shifts, that when you start to make some mindset shifts around how you use LinkedIn, and what you’re missing when you’re not using LinkedIn. That’s where the money starts coming in. And listen, I really I truly believe I love doing the show. I truly love doing the show. But I believe if I like stopped my podcasts and stopped posting and every other social media site and just did the work that I do on LinkedIn, I don’t think I’d lose much of my business would take a big hit the money, the vast majority of the money that comes into my business comes in through LinkedIn. So it can be the same for you. So let’s help each other out. I do this on demand masterclass. For you. I do this podcast every week for you. These are all my gifts to you. I would love you know, I would love for you to share this podcast with your audience and help me out right a rising tide lifts all boats. So let’s rise together. Let’s lift each other up. Help me Help you share this podcast, take a quick screenshot of this episode on your phone. Share that on your social media tag me I’m at Karen Yankovich. So I can share it with my audience. And then we both get more visibility, right? This is so important. And this is honestly this doesn’t take long. This is like an hour on your calendar, get yourself a glass, a glass of wine, whatever floats your boat, and just do these couple things. tag me if you want when you’re done or message me on LinkedIn. I’m happy to take a look at it. But let’s do this. Let’s do this. Let’s not miss any more opportunities. All right. Step one. Hallmark number one, do the three things we talked about on this podcast Hallmark number two, check out what are that and the on demand masterclass. And I promise you by the way, we’re not selling anything on that masterclass. It’s just pure content. If you want some help from us, we’ll tell you at the end how you can get some help from us, but it’s not we’re not selling anything. Don’t need your credit card, do those couple things. And I promise you, if you take action on these things, you’re going to start to see the shift. Fast. exciting, exciting. Okay, I’ll be back here next week with another episode. And until then, enjoy