This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, guest Cydney Mar shares with Karen how she redesigned herself and how you can too.

Cydney Mar is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a flair for reinvention, believing that life lessons and skills go with you on your life journey. As a former national-level competitive figure skater for Canada and international fashion designer on QVC worldwide, Cydney works with her business clients to develop their product & service-based businesses.


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About the Episode:

Cydney Mar is an international fashion designer and health and wellness expert, and it all started with ice skating. Throughout the years, she has redesigned herself to do what she wanted to do.

How did she do it? Instead of ignoring her background and previous successes, she built off of them. Your past is important, and you can use it to help you achieve what you want to achieve.

Listen in to Episode 173, hear more about Cydney’s story, and start your journey of achieving what you want to achieve!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s guest, Cydney Mar (2:34)
  • Why Cydney moved into the fashion world (10:13)
  • The next evolution of the reinvention of Cydney (12:14)
  • Why Cydney’s products work well together (15:09)
  • Love your liver (19:23)
  • Cydney’s continual reinvention (26:17)
  • What’s next for Cydney (30:10)
  • Where you can find Cydney (31:25)

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Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 173 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this episode is brought to you by she’s linked up the family of programs where we teach women simple relationship heart based LinkedIn marketing, LinkedIn strategy, a strategy that gets you on the phone consistently every week more calls with perfect people, people who can change your business, your life, your bank account for forever, forever, we create wealthy women of influence. And this strategy is one that once you learn it, it’s just going to take you through the rest of your life across many, many areas of your life. It’s digital marketing with the human touch right human to human marketing, you know how much I love LinkedIn, you know that I think LinkedIn is such a hot place to build your brand. And it’s your personal brand, right? So we have this cool tool, let’s use it. And then you know, beat some cool people. So if you’ve listened before, or if you love what you hear today, you know, we love to hear from you. So please subscribe to this episode, wherever you’re watching it, or listening to it. I would love if you’re feeling it. Leave us a review. Tell us what you love about it. Of course, I’d love for you to share this episode, take a quick screenshot, use the hashtag good girls get rich tag me use it on your social media. And then I will share your posts with my audience. And then we both get more visibility that way, right. So I love that. in the show notes. There’s a link for speakpipe you can leave us an audio review there you can find the show notes at Karen Yankovich comm slash 172. And you can leave us a review you can tell us who we should have as a guest a topic maybe you want me to cover on this podcast. I’d love to hear from you. So speaking of meeting cool people, Sydney Maher is one of the coolest people that I know, I can’t wait for you to hear this episode. She’s done some really, really really cool things. She’s built business after business after business after business and she’s leveraged each and every one of them. Right? The successes she’s having now are leveraging the successes that she’s had before. Right. So, you know, even though we’re reinvest many, many, many of us are reinventing ourselves especially in the times we’re living in now. You’re not brand new to this stuff, right? So I can’t wait for you to hear and get to know more about Sydney more. So we’re here today was Sydney Mar and Sydney is a multi passionate entrepreneur with a flair for reinvention, believing that life lessons and skills go with you on your life’s journey. She’s a former national level competitive figure skater for Canada international fashion designer on QVC worldwide. And today Sidney works with her business clients to develop their product and service based businesses. Ever the creative Sydney created facemask glove in response to the community needs for face masks, knowing if they were fashionable, well fitted and comfortable. There was a great possibility that they’d actually wear them. She also encourages her wellness clients to make healthy choices over at Sydney more wellness where she offers natural, proudly Canadian made vitamins and supplements. And in her leisure time Sydney goes to the gym walks with her sweet puppy princess Shiloh are talking with her birds chucking Henrietta in Montreal, practicing a work life balance that makes her happy. You are the ultimate good girl here on good girls get rich today. And I’m so excited to have you here today.

Cydney Mar 3:30
Thank you, Karen. I know we’ve been talking about gee whiz, we need to get on and have a great chinwag about what it is to be a woman in business today and navigating all of the different. I’m going to say life challenges because guess what, as wonderful and perfect and fabulous his life can be. I mean, who knew that 18 months ago, we would be all going into lockdown. Who knew? There would be also, you know, amongst the the illness and tragedies of people getting ill that there would also be opportunities of recrafting ones offers so that we could be of service?

Karen Yankovich 4:13
Yes, yes. And that’s what I love. I love it. I learned something new about you every single time I talked to you. Although I think I’ve heard all that the figure skater stuff was the stuff I just recently learned. I was like you did that too. So that’s so cool. And as we’re recording this, we’re right smack in the middle of the Olympics. So tell us about that. Tell us how tell us about what it was like to be a competitive figure skater.

Cydney Mar 4:32
Oh, my goodness, I loved being a skater. First of all, I started skating when I was six years old. And my dad always wanted me to kind of get on my own two feet. Didn’t matter what I was doing. So we had gone to Toronto. And there was a big family reunion and one of the things the my family does is skate together. So it was like Okay, let’s go skate. And dad was like, here’s some skates and he was zooming around. On the rink with the rest of his, you know, brothers and sisters, and you know, all of the kids, and I was hanging on to the rails going, you know, like help, you know, but he never baby me and was like, come on, you can do it. And then, you know, we I guess after the few weeks we were in Toronto, we went home and he said, you want to learn how to skate? And I said, Yes. And I just took to the ice, like a duck does to water. I just loved it. And so my parents always encouraged me it was up at 430 in the morning, it was get your skates ready have breakfast, at five o’clock, there was you know, Go brush your teeth. And then at 515 it was someone was picking you up to take you to the rink for six 6am class. And my whole life ended up being around skating, and then making sure that I got to school on time. And most of the kids who were skating like that, were told we better keep up our grades. Otherwise, we couldn’t skate anymore. And so I learned to talking about work life balance, to be able to skate six or eight hours a day, as well as still keep up my grades still make sure that I got all my tests in on time be really organized, and still go out dancing with my friends as I got older.

Karen Yankovich 6:26
Awesome. That’s so fun. I you know, it’s, as you were saying that story I was thinking about I have four kids, and the older three are boys and my youngest is a girl. And you know, they were all raised by the same parents, you know, like there was not, you know, so we can talk about nature and nurture, and men and women and whatever. And I remember, my kids didn’t Well, we lived on a lake. So they I skated a lot. But I remember being in a roller rink one time with my daughter when she was probably five. And she just kept falling, but she’d fall and get up and fall and get up and I was like, This is completely different than my boys who would fall and go, this is terrible. I can’t do this. This sucks. Like she was just like, I was like, I was blown away. So much so that she’s like 28 years old. And I still remember that moment. You know that because it is a lot. It’s a you’re taking their legs out from underneath of you. Right? So what a big deal that is for you as a five year old to, to just say I’m going to put skates on. Do you still skate?

Cydney Mar 7:15
You know, but only for fun? Because Yeah, since that I changed my career because I thought I was going to be a skater forever. And never, as we were talking about I was on the national team. I wasn’t Canadians. And at 18 a, one of the other competitors skated into me and almost severed my leg, I had my what I call my first near death experience, my was slashed open, I was bleeding out, my coach saved my life. 45 minutes later, the ambulance is there. So if he had not been what was literally a human tourniquet on my leg, I would have died. Because as you well know, 10 minutes of serious bleeding means you’re dead hon. So, you know, I was in the hospital, they did the emergency surgery, they kept testing my leg. It was the late 70s By that time, and there was no micro neurosurgery is being done in Canada. So my doctor arranged for five American doctors to be flown up to Vancouver. And they basically totally reconstructed my leg. And that is the reason that I have two legs right now why I can walk, why I can still dance. I don’t have perfect plantar action. But which means that I can’t push off on my right leg as well as I can on my left leg. And, you know, I had to learn how to take what made me a great skater, and transform that into life lessons that I could use into what was going to be my next career. And I was just really lucky that not only did I have a brilliant coach, he saved my life. And he taught me how to approach life as opposed to just being a competitive figure skater. Now if you didn’t time competitive figure skater I probably would have died, like rolled over and died. But as a person who was taught how to go on and how to have a different life, I was able to really jumpstart my fashion career life and that was that was amazing. And I couldn’t understand how I had been able to just really capture everything and become so successful so quickly because it 2021 I was already winning awards in New York. I already started my new company. I was being accepted in couture and being shown with our money and you know, we’ll go boss and and all of the top Canadian And designers, and it was fabulous. So I really had a head start by having 12 years in skating and understanding what is going on in, you know, life to make it bigger, better.

Karen Yankovich 10:13
Right? Yeah. So is that when you started to move then into the fashion world?

Cydney Mar 10:17
Yes. Well in skating, first of all, I had to do all of my own costumes. And Wally. Wow. So Well, I didn’t have to, but I loved it. And so her way out of a paper bag. So I, at 13, I started making my own outfits. And, you know, one of the skating mums taught me and she said to my Mom, don’t worry, just give her scraps and, you know, give her you know, some remnants let her wreck them. I didn’t wreck anything. And I learned how to sew fell in love with it, started creating all of my own costumes, not only for competition, but learning how to be expressive, like if it was Prokofiev. It was in that more, you know, rambunctious feeling. If it was Rachmaninoff, it would have been, you know, more powerful if it was afternoon of a faun, it would have been more ethereal. So what were the colors? What was the shape? What was the sensibility? And then when we went into the shows, whether or not it was something by Barbra Streisand, then maybe it was a vibrant read. And, and so I started cool. It was so fun. So fun. Really, I loved it.

Karen Yankovich 11:28
So yeah, talking about reinventing yourself, right. So talk about reinventing yourself. So

Cydney Mar 11:33
what does skating have to do with being an international fashion designer? Yeah, right. The the takeaway is that, if I if I had been, like, someone who maybe didn’t think they had any skills, but what if I had already done whether or not it was being a housewife at home? Man, she’s got skills. She knows how to run a house. She knows how to get the kids out the door. She knows that. I mean, a schedule all of those appointments. Those are life skills that are amazing, right?

Karen Yankovich 12:04
Yeah, absolutely. So then you bet you when we met, it was in a business group A few years ago, and you had a product based business then. So tell us about the next evolution of the reinvention of Cydney Mar?

Cydney Mar 12:19
Well, what happened for me was I had a second near death experience. Okay, so at the time, that wasn’t at the time when I joined the business group, I had, I still had my design business. And then what happened? Yeah, that was in 2012. I still had my design studio. But what happened Karen, was I had a second near death experience. I had an illness. I mano about when you’re at the time, I was 54, because I’m a tender 62 now my darling, I’m right behind you. And what happened was, my hair fell out. I was two months in the hospital, it crashed my immune system, my hair fell out. And, uh, yeah, I had, like, 35% left of my hair. It was like, I’m extremely horrible. And, and I was still contracted to QVC to appear live. I didn’t want to wear a wig. I didn’t want to have extensions. My hair wasn’t strong enough to put extensions in. And I didn’t want to take pharma meds. And so my natural path created a formula sit here, try this. And it works so well. And you know, we’re talking about my fabulous hair.

Karen Yankovich 13:31
I mean, I wish I should I’m going to I’m going to take a quick screenshot so I can show that even though I was terrible, cuz I just came from the gym. But her I mean, she’s absolutely I just began the zoom to do this. I was like, your hair is gorgeous. I mean, it really is truly gorgeous.

Cydney Mar 13:43
It’s like amazing that it’s, you know, so strong and healthy. And it grows fast. And I’m blessed. And so when it started working so well, I said, Oh, I have to all the women in the world who are men, you know, who want to have really glorious hair. I mean, what does today expect of us, they want us to show up, they don’t want us to feel uncomfortable and not feel like yourself. And so I started creating Sydney Mar wellness, which is my high end vitamins and supplements. And I made it really easy peasy for people to understand what it was. Because I what I realized is that there’s so much to know that I didn’t want the complex formulations to be confusing to people. So the name of each of the products like the one that you and I were just talking about for hair is called fabulous Hair, Skin and Nails. Oh, I need that. If you need something for yourself, it’s happy cells. If it is something for your liver, it’s love your liver if it’s you know, so it’s kind of really easy to navigate. Oh, that that’s the name that’s what it’s for. So just go off into the wild blue yonder takes them and carry on your merry way.

Karen Yankovich 14:54
So Sydney the over ever entrepreneur, yeah has this personal experience and your turn to into another revenue stream for your business for your company for your business. Yes, exactly, exactly. That’s awesome. So we were talking before the show, and really, that’s why I wanted to have her on here because she really just, I mean, I love that you just you have the, you just go for it, and you make it happen and you make it happen successfully. And I know now that you know, from having that product business, you are really, in many circles, the go to person to help people with their product businesses.

Cydney Mar 15:26
Right? It’s It’s so funny because I anytime anyone says the product word, I basically get tagged and they’re like, Ah, yeah, you got to talk to Sydney, you know?

Karen Yankovich 15:36
Yeah, yeah. Cuz you’ve done such a good job with it. So we talked about this earlier. And we said, we talked about it on the show, I have started to use Sydney’s products a couple months ago, I guess. And at the time, listen, I you know, I have thin hair, but I have a lot of hair still. But it falls out constantly. And I do have decent nails. But you know what, these are things like as you get older, it doesn’t get better. Right? So I said, Let me try the hair, skin and nails. And at the time, I did get the love your liver also, because what Sidney said was try to get get them both. So my question to you, when will explain to me why you say they work better why they work well together?

Cydney Mar 16:09
Well, as we were saying, when we’re talking about, you know how the products work, I said, Gee, you know, if you know you’re a lady of a certain age, you know, once we start getting I’m going to say anywhere from 40s and up or even some of my younger clients who are having hormone issues, because let’s let’s face it, if you’re taking Tylenol, if you’re taking any form of meds, if you’d like to enjoy cocktail hour, you’re kind of challenging your liver. And not all of us think about taking care of our liver and our poor liver as a vital organ, which is important to our you know, well being and survival has about 500 functions. So but it also is the manager of our hormones. So if your hormones go wonky, it tends to beat up your hair and your hair fall. So I mean, what happens with hair? Because hair even in as glorious as it can be, is I’m going to say decoration, okay? Yeah. Yeah, sorry for your survival. So when you go through a stress episode, or you’re maybe had an injury or something that is life threatening, all of the body’s energy goes to your vital organs, and it sacrifices your hair. So your hair basically says, oh, we’re getting out of the way. It goes to sleep, it goes dormant. Karen? Wow. And when it goes dormant, you can look on your watch and say, I had a stress event, you know, 90 days ago or something like that. And almost 90 days to the minute it then sheds. So you see doing hair today, what did you do three months ago or so. And if it’s continuing was there were there continuing stress events or something. And when we say stress events, it could be an injury, a car accident and death in the family, you know, just stress. And that is going to, you know, that is why we need to look at what what can we do to have the hair regrow? What can we do to nourish the hair, what can we do to calm down distress. Some of my other clients who are really, their adrenals are too high. Like they’re, you know, they’re getting up in the morning and rushing out and their adrenals are just going and they can’t stop. So adrenals are have a function of getting you out of the way getting you out of harm’s way You and I are walking down the street, let’s say a truck comes running around the corner and we have to look at each other and then grab each other and run like heck right that’s what adrenals are for. They’re not for everyday use. If you use them for everyday use it taxes the body and then your hair falls out. So really funny things that are kind of all combined. That you know it’s interesting that one thing affects the other and we really have to look carefully at how we’re living our life to be able to get a good night’s sleep to be able to drink enough water to be able to look glorious when we’re going out the door you know with or without makeup and hopefully with our own hair

Karen Yankovich 19:22
right so i also you know so I see a natural path and I have and I actually should bring your invite your products with me the next time I go but I you know I’m on a she hasn’t been on a couple of supplements right I’m on regular multivitamin and just some D and not much because I’m not really I don’t really want to take a lot of things so I was saw the love your liver and I was thinking well now I’m taking all this multivitamin stuff maybe I don’t need both. So you think that even if you’re taking solid multivitamins and things like that, that the love your liver is still important. It’s for the hormone balance.

Cydney Mar 19:53
It’s totally different function. Like the multi is probably I’m going to guess if it’s if a good Malte, shall we say is a is a B complex. That is, make sure that all of the B vitamins are in harmony because they need to be in balanced not to cause deficiency and one of the others, like if people who take a b 12 shot have to be followed by a doctor, because they need to look at all of the different, you know, all the balance of the vitamins. So but a B vitamin is totally different. And if you look at the ingredients isn’t the same as what’s in a in the love your liver, love your liver, or a liver product would be about supporting the liver function it and the first thing is because it’s a filter, it needs to be lightly, gently detox, like get all the gunk out, right. And then it needs to be repaired. My product is actually also does repair so it does regenerate liver tissue. And it has been noted what is in that formulation has been noted to reverse cirrhosis. Can you imagine?

Karen Yankovich 21:01
Wow, no, I didn’t know that. That’s, that’s awesome. That’s awesome. Your products are amazing. They really are. They really, aren’t we I mean, listen, I don’t we didn’t really necessarily have you come out here to to tell everybody how great your products are. But I just you know, they are. It’s really more about, you know, being an entrepreneur, your entrepreneurial journey. But definitely, of course, we’ll put links to all of this in the show notes for this episode, because you all need to check this out. You know, my so my family, let me ask you this. My family has a his my the women and my mother’s family have a history of hair loss. Now I tend to I have my dad’s hair. So I don’t have the same hair loss that my mother’s family has. But I’m telling you, they need wigs. When I say that there’s low hair, like you can see their scalps. Like they need wigs I have, you know, relatives that have had like, I don’t know, some tattooing thing or, you know, or something like that. Because it’s you can literally see their scalp. So do you think that I mean, am I pushing you over the edge now, but of course, I always see that even though I’ve not experienced it, I always have a lot I’ve very thin hair. But I don’t have that same level of hair loss that some of the other my the women in my family have. But of course, I always think that it’s gonna happen tomorrow. Right? So do you think that this could help with that, even though it’s some genetic?

Cydney Mar 22:08
You know, here’s the thing is that, you know, I would want to and that is why on my website, I have a little like health and beauty chat, just to get a little bit of information about, like you said, there’s some family hereditary aspects to that there, you know, so I need to know a little bit about the pharma meds that you’re taking, and maybe, you know, like we’re talking about, has one been through a number of stresses so that I can help put together a protocol that can help there were white papers done and clinical trials on my active ingredient, and there is an 85% success rate. But it can also mean there is a 15% not success rate, because the movie Yeah. It says just we can get right. Yes, yes, I, I think that to an 85%. Generally speaking, we can help. And then sometimes we have to unpack some I’m going to say things that maybe either clients or friends are not confessing that they’re doing

Karen Yankovich 23:10
right. Yep, yep. Yep.

Cydney Mar 23:12
Sometimes I had one client come to me, and then it’s related to the love your liver, she perfect, looked perfectly healthy. She said, Let me try that vitamin, I’m starting to lose my hair. And then you know, she was a hairdresser and came back to me Two months later and said, it’s not working Winona, and I said, Listen, Honey, what else is going on with you? Tell me Tell mom everything you know, and the doctor did to have a liver issue. There you go. And I said might make me a promise. Take the love your lover. Try this together. And then I’ll die rise in my journal, when to call you back. And we’ll see how it goes. And before those two months were up, she called me back. Yeah, it works. Yeah,

Karen Yankovich 23:55
yeah. Yeah. I love it. I do. I love it. I love it. And I think that you know, whatever we can do, I’m all for do what you got to do, right? If you want to go do what you got to do you want to go to plastic surgeon and get taken care of Go for it, do it. But whatever we can do to to keep our natural bodies in as good a shape as we can. Let’s do it. Right? Like why not? Right? Why not get extensions, get whatever you want. But at the same time, let’s you know, let’s keep our eye on and you know, I will tell you this, one of the things that I because I also have a thyroid issue. So my eyebrows, my eyelashes are often you know, thin. So I think my eyelashes are longer since I’ve been taking your hair skin and nails. Which is really because I’m always that’s something I always struggle I don’t really want to wear, I don’t really want to wear false eyelashes, at least not every day. And I also don’t want to get I don’t want to really get eyelash extensions because I know I just don’t want the follow up. I don’t want the you know, having to go every week or two or every couple of weeks. So I don’t want to do any of that. Like I want it to be naturally done. And I was like just the other day I was like you know what, I bet this is Sydney’s product that’s making my eyelashes even a little bit longer and thicker

Cydney Mar 24:57
and eyebrows but if I Right issue what kind of salt to use?

Karen Yankovich 25:02
I use Himalayan sea salt currently.

Cydney Mar 25:06
Oh, it’s a Himalayan sea salt. Okay, so I’m not sure what that because you have a source of iodine? Because Did you know and maybe we talked about it when we were chatting before, but a thyroid will not function without iodine or any vitamin E. So you need those two things before you go on to…

Karen Yankovich 25:27
Vitamin E. I don’t think I take I mean, I’m sure it’s in some probably in my multi

Cydney Mar 25:31
Oh, it will not be there a vitamin separately get a 400 a 400 iu, vitamin D. Okay, and you’re gonna see, you know, because we often recommend a 400 iu vitamin E, I don’t do single, single ingredient formula. Me for vitamin D or fighting. Right, right. Yep, yep. And a source of a good source of iodine. So if it’s a Himalayan salt with Cece with, like, kelp, or something in it, I’m calm.

Karen Yankovich 26:01
But okay, off the look off. Look, I don’t know,

Cydney Mar 26:04
with my friends and clients who go into, say, the fancy salts and have no source of iodine. It’s like, what are you doing?

Karen Yankovich 26:15
Well, I’ll have to check it out off to check it out. So you’ve got so much going on. I mean, I’m looking at your full bio, see, you know, QVC, Japan, QVC. Italy. I mean, just you’ve been all over the world, you’ve done so many cool things. You’ve had multiple, you know, things. And then I mean, then you don’t even know I don’t really want to spend all another half hour time. It’s been you reinvented yourself again, right post, you know, during the pandemic, which we talked about the beginning, creating this face mask product. So you and that happened? I mean, come on you. You are right, I watched you do that. Right. Because obviously was only 18 months ago. So you had to have done that on a dime, like you couldn’t, you know, wasn’t like, like, let me spend two years of developing this, like you had it you had already? I think it was April or May you want you’re already you’re already selling this. Right. So tell us how, you know, how did that happen?

Cydney Mar 26:58
Well, you know, when it’s product oriented, one of the things they say to you is, are you solving a problem? You know, or do you see a problem that needs to be solved? Like if you and I went for grain our box, we’d probably hear, you know, to the left or the right, a mum complaining about a clip on her kids backpack, or someone else saying, you know, they’re my pen isn’t writing, I’m sure there could be a better pen, there’s always somebody, always something you’re trying to solve. So, pandemic happened, and I’m walking around my neighborhood, you know, many feet apart, looking at people wearing what I’m going to call and I’m so sorry for anybody that I’m insulting. But seeing these god awful prints horribly sewn into badly fitted face masks, and I’m thinking, What’s the point of that? Right? No, I wanted to solve a problem. I wanted to have things that were better fitting that were comfortable, that were fashionable night, you know, et cetera, et cetera. So I created face masks love. And what happened with that was, you know, I and I called up my friends in the trade. I said, who’s who’s got, you know, factories, you know, and we actually had to restart the factories and put in protocols to make sure that, you know, some of the workers could come back to, you know, because everybody was, like, everything was closed, right? Hey, right. Like, who’s got fabric? Who’s got factories? Who’s got some people? How can we set it up? You know, to make one way, I guess distance? Like, would they come in one way they go out another, you know, so that they don’t, there’s not all this going for stuff. They do that in hospitals as well. And it was really fun to sort of start to go in create, and also set up the all of the website for it. And what happened, you know, opportunities happen when you step up to the plate, Karen. And that is, what happened is it my friends in the neighborhood said, Hey, we heard that the city of Montreal needs face mass, and they don’t know who to go to and who’s open. So here’s here’s who to call. I contacted them. You know, within a couple of weeks, I had an order for I don’t I can’t remember now 10 or 20,000 units. I got them delivered in three weeks. And then with that, I ended up with a vendor number to the government. And and then I saw something else for the federal government. And I thought, Oh, that looks like me. That looks like something I can do. So I bid on this tender and I was able to get a contract for a quarter of a million units of face masks, which I then shipped early to the government and the people that I was talking to who support teaching the new vendors to the government how to navigate the system. They were like you are a subject matter expert. We like come here. So they kindly encouraged me to apply to become a pre approved pro services consultant. And so I got my stamp of approval. And hopefully there’ll be some interesting contracts that I can do as a consultant to the government in the near future.

Karen Yankovich 30:10
So So what’s what’s next? What is next for Cydney Mar?

Cydney Mar 30:14
What is next? Well, gosh, you know, that’s a great question. I’m actually pondering taking because I’ve got, as you know, kind of a lot of things, a lot of irons in the fire. I’m looking at how can I streamline this because, as you know, in my tender age, I want to make my life simpler. I still love being a service, but I’m actually rethinking of amalgamating all of my websites and my brand into one instead of having three separate websites. So that’s what I’m thinking of doing so that I can spend more time being of service instead of doing the backend stuff. Right. Right. Yeah. So looking to hire and invest in the indigenous communities. Because I think you know, that I I’m indigenous, I’m Chinese, Scottish. And I’m in color. katma Thompson River Salish from British Columbia. Okay. And so, you know, there’s a lot of learning. Yeah. The input cat, my language.

Karen Yankovich 31:20

Cydney Mar 31:21
It’s hard.

Karen Yankovich 31:22
I bet I bet. Wow. So I’m going to share, share links to all of this in, you know, in our show notes, links to your products, links to the things you’re doing. Is there anything you want to leave our audience with here today, because I just think your story is so inspiring and and that you just continue to reinvent yourself. Because you’re because even though you’re saying you’re reinventing yourself, but really what you’re doing is you’re building on what you’ve done before, right? Like, I had a lot of people that were talking to me that were looking to build to do face masks, but you had you were able to pull from your previous experience as a, you know, as a fashion designer, you had the connections, you had these things, right. So, so you’re reinventing yourself, but you’re also building I think, from what I see on what you’ve previously done. So how can people connect with you and follow up with you?

Cydney Mar 32:04
Oh, goodness, you know, really, they just have to Google me, I’m from being on QVC. All those years, the SEO is on my name is all over the place. So that is why interestingly enough that my consulting business for product development is Sydney Why my wellness is like, I can’t hide 30 years of being in the fashion trade. So if I call me out, it would never, you know, sort of like that. She’s the fashion designer, we don’t get it wasn’t chiva you know,

Karen Yankovich 32:36
right. Right. Right. I love it. Well, then it makes sense that you’re going to tie it all together under one brand to that all makes sense.

Cydney Mar 32:43
Yes, it seems a bit daunting, but I’m looking to interview and, you know, look to pull together the team to reflect back to me on, you know how that’s going to look how I can streamline it because I want to spend more time of being a service, I also want to as we’re talking about having a full and nuanced life, to take time for my own cultural studies, because I feel like I’ve missed so much, because my family had our indigenous background.

Karen Yankovich 33:15
Is that right,

Cydney Mar 33:17
yeah, and you know, what, it’s funny, one of our heroes in the community is just four years older than me. And, you know, he suffered at residential school, and one of the ones who made major changes here in Canada, and I mean, I know that, you know, even though I miss so much, and and didn’t get to learn our language and culture as a child, and that’s why I’m so committed to doing it. Now. I want all of it I I’m studying, actually, at the University of Alberta, the basic native study so that I can understand everything. It’s been given by Dr. Tracy bear. And I’m also in the communities learning language and doing attending the elder storytelling, which is fabulous. So there’s so much to know. And to you know, what’s interesting, is it a couple of months ago, I also took a business some Dei, so Diversity, Equity and Inclusion course. And it really brought to my attention the nuances of our biases.

Karen Yankovich 34:29
Yeah, there are many, many, many nuances. Many I feel like this is another entire conversation, we can have so many nuances. Yes, yes. Yeah.

Cydney Mar 34:40
So that is really what’s next is learning how to streamline that so that I can take the time from my own cultural development and so to be able to provide enough time to give back

Karen Yankovich 34:51
awesome Well, we’re gonna put links to all of that in the show notes so people can follow you and follow your journey. Thank you so much for sharing it with us here today. Sydney. I’m so glad we had a chance to do this. And I can’t wait to see what’s next and I’m going to add the love your lover to my order that I’ll be making probably later today. So thanks again for being here.

Cydney Mar 35:09
Thank you

Karen Yankovich 35:10
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