This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, guests Dana Hilmer and Wendy Perrotti share with Karen how they’re helping women reinvent themselves.

Dana Hilmer and Wendy Perrotti are the Co-Creators of Camp Reinvention™, the only transformational program and private community for women 50+ who are eager to break the stereotype of what it means to grow older and create a second half of their lives they’re wildly excited about.


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About the Episode:

After this pandemic, so many women are ready to reinvent themselves and do something different, but they don’t know where to start.

At Camp Reinvention, Dana Hilmer and Wendy Perrotti help transform women into women who break the stereotype of what it means to grow older and create a second half of their lives they’re wildly excited about.

If you’re ready for a change in your life and don’t know where to start, start by listening to what Dana and Wendy have to say in Episode 174!

They’ll help guide you onto your new path to happiness!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s guests, Dana Hilmer and Wendy Perrotti (2:09)
  • Dana’s and Wendy’s journeys (2:59)
  • What is Camp Reinvention? (5:25)
  • Learning to reinvent yourself (11:28)
  • Surround yourself with people who understand you (20:19)
  • Dana and Wendy’s upcoming program, Success Accelerator (24:22)
  • Where you can find Dana and Wendy (27:26)

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Read the Transcript

Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 176.

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 176 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this podcast is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing to women, strategies that gets you on the phone consistently with your perfect people. We want you on the phone consistently with people that can change your business, your life and your bank account for ever. You’re going to hear so much about this on this episode today. What we do with the she’s linked up family is create women of influence. So if you’ve listened before, if you love what you hear today, you know, we love hearing from you. So please subscribe to this show, wherever you’re listening. If you’re feeling it, leave us a review, then we get a sense of what shows you’re loving. And we could do more of that. I’d love for you to take a quick screenshot of this episode, share it on your social media, use the hashtag good girls get rich tag me tag our guests, all the links are in the show notes. And we’ll be sure to share your post with our audience. And we all get more visibility that way. in the show notes, there’s a link for speakpipe you can leave us a message there. Maybe there’s a guest you think I should interview? Maybe there’s a topic you’d love me to consider maybe you just want to tell us tell me what you think about this show. Right? So go into the Karen Yankovich comm slash 176. And you’ll see the link for speakpipe there, we love getting messages from you there. Today’s episode, you’re gonna love this I met these women I don’t even actually know how we connected but we connected recently on a project that they’re doing that I’m a part of. And I just love the synergy between their message and what what the work that I do and the the topics that I talked about here on this show, and I really wanted you to meet them. So here we go meet the women behind camp reinvention. We are here today with Wendy parati. And Dana Helmer. And they are the CO creators of Camp reinvention, the only transformational program and private community for women 50 Plus, who are eager to break the stereotype of what it means to grow older and create a second half of their lives they’re wildly excited about together they’ve coached over 2000 hours have developed hundreds of hours of original content, been featured on countless podcast, television and radio shows reached over 2 million people on their own podcast and train leaders in dozens of organizations that includes PepsiCo at Yale University and in demand. And can you guys tell by their bio, why I wanted to have them here, they have women over 50 create a second half of their lives. They’re wildly excited about I’m so happy to have you ladies here today. Thank you. We’re happy to be here. Yes. Can you tell me Can we start a little bit with like the journey and maybe or maybe tell like introduce each other a little bit? Maybe you can each take a minute and tell. Tell our listener who’s you know, who you are and what your background is?

Dana Hilmer 3:12
Awesome. So I’ll introduce Wendy first. So Wendy has been an in demand coach for kind of when how many years?

Wendy Perrotti 3:21
So I’ve kind of eight years at this point, I

Dana Hilmer 3:23
think ah, yeah. And so it’s funny, we actually met kind of through the networking world. But Wendy is one of those people that the minute you see her at an event, the minute she opens your mouth, you’re like, Oh my gosh, I’ve got to get to know this woman. So that’s really how we connected honestly. But she has coached just hundreds of hundreds of people. She’s the one with the podcast that has over 2 million downloads and has worked with organizations, you know, far and wide with our Energy Initiative program and has a lot of group programs. And you know, when when we met gosh, it was probably about two or three years ago. We’re like, Oh my gosh, there’s this wonderful connection and we just have to do something together.

Karen Yankovich 4:05
I love it. So Wendy Why don’t you tell me about Dana.

Wendy Perrotti 4:08
You know, Dana was this person that I had met that I thought was so cool. Dana’s just got this happy, easy way about her. We clicked. But we’re busy, right? So year after year, we’d like run into one another add a little networking thing or whatever. And Dana is the best person that follow up I have ever met in my life.

Karen Yankovich 4:31
Oh my gosh, that’s such a great skill.

Wendy Perrotti 4:34
I know. She’s amazing. I get an email from her. We should have lunch we should. So a couple times a year I would hear from Dana Helmer, this woman that I hardly knew we need to connect we need to and it just never happened as much as we wanted it to. And she came to us I was speaking in her town and she came to a thing that I was speaking at. We went for coffee afterwards. And we at that table, we started talking about what we loved about What we do, how important it is for women to have support and to have fun, like we don’t have enough fun, and we just started going through it all. And in that first like actual coffee, actually dated drinks iced tea. But in the actual meeting together, we came up with the idea for Cambria intention. And that is just dug in from there.

Karen Yankovich 5:23
So, okay, so that kind of covers, I guess, a lot of your journey. So we’ve kind of answered that question. So tell us a little bit about Cambria invention. Let’s just jump right to that. Tell us a little bit about what it is and what you’re doing and how you’re doing. You’re

Dana Hilmer 5:36
awesome. So you can play invention, as Wendy shared, we came together and decided to start this project. And it started off as a six month program with retreats. We did it in January of 2020. We thought to be a kind of one off cool project. And it was on believable I mean, the feedback we got was amazing. We’re like, Oh my gosh, we’ve really got something here. So we thought let’s do it again. And of course, we signed up for the next couple six month programs with retreats had to cancel them because of COVID. So we thought, what if we brought this online, it allows us to be able to have a positive impact and more women’s lives. Clearly a lot of people were going through the transition not just because of the age group we’re in, but because of COVID. Right, so it’s right, right up all the time of transformation. And so we thought, you know, let’s bring this online. And so we started a pilot program of Cambria invention online in June of 20. And so we’re a little over a year we celebrate our camp aversary and

Karen Yankovich 6:36
camp-versary, I love that

Dana Hilmer 6:39
program really is targeting women in this age group 50 and older, because we think there’s a huge opportunity here, there are so many of us women, that there’s more women over age 50 than any other time in history, we are more accomplished, more educated. And so many of us feel like we’re just getting started, you know, like, there’s so many things we want to do and experience. And we don’t want to get older the way our mother and our grandmother did, right, we want to write our own roles, and write their rules of what it means for them to get older. And to be really friggin excited about what the second half of our life can be. Just because we’ve done something before, it doesn’t mean it’s what we need to do in the future. So, so we’ve created this program for women with that mindset. And it’s been an incredible journey.

Karen Yankovich 7:26
Oh my gosh, I love that you’re doing that.

Wendy Perrotti 7:28
If I could hop in for a second. One of the things that we noticed about this age group, this demographic is that women are lifelong learners. And they have men learning about themselves, learning about the world, learning about how to make things happen. But it hasn’t translated into results for most of them. Most, so many women learn and they get to that aha, I get it part. But it hasn’t translated into a better life a life that they love the goals that they set out to achieve. And so this camp reinvention process that we’re talking about is sort of everything that Dana and I have done in coaching and leadership development and personal development, and all of those things over the years kind of cold down into this transformative process that says, okay, sisters, now you’re going to take what you know, and the little bit that you don’t know, we’re going to teach you some some things too. And you’re going to put it into practice, so that you do get what you want. So that that transformation does happen.

Karen Yankovich 8:40
I love that. I mean, you guys know, I mean, my podcast is called good girls get rich, my my LinkedIn strategy programs are called she’s linked up. So I serve women as well. And it’s not that I’m, I’m a man bashing at all here, but I do know that there are statistics that say, you know, if there’s an opportunity that you need 10 things to be able to do a man will, if they have three of them, no, apply. And a woman is like, Oh, no, I need 11 of them before I can apply. Right? So we’re learning and learning and learning and then not as a gender. I don’t know why this is but as a gender and this is definitely a you know, I think generally true. We just feel like we have to have all our ducks in a row. We have to know everything and and, you know, we don’t we can learn a little bit. But that’s why I love you said, you know, you take their knowledge and then teach them a little bit more so that they can step into this because it is not anything. There’s no reason that there’s no logical reason for that to be that that statistic, but I don’t remember who said that somebody did recently did research on that. And there’s like statistics and percentages around it. And I see it to be true. And it sounds like you guys do too.

Dana Hilmer 9:45
You know, it’s interesting. I think one of the things we say over and over again a camp is start before you’re ready. Like I think a lot of women believe just like you said, Karen, that they need to have everything figured out they need to have the whole game brand have every educational certification and know how in the entire world before they give themselves permission to start. And we know because we’re entrepreneurs, the way you learn is to start. Right, right. And you take a step and you get more information. Yeah. So it’s getting people out of their head and into action. And I think that’s a well, it’s a big part of the Cambria invention process is, is really mastering what’s going on between the ears, right? From our beliefs and our thoughts, and just the giving, giving yourself permission to pursue what it is we want to pursue. I think so many women, especially in our age group, did all the things we should do, right, were the good girls, we did all the things. And it’s like, wait a minute, am I doing that because I want to do it, or my because doing it, because I should do it. And we really break those apart. And help women identify what they want, and why they want it. And to give themselves permission to go for it. Like just because you didn’t do before or just because it’s not you know, what you thought cultures prescribed for you, like we’ve got to pursue, it’s true to ourselves. And, you know, we call it camp reinvention. And Wendy kind of alluded to this, because there’s a ton of deep work that we’re doing. But we women have to have a lot more fun. We like to get some great experience, you know,

Karen Yankovich 11:25
so so true. It’s so true. I love that. You know, one of the things that I find too, is that I’m like I you know, I think well, first of all, I think that you guys talk about being in the right place at the right time, right, right before the world shut down. Right, you create, you came up with Cambrian invention. And now we have many, many, many women that are reinventing themselves, because maybe they’ve been working from home and they don’t want to go back into the office or, you know, there’s there’s a lot of reasons that I think many, not just women, men and women are really reinventing, and re looking at what the next chapter is going to look like. And maybe it doesn’t look like what they thought it was gonna look like, right? But here’s what I find. And what I find is that, you know, you’ve got this woman, she’s 5055, whatever. And she’s like, Alright, I really want to do coaching. But that’s awesome. And I said, Well, you know, and I could think of somebody, if you’re listening, you know, who I’m talking about, who said to me, you know, well, I’ve never worked with this particular industry before. So I can’t sell to that industry. And I was like, You are not born yesterday, you have years of experience, as a coach as all these things. Just because you’ve repackaged the way you’re delivering your services, and maybe haven’t worked in this particular industry or that particular industry. It doesn’t mean you’re not beyond qualified to support the people that you’re looking to support. Right. But I think in many ways, they feel like Well, I’ve only been a coach for a minute. And, and I’m like you, but you know, you’re not 20, you have 20 years of experience, whatever that experience looks like you’re bringing to this second half of your life.

Wendy Perrotti 13:00
You know, another difference between men and women, right? The women think they have to be bulletproof before they can make that pivot. Before they can say, Hey, I’m good at this. I’ve got a skill set to make this work. And I think another difference between men and women is there’s actually research behind this. Men and women both face ageism, equally. But men get back into the workforce much more quickly than women. And it’s because of their network. You know, oh, you’re talking my language. And I think that women, you know, we were sort of cultured, that there was only one seat at the table. And because of that we learned to compete with one another. Whether you’re the mean girl or the good girl, we learned to compete with one another for that seat at the table. And we haven’t built the same kind of network. And that’s another thing that we’re doing with Cambria invention, we’re saying we are a network. The amount of experience here is so profound. What happens if we start pulling one another up?

Karen Yankovich 14:08
Oh, my gosh, I love that. And where I love that the synergy between what camp reinvention does, and what the service is that that my company does, is that you guys are giving, like, what I really want to do is I want them to think a little bit differently show up a little bit differently, right, think of themselves as the expert, that they really are talking about themselves as the expert that they really are, and build relationships from that standpoint. Right. I want you to you know, there’s no, there’s nobody that’s different than you. You know, one of the things that I teach is, you know, like, for example, like so LinkedIn strategies, part of the LinkedIn strategies are going to a conference. And I’m like, Alright, let’s look at the speakers. And I often get well, I can’t get down, they’re not gonna want to meet me. You know, they’re the they’re a big deal. Like, I’ve been a speaker at many events where I didn’t know a single person at that event. I would have been very happy if somebody connected with me ahead of time and said, Hey, I’m really looking forward to your talk. And if you’ve got some time, I’d love to have coffee. would have loved that, right. And that’s and there’s ways to build your network when you are coming from a position of power and strength and confidence, even if you have to kind of fake that confidence a little bit in the beginning, right. And once you start doing it, you realize the opportunities that are there for you. But it only happens when you start doing it, and you start connecting with people. And I, I 100% agree with you, Wendy, I think that the the there are networks are not what they could be. And that is that that is at the heart of everything that I teach, because that’s where that’s where the opportunities come. And you have to be confident enough to to not actually know exactly where that opportunity, what that object is going to look like, again, you know, we want it we want to have a path, right? We want a template that says, here’s a and then I need to go to B and then I need to go to C, well, sometimes there’s no path, you just have to build these relationships, and then the Path Appears, right? And then you can put your position for that. And that’s where the beautiful the magic happens.

Wendy Perrotti 15:59
You know, that’s why we’re so excited about this new program. We’re, that you’re involved in, right? We’re we’re taking this camp reinvention process where Dana and I like grow that woman behind the goal, we help teach you how to transform your life. But guess what, if you want a different job, or you want to start a business, or you want to lean into a side hustle, there’s a lot of tactical stuff, you need to know how to do the LinkedIn thing, you need to know how to build your network. And so we’re excited to work with experts like you, and bring that tactical peace to the women who come to camp reinvention so that we’re really covering the whole part of transformation. Right that inner Yeah, and all the tactical expert work.

Karen Yankovich 16:45
And I’ve seen your list of people that are that are speaking at this at your, you know, that are part of your camp reinvention program. You know, in fact, that is something that is on my to do list is to connect with all of those women, some of them I know some of them, I don’t write, but I need to connect with them all. Because, again, I don’t know why. But you know, it’s a nice intro. Hey, we’re both, you know, we’re both a part of Camp reinvention. And I know that, you know, Dana and Wendy worked hard at finding, you know, smart women, and I like to be connected to smart women, I’d love to be connected to you. And I’d love to get on your phone with you. I don’t just need to have a network, LinkedIn network full of these people. I want to actually get on the phone with these people, because you just don’t know. Where are the opportunities? Like you guys met for coffee? And who here you are? How many years later, right? building this business together? You don’t know. And I’m I’m not suggesting that that’s, that’s always a possibility, right? Sometimes the opportunity is you can support them. But here’s what here’s, here’s the deal, they’re gonna remember that. And maybe in six months or a year, when you need something, they’ll remember that you supported them when they needed something, and you know, or introduce them to somebody or something. And that’s true networking and true relationship building

Dana Hilmer 17:51
it’s interesting. I think everything that we do in life that we do well, it’s because of the people and the relationships we have. Right, right. And unfortunately, the job hunting world now the whole process is kind of remove the human component. Job, right, but now we’re doing resumes or digital keywords, and you’ll be lucky to be seeing if AI picks you up. And you know, like there’s there’s things that are put in place now on the job hunting process that takes away that ability to connect in person and nothing beats that. And of course, Karen, you treat that you teach that over and over and over again, it’s all about connecting, it’s all about cultivating those relationships. And, you know, I have to say, you know, we wouldn’t be where we are today with kamberi invention. If we didn’t honestly have that ability to do that. We have a beautiful partnership with Leslie Jane Seymour, who is the founder of covey club. And some people may recognize Leslie’s name because she was the editor in chief of all these magazines, more magazine, Redbook magazine, Marie Claire magazine. And, you know, I met her at a conference and ultimately, we cultivated that relationship. And because there’s a beautiful synergy with what we do, we elevate each other. She’s part of what Yes. And that’s what we’re looking for here, right is like, how can we find these beautiful synergies? or How can I share the skill set that I have with this other person, and I think as you’re going through any change in your life, you know, we call ourselves camp reinvention, reinvention could be a huge change. Or it could be I just want to show up a little bit different each day each day. I’ve heard myself like a reinvention, that is supposedly that small is actually quite huge. And so any change that we make, we’re making it with people. We’re making it with the support of others. And quite frankly, you know, I think so many of us feel like we’re alone as we’re going through changes, like we’re alone as we’re going through the things that we’re wrestling with in our own little brain at night, right? We think we’re the only one that’s dealing with imposter syndrome or we’re the only one that’s dealing with this limiting belief. And when you pull people together, you realize Holy smokes, we’re all dealing with the same stuff. And this woman over here that is so friggin accomplished, that I would have never thought in a million years I could connect with. Now we’re friends. And I realize we’re down dealing with the same stuff. You know? Yes. Same stuff.

Karen Yankovich 20:17
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And, you know, I think something we haven’t really talked about yet that I think is a big part of, or, to me a big value to what you’re doing is, I mean, yes, we talk about you talk about the private community, and you talk about the networking within that community. But very often, women that are thinking in a way where they might want to change the second half of their lives, they are not necessarily surrounded by people that understand that.

Wendy Perrotti 20:43
And my gosh, right, so, so true, and so important.

Karen Yankovich 20:50
Yes, that doesn’t mean those people don’t love them and, and want the best for them, but they don’t understand it. And because they don’t understand that it holds us back.

Wendy Perrotti 20:57
You know, Dana, and I always say people hate change. And so the people who love you, even if they’re your biggest cheerleaders, the when they see you start to change, without even knowing it, they start to pull you back into a more recognizable version of yourself, because your change makes them feel uncomfortable. But the good news is that when you live, that change, they get used to it becomes the you that they know and love and that they’re comfortable with, but it’s really difficult to get over that hump on your own without the support of people who know what you’re doing and have your back in that way.

Karen Yankovich 21:38
Exactly. And, and, you know, in many cases, in my, in my case, in many cases, my entire family or teachers and, you know, or the vast majority, and they have pensions, and they you know, and you just don’t leave a teaching job at 50 to be an entrepreneur, you know, you just don’t and but and I wasn’t a teacher, but they don’t they just don’t understand it. And and how could they, right, so, so I think that there’s even, you know, even now, like even now, and you know, even now, when I when a topic, like say a topic comes up, like health benefits, right? It’s not easy to create a great, you know, to have to have a good solution for health benefits when you’re an entrepreneur, you know, they’re expensive, and they’re not always what you need, and blah, blah, blah. And I can’t even tell you how many times a year somebody says to me, Well, if maybe it’s just go get a job. And I’m not complaining, I’m not saying I might be complaining about the health benefits, but there’s not a single part of me that would do that for that. But they don’t understand it, they don’t understand it. So that so because they don’t understand it, they think they’re helping, right by giving you advice that you didn’t ask for. But you know that because they don’t understand it. Right? So having a community of other people that can say no, no, we get it, we get it, somebody that you can go to when something really cool happens in your business that your family wouldn’t understand. Like, I just got the 1,000th person, this person on my email list today. Right? Like, okay, like, if he’s gonna be like, Okay, what does that even mean? But your entrepreneur friends are going to be like sending you flowers jumping up and down, right? shouting you out on their social media

Dana Hilmer 23:06
It’s so true

Wendy Perrotti 23:06
we we like to talk about jen degenhart. When we met her, she was a teacher. And just it wasn’t, she left teaching. She was not a good match for the way teaching was going in the world. She felt like she wasn’t able to connect with students. And all she wanted to do was write books to help these kids learn language in a different way in a way that spoke to them. That’s all she wanted to do. And everybody squelched her, she hired a coach who told her a book is just a calling. Right? But this is what she wanted to do. It was what she was made to do. And everybody in her life tried to stop her. Well flash forward four years. In the four years since we met Jen, Jen has published 35 books, oh, my god languages. She is earning a living as an author, and she is happier than she’s ever been in our life. And there’s a story, right? It’s not a kajillion air, but she travels, she lives the life that she set out to live. But the people who loved her tried to protect her from it, because they were afraid for her.

Karen Yankovich 24:19
Right. Right. So you guys really have the whole package you have the whole package with this Cambrie invention? I love it. I love it.

Dana Hilmer 24:27
What else was I would love to share a little bit about this program that we have coming up.

Karen Yankovich 24:30
Yes, I was. That was my next question. So same page.

Dana Hilmer 24:33
So this program is quite frankly, I think the most robust program we’ve ever seen to help women change their career by the end of the year. That’s we’re calling it a success accelerator, change your career by the end of the year. The goal is to meet women where they’re at right there’s we have a whole lot of experience behind us. So many of us want to somebody wants to pivot their career or start that business or even getting back into the job you’ve had or the business event in can be a challenge right? ages with a obviously, it’s just a little bit more challenging in this voyage. So what we’re doing is we are, we are doing our robust camp reinvention process over the course of 12 weeks. And during that same 12 weeks, we’re bringing in all the amazing experts like yourself, who are teaching the hard skills, right, so we have two tracks of learning. The first is all about, you know, if I’m that person that wants to get a new job, we have all the experts that are gonna help you with that. If I’m the person that wants to start a business, we have all the experts that are gonna help you with that. So for example, if you’re looking to find a new job, we’ve got Karen, who is going to be helping with LinkedIn, we have that digital resume experts, who’s going to help you create that resume for the digital era. Right, so passes the ETS system, and you actually get picked up with your keywords. We have the networking expert we have. Dave from Dave, from ages, Dave Stewart, from ages coming in and talking about how not to be a victim of ageism. How do you tell your pivot story? How do you create your brand story and ace in the interview? Right? So all those things you need to know that are the hard skills on getting a job to negotiate how to negotiate. Yeah, and so, so many things, and you think about a lot of women in our age group haven’t looked for a job for 10 20 30 years.

Karen Yankovich 26:24
Exactly. Exactly. Right, who has a resume? Right? Yeah.

Dana Hilmer 26:29
And as you know, Karen, it’s all about creating those meaningful connections. So how do you do that using the tools that we have today, like LinkedIn, and other tools that are out there? So and then likewise, for those people that want to find a job, or a creative, specific creative business? We have the experts that will help attach, you know, so what are you going to do in the first 90 days? The legal 123? How do you create your brand story? How do you do the numbers and love bookkeeping, falling in love with sales, because as you know, we need to learn how to sell if we’re under, you know, how to create your website, and the social media and email list building. So those experts are going to come in and teach those skills. So when somebody goes through our process, and they’re Uber clear on what they want to do, and they’re getting that momentum they want. Now they’ve got all those experts that can help them with those skills, rolling up their sleeves, teaching them what they need to know, and answering the questions that they have. So it’s a really, really robust program.

Karen Yankovich 27:26
So how do people find out about it? How do you is is there is there like, how can they get started knowing a little bit about you and the types of work that you guys do.

Dana Hilmer 27:35
So they can go to our website, which is, we also, we’re going to share, we’ll give you a link that you can share, Karen, with your audience, regarding specifically this program, but also regarding a webinar that we’re going to be doing, it’s actually a free talk that we’re doing on September 29. And it’s helping people if they’re at a career crossroads. And if you’re at a career crossroads, what are those some of those things that you can tangibly do right now to get started, to get the momentum that you need to get to, to you know, get through those things that are keeping you stuck to get the clarity that you need on the direction that you want to go. So if you’re at a, at a career crossroads, we have this free talk, that I think really will be of service to get people into action, and to start moving in the direction that they want to go.

Karen Yankovich 28:24
I love that because at least then people can watch that and get a sense if they do. You know, I mean, the biggest value of relationships is you can build relationships with people that you resonate with. And if you don’t, you know, then it’s best that you know that so this way, they get a sense of who you are. I feel like they’re gonna resonate with you guys. But if but but the free webinar, the free workshop is just a great way to get to know a little bit about you, ladies and what you’re doing and whether or not they feel that there’s a good connection to to learn more from you. I love that.

Wendy Perrotti 28:53
You know, it’s why we encourage people to come live, because in addition to being ridiculously generous with content, like if you come to any of our talks or programs, bring your notebook, I help ourselves from really teaching and giving and sharing information. But we love to answer questions. So by showing up live, you get to ask us your specific question, hey, I’m really confused about which direction to go in. I want to do this and have wanted to do it, but I don’t know where to start. Like we’re there live on these calls so that we can answer people’s questions and we love interaction.

Karen Yankovich 29:31
But we’ll put a link in the in the show notes. But if you just go to, you’ll be able to get to that free webinar. Okay, well, I’m very much looking forward to this to be to meeting the amazing people that you bring into your community. I’m honored to be that you guys invited me to be a guest and a guest expert in camp reinvention. And I look can’t wait to meet the women that you attract because I’m sure that they’re amazing. And I’m excited too that I got to know you both. I didn’t really know either one of you before we started this So I think that there’s, I think there’s so much synergy in what we do when we speak to the same audience. I think that there’s I can’t imagine is going to be the last conversation we have. Let’s just put it that way.

Wendy Perrotti 30:09
I absolutely agree. You know, that. That’s what we did here. We, there’s so many experts out there, but how do you know who are the good ones? Who are the ones who are going to help you get it done who are right for you? In this age group, we worked hard to find 25 experts like you, Karen, who rock who are amazing at what they do. And so we’re excited that this is the beginning of an incredible relationship to

Karen Yankovich 30:34
Yeah, well, I’m just gonna give everybody a to do list when you join Camp Reinvention, my task to you is going to be to connect with all of the experts on LinkedIn. Okay, so that’s, that’s the homework that I’m going to give you. It was so great to chat with you both Wendy and Dana. It’s nice to get to know you, thank you for sharing this information and and the free workshop with my audience. And I hope that for you, that’s listening, I hope that you understand that we are here, there’s there’s me there’s there’s you know, Dana, and Wendy and many other women like us that are here to really support you and hold your hand as you make the transformation and the reinvention into the next chapter of your life. You know, I’m happy to be a part of your world, ladies. And I look forward to seeing what you do with all this. I’m sure you can see why I wanted to have Dana and Wendy on the good girls get rich show. They just the synergy between the work that they’re doing and the things that I teach and support and really showcase is just amazing. I highly recommend you absolutely check out their free workshop. If you’re listening to this and it’s passed the fall of 2021 then the lease will go somewhere somewhere good for them for whatever they’ve got going on. Because I really want you to understand that there is support for you out there. There is support for you out there and listen to my their webinar. If you have not checked it out yet. You need to check out my free masterclass as well. We really talk a little bit about the shifts that you need to make in your mindset. And then of course, the strategies behind each shift to be able to show up as the person that we talked about on the show today. So you can check that out at Karen Yankovich comm slash masterclass. I’d love to invite you to check that out. If you’ve seen that before. We’ve just updated it. So absolutely check it out again, and I’m looking forward to you sharing the show on social media. If you loved what you heard today, I’ll be sure to share your posts with my audience. And that’s how we lift each other up. Right. That’s how we lift each other up. That’s how you know a rising tide lifts all boats. I am excited to be here with you once again and I can’t wait to be back here with you next week for another episode of the good girls get rich podcast.