This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen shares who the people are you need to be connecting with.

Yes, you need to be connecting with people on LinkedIn, but who do you need to be connecting with? And how do you make it genuine? This episode is for you!


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About the Episode:

As I’m sure you’re used to hearing Karen say, “You need to be making connections on LinkedIn.” But who are the people you should be connecting with? Glad you asked!

  1. Potential Clients. This one’s a no-brainer, but you need to be connecting with potential clients. But make sure it’s genuine!
  2. Potential Partners. Start connecting with people who are potential partners. You can help each other achieve your goals.
  3. Journalists. Find the journalists who are writing articles about your industry and build a relationship with them. This is of tremendous value!

Start making the right connections on LinkedIn, and you’ll see the reward in no time!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s topic (1:54)
  • Build relationships with potential clients (5:20)
  • Build relationships with potential partners (8:24)
  • Build relationships with journalists who write about your industry (10:00)
  • Episode recap (13:11)

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 177

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello, I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 177 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this podcast is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach simple relationship heart based LinkedIn marketing to women, that gets them on the phone day in day out with their perfect people, people who they change their business, their life and their bank account forever. We create women of influence digital marketing with the human touch, right cool tools that LinkedIn gives us with human to human marketing. We’re gonna talk a lot about that on this episode. So I’m really excited to dive into this today. So if you’ve listened before, if you love what you hear today, you know, we love hearing from you. So subscribe, wherever you’re listening to this. If you’re feeling it, leave us a review. I would love for you to share this episode on social media use the hashtag, that kick a quick screenshot, use the hashtag good girls get rich, tag me so that I can be sure to share your post with my audience and get you some visibility for helping us get some visibility right lifting each other up in the show notes. There’s a link for speakpipe where you can leave us an audio message, you can leave us a review, you can leave us a message on a guest you think we should have, you can leave us an idea for a topic, right that you’d love for me to talk about. I love hearing your messages. So book just or just say hi, or just call and say hi. Right? So just go to Karen Yankovich comm slash 177 you can see the blog for this episode, you’ll see the link for speakpipe. And you can check that out. So you hear me say all the time. Every time we talk about this, I’ve every on every episode, at least the most recent ones that I help women get on the phone with perfect people. So today we’re going to talk about what makes people so perfect for you. Right? So we’re going to talk about that today. You know, I know that you’re seeing a lot of spam on LinkedIn, right? You’re getting connection requests from people that say, hey, buy my stuff. Hey, I’ve got this video for you to watch. Hey, have you listened to my podcast? I thought you might be interested in this article. people you don’t know. Right? You don’t know and you don’t care about and honestly, even if your podcast webinar article, whatever is going to change my life for real. I’m never ever going to watch it. I don’t know you, right? I don’t know you, I wouldn’t be able to Who has time right to watch a read all the things people send you that you don’t know on LinkedIn. Right? So if you think that that’s what this is about, you can tell I’m telling you right now, it is not no bots or spam ever, ever, ever, in anything that I teach related to relationship marketing. But we know that they’re there, right? We know that they’re there. So what we have to do is find a way to meet our perfect people in a very heartfelt relationship based way that allows them to know that we are not those spammers, we are not those bots, right? Can you relate to that? Have you gotten like just tons and tons of spam on LinkedIn, I gotta tell you, LinkedIn is working hard at eradicating it, it really is, they are shutting down those tools right and left, if you’re using a Chrome plugin type tool on LinkedIn, Be really careful, be really careful because you very likely can get your profile shut down. And I don’t know I work too hard on LinkedIn to to risk that right. And it’s for me, people and people buy from other people, right? Good old fashioned marketing that’s worked for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years, talking to people, right? People buy from other people. You know, I guess I feel like with the pandemic, when the world just got so noisy, the online world just got so noisy. That it almost we almost had to take a step back to take a step forward. Right, take a step back to good old fashioned relationship marketing, talking to people building relationships with people, and and not just like, like just sending out tons of messages like I 510 years ago, I used to get clients from Twitter a lot, right? Where I would tweet a million times a day and then we’d get clients. I haven’t gotten a client directly from Twitter in a long time. And I’m not saying that because I’m not saying Twitter doesn’t work is Twitter. Still, I still I’m still on Twitter and I and is still a part of my marketing strategy. But I don’t think people are buying as much from just all the content that you’re putting out as they used to. Right people are buying from people they know like and trust certainly at a higher level, right? And you know, that’s where I want if you listen to 175, Episode 175, we talked a lot about the shifts you can make to really be building a business that you love. We talked a lot in that episode about, you know, thinking big enough so that your business is supporting the lifestyle you want. So we need to be talking to other people in order to do that. So who are those people? So in my world, there’s three different categories of people that I want you to build relationships with, okay, I want you to build relationships with these people. And the first one is clients, right? Like people that might buy your stuff. Now, I just said, I don’t want you reaching out to people saying, buy my stuff, buy my stuff. And now I’m saying to you, well, don’t forget, you can reach out to people that could possibly be clients, right? I mean, I don’t want to overlook the fact that clients can happen from these relationships. I never, ever, ever want you to cold call clients, or cold message clients or cold connect with clients. But let’s say you are in a chamber of commerce, right? You wouldn’t have joined that Chamber of Commerce unless you thought that there was business opportunities for you there for you there, right? So clients that could be there. So going through that chamber directory, right now meeting the perfect people, you you. There’s lots of great people on a chamber of commerce. And I’ve made lots of great friends from chambers of commerce meetings that I’ve gone to, but I don’t go to those meetings to make friends. Right? I love that I’ve made friends. But that’s not why I go, I go to build my business, right? So So what if you took the Chamber of Commerce directory, right? And you like, Okay, this list out 20 people from the Chamber of Commerce directory that you think would make perfect clients for you, okay, for whatever reason, you can you can solve their problem, I have still don’t want you to connect with them and say, Hey, I think that you should buy my stuff. But what you can say, is, you know, hey, Mary, I came across your profile, I was poking through the eye. Now I’m in one of the chambers of commerce I’m in is the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce. So I use them as an example a lot. But hey, you know, hey, Mary, I was just, I’m a member of the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce. And I was just poking through their membership directory, and your name popped out at me. Right? I see that you’re also a member. And it really looks like you’re doing some interesting things. I read your blog, you’re, like, talk to this person, like, actually talk to this person, right? You know, I’d love to connect here on LinkedIn and possibly, you know, get to know you better see if there’s opportunities to collaborate. That’s why you’re, she’s in the chamber, too, right? Mary’s in the chamber to get business, you’re in the chamber to get business. Obviously cherrypick, right, you don’t need to go to everybody in the chamber. But, you know, reach out to people that you think could possibly be clients, most of these people are gonna say, Sure, let’s connect Sure, let’s get on the phone. Right? So I want you to be conscious of consistently connecting with people that could potentially be clients. But I don’t want you to lead with that. Right? I want you to lead with, hey, we’re both members of or, you know, Hey, I just saw your blog post or read your article, there’s a million different ways that you can do and I’m sure I know, I have a podcast about that, we’ll find it, we’ll link it in the show notes, warm ways that you can connect with people that are warm connections, okay? Always the only way to ever do this truly the only way to ever do this, but thinking big, right? Who are the biggest opportunities, the biggest opportunities, and then find a warm way to reach out to them. So the first category of your perfect people or people that you’re going to reach out to connect with, that you think could potentially be clients, the second one, and these the first, the first one is to all people ever think about, by the way, that’s all people ever think about two and three are where all the money is. Okay? The second one is potential partners, potential partners. I mean, think about this, right? You’re, again, it could be a chamber of commerce, you’re in a business group, maybe it’s maybe you’re in a Facebook group together, and you saw their name come up, right, and you can go on over to LinkedIn, find their LinkedIn profile, and say, Hey, Mary, you know, I just saw your posts in this blah, blah, blah, Facebook group. And you know what, it’s really aligned with what I do. I would love to connect with you here, right? So obviously, look and see if they have a LinkedIn profile that looks valuable, right? I would like to connect with you here because I would you know, I think that there’s opportunities for us to collaborate, we both serve similar audiences. That is huge. This is huge. This right here is where most of the money is only going who’s gonna say no to that, right? I can tell you that about 50% of the people that join my she’s linked up program come from these kinds of opportunities, comes from people that I’ve built relationships with because we have similar audiences. Maybe I’ll do a talk in their group. Maybe I’ll interview them on my podcast, maybe you know, like, Where are like building relationships with the most influential people you can, that have the biggest audiences you can think of that are potential partners. You see how valuable that can be. You see how this could be like building your absolute amazing network full of your perfect And then the third one, and this is something that I can tell you almost nobody ever thinks about is who are the journalists that write about what you are expert in? And are you building relationships with them so that when they’re writing a story, they reach out to you for a quote. Right? Now again, this is like fishing in a, you know, pool. You guys fishing in a barrel? You look for an article, I mean, I can I, you know, I have so many examples of this, but you look for an article that’s in your industry, right? I have a realtor who’s done this, he looked for an article that was about real estate connected with the person that wrote the article, okay, a lot of people share articles, but are you connecting with the person that wrote the article, connected with the person that wrote the article, shared the article, tag that person across social media. Now remember, you’ve got to look like for all these one, two, and three, for all these different categories of perfect people, you have to look worthy of them. So you need to do the profile work for us, like that’s a non negotiable, you’ve got to look worthy of their time. But if you are connecting with a journalist that writes about what you do, because you saw them write a great article, and then you share that article and tag the journalist in it, what journalist doesn’t want that, right? I love when I meet new people, because they listen to my podcast, and they tag me somewhere and say, you guys have to check out Karen’s podcast. I love that, right? So journalists love that, I want you to, you know, so when you’re doing that, now you follow up with them and say, you know, I listen, this is what I do. If you ever if there’s an opportunity for me to ever be a source for you, I’m happy to, you know, I’m happy to introduce you to anybody in my network, please let me know what I could do to support you. I love the work you do. Now continue to share their work, right, continue to share their work. But this is a beautiful way to build your database full of journalists that can feature you in their news in their articles, right in their blog posts on their podcasts. You know, 10 years ago, as little as 10 years ago, we needed to pay a $20,000, a month publicist to get the kinds of publicity that you can get now, by having a great LinkedIn profile and connecting with the writers on LinkedIn and doing it authentically. Right, not spamming them, don’t annoy them, don’t torture them and say Pick me Pick me Pick me, tell them how great they are, share their content. Right? Mike, my realtor client that did that a week would that’s shared the article. And that connected with the journalist a week. You know, the journalist, of course, said thank you. And a week later, she reached out to him and said, Hey, I’m writing another article. Can I ask you a few questions? Of course, he said yes. turn into a full page article on NBC, only quoting my client, that’s seen, you know, by half a million people a month. And by the way, the credibility that that gives the credibility that publicity gives you when you have competition, what do you think happens when my client goes on a listing appointment? Right, and has competition, and they start talking about pricing the house and he says, Wow, when I was NBC News’s housing price expert, and drops that article on the table, what do you think happens? He loses listings, right? This is what I want for you. But it comes down to building relationships with the people that can change your business, your life and your bank account forever. Okay, so to recap them, there’s three different categories. The first category is clients, because let’s not leave money on the table. Right? Let’s certainly be building our network full of people that could potentially be our clients. The second one is partners, right? You’re borrowing their credibility when they introduce you to their audience? Right? So who are the other people that serve the same audience that you serve? And are you building relationships with them? And then the third one is publicity. The press the journalists that write about the things that you’re expert in, I want you to think big here. Okay. You have to think big, right? This is why we do mindset work in all of our programs. Because, yes, of course, there’s local journalists that could be hugely valuable. But you know, I mean, one of my clients was on NBC News, because he was a week after he was introduced to the journalist, right? This can be you, this can be you, I want you to think big. When you’re proactive, instead of reactive, and you’re connecting with the most amazing people on a consistent basis, everything starts to shift in your business. You’re hanging out, you know, like, they say, You’re the sum of the 10 people you spend the most time with, let’s be choosy about who those people are in our business, right? Let’s be choosy. Let’s start to build relationships at a really, really high level. It can be this simple. I know I’m making it sound simple. It is simple, not easy, right? It’s not easy. We’ve got all kinds of processes and you know, tips and tricks that we work with our clients on but honestly, this isn’t once you learn this strategy, it’s going to it’s going to serve you for the rest of your life, the rest of your life. Our students are connecting with these amazing people on a regular basis. They are getting featured all over the news they’re getting you know they’re just building relationships with you know, I mean, obviously clients potential and the partner piece is just so huge right it’s just so huge and in all their success all starts with our on demand masterclass their success all starts with our on demand masterclass you can check that out at Karen Yankovich comm slash masterclass. You will start to learn a little bit about the shifts that I want you to make when you think about using LinkedIn to build your network full of amazing, amazing people. So I’d love to offer that to you as well. It’s Karen Yankovich shuck comm slash masterclass if you’ve watched it before, watch it again. Because first of all, it’s you’re going to learn something new every time you watch it and second of all, we updated a lot right we update it. So to watch it again if you’ve watched it before, you know I do this free masterclass to support you. I do this podcast to support you, you know, help me help you share this podcast if you got value out of this, take a quick screenshot out of this episode on your phone share that on social media I would so appreciate it tag me so that I can share it with my audience and we’re lifting each other up right? building those relationships supporting each other. I already told you I remember when people do this right. So to all the other people out there that have podcasts and blogs and TV shows and all that other stuff right? So help me help you share my content with your audience. I will share your your posts with my audience and help you get more visibility as well. I will be back here again next week with another episode of the good girls get rich podcast