This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen talks about making the transition from employee to entrepreneur.

When transitioning from being an employee to an entrepreneur, knowing where to start can be hard. Here’s where to start…


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About the Episode:

Working for someone comes with certainty. You have a guaranteed paycheck. You don’t have to make the big decisions to bring the money in. But with certainty, there’s also a cap. As an entrepreneur, you have more freedom.

Is 2022 your year to quit your job and start your own business? If so, here are three tips to set you on the right track!

  1. A new chapter doesn’t mean no experience. All of your experience so far has built up to this moment. Use it!
  2. Get clear on your target. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re destined to fail. You need to have a clear goal of where you’re going.
  3. Let the opportunity be big. Don’t set your goals too low. Set big goals!

Ready to enter the next chapter of your life? Listen in to Episode 185 to learn more.

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s topic (1:50)
  • A new chapter doesn’t mean no experience (6:45)
  • Get clear on your target (9:36)
  • Let the opportunity be big (11:44)
  • Episode recap (13:07)

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 185.

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Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello, I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is episode 185 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this episode is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach women simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing, a system that gets you on the phone consistently with the perfect people that ones that will change your business, your life and your bank account for ever. We create wealthy women of influence. And if you have listened to this podcast before, or if you love what you hear today, you know, we love to hear from you. So make sure that you subscribe wherever you’re listening to the show, so you don’t miss an episode. We love your reviews, we love your feedback, please, you know, take a minute to do that. If you go on over to Karen Yankovich COMM slash 185 You’ll see the show notes for this episode. And you’ll be able to leave us a voice message where you can leave an audio review or an audio message or just tell us who you’d like me to interview or topic you’d want to hear about. So check that out. And please also be sure to share this episode on social media. If you think your audience would would get value out of it, you can use the hashtag good girls get rich, and make sure you tag me at Karen Yankovich across all social media, and I’ll be sure to share your post with my audience. And that’s how we all get more visibility. Right. So again, just go to Karen Yankovich COMM slash 185 You’ll see all the things we’re talking about. On the show today, you’ll see the link to speak pipe so that we can you can leave us an audio message. And yeah, that’s how we can communicate so good stuff. So shout from the rooftops it is 2022. I believe this is gonna be a really good year, right? We have learned some lessons have we not from 2020 and 2021. Like talk about like, okay, let’s learn how to pivot. Right, let’s learn how to pivot. And you know, most of the people that listen to this show are entrepreneurial enough in nature entrepreneurial in spirit, at least, or at least have some kind of a career that that they have some control over. Right. So I think we’re in a good shot, we’re in a good place, right? versus people that maybe have been in a job for a lot of years that got you know, maybe got laid off or downsized, it’s been a crazy, crazy, crazy couple of years. And what I’m seeing, and I know you are too or is it many, many people are reimagining the next chapter of their life. Right? We’re hearing all about the great resignation. And what are these people doing that are resigning? Like what are all these people doing? Are they getting new jobs? Or are they becoming more entrepreneurial? Or they’re retiring? What are they doing? In many cases? I think what what at least from what I’m seeing, or the people that have been reaching out to me for support, what I’m seeing is that they’re coming from a corporate type environment, right, where they get a paycheck every week or every other week or twice a month and benefits and all that certainty, right, you know, every time, you know, on the 15th and the 30th of the month, you know, if you open up your bank account, if you go into your app on your phone, that money is going to know more money is going to be in there because your paycheck got deposited right? certainty about your Bennett, your health benefits, you know that, you know, you know that they’re providing these benefits to you every single year and, and that you have, you know, you have access to that. And that’s all great, right? Versus the uncertainty of being an entrepreneur and having to ask for every single dollar that comes into your business having to make decisions about things like, you know, investing for your, for your future, because you don’t have a pension? Or what kind of health benefits do you need to have for you or for your team? If that’s what you’re doing, right? So a lot of the people and maybe this is you that are a part of the great resignation, or looking at a new chapter in their life, right? And they’re coming from a chapter that is filled with certainty. And they’re moving into a new chapter that is filled with uncertainty. Here’s the deal. Certainty comes with a cap. Certainty comes with a cap, maybe you’ll get a raise, maybe even get a promotion, maybe you’ll get a 2% raise, and maybe you’re making 100,000 You’re gonna make 102,000 Next year, right? Or maybe you’re, you know, whatever, but there’s a cap, right, there’s a cap with certainty. Uncertainty is where the opportunities lie. And that is the good stuff. Right? Can you relate to this? Can you like imagine, you know, maybe you’ve had a paycheck job right? I certainly have had a paycheck job and I’m not gonna lie and say that there haven’t been times throughout my entrepreneurial journey that I wasn’t fantasizing about paychecks you know, because as you know, there’s this was definitely not a ladder to success. This was an absolute freakin roller coaster. Right? So, you know, which I survived and I’m grateful for every single lesson that I learned, but I wouldn’t get Give up this uncertainty for certainty for anything in the world right now, I really wouldn’t. I can’t think of anything that would make me do that. Because the uncertainty, the opportunities that are at my fingertips that come with the uncertainty is so exciting. It’s so exciting, because you can you relate to that, like, have you had a paycheck, and then you moved to a situation where maybe you were a construct full time consult, maybe you you know, a lot of people in my shooting program, they’re in some kind of a transition. Right, they left we had somebody just last week, shout out to melody, who is just killing it left her, you know, full time job gave her notice and is absolutely got already got a huge contractor job, right, a huge contract job, but also opened up lots more hours, to be able to bring on more business and really have more control of her destiny, to be able to have more uncertainty, but more opportunity, right? So maybe you can relate to that maybe that’s been something that you’ve done in your life, right? Uncertainty doesn’t have to mean not confident, it doesn’t have to mean shaky or, or scary, right? It you can still have complete confidence in what you do complete self confidence that the next clients are going to come and that the work you’re doing is amazing, complete confidence that you know that what the business that you’re building, the career that you’re building, is the exact right path for you. So it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Uncertainty doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Right? So the question then becomes, how can you move forward in this great resignation, in this new chapter of your life in this new and exciting and uncertain world that we live in? Right? So we’re gonna dive in and talk about that today. So the first thing I want to talk to you about and you know, most of the people that listen to this show, have not just graduated eighth grade, right there, they have some experience there, they’ve maybe have, you know, maybe they’re 40, or 50, or 60, or 70. And they’ve got 40, or 50, or 60 years of experience, doing something, right doing something. So even if whatever is the next chapter, for you, it doesn’t mean that it’s, it may be a new venture for you. But it doesn’t mean you’re new at it, because you still have years of experience that you’re bringing to this new venture. Right. So having, you know, so So of course, you know, where I’m going with this, right, you gotta go back to your LinkedIn profile. And you absolutely have to position yourself with all of that experience with all of the juice and the Mojo and the the gravitas that you worked for however many years to build, you take that with you into this new chapter, you take that with you into this more uncertain world, right? So you’ve got to go to your LinkedIn profile, and not let’s just say you’re, let’s just say you’re going to be a consultant, right? You’re not going to say, I am a brand new consultant, I’ve never done this before in my life, because first of all, you might be a brand new consultant, but who cares, nobody cares about that. And you’ve probably done a lot of this work for many, many years, you know, I mean, unless you have been, you know, unless you’re moving into a completely new chapter, and what you’re doing is like, literally, like Mars and Venus, right, like completely different than my eight. But even in that case, you’re still bringing to Venus, whatever things you learned on Mars, that are valuable on Venus, right, so you’re not coming to this ice cold. So you have to remember to step into this new chapter to step into this new part of your life with confidence with a great LinkedIn profile, because that’s where you can be building the business from not drinking to be building these relationships, because that’s where the opportunities are, right. And we’re doing this for the opportunities. So if you have not been checked, if you’ve missed this, I don’t know how because there’s been so many of them. But if you miss this for the month of December 2021, I did daily LinkedIn profile tips, guide videos. So you can if you go to LinkedIn profile, you can, it takes you to the Youtube playlist for all of the LinkedIn profile tips that I did in December 2021. And if I do it again, I’ll just update it. So a LinkedIn profile tips, calm wherever you’re listening to this is going to go to the most current version of videos of LinkedIn profile tips, it’s completed to YouTube, it’s completely free. Go there, go through these tips. There’s like 2125 videos, and little tiny step by step actions that you can take to shine and polish your profile so that you are taking with you all the gravitas and all the Mojo and all the work that you’ve done over the past however many years. That’s the first thing. The second thing is you definitely want to get clear on what your target is. Okay, so as you’re moving into, you know, as you’re moving into 2022 whatever that looks like, maybe it’s you’re just doing what you did last year, but you’re it’s kind of this is the year that you’re going to just it’s going to be your first you know, half million dollar year maybe it’s gonna be a first seven figure year right? We Need to Know what that target is? We can’t just talk the talk, right? We have to know exactly what’s the path to get there. And if you don’t know what that target is, if you can’t see it, how are you ever going to hit it? Right. So even if you’ve got all kinds of multi passionate things that you do, right, and you do this, you do a little bit of that, and you do a little bit of this, and you do a little bit of that, what we want to do is find where they intersect, because that’s your target, right? That’s your target. And you, you absolutely want it but get clear on what that is. Now, the good news is, you can change it, right. So if you decide your targets going to be whatever you decide your targets gonna be, and then you get one or two clients for that. And you’re just like, Ah, I don’t know, maybe this isn’t what I want to be doing, you can change it, right. But let’s identify something today. Even if it’s not, even if you’re not sure it’s the X, the exact right thing doesn’t matter, you can change it, you know, create a target, write it down, if you need to do it, like draw a bullet on your wall and put, you know, a bullet, like a, like a target practice thing on your wall, right with the circles. And right smack in the middle of it, I want you to put a description of the exact $10,000 service that you’re that you’re gonna sell $50,000 service, whatever it looks like, right? But you got to know what that target is. And then let’s land one of those, let’s get one of those clients. And then you can see how you’re feeling about that target, right? And if you need to shift it, you can shift it. But if we go into this with just a mess of why I don’t know, I could do this, or I could do that. Or maybe I could do this, then you’re not gonna do it, then I’ll do anything, right. Like, there needs to be clarity. Money, likes clarity, right? So if you are going to be landing these 10 or $20,000 contracts, as you’re moving into the new year, or maybe a six figure contracts, you need to have real clarity around what that contract looks like, so that you can get it okay. And the last thing is, is if you’re going to be living in this uncertain cap free life full of opportunity, right, let’s let that opportunity be big, shall we? Right? I don’t want to hear you talking about I’m going to hit six figures. Like yeah, you got to hit six figures for you can, you know, you got to hit six figures top line, before you can get to the six figure bottom line, right? But I you know, there’s a big difference between a six figure paycheck, and a six and six figures as an entrepreneur, if you’re bringing in $100,000 to your business. And you know, by the time you pay all the things, you’re not really putting enough money in your bank account. So what she’s linked up, we want your baseline to be $250,000. Right? That’s the baseline. Because when you’re working from there, now you’re putting a solid six figures in your bank account. Okay, so you if you’re going to be moving into a world that’s not quite so certain, then let’s take advantage of the spoils that are that are there for us, right? Let’s not just say okay, but I’m cool. If I make $50,000, you want to make $50,000 a paycheck, right? It’s sorry, it’s good, you’re done, you don’t have the, the, you know, the drama that sometimes comes with being an entrepreneur, right. So dream big. If again, if you’re gonna live in an uncertain cap, free life full of opportunity, then dream big. And let’s let that opportunity be big. You with me? You with me on that. So let’s recap this a second. Number one, unless you just graduated eighth grade, you need to create a great LinkedIn profile. And you’re coming to that LinkedIn profile with lots and lots of gravitas, lots of experience, lots of mojo, I want to see that on your LinkedIn profile, even if what you’re doing is something different than you have ever done before. Okay. And then number two, know your target, if you don’t see the target, you’re not going to be able to hit it. Okay, if you don’t see the target, you’re not gonna be able to hit it. And then number three, if we’re going to be living in an uncertain world, as opposed to a certain world with a paycheck, then let’s at least be shooting for a quarter million dollars. Okay, that should be the bottom line, that should be the lowest number that you’re moving into. So as you move into 2022, what does a 2020 to $25,000 month look like? Right? You want that every single month, not just one month, every single month? So what do you need to do to bring in a 20 to $25,000 month every single month, minimum? Minimum, right? Because that’s where you’re taking home, the kinds of money that you can take home with a certain paycheck, right, the one that has the cap. So like I said, like I said earlier, uncertainty is not a four letter word. It’s exciting to be planning your dream home or, you know, and the things that you know, buying the cool car that you really wanted to buy, right? That’s comes, that’s where the opportunities are in this kind of uncertain world that entrepreneurs live in. So it’s not a bad thing. It’s just a thing. Okay? It’s just a thing, except the fact that it’s you’re not going to have the certainty of a paycheck. And therefore, you are going to have the opportunities that sometimes people that have that paycheck and that pension don’t have, right you get to have you to dream big, and you get to have these amazing, amazing, you know, this amazing, amazing life. And you know what, it’s really interesting because when I was I was talking in my shift linked up program, we have a weekly q&a column I was talking last week, we were wrapping up the year, I asked everybody like, what were they? What were their big was their big goal for 2022? Not one of them mentioned money. Every single person talked about impact, right? And I did not prompt them or anything. And I was like, I actually like, Did y’all hear yourself? You know, because I, you will be able to make more impact if you’re making more money, right? So we have to, we have to bring the money in so that we can make the impact. Right. So when I say that she’s linked up, we create wealthy Women of Influence wealth, wealthy women with impact. If we don’t, we can do the impact, we can go volunteer, right at a shelter and make an impact there. But if you can’t even like I want you to serve from an overflow with your cup overflowing, right. So if you want to know what that looks like, or if you’re not sure about what your target is, and you need a little help brainstorming all of that, I would love to offer you an opportunity to jump on a call. If you just go to Karen We’re scheduling calls they are. They’re just Clarity Calls to help you get clear on what you’re looking to do as we move into the next chapter of your life. And we’ll talk about whether or not we think a LinkedIn strategy or relationship marketing strategy or a strategy that helps you build income and income and impact will would work for you. And if we you know, we’ll, if we think that there’s anything we can help you with, of course, we’ll tell you what that looks like. But mostly, we want to just just have a conversation with you to see if to help you get clear on what it would look like for you and what a strategy would look like for you. These are our long calls. Okay, so we have lots of time to really dig in and get all the juicy stuff out and really get clear on how you can take advantage of the opportunities in this life. That’s not so certain. Okay, so let’s just a reminder, let’s lift each other up. Help me help you share this podcast with your with your network. Take a quick screenshot of this episode on your phone, share it on social media, use the hashtag good girls get rich, tag me I’m Matt Karen Yankovich. This is how you know when I see that I can share it with my network. And that is how we are all lifting each other up. Right that rising tide that lifts all boats. I am so excited to be moving into a new year. There’s just such great energy and moving into a new year, right that just feels fresh and new. And there’s a lot of things in 2021 that were great, but there’s a lot of things I’d like to leave behind me. So I am looking forward to kicking some 2022 Booty with you. I’ll see you back here again next week.