This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, guest Brooke Emery shares with Karen Yankovich how to make high-vibe collaborations.

Recognized by Forbes magazine as a connector, Brooke Emery is a creative business strategist with roots in advertising, publicity and film. She is the Co-Founders of Link Lab LLC with Tammy Lawman, a Joint Venture and Affiliate Management Agency, where they highlight clients’ unique gifts and get their message out to the masses.  And they are the Co-Creators of their Self Love & Self Care community, where they teach you how to love and care for yourself more consciously so you can shine brighter in the world.


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About the Episode:

When you’re connecting with people, are you making high-vibe collaborations? What even are high-vibe collaborations?

As the joint-venture world is changing, Brooke Emery believes in the power of making high-vibe collaborations. In this episode, she explains what that is and how to make those collaborations.

Ready to get going and start collaborating? Listen in to Episode 190!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s guest, Brooke Emery (2:03)
  • Collaboration opportunities (4:11)
  • High-vibe collaborations (7:54)
  • Projects Brooke has worked on (11:37)
  • Is the joint-venture world changing? (12:47)
  • What to do now to attract these opportunities (14:16)
  • How to build self-care into your business (20:54)
  • What’s next for Brooke (23:38)

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 190.

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello, I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is episode 190 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this show is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing to women, a system that gets them on the phone consistently with your perfect people. We want you to fill your cup up with people that can change your business, your life and your bank account forever. And then watch that overflow so that you can create more income and influence an impact in the world. We want more wealthy women of influence on this planet. And we’re here to do our part. This is just digital marketing with the human touch human to human marketing, nothing spammy, nothing that’s exhausting, just simple relationship marketing strategies. So if you’ve listened to this show before, if you love what you hear today, you know we love when you share this. So please take a quick screenshot on your phone or wherever you’re watching this, and share it on your social media. and tag me I’m at Karen Yankovich, and tag Brooke, who’s our guest today, you’ll see all of her information in the show notes. And then we will get to share it with our social media. And we all get more visibility that way, right? That’s how we create virality in my business and your business and Brookes business, right and we’re all lifting each other up, use the hashtag good girls get rich, we will look for we’ll share it as well. And we love when we get to do those kinds of things. In the show notes, there’s a link for SpeakPipe where you can leave an audio message that audio message can be about a guest you think I should interview or a topic you’d love to hear me talk about or just say hello tell me how your days go and I would love that. Just go to Karen Yankovich COMM slash 190 You’ll see the blog for this episode, you’ll see the link to speak pipe and we can communicate that way as well. I cannot wait for you to meet Brooke today Brooke and I have been connected for a while. But as you’ll hear in this episode, Brooke worked with us in our seizing program. And now we’re working with her you know to really bring more Joint Venture Marketing to our world and to your world. And I can’t wait for you to hear just the high vibe way that Brooke operates and it is my absolute honor to have her on the show with us this week. So here she is. I am here today with Brooke Emery and Brooke is recognized by Forbes magazine as a connector. Brooke is a creative business strategist with roots in advertising publicity and film. She brings in a big vision and mixes it with intuition to connect her clients to keep people and resources and she uses her wide network to create business development strategies, partnerships, and Win Win Win joint ventures. She’s equally passionate about elevating profits, creating social impact, and bringing consciousness to the planet. They’re on a mission to change the traditional joint venture and affiliate marketing game, shifting the focus to creating aligned and strategic high frequency conscious collaborations that are heart centered versus transactional. Brooke is a co founders of the link lab LLC with Tammy llaman, a joint venture and affiliate management agency. They highlight client’s unique gifts and get their message out to the masses. And they’re the CO creators of their self love and self care community where they teach you how to love and care for yourself more consciously. So you can shine brighter in the world. Brooke, I’m so happy to have you here. And Brooke had and I have worked together Brooke was a student in my shooting depth program, which is how we know each other so well. So Brooke, it’s so fun to be doing this with you today.

Brooke Emery 3:37
I’m so excited. And yeah, your program is amazing. We can talk about that later.

Karen Yankovich 3:42
Well, yeah. Well, you know what, as I read through your bio, like, obviously, I know you well. But as I read through your bio, I’m like, This is why we get along so well. Because it’s it is so important. I think that you bringing in your strategy with your intuition, and that you are building relationships and that you’re also focusing on the profit as well, right? And the social impact, not just where you make a difference in the world, you can make a bigger difference in the world if you focus on the profits, right. So I think that that’s so interesting, that there’s so much alignment there. So what I one of the reasons I wanted to have you on here today, among the hundreds of reasons, though, is because you know, when I talk to people, obviously, I usually do marketing, when they talk to me about LinkedIn marketing, my you know, I always feel like there’s three categories of relationships I want people to build. Obviously, we don’t want to overlook people that might just want to be interested in investing in you. But let’s get real. Nobody wants those messages, right? Hey, I’ve got this 401k that you might want. Right? So let’s not overlook that. But let’s not focus on that. You know, one of the two that are important. One of them is PR relationships. And we’re not really here to talk about that today. But what I think is the most valuable one is the, you know, is the, like collaboration opportunities, right? It’s like the joint venture opportunities, I must say 10 times a day like I should get it tattooed on my forehead. The concept is, here’s what I do, who do you know? Right, those kinds of comments. is where the magic is on LinkedIn. That’s completely what you focus on.

Brooke Emery 5:05
Right? Yeah, yeah. So Tammy and I have a joint venture Management Agency. And what we do all day long is we look for leveraging people’s audiences where it’s an aligned match. And what I most love about what you teach is, I mean, you hit it on the head, when you said, Oh, you get those messages all day long. I think a lot of the mistakes that people are making is when they just go ahead and make an assumption, you know, they want to get married before you even go on a date. Right? So they sent a message to you, yeah, be like, Oh, do you want to join my Facebook group, or join my webinar? And I’m like, Hey, you didn’t even say hi, or right, say anything. So I think taking that time, which I think you do so brilliantly, in link, you know, she’s linked up, is taking the time to really do your research and get to know people and then really see, you know, trust your intuition to see if this might be a fit and, and not be attached to moving along your own agenda, but to create relationship first, and then you never know where it where it could lead, you know, you follow the yellow brick road, as they like to say,

Karen Yankovich 6:16
Yeah, you know, I mean, I’m old enough to remember cold calling, you know, and so many people still think that that’s a thing, and it really doesn’t ever have to be, you know, when you get a referral from if if somebody, like if somebody brings me in to speak to their audience, right, like a JV type opportunity, I get to borrow their credibility, right? Like if I meet somebody in an Uber, and I’m like, Yeah, I teach LinkedIn marketing, like, yeah, okay, you teach LinkedIn marketing like that, I have no credibility. But if that same person is sitting in on a workshop that I’m doing, because somebody else that they trust did hosted this workshop and said, y’all need to hear from Karen, that gives me the credibility. You know, it’s the same person, it’s this, I’m the same person, they’re the same person. But the way the interaction happened much more quickly leads to everybody that win win win that you’re talking about.

Brooke Emery 7:03
Absolutely. And I think what makes it higher frequency or high vibe with what Tammy and I like to say is when you know that person who invited you on truly knows their audience could really use LinkedIn strategy from a place of authenticity and being heart centered versus selling someone just trying to sell somebody into a course. And then they do the Hula, hula dance, and then they don’t actually serve the person, which, which is why I said yes to you is because I really felt that, you know, I’ve been around a long time and really felt that you were gonna, you know, follow through and take care of me, but you absolutely did. So I think that when you’re in an aligned match on a joint venture, you know, the sky’s the limit, because each person is bringing their magic, and they are also bringing an answered prayer to somebody else’s audience.

Karen Yankovich 7:54
Yeah, yeah. So cool. I love that. So what are high vibe collaborations? Tell me about that, like you talk about high vibe collaborations. What are high vibe collaborations?

Brooke Emery 8:04
Well, it’s basically like what you said in the bio, we’re moving away from more of a transactional joint venture, we’ve all been part of it, where we receive the same email from 10 Different people because they’re looking to win some sort of leaderboard contest. That’s not what a high vibe collaboration is. A high vibe collaboration is when someone is, you know, truly and aligned match for their offer to somebody else’s audience. And we also look for creative ways. It doesn’t always have to look like oh, you mail for me. Now I’m going to mail for you. It could be like, Oh, why don’t you come on my podcast, and I’m going to send out an email about your offer and more of a light way, it still creates that joint venture or come on my Facebook group. And live it doesn’t have to be this transactional. I sent you 10,000 clicks. So you need to send me 10,000 clicks. Like how can we creatively create a win win, and it feels good, that is the key to being high vibe, it has to feel good to both parties versus just, you know, trying to get specific numbers. Yes, we want to create profit, but we also want it to feel good too

Karen Yankovich 9:18
I you know what, that’s such an important message, Brooke because sometimes there might be somebody that you, you know, your message would be so great for their audience, but yet, their message isn’t necessarily a good fit for your audience. So there’s a disconnect if that has to be like a, you know, one for one type, reciprocal type thing versus you know, if somebody you know if person A brings their message to person B, and you know, there’s a $25,000 revenue generated from that sharing some revenue with Person A for bringing you to their audience. To me that’s more high vibe than than having person be trying to have like, kind of fit a round peg in a square hole. because they had you on their audience, you have to have them in yours. Right? So yeah, I love that. You’re saying that because it’s, I mean, listen, I have four kids. So I like I tell them all like it will, even when I die, you know, like we’re not keeping track every day, you know. And I think that from my business, it’s got to be the same thing if I’m just continually putting out there, and then, you know, showing up where I can show up. And then, you know, it will come back to me in ways that maybe I didn’t even think about.

Brooke Emery 10:30
Yeah, I’m so happy. You said that. Because the one of the very first launches that I worked on, it was one of these high pressured launches. And they had an high expectation to get over a million people in their inbox. But they were like, we’re not. We’re me. We’re very, very limited on what we could do on reciprocals. And it was my very first launch. And I was like, Oh, how am I going to do this? So I, what I did is I just got creative I was when I would get on conversations with people and be like, Okay, this is a great offer. I think it would be great for your list, and they can’t reciprocate. But I know Susie over here who would be a great person for you. So how about we you know, I introduce you to Susie and Todd and I love three other people. And they felt so good because I gave them more online matches. And then they’ve you know, and they were able to mail and I ended up getting a hit that number of getting over a million people how to receive this email, and it built up their list and and then I had all these new friends. So it was really a win, win win.

Karen Yankovich 11:36
So tell me, that sounds like that sounds like a lot of fun. Tell me some other projects that you’re that you’ve worked on in this high vibe collaboration world.

Brooke Emery 11:44
One of my last year we got to work on the film, the fantastic fungi. And they did Louie Schwartzberg. And it was one of the number one downloaded films last year on Netflix. And they did a whole summit. And that was a ton of fun. Because everybody, I don’t know, I guess a lot of people are really into fungi. And I didn’t know until I got involved with the project, people were knocking down our door to Malphur it. So what a project like that is like butter for me. And it was fun. And it’s all kinds of interesting people. We got to work with Michael Beckwith last year for his birthday bash. And that was also a fun project. Because you know, he’s just a lovely human being. And people really want you know, he’s has a lot of goodwill out there. And people wanted to support him. And it was a great event. We worked with Janet Attwood and several other people. So those are some of the few that come to mind at the moment. But we work that we worked on about eight launches last year.

Karen Yankovich 12:45
That’s awesome. That’s awesome. So do you think that the joint venture world is shifting, like as a result of the pandemic, or maybe not maybe just in general, or, like what’s changing,

Brooke Emery 12:56
I think what’s changing is, or it just might be that Tammy and I are changing in terms of what we’re willing,

Karen Yankovich 13:03
but I’m gonna just jump in there and say, I think it is changing, because I’m not seeing as much of the 50 people all emailing for the same person in the same week, as I was seeing five years ago. Like, that’s not happening as much anymore. So I do think it is changing,

Brooke Emery 13:18
I think the market has gotten more sophisticated in terms of, you know, no one wants to be bombarded with the same what they call those that aren’t in the business, they call it swipe, copy, and people aren’t really taking the time to customize it. And I think that is really going to be the key, if you are going to participate in a launch is really taking the time to make it your own or interview the person or really, you know, test the product before you you know, I think that people will really want to trust you. And not just feel like you’re just sending them an email to make cash people can feel it. And I think that’s where it’s changing is that the the people have become more sophisticated and and can feel the energy of if something is authentic or not, in terms of when people now

Karen Yankovich 14:12
yeah, that’s, that’s really important. That’s really important. So, you know, if you as the people that if somebody’s listening, and they’re, you know, they’re interested in kind of really focusing a little bit on maybe some jayvees or some high vibe partnerships, as they move into this year, next year, what would you tell them? What are the what should they be doing now so that they can be attracting these kinds of opportunities?

Brooke Emery 14:37
Okay, well, in terms of the first step, always, I think is really taking the time to write down who would be an ideal partner for you like from an inside out approach, like who are these people like what kinds of products do they have? How are they going to, you know, feel to you like down to every specific it’s kind of like an it’s an attractive Plan and I’m certified to teach John stringer strategic attraction plans and you just get really, really nitty gritty in terms of the kinds of people that you want to be playing with. And then in terms of the tactical, I mean, I mean, Karen, you have the strategy with people with your LinkedIn course. I mean, I think that that’s an incredible Avenue, if you’re already following Karen, and you want to learn how to get into people’s inboxes in a warm way. But you could also reach out to people you’re early in connection with. And I think you also gave that example when we interviewed you, like when you know, you have relationships that are already in your world. But I think the first step is, is to do the energy management and really letting go of any beliefs around that it would be hard or somebody wouldn’t want to play with you. And this is really what Tammy and I go deeper into the inside out approach to jayvees. We give you the tactical, but I think starting with an attraction plan of who your ideal JV partner is, is the first step.

Karen Yankovich 16:06
So cool. That’s very cool. You know, it really is a big part of how my business grows at, you know, when, you know, I mentioned earlier, like the three different categories that I like people to build relationships with. That’s, you know, I want to just even just like, you know, when we have, we have weekly q&a calls in our, in our she’s linked up programming this week on our call, somebody was talking about, you know, speaking and wanting to get paid to speak and, and I was like, well hang on a second, I said, I want you to look around this zoom. And at the time, the people that were every single person on that Zoom call that had joined my program had come from a talk that I did somewhere. And I said, so you’re none of them, it just happened to be that none of them were paid talks, they were like more JV type opportunities. So I hear you, when you say, I’m not giving my stuff away for free, I want to get paid to speak blah, blah, blah, but look around this room, because every single person here came from that, that’s my strategy to build my business, I want to get in front of, you know, I have a goal for how many audiences I want to get in front of every month. And I know that if and that comes and I know that if I talk to a certain number of people that will help me achieve that number of audiences I want to be in front of and if I get in front of that number of audiences, I hit my revenue goals. Right? So it’s kind of like what makes success inevitable, right, knowing who you want to be in front of, and then just building actual relationships with those people, instead of being, you know, like, like you said, sending out a million messages to a million people hoping that some of them will resonate, and you know, and join your program. So it is such, it sounds so simple when we say it, right? But people aren’t doing it. Like I wasn’t doing it. I remember doing a launch for this program a couple years ago, the last launch I’m ever doing in my life, because I was exhausted, I was exhausted. I cost me a fortune. I had a launch team that cost me a fortune. And now I’m like, No, I just want to do these, the program continues to run, I do these collaborations on a regular basis, instead of this roller coaster of up and down and up and down and work 20, you know, an extra 20 hours a week and then take, I don’t know, it’s just to me, this feels like it feels better to me to be running a business that just consistently on a high vibe basis attracts partners and attracts clients.

Brooke Emery 18:22
Yeah, and I think the key and in the high vibe for high frequency relationship marketing is self care is is huge. And I think that’s what I’m hearing you it’s you know, that’s how Tammy and I became business partners is that we both individually, you know, got very sick from doing launches from Adrenal Fatigue. And, and we’re like, No, we are only going to be working on projects that do good, have fun, make money, but it’s from a place of balance and joy. And that’s what I’m hearing you say, and that’s why we are attracted to each other. And, you know, there’s other things that people can put on there attractive and like for me, people following up. There’s nothing that bothers I mean, if you’re going to be doing joint ventures with each other, following up, follow up, it sounds like a simple thing, but Right back, right. You don’t ghost.

Karen Yankovich 19:18
I know. Right? Exactly, exactly. And it’s okay. We’re all grownups you can say, you know, no, it’s not a good. You can say, you know, thank you, but no whatever, that whatever that is, but you’re I love that you’re, you’re so right, because again, it comes back down to building that relationship. If you follow up, and even if you’re following up in a way that it’s like, you know what, I’m not really I’m doing this and I’m doing that. But you know what, let’s talk again in a couple months. Talk again in a couple months, you know, because that’s what people do when they build relationships with other people. They, they actually get to know them and, you know, it sounds like a lot of work but it’s so much more fun. I think getting to know people and you know, really building a community of people that know each other and support each other And lift each other up. And you know what the the self care piece is important because as entrepreneurs, I remember like when I was in corporate when I left my corporate job to do this full time, I had this vision of like doing yoga every day and doing long stuff. I went from working like eight hours a day to 12 hours a day, you know what I mean? Like still being in my pajamas, not showered at eight o’clock at night, you know? So, it’s so hard because it’s always there, especially with like lockdowns and things that we’ve experienced in the last few years. Like, you know, I remember at one point in like, one of the lockdown periods, like thinking, I can’t work past six o’clock, this is crazy. I work too much. And then I’m like, Okay, well, what do people do at seven o’clock, if they’re not working? Don’t go anywhere, you know, so like, I’m just gonna keep working. But you, but you do have to build. So as an entrepreneur, you have to be conscious of that. Because it’s so easy to just work 12 hour days, when you love what you do. Right? So do you have tips for that, like, what kind of tips you have for anybody listening about how to build self care into your business?

Brooke Emery 21:00
I mean, for me, at my morning, rituals, everything, you know, just I create my day, I start my day by, you know, listing what I’m grateful for how I want the day to go, and just, you know, saying how I want to feel it doesn’t take a lot of time. I mean, obviously getting, you know, walking and getting exercise, and but it really is, what can I do to nourish myself and asking that question of what is your customized, what would make you feel good, because when you feel good, and you feel joy, that’s when you manifest. And that’s when you get into that frequency of attracting more high vibe, relationships, things start to flow with your work, and following your highest excitement, which is, you know, part of the flow principles that I’ve learned from Jackie Natal and Justin Fairman. And it’s really, to me, it’s like, how can I how can I have more fun, and adding fun? You know, I think self care for me, is just making sure that I put joy into my day every day. And I like to, I really do I meditate. And I write and meditating doesn’t have to take a long time. And you can even meditating can be when you walk or you’re on a spin bike. But it’s really just checking in, like what would feel good to me and nourish me today. That’s my tip.

Karen Yankovich 22:24
I like that. One of the things I incorporated recently, like probably in the last six months is midday like pattern interrupt, like I need to, because sometimes I agree with you, my morning routine is is so important to me. And my brain is most on fire in the morning. So sometimes I’m sitting there and I’m trying to do these things. But all these ideas are coming into my head. So I’m kind of going with that. And now I’m like, Alright, so now what I do is like I literally put it on my calendar like a half hour at some point like midday Pattern Interrupt taken half hour to quiet my mind again, because it makes the rest of the day then feel like how the morning felt, as opposed to by the end of the day, my adrenals are on overdrive, because that’s just kind of who I am, right? So you want to I feel like I need to work a little bit with that. And know that I need to take you know, I can work work work but take a step back midday to is something that I’ve been trying to do more of.

Brooke Emery 23:16
I love that I also have little reminders in my phone to send, say nice things to me all day long. Like, of course you deserve this at 1111. I’ll get that remorse, reminder like little, you know, little things just to remind me to, you know, check back in and be present. You know, that legs.

Karen Yankovich 23:38
So let’s talk about what’s next for you. And Tommy, what do you what do you guys have coming up for the rest of this year next year.

Brooke Emery 23:43
So Tammy and I have our high vibe business collaboration coaching program. And we’re also working with high conscious leaders one on one creating joint ventures. And we have a free free gift where you can have an ebook on the five best tips to creating high vibe relationships. And we will give Karen the link for you to click below.

Karen Yankovich 24:05
Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Well, I look forward to I think we have a lot Brooke and I have a lot of fun things on our agenda to work together this upcoming year. I am very excited to be stepping up my JV game and I am so honored to have Brooke in my world to help me do that in a way that I can feel good about. Right like I can feel good about I can trust that my business is in good hands and I can trust her recommendations on who she thinks that would be a good partner for me because as a business owner, I think it is important that you are very picky about who you share your message with. Right and who the who you collaborate with. So I can tell you Brooke it feels good to me to know that I can trust your judgment on that. And obviously still do a little homework myself but that I can you know, I don’t have to worry about it. You know, we’re all on the same. We’re all on that same high vibe book. I will put links to everything below. I can’t wait to jump in Do some of the stuff. And I think for those of you that are listening, you know, again, everything I do with my shooting program, and all of the work that I do comes back to building those collaborative relationships. And you know, I’m here to support you definitely connect with broken follow broken, Tammy, they’re here to support you. If you just take that one tip for this upcoming year and say, I’m going to be building more collaborative collaboration opportunities. In the next year, I think you’re going to see a massive shift in the growth in your business. Do you agree, Brooke,

Brooke Emery 25:32
I completely agree. And I think that the other point is that working with people who really care, and I can, I can say, I know you care. So it’s going to be a pleasure for me to create those collaborations for you, for you, because I’ve experienced your work. It’s not just me being like, you hired me to do this, like I can, I can vouch for you, I can legitimately say, Oh, her program is going to be incredible for your audience. So to me, I’m, I’m so excited for you and for anyone else who decides to build collaborations, but I also will say, LinkedIn, and the way that Karen teaches LinkedIn is an amazing strategy. If you are looking for a way to build collaborations

Karen Yankovich 26:16
I saw awesome, you were just reading my mind because I just realized that like, we really didn’t, we didn’t really tie that all together. But so thank you for doing that. Because, you know, when, you know, when you talked earlier, even about that first JV that you did, and you met all these people, and you, you know, part of it was meeting all those people, it really is about continuing those relationships, right? Because there’s continue opportunities, so and it’s just so much more fun to build out your business, just meeting cool people, and you know, looking for opportunities, not even knowing exactly what that opportunity is. Looks like, but just me, you know, just having those conversations and seeing where they go. So thank you so much for being here. BROOKE I thank you so much for doing what you do. And yeah, I can’t wait to see what what kind of magic we can create together.

Brooke Emery 26:59
Me too. And thank you so much for having me I had a blast.

Karen Yankovich 27:02
Yeah, you’re gonna hear a lot from Brooke and I this year, I hope that you love her as much as I do. She’s just got such a way about it isn’t she she’s just got such a way to of expressing herself. And she’s just so brilliant. And the work that she’s doing is so brilliant that I am really honored to be a part of it. So you know, if you want to learn more about that, or if you want to learn more about what it looks like to have some of the successes in your business that Brooks having from the work that we did together and our she’s linked up program, I would love to talk to you we would love to talk to you just grab a spot on the calendar at Karen Yankovich COMM slash call. And that gets you on our calendar. And you know, we just talked to you for a little while. We just learn a little bit about what you’re looking to do, what’s working, what’s not working, most importantly, though, where you’re looking to go and what’s holding you back from that. And you know if we think that’s something we can help you with, we’ll tell you what that looks like. If not, we’ve got no end of ideas and no end of ways that we can support you. So but it all starts with that phone call right without that phone call. We can’t we don’t know whether it’s a fit or not. So grab a spot on the calendar Karen Yankovich COMM slash call I can’t wait to see your name on the calendar. And remember, take a quick screen share of this and share it on your social media. That rising tide lifts all boats right. I do this podcast to support you. I’m happy to have you know free calls with people that book calls on our calendar. If you can help us by sharing this podcast, I would greatly appreciate it. Make sure you tag me or use the hashtag good girls get rich so we don’t miss it and can share it with our audience helped me help you right. I hope that this was great. I hope you love this episode and Brooke as much as I did. And I will see you back here again next week with another episode of The Good girls get rich podcast