This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, guest Jenn Little shares with Karen Yankovich how great PR leads to extraordinary creditability which leads to landing high-ticket offers.

Jenn Little is a dynamic social and digital media strategist. She has 10-years of experience as a brand warrior, empowering businesses to grow through social media and paid digital marketing. She is also the PR coach in our She’s LinkedIn Up program.


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About the Episode:

Jenn Little is the PR coach for our She’s LinkedUp Program, and there’s a reason for it! Jenn understands the importance of having great PR.

Great PR leads to extraordinary credibility. And that’s great! But it doesn’t stop there! Extraordinary credibility also leads to landing the high-ticket offers.

Want to gain extraordinary credibility and in turn land your dream high-ticket offers? Then hear what Jenn Little has to say in this episode!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s guest, Jenn Little (2:21)
  • Jenn’s background (4:29)
  • Jenn’s impression (8:49)
  • Offensive and defensive PR (13:36)
  • The difference between LinkedIn and email (20:02)
  • How to get started focusing on PR to build your brand (25:19)
  • How to find Jenn (31:50)

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 194.

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello, I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is episode 194 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this show is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach women simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing, a system that gets you on the phone consistently with the people that can change your business, change your life, change your bank account for ever. We’re looking to create wealthy women of influence. We know when women have bigger bank accounts, great things happen in the world. And we’re here to support that. And this is just human to human marketing, right? We’re using the digital marketing tools that LinkedIn gives us but it’s really human to human marketing, relationship marketing, stuff that is the most fun stuff, I think. So if you’ve listened before, or if you love what you’re hearing today, you know, we love to hear from you. We love getting your reviews we love when you send us messages. So let us know what you’re loving about this show. If you’ve got some ideas of what episodes you know, topics you want to hear a guest you should want us to hear from, you can either you know leave us a review wherever you’re listening or you can also there’s a in the show notes, there’s a link for SpeakPipe where you can leave us an audio message. We love that. And then also be sure to if you’re if you think this is a valuable episode, take a quick screenshot of this episode and share it on your social media. Use the hashtag good girls get rich tag me I’m at Karen Yankovich Tag Jen Liddell she we will share your post with our audiences and we will all get you more visibility Jen and I combined have hundreds of 1000s of followers okay, do this I’m we’re gonna get your you will get more followers. And this is how we you you’re helping us by sharing this episode. And we’re helping you by sharing your shares with our audiences, right. And that’s the goal of what we’re doing here just lifting each other up building really solid, authentic relationships. Karen 194 gets you to the show notes for this episode, the blog, all the good stuff, all the links, everything is there. And if you have any, anything you’re looking for that we talked about on the show, you’ll find it at that site. I cannot wait for you to listen to this episode today. Jen Liddell is the PR coach in our shoes linked up program. And Jen and I get to dish about why we think PR is so important to the women that we work with and to you frankly the women that are listening to this show, and how it helps your credibility, and that credibility helps you land the high ticket contracts. This is simple stuff. It really is not complicated. It isn’t easy, but it is simple and I can’t wait for you to meet Jen. So I am here today with Jen Liddell Jen is a dynamic social digital media strategist who creates content copywriter video producer, media buyer. She’s got 10 years experience as a brand warrior, empowering businesses to grow through social media and paid digital marketing. And a lot of those 10 years she was helping her customers get on TV, you know, to help their brand with more visibility with more credibility. She’s a storyteller. By nature. She’s completely comfortable with video and technology. She loves the creative process of content curation, and she manages multiple platforms all tied to a primary strategy and a mission. And most importantly, Jen Liddell is the PR coach, and she’s linked up program. So I’m so excited to have this conversation, Jen and I talk 1000 times a week, but never like this. So I’m excited to do this, Jen. Welcome!

Jenn Little 3:39
This is great. I’m so excited, Karen. Thanks for having me on your podcast. I know. We talk all the time. And we’re talking about multiple things. But this is fun. I like a interview. Yes,

Karen Yankovich 3:49
We’ll link to it, if you remember you were on the podcast before you interviewed me. For my birthday last year. It was like a little over a year ago that you Jen was on the podcast for we’ll link to that episode. But they were I was like, What should we do for my birthday episode? And I was like, what if we just have somebody interviewed me. So that was that was fun. We’ll link to that. But I wanted to, I wanted you to be on here today for 1000 reasons. But most of all, I think it’s important that we kind of talk about why we you why I think PR is so important in our LinkedIn strategy that we teach, and she’s linked up and then we can maybe give some tips on how people could do it as they get started on themselves. But tell us, let’s take a step back, though, and probably a little bit about you what they want you to be doing this work.

Jenn Little 4:34
Absolutely. So my background is in network television. And I worked for three different affiliates ABC, CBS, and Fox Providence. And through that experience, I learned how to use video to be able to tell people’s stories and to be able to share their brand and have people be interested in what they do. And who knew that 15 years later that video storytelling would be so so predominant right now right social media through LinkedIn social, it is just so much. Now more valuable, I think then back in the day when I was helping businesses get on air, and really coaching them through talking points and how to capture the audience’s attention through video.

Karen Yankovich 5:17
Yeah, I love that. I love that. And, you know, even more so like now that we’re in 2022. And we’re, you know, years into a pandemic, it how much how valuable has it been to to have video where we have the ability to get to know like, and trust people, based on getting to really feel their heart and hear their voice, as opposed to just like the flat social media posting, we can see, I think it’s even more important now than it’s ever been.

Jenn Little 5:44
I have to agree with you, Karen. And I think we’re going through a huge transition, especially post COVID, where everybody we hear about the great resignation, and more people are going into entrepreneurship and really, is wonderful. It’s also scary to step out in front of your brand. If you’ve ever been in PR and marketing, and you’re helping other brands succeed. And now you’ve made a pivot, and you’re out there and you’re the entrepreneur, how do you step out in front of your brand that’s in a way that’s consistent, and good quality, as well as effective. And that takes a lot of thought a lot of strategy, which is what I love doing with the she’s linked up students is helping them be able to step in front of their brands.

Karen Yankovich 6:26
Yeah, there’s so many ways we can go with this. So I want to start a little bit with just talking a little bit about why I wanted to have a PR coach in the program and why I think PR is so important, you know, in our she’s linked up program. And in the LinkedIn strategy I teach even before I was had this program, really what we’re doing is we’re teaching people to build relationships, right, we’ve heard forever and ever, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, I do think what you know, is important, but we can create the who you know, right by building relationships intentionally with people that can change our business, our lives and our bank accounts. So and we have a lot of competition, right? There’s a lot of noise out there. There’s a lot of people that do what we do. So when I work with people, I’m like, What’s going to make you stand out from everyone else. And one of the things that was really eye opening to me years ago, was an I have always done, I’ve always been like, good at finding media opportunities for myself, like podcast interviews, or guest blogging and things like that there was a lot of reasons to do that. In fact, Carrie pet singer, who’s the the mindset coach in our program, she in which Carrie and I before, it’s using doubles, even thought in my head, Kerry started her business by guest blogging, and she grew her email list to like, I don’t know, something like 810 1000 people in like, a couple months by guest blogging, so So I remember one time, I was up for a contract for something. And they threw my name in a Google search. And I’ve always said, like LinkedIn, people are googling you, whether you believe it or not, like throw your name in a Google search. And LinkedIn is where you can tell people what you want them to know about you. Right? So tell them what you want them to know about you right then and there. So they don’t have to look any further. But what I didn’t realize was that all of that media that I opportunities that I was having was also coming up in Google. So when I would, when people would do look to do business with me, and they throw my name in a Google search, they say, can you do like the first 10 pages of Google, and that is all the media stuff. And that gives me credibility, right, even the even even though it was completely created. So I started to incorporate that because I feel like when you build relationships, you know, the who, you know, in your world, why not be building relationships with the media. And that, you know, many of our students Gen, as you know, are in some kind of transition right there. They just left corporate, they’re becoming a coach, or, you know, there’s, there’s some kind of transition that that they’re in and or maybe they’re just looking to level up, right, it’s gonna be their first seven figure year, right? And they need, you know, the credibility, the visibility is great. But most importantly, it’s the credibility that the visibility gives them. Right, that allows them to do that. So then, so then along comes Jen. So Jen, what was your impression as we started to do this work in this program? Because I think that building the relationships with the journalists, is giving our students the credibility, and it’s helping them. I mean, I could, I mean, we could talk about so many of our students, but like, I can think of, you know, like, Simone, who you guys have heard on this podcast a few times, has gotten so much media opportunities in the last couple months. She’s, she’s a part of our program. And she’s also landing VIP day after VIP day after VIP day. And you just reached out to me the other day and said, one of our clients that did a VIP day wants to do one regularly with her. And I think the credibility that the media gives her has to help with that.

Jenn Little 9:28
Absolutely. I caught the media ticker. And we’ve been programmed over the course of the last 50 years with television and you see the news anchors and everybody reporting the news. That idea has been ingrained in our heads that as seen on as positioned as an expert, that that person has credibility and authority in that area. So when you are on a podcast or you are featured on a website, or Forbes or entrepreneur or authority, Inc. These are just some of the different publications we reach out to with some really cool tech then you automatically set yourself apart from your competition. And that is actually a lot easier when done right? And less intimidating when you have those strategies in place to be able to go in there and, and pitch yourself and how do you pitch yourself and, and we have such Rockstar women that have already done a lot of the hard work, they have shifted, like you had just mentioned. And they’re, they’re maybe going into a different direction, or they have a module, of course that they’re selling, or they’ve just wrote a book, we have doctors, we have all kinds of professional women who have done the hard work, and they are rock stars in their own right. And now it’s just being able to present their life long career that they have been working so hard in and present that to the right members of the press to get that media ticker full. That’s our goal with the program, we want to make sure that we teach everybody exactly how to talk to the press, and where to find them. And how do you get past all the noise and the email and get lost? How do you really have good conversations, and you start to build relationships with members of the press so that you can start to you know, say, on your social media, you know, I’ve been seen in Forbes or I’ve been seen on the local television network. And that is so powerful that is when you’re going for that big contract, or you’re looking to pitch business. And now you have that on your website or in your social media and you stand out from all your competitors.

Karen Yankovich 11:30
Yeah, you know, I know that we both did a lot of work over the years with realtors and think about how much competition a realtor has. I mean, I lived in a little town in northern New Jersey. And, you know, you knew everybody knew everybody, and there had to be 15 realtors in the town. And I knew 13 of the 15. So if somebody came to me and said, you know, do you have a realtor recommend was hard to get to know who to choose, right. But if you you know, because they’re all good at what they do, they’re all great realtors. But if one of them took the time to create that media ticker, to create that visibility, that credibility, even though every other one of those 15 Realtors is just as credible, right. But taking the time to do that extra step to create that credibility that the media gives them. Now, they’re the only Realtor in this little town that’s as seen on, as seen on, you know, in, as seen and you know, on NBC, or whatever, and there’s those opportunities are there for them. And we just like to help them find them, right. And that makes that changes everything, when you can stand out from your competition like that.

Jenn Little 12:30
That’s right. And it’s also there’s, there’s a specific way to go about it too, because I think that when you’re running your own business, you’re an entrepreneur, and you’re doing all the due, taking that extra step to reach out to the press is like another to do, but it’s so essential that is that is the piece, I think where the rubber meets the road. And when you do get a media hit, business will follow. And so if you can prioritize your own personal PR, and build it into your weekly outreach, then the money will follow. And it’s like, it’s like anything else, you just stay consistent, and you keep reaching out. And then when you get your media hits, it will create some great momentum for your business. And there’s some ways to get around that there’s ways to be able to some people say well, I’m not big enough for my goodness, I’m going to reach out to this person, and they probably get pitched all the time. So how do I stand out and we do teach a couple of different tactics. I like to say it’s offensive PR and defensive PR, and help the students be able to streamline that process so that they don’t get overwhelmed. And they can build it into their schedule every single week.

Karen Yankovich 13:36
So tell us about offensive and defensive PR.

Jenn Little 13:39
Sure. So offensive PR is when you use a resource, like Help a Reporter Out, and that’s HARO, the acronym H AR O. And that is a service. This is a free service that you can use. There’s a paid version as well. But the free service, you subscribe and you get three emails per day. And it’s all the journalists that are out there looking for experts quotes, they need something fast, they’re working on a deadline, and you can subscribe to that email service. And you get three emails a day and can comb right through it. And it’s it’s divided out by category of business. So its financial, its education, its general business, health and wellness. So you can come that and then go to that reporters request and just submit your quote, submit what your thoughts are answered their questions. So I call that offensive. That means that you are just responding to what their agenda is, and what that journalist is writing about or that podcaster is going to talk about. So then there is the defensive and defensive is when you go in directly to somebody that you would love to be seen in. So let’s take an example. I’ll walk you right through it. Say you just want to be in the magazine prevention and your health and wellness. Maybe you’re a yoga instructor and you really want to be featured in prevention because that’s where your target Client is, and that’s what they look to for that type of information. So you go into LinkedIn, and you can direct message you search for the editor, publisher, there’s certain titles you need to look out for. And you search the people that work for that magazine. And it’s unbelievable, really how it’s only a couple clicks away from building a relationship. So you find out who you need to speak to, you get, say, Patti, and Patti is the publisher for prevention, I guess I’m running with the piece here. So you get my kit, all my kids are seized, by the way, so I guess I have a habit. So you find Patti at prevention, and you go right in with a direct message, and you say, Patti, this is what I do. And then you pitch Patty, or you say to her, I’m looking to talk to somebody. So I could be a contributor to your magazine, I have some great ideas. And you really do get closer to that source. And not only that, but you break through the email, Bin, you’re not stuck in some email somewhere, you’re really making a direct hit, and you’re able to come in and speak to Patti, and nine times out of 10. Patty’s gonna say, you know, I’m not the right person, but here’s the person in our organization that you want to talk to, or send me your pitch, send me your press kit, send me your media kit, and let’s talk.

Karen Yankovich 16:18
Well, what I love about this, Jen is, you know, we, when we teach outreach, we teach it to a couple different categories. And we do track how many categories how many people you’re reaching out to, for, for the, in the process post, you know, as opposed to the other categories that we have. But what I love about the category of the press is that media is prolific, right? Like, if you’re trying to reach out to the Vice President of, you know, finance at some big company, we have to find a warm way to get to them. But with the media, they write all the time, all you got to do is say just read your article last week in Prevention Magazine, about this, and then share that article tag that journalist, it’s so easy to be to be able to develop a warm intro to journalists, because they, because they’re prolific and you can use what they’ve written before. To share it, you know, obviously, in an in an in an organic in a way that is true to you, right, don’t just make stuff up. But if it’s true to you that you love what they wrote, and that it resonates with your audience, and you share it in your tag them, they love this, what journalist doesn’t love when you share their stuff, right? So it’s almost a little bit like fishing in a barrel, because people are just not doing this. And it’s so simple, you know, it’s not always easy you do have to have, you do have to have this strategy, know how to set and so we help people with that it is a simple strategy, because they’re so prolific because we can really just be providing value to them genuinely providing value to them.

Jenn Little 17:38
That’s right. And then you can always find those journalists who are specializing in your business and your field, by just Googling articles that are top of mind, like current events that are happening. I mean, last year, it was COVID. And everything was around that. So we have a student, Tracy, who was in the travel industry, and we were able to search and see, you know, what are journalists writing about in regards to travel right now, and COVID. And we found some really great journalists that were out there that were focusing on that topic, and were able to get Tracy in front of them. So you know that there’s ways to go about doing it, you just have to be consistent. But it’s a lot easier than you think when you have the right tools. And you know exactly the process to be able to get in front of those members of the press, and then be able to pitch them the right way so that you have a good hook, and that they’re interested and excited to write about you. And then you become a source for them. Because it’s every 24 hours is a new cycle. And there’s a deadline, right. And they need good quotes from good people. So they’re always looking for content contributors.

Karen Yankovich 18:38
Yeah, and you know, through the pandemic, you know, so many people are, we’re kind of like afraid to talk about it. But I feel like when, but that’s what is newsworthy, that’s what’s newsworthy. So if you have an angle that supports, you know, what you do, and what is the angle that helps people through this pandemic, what you know, gives them tips or tricks or whatever, that’s what you want to talk about, right? That’s the kinds of things you want to talk about. And, you know, as you build these relationships with journalists, you might even want to be like suggesting stories to them for other people. And it’s genuine relationship building, not just, you know, when you need them kind of thing, right. And that is when the magic happens. That’s when the magic happens.

Jenn Little 19:13
Absolutely, and not being afraid just because you might get a no the first time and it doesn’t build from there. The consistency is key again, so blocking out the time your calendar, making sure you have your pitches lined up, and you’re ready to pitch them an interesting take on your angle, your story and what you do. And then if they say no one time, just pitch them again, and just keep nurturing that relationship. And then again, I like how you said Karen to go in and comment on their social media. You know, spend some time like you wouldn’t walk into a chamber event and just start pitching your services. You want to meet people get to know what they do. And it’s the same type of process. It takes some time. But LinkedIn is is really a powerful tool. To be able to make those relationships.

Karen Yankovich 20:02
Yeah, well, and here’s the difference between, you know, sometimes people say, Well, I just can email them. Well, here’s the difference. When you reach out to people from LinkedIn, you’re reaching out from a position of power, because you have a great profile. If you reach out to a journalist and your profile has dust bunnies on it hasn’t been updated in 20 years, ever has nothing on it, they’re not going to really pay attention. But if your profile is attention grabbing, if your profile has hooking it in and of itself, and really positions you as if you are an influencer, as if your peers with the most influential people in your industry, then when you reach out to these journalists and say just shared your article, they’re like, Wait, who is this person she looks, you know, she looks like a rockstar, I need to know this person. Right. And that’s where the different that’s where the magic happens between LinkedIn and PR, is that profile, and that outreach from the profile, and then you know, which makes a difference, as opposed to tweeting them or which is all still good ways to reach journalists, right. But as opposed to just tweeting them or emailing them, you want you know, you’re not you don’t have, you’re not coming at them with that position of power as you do when you reach out to them on LinkedIn.

Jenn Little 21:03
And that’s right. And then we work on making sure everything is streamlined. So whatever it is that you’re working on, in the next three to six months in your business, that you’re focused your streams of revenue that you’re really going to focus on, then we make sure that that profile matches that focus that you have. And in the PR arm of things, we work on your press kit or your media kit, and we talk about exactly what when you pitch a reporter, and they go to your LinkedIn profile, and you send them maybe your press kit, it’s all streamlined, it’s all looks the same. It’s all talking about the same things that you do. So that they say that, that you’re credible, they look at it, it’s consistent, you’re credible, you have authority, and they they feel more comfortable in reaching back out to you. So we help you line up those items, specifically, from your profile to your press kit, so that when you go out there to get that media ticker filled, you’re consistent, and you’re trustworthy. And you’re a little bit above the rest in terms of the pitches that that journalist is getting.

Karen Yankovich 22:03
Yeah, I love that. And you know, when you’re sharing their content, again, from that position of power, it’s helping them it’s like if you’re giving them something you’re providing value to them in return. Like I know, one of the things that we’ve learned in the past few years is that journalists literally in some, in some newsrooms, there’s actually leaderboards with how many social media followers you have, you know, for the different journalists. And if you are just commenting, that’s great. But if you’re sharing it, and then your connection, see it, and then they connect with them, right? That is a that is that’s money in their pockets. Right. And they truly appreciate that. And it’s showing up at a higher level, right? It’s showing up at a higher level, it’s showing up as an influencer, not just as somebody who’s a fan, right? It’s somebody that is at their level that is saying, I got you, I got you. I’m here if you need me.

Jenn Little 22:52
That’s right. And I think that there’s a real it’s low hanging fruit for LinkedIn, because you no longer is you have the dust. I like that you said dust off the desert bunnies from your LinkedIn profile. Boy, I think so many people can relate to that. And can we just talk about the fact that LinkedIn has changed, and that it’s okay to be more entertaining and your profile and to be more like, I like to say the word judge, you can judge it up and you can make it you and it doesn’t have to be that text, heavy only resume online resume, it’s a personality, paper, it’s it’s about your life work, it’s about what you’re doing. Now, it’s current that’s going to carry you into the future, not necessarily everything that you’ve done in the past, right.

Karen Yankovich 23:36
And, you know, when we, when we bring people into our program, they’re always excited to get to meet you again. But we don’t get they don’t get to meet you right away. Because we want to, we need to, you know, we need to judge up their profile. First, we need to get real clarity on what their goal what their goal is. Because at the end of the day, we want all of this to be putting money in their bank, right, not just visibility or numbers on their wall, right, we want to have more have them to have more money in their in their bank account. So they need to get really clear on what they want all of this media to lead to, right and what is going to be valuable in different things. And then once they’ve got all of that in place, then when they meet you, then it’s like, Okay, now we’ve got all this in place. We’re talking to people, we’re building relationships, we’re coming up with this profile, that this Power Profile. Now let’s really build that media ticker. So we can really land, the bigger contracts is we’re not really looking for our students to be landing the $20 contracts, we want them. You know, my goal for everybody that joins our program is that they have to be able to think big enough to be having a minimum of quarter million dollar years. And that’s the that’s the kind of people we want to be working with. And if you’re listening to this, and you’re like, Oh, that’s not me, and you we just haven’t talked yet because I know that’s for everybody. There’s that’s, that is there for all of us. It’s just we have to be able to think bigger, because you know, I’m just going to go on a little bit of a rant here for a second because as a business owner, as an entrepreneur, if it’s an entrepreneur word that we’re talking about here, right? A six figure entrepreneur is not a lot of money, you got to pay all your expenses, you got to pay all your things. It’s not the same as a six figure paycheck. I really believe that if you’re shooting for a quarter million dollars, that’s almost the equivalent of your six figure paycheck. Right? And that’s where we want to, we want to start with people that can think that big, and we can help you get there. We help people get there every single day. But I get a lot of questions about like, why why do we what’s the deal with the PR in your program? That’s really why I wanted to have this conversation. Yeah, and I will get started. Jen, how do people get started with focusing on PR to build their brand?

Jenn Little 25:34
Yeah. So I think again, we like you said, it’s money in the bank. So start with your goal, your revenue stream goals, and where is the money going to be coming from to support your business, and nowadays, people have multiple revenue streams, right. So really sit down and write down what three revenue streams you want to focus on, by quarter or by the year, you can break out the year by month, however, it feels right for you. And once you write those revenue streams down, then you start thinking about ideas behind new stories that can drive people to those revenue streams based on you being the expert talking about it. So I think if you start with the bank in mind, first, how are you going to just kill it this year with your business? And now you pitch the magazines and the podcast, you have to pick out which media you feel most comfortable in all media works? It’s just a matter of which one do you feel most comfortable in? Do you prefer writing and being a blogger? Do you prefer being on video, do you prefer being on audio and being a podcast, identify the media that you feel the most comfortable, and then identify your revenue streams, and then create angles that position you as the expert. So when people need your service, they’re going to go Google, you find where you are in the press and say that she can solve my pain, she can solve my problem. That’s who I need to talk to. So that’s how you craft the strategy around your PR. And then you go in, and like you said, at the beginning of the program, we don’t have a conversation in the PR world where she’s linked up until you’re in about six weeks. And then we start talking because up until that point, you are mapping that out, you’re deciding what your revenue streams are going to be. So when you get to be able to sit with me, and we have a nice conversation, we actually roll up our sleeves, and we go right in and we do the defensive and we do the offensive PR outreach and get you very comfortable. And being positioned as an expert in your field the way you want to be positioned because, you know, I love chocolate, and wine, but that’s not one of my revenue streams, I’m not going to be out there. Well, it kinda is. Already, like a wine and food festival, I could be a social media person for that’d be great. But you see what I’m saying you want to be very, very, very intentional, when I see a big difference in the students from week one until the end of the program. And it’s transformational. Because they go from being in the minutiae, and having their resume that they’re dusting off and putting and updating on LinkedIn, to standing out in front of their brands and pitching what they do in terms of how they want to make money in the next three to six months. So it’s transformational. The program is transformational. And we help we hold your hand right through the whole process. So that in the PR world, you are able to present your brand and your services in a consistent way. And you’ll be able to be put in the position of authority.

Karen Yankovich 28:36
So and you know, here’s where the transformation is important. I think, Jen, you know, like, I think about this, like, I don’t know about you guys, but every time I get an Uber, I’m always getting a conversation with a driver. And like what do you do? And you know, what do I do I you know, I teach LinkedIn marketing, big freakin deal, right? Like so does a million other people. Nobody’s going to use LinkedIn marketing, here’s my credit card, you know, nobody’s doing that. Because they don’t know me, I have no credibility whatsoever. I have nothing is making me stand out. But if they take my business card, and they throw my name in a Google search, and they see 10 pages, 20 pages of featured here and featured there and whatever, everything changes, and that was intentional. But that’s that doesn’t make me any different person than the person sitting in the Uber. Right? It’s on the same exact person, but I took the time to create that credibility so that people feel comfortable investing in me, right and there’s so many brilliant successful women out there. That could be so much more successful if they do that piece. Right? If they take if they grab the cuff, they have the confidence to really step in front of their brand and be visible and you know, I had the first call we have with everybody in our program is is really about getting clarity. And I had a call this morning with somebody new Jen who you haven’t met yet and she is worried about she’s she’s worried about stepping in front of her brand she’s really worried about she doesn’t want to do it. She’s not That’s not her thing. And I all I could think about is the people that are not benefiting by her brilliance, you know, and we’ll get Are there we’ll get her there for sure I know that we will. But you know, it’s not a matter of of doing it for ego, it’s a matter of doing it. Because when you are not shining a light on your genius, there’s people that aren’t able to benefit by that. Right and they lose out, tie you losing out. So yeah, I can say about this friend we have, I mean, generally the people in our program, not the most brilliant women that you’ve ever met in your life.

Jenn Little 30:21
They’re so amazing. They are rockstars every time we have somebody come into the program, and I look at their, with their LinkedIn profile, their website, some have written books, like I said, I mean, it is there’s doctors, there are all kinds of financial rockstars, that helped women it is an it’s a very, very electric group, I would say they’re electric, because they are on it. And they’re, they’re taking it to the next level. That’s how I feel about these women, they do such a great job. And then to your point about it’s, it’s about then carry enters the program. And we carry it and when you get to carry through the program carries a mindset coach, right. And she is phenomenal. And what she does is she helps you with those limiting beliefs that we all have, we have I say the bad bird and the good bird on our shoulders, and carry comes right in. And she really helps you with that limiting belief system that you have. And that’s constantly going through your mind so that you don’t feel like you’re bragging about your business. I’ve heard all kinds of things. I don’t want to brag about my business, I don’t want to, you know, if you’re not out there sharing your zone of your zone of genius, like Karen said, then who else is going to do that for you?

Karen Yankovich 31:30
Right? And your competition is going to get the business and they’re probably not anywhere near as good as you are.

Jenn Little 31:35
Right. Right. Right. Exactly, exactly. So it and really, it’s three to five logos, I say, you know, think about the logos you want on your website,

Karen Yankovich 31:43
right? And go after them. You know, we make it sound so simple, but it is pretty simple, right? It’s just not easy. And that’s where, and that’s where we come in. All right. Well, Jen, thank you so much for doing this here with me today. So your suggestion is people start by thinking about the logos that they want. And then just kind of going after them. I’m going to say go back to the pod the podcast episodes, to the ones where we’re talking about the different sections of your profile. And make sure that you profile spiffed up before you do that, because it’s going to, you want that to do some of the heavy lifting for you. And if you want to get to know Jen, then you have to join. Well, you get to know Jen, there’s lots of ways you can get done. We’re going to share them in your share them in the show notes all the other ways you can follow Jen, Jen’s got a brilliant brand of her own. But if you want some help from all of this, we’ll put all the links below for how you can book a call to find out a little bit more about what the program looks like, Jim, what would you like to leave everyone here with today?

Jenn Little 32:29
I think at the end of the day, what you need to do is be your biggest PR person for yourself and for your business and put that at the front of the train.

Karen Yankovich 32:37
There’s like 50 women right now that just had shivers up their spine. I don’t want to do that.

Jenn Little 32:43
Right. So you know, join our program, jump into the Facebook group, and be able to learn some really great tricks so that you can just apply it a couple times each week. And you’ll start to grow those relationships. And don’t be overwhelmed step into that, you know, you don’t grow unless you’re uncomfortable. And I know that’s really hard to hear. But you’re not going through it alone with the program. We’re right here with you. And we will walk you through the process.

Karen Yankovich 33:05
And every one of the brilliant women that we mentioned, have all had that same imposter syndrome feeling had that same the same challenges. And you know, I think about who you want to be hanging out with in your business. And I promise you, these are the women that you might be hanging out with. And you want to be surrounded by other women that can think big. So whether it’s our program or whatever it is you’re doing, think big and surround yourself with other women and other people that think the way you think and are always lifting you up, like Jen is with me and and hopefully vice versa. And yeah, Jen, thanks so much for being here today.

Jenn Little 33:38
Karen, thank you so much. I love the program. I love the women we get to work with and looking forward to meeting many, many more that we can help.

Karen Yankovich 33:46
Oh my gosh, Jen and I could talk for hours and hours and hours. That was so much fun. That was so much fun to interview Jen, and to really get a chance to chat with her. And you know, share her perspective and my perspective and the she’s linked up perspective on the power of publicity in your business. This is the kind of stuff that changes everything. This is what I mean by the people that you need to meet if those people are not just the people like give me your credit card people. These are the people like when you’re interviewed in Forbes and in authority magazine and tons of places our students are interviewed in every single week. It changes everything you get it you start to think differently about yourself, the people around you start to think about you differently and everything shifts and that’s where the high ticket opportunities start to come into focus for you. Right so, so much fun. I can continue to talk about this forever. But I am going to if you want to know what it’s like to work with me to work with Jen to get these this the brilliance of our coaching team in your life. It all starts with a phone call. Karen Yankovich COMM slash call, get you on our calendar. All we will do on those calls is chat with you and see if we think it’s a fit. It’s a 45 minute call. So we’re going to really dive deep and provide a lot of value to you on that call. You know We our program is very high touch very hands on. And it starts with this call, right? These are not a half hour call, these are 45 minute hour, hour and a half calls, where we can really spend some time with you to get to know you get to know your business, get to know what your goals are. And if we think that that’s something we can help you with, we will let you know what that looks like. If not, we’re gonna park friends and we’re gonna find some other resources to share with you anyway. Because you know, maybe today’s not the day but maybe next month will be or maybe you never know, you never know where these calls go. Right? So Karen Yankovich COMM slash call get you on the calendar, then you can get more of Jen in your life, more of me in your life. And yeah, we can’t wait. We can’t wait to see your name. I can’t wait to see your name on the calendar. So remember that if you take a quick screenshot of this before you wrap this, and share this with your social media, tag me tag, Jen, and we will share it with our audiences. And that gets you more visibility. So you’re helping us by sharing the episode and we’re helping you by sharing your posts with our audiences and we all get more visibility, we all get more virality in our content. Right. So thank you so much for doing that. And I will see you back here next week with another episode of The Good girls get rich podcast