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It’s Karen’s birthday!

Celebrate with us. Listen in to Jenn Little, PR Coach for our She’s LinkedUp Accelerator program, interview Karen!


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Episode Spotlights:

  • Karen was considering hiding from this birthday! 2:30 
  • Meet Jennifer Little, PR Coach for the She’s LinkedUp Accelerator program! 3:40
  • Karen’s career path from 2000 – divorced, owned a company, single mom…. 6:40 
  • Karen’s journey to digital marketing 10:00 
  • Oh boy, 2020! 13:10 
  • Who inspired Karen? 18:02 
  • Big mistakes to avoid! 19:50 
  • Why LinkedIn? 25:28 
  • The story of Good Girls Get Rich 29:25
  • The personal stuff – Jimmy Fallon style! 32:00 
  • Karen wants to talk with YOU! Book HERE. 34:00

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 147. Welcome to the good girls get

Intro 0:07
rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 147 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this podcast is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing. We teach a system that gets you on the phone consistently with perfect people, people who can change your business, your life and your bank account for forever. So if you’ve listened to this podcast before, this is going to be an interesting episode, we spent a lot of time talking about what we should do for this episode. So if you’re listening, and you think that you’re there’s some goodies in here that you want to share with your audience, please take a quick screenshot and share it on social media tag me I’m at Karen Yankovich, or use the hashtag good girls get rich so that we can see that you’ve shared it. And we can share that with our audience. Right and that how we support each other. So this week on the podcast is an interesting week because said the day that this podcast is being released, it’s December 6 2020, which is yesterday when you’re listening to this was my 60th birthday. I can’t even believe I just said that out loud to the universe. I have never had a problem with a birthday in my whole life. I had my first kid when I was 20. So I have now you know how my kids are right? So I have kids that I’m more worried about how old they are then how old I am. Right? But for some reason this year is interesting. So I was talking with my team a few weeks ago about how should we address this? Should we address it? Should we talk about it, because on this show, it really is about being your best self, right and doing what you love to do. And then staying in that place. Because when you’re doing that, that’s where the abundance comes into your life, right? And it doesn’t always have to be at 25. And you know that I teach LinkedIn marketing. And a lot of times when I’m working with people on their strategy, they’re like, Yeah, but you know, I don’t know, how do I compete against all these people that are 20 and 30, I said, you compete on your experience, right? You compete on your experience. So what I have, that a lot of the people that I work, you know that do some of the same things that I do, that they don’t have is a lot of experience. And you can either hide from that, right, which is what I was thinking about doing not telling you guys what birthday this was, and then maybe not really owning it and stepping into your authentic self and the true you or you can shout it from the rooftops. So this is me shouting from the rooftops. So when we were talking about what the topic should be today, one of the ideas that we had was for somebody to interview me about my journey, because they were saying that they would it would be interesting would be to hear a little bit about my journey. So I’m going to introduce you in a minute to Jennifer Liddell. Jennifer is a part of our team on the she’s linked up accelerator program. And she works with our students on their publicity strategies, right? So you can hire a $10,000 publicist, or you can join our program and get one on one access to Jen whenever you want to help you land publicity, because that is a big part, right of our LinkedIn strategy, owning who you are, and then being able to have the credibility of being featured in newspapers and magazines. And yes, if you’ve never been featured in a newspaper or magazine, you can do that at age 60. Also, so we kind of collaborated a little bit and decided that Jen would join me on the podcast today, and interview me for this show. So for the first time ever, I am the I’m turning over the host baton over to Jennifer. So Jennifer, I am nervous and excited to have you here today.

Unknown Speaker 3:40
Well, Karen, it is a great honor for you to bring me in and to reverse the roles. I’m super excited and happy birthday. This is a great way to celebrate you and celebrate your birthday and have fun at the same time. So thank you so much for bringing me on, I will tell you a little bit about myself. I have 20 years of marketing experience behind my belt. And what I like to do is I like to help with digital and social marketing strategies, small businesses, and corporations. So I look at myself as a translator, I have the experience of traditional media, remember the Sunday newspaper. And I’ve stayed on the curve of digital marketing strategies and social media strategies so that I can come into an organization and I can help them transition their traditional marketing messages on print and radio and television, into digital and online marketing strategies because that’s where the audience is going. And it is a moving target. And so I’ve been really busy, I enjoy helping others and I enjoy the success that my skill sets can bring to the table so that businesses can shift especially after this year.

Karen Yankovich 4:44
And we are when we first met Jen really what I loved about our conversations before we brought you on was just your commitment to being supportive and helpful to people and really being because that really is a fundamental tenant of of the work that we do in the she’s like accelerator program is, we hold your hand every step of the way through it. It’s not like here’s your content, have fun, right? We hold your hand, we really are there for you. We’re celebrating your success with you. And I know that that’s a big part of the tenants of your, your fundamental beliefs. So that’s why I love having you on our team.

Unknown Speaker 5:17
Thank you, Karen. And that’s right, because I’ve been on both sides of the equation in terms of being in corporate America for several years and working for network television, in the marketing departments, and then started my own company in 2012, as an entrepreneur, so I understand all of the struggles and obstacles and challenges that face both sides of that coin in terms of marketing and business. And so when I can come into an organization or come into a small business owner, environment, and be able to help them save time, save money, and be great at what they do, that’s really my purpose. And I really enjoy working with others to help them get better. Awesome, awesome.

Karen Yankovich 5:57
So that we were some mutual admiration society here. So Jen, take it away. Let’s dive in today.

Unknown Speaker 6:05
So I’m going to put on my glasses right now and become the interviewer. I’m so excited to do this with you, Karen. And when Karen asked me to do this, really, it was a brainstorm session, like she had mentioned. And she said, should I should? Nice, absolutely. Let’s do this. Because I want to know the answers to these questions. So it’s a little bit self serving, but I think that a lot of people that are listening will learn greatly from the answers. So here we go. A little bit of business and a lot of fun. Okay, awesome. And have Yes, Karen is, can you bring us down your career path from the year 2000 until now, the past 20 years? And what was the progression that got you here today? Yeah. So

Karen Yankovich 6:43
in the year 2000, I got divorced. And I was a single mom with four kids. And I was running a company, a small marketing agency, a technology company, right? We were agents for Verizon, and at&t and things like that. And it was crazy. It was crazy. As technology was changing. Well, here’s the thing. As I was running that company, I was the I was the vice president of the company, the president of the company, we brought him on, because I wasn’t truly literally wasn’t old enough to get the contracts we needed to get. So we needed somebody that even though I had all the experience in what we were doing, but we brought on Frank, who was the president, and he ended up doing a whole lot more than I think he anticipated doing. But basically, I’m telling you this because I basically ran the company, right? I did everything from hire people, fire people pick out health care benefits by office tables, and things like that. And what I found was, that is not my zone of genius, right? I love strategy. I love going on the sales calls, but as the comp as the business owner, right, and having a staff of all these people, you’re not doing as much of that as you are running the business and, you know, making decisions on health care benefits, and you know, whatever, are we having a coffee service or not, right, so, so we ultimately ended up closing that business, because mainly, there was a lot of changes happening in the industry. And I just really wasn’t up for going down the path that I needed to go for, because I wasn’t doing what I love doing. And I did a little bit of private consulting for a while with some of the clients from that business. But as a single mom with four kids, that income was very roller coaster like and I didn’t have health care benefits, like kids were covered by their dad. But you know, I didn’t have health care benefits. And ultimately, one of my clients brought me on on a salary. And I was still part time doing consulting work. What happened really quickly was one of my clients took me like two or three years to finish the project. And at the end of it, I was like, I don’t want to do this anymore. So I kind of sat with the paycheck and the benefits for a while and started to get a little antsy somewhere around when my kids were graduating high school, somewhere around like 2010 1112. And that’s when I started taking some courses in online marketing. Initially, I was doing both. And eventually I couldn’t do both because I was making decisions. Am I gonna go speak at this conference in Massachusetts and use my vacation days to do that? Or am I gonna pass on it? Right? So I had to make a decision. And I kind of just jumped and into doing what I’m doing right now.

Unknown Speaker 9:08
Wow, that must have been very, very scary, a very scary time to do that. And you must have been really excited at the same time. But clearly, you had built up enough momentum on your path that you could see where you were going and you were following your path, your calling. What would you say was a turning point when you started to really understand your coaching business was where you wanted to spend most of your time and energy? Was it through one client? Was it through sitting in front of somebody and helping them like what was that moment? We just said you jumped? You said it was deciding and it was time management. But was there really a moment where you just knew that you were going to become a business coach,

Karen Yankovich 9:47
you know what I have always been entrepreneurial. So I am not at my best when I am at a point when I am in a paycheck position. Right so I was I’m not gonna say that I was miserable because I wasn’t miserable. But it was It was not what I wanted to be doing. So it was more of it was more a decision of what the heck can I do to get out of here than it was this is the place for me to be right. And I kind of like I kind of follow my intuition. I mean, initially, I was taking classes and, you know, I like all this woowoo stuff, right, I was taking classes of I’m a certified dream coach, I became a Reiki Master. You know, I went to Reiki so I was doing all these other things, to see where I was going. And initially, I was helping other spiritually focused entrepreneurs with their businesses, because I got them right, I got the understood the right brain approach. And and I think what I had that was unique was a little bit of a right brain left brain mix, where a lot of people that run these kinds of businesses don’t have the left brain piece, right. They’re very good at the right brain stuff. But they’ve got to understand the business stuff. So I started to, I started out by helping them and eventually my business grew more as I saw how much I was able to help them. And people were coming to me saying, how did you do this for them? Can you do it? For me, I was like, Alright, well, I guess this is what I’m supposed to be doing. And I loved it. So I just kept doing it. And we definitely there was some roller coasters since 2012. To now Right. But you know, it’s not like there’s a was a big ladder to where I am today, that’s for sure.

Unknown Speaker 11:16
I love that you said intuitive and that you that you have both the left and right side brain because I think in making that decision, as a fellow entrepreneur, you really have to have self awareness. And you really have to take control. And listen to that voice that saying, I just can’t be in corporate America, or whatever your voice is saying, but having the self awareness, to be able to listen to it, and then execute on that on the dream, the deliverables, what you’re going to put together, where your your blitzes where your zone of genius is, and where you can thrive. And that takes a lot of reflection. And also, combined with a lot of let’s just wing this and see what sticks. The more you do, the more you find your sweet spots. And the more you find kind of the stuff falls off the sides that you’re not so good at, even though you can you can do it. But is it bringing you joy and bliss that ultimately, right, others Oh, and

Karen Yankovich 12:09
you know, the other thing is, too, and this is such a cliche thing, but at least it is in the world that I live in, you know, what would you do all day that whether you would do whether or not people paid you, right? And I would like to flip that and say I was giving advice to people that weren’t asking me for advice, you know, like, I would be like at, you know, Wherever I am, and I’d see them doing something, I’d be like, you know, if you just do it this way instead of that way, you know, and then like they didn’t ask you. So if you have this much advice on marketing, maybe maybe you should find people that will pay you that are going to ask the questions of you, before you continue to keep shoving your opinions down people’s throats that didn’t ask you. So that was really another kind of motivation to kind of focus more on marketing, because my brain to this minute is has no end of ideas for marketing for people.

Unknown Speaker 12:53
I get that I still get that. And after spending an hour with you on the phone, Karen and you helping me with my business. I was so so thankful. Another question I’ve been dying to ask you is what three things would you say to entrepreneurs right now our business marketing professionals in terms of advice, want to get real business on you right now, as we are coming out of a year like 2020?

Karen Yankovich 13:16
Yeah, well, you know, here’s the thing, you know, I just read something this morning, and it was probably like a Facebook meme or something. And it was something along the lines of you know, I went into 2020 thinking it was going to be the year that I was going to you know, whatever, blow up my business have the most success. But what it turns out to be is the year that I appreciate what I already have. And that really resonated with me. Because I think for many of us, we’ve and I certainly have been in this place many times in my life, we’re on run the hamster wheel, right? And we just keep going and we keep going and we keep going. And we’ve got ideas, and people are telling us what we should be doing or not doing. And I think what 2020 has done is given us a chance to step back and really say, do I really want to do this, like I’m getting a lot of people reaching out to me that are like, Yeah, I don’t want to go back to work. Like I am home, I’m working from home, I don’t want to go back to what I was doing a year ago. So I think that what it’s given us is the opportunity to kind of reimagine what the next chapter in our life looks like. So do that. Right? What have you been doing? Most importantly, what have you been doing that you’d never want to do again, and just like create a plan that eliminates that. But the other thing, the other piece of advice that I really want to make sure you understand is I see so many people doing this upside down right there, say, Okay, I’m going to do this. So I need a website, and I need a social media plan. And I need Facebook. And I need all these things. And I have a list a mile long of things that they need to do before they can get a client, right, because I can’t get a client because I haven’t done this yet because I haven’t gotten a website yet whatever. So what I would like to say is flip that right, what is it that you’re really good at and just start doing it. You don’t need all the fancy stuff, just start doing it. And when you start doing it and when you start getting the testimonials, that’s when you can start really diving into making it amazing. The more amazing you can make your services, the, the higher the price point is on those services, right? So instead of going right, first, I have to sell this $5 PDF that I created that it took me two months to create, right? Forget that, just start doing the things that you love to do and and keep adding more great things to them and, and then you know, put a price point on it that’s going to allow you to really over deliver, and keep doing that. And then you’ll have enough money to pay people to do all the other stuff.

Unknown Speaker 15:26
That absolutely makes sense. It makes sense. So here are the three things the takeaways from that is to be thankful kind of sit and remember how thankful the things that you do have and be thankful for those things. And then think about what you want and what you don’t want moving forward in terms of your business life and your personal life. And all of your your things that you want, write that down, put together a plan, and think about how 2021 will look and then flipped upside down the theory that you have to be 100% prepared to move forward with your dream before you move forward with your dream. So just move forward action, any type of action that will help you do what you do best. So you can build up the trust and build up those relationships, get business slowly, and then the rest will come as you move forward.

Karen Yankovich 16:13
Exactly. Even if you have to do it for free. You know, I mean, even if you have to do it for free, that’s getting you because what happens often is you do all this planning, and then minute you start working with somebody you realize that half of the things you planned aren’t gonna work out the way you thought they were gonna work out, right? Because when you’re actually doing it, it’s different. So start doing it first. Yeah, that

Unknown Speaker 16:33
makes sense, your zone of genius will come easily for you. So you can give a little bit for free, just a taste, and then build off of that. As the relationship grows. I just love that. I’m taking copious notes, Karen. Okay, cool.

Unknown Speaker 16:48

Unknown Speaker 16:50
moving on, was there a person in your life that was instrumental in terms of your career path, choosing your career path to start your own business? And

Karen Yankovich 17:00
so this is going to be a little bit of a cheesy answer, but I’m gonna say Marie Forleo. I took Marie Forleo B school back in 2012. And it’s not like when you take B school, like you’d become BFFs, with Marie, because it’s not really run that way. But what I saw when I stepped into Mary’s world, was people that were thinking bigger. And it wasn’t just people that were thinking bigger, like, you know, if you go into a Facebook group, and somebody asked, and it’s a free Facebook group, and somebody asked a question, like, what’s the should I use? Should I do red or black, right? And everybody has an opinion, but 90% of those opinions are completely unqualified, well, with with B school, in that Facebook group for B school, you knew that everybody, you couldn’t even be in that group if you hadn’t already invested in B school. So when you brought questions like that, you are getting great answers. And I found myself hanging out with people that were were making 10,000 20,000 $50,000 a month in their business. And they were just my peers at that point. So Marie Forleo really allowed me to start thinking bigger, and to start thinking along the lines of how what could this really look like?

Unknown Speaker 18:05
Oh, that’s so great. That is wonderful. And then did you model anything that you learned going through that program with, she’s linked up in your program that you have today,

Karen Yankovich 18:14
you know, what I did initially, but you know, as you as I go, and I’m a big fan of learning, I am always taking courses, you know, if I get one nugget of information out of $1,000 course, it is well worth $1,000. So I don’t look at it as like I spent $1,000, I only did two modules like I don’t ever look at it like that. That being said, when I took B school and I’ve taken other courses since then, what I learned was, what I liked and what I didn’t like about those programs, so what I did was I kind of crafted, she’s linked up the accelerator program around that around that. But you know, moving forward in my journey, I have recently been a student of Russ Rufino his program clients on demand. And a lot of the she’s linked up accelerator program and the whole model of the she’s linked up roadmap that we now execute, a lot of it comes from a lot of what they’re doing. So I would say I took a lot of the stuff that Marie Forleo did. And that got me really, you know, it got me going, but then I kind of stripped A lot of it out. And now I’m just like, I have one program that I sell now. And that’s it and there’s a back end stuff, right? If you join the she’s linked up accelerator program, once you graduate, there’s all kinds of other things we can do to continue to support you and the community is amazing, but I don’t have all that front end stuff anymore. So that’s that’s kind of a change. I think that that I came that didn’t really come from B school, but came from the journey after B school.

Unknown Speaker 19:31
Oh, that’s great. That is really great. So next question that I have for you is what are three big mistakes people should avoid when pursuing prospects, clients, customers that you see? Yeah, I

Karen Yankovich 19:46
think the first mistake is thinking you ever have to sell anything? I mean, yes, you have to sell things right. But you don’t you build relationships on relationships and value, not calling people up and saying buy my stuff. You don’t Walk into a networking event, like if you walk into a chamber of commerce event, you know, everybody’s there to grow their business. So you know, there’s a business opportunity with everybody there. So you don’t walk in and say, Hey, you know, I have, you know, buy my stuff, but people feel like that’s what sales is. And and I don’t think that’s true at all. I think that if you build relationships are very micro targeted with some research upfront with the right people, the business will follow. So don’t go straight for the sale. I think that’s a big mistake that people go straight for the sale.

Unknown Speaker 20:28
That makes sense. That absolutely makes sense. That would be very awkward, wouldn’t it if you walk into the room and just yeah.

Karen Yankovich 20:33
And it’s so funny, because women think very often women think this is why I focus on women, by the way, they think that they’re not good at sales. And I’m like, but we’re so good at caring for people and building relationships and having relationships. That’s all you need to do with the people that you would love to be serving. That’s what when you start doing that the sales follow, right? So. So that’s the first mistake. I think the second mistake is pricing, don’t worry about what other people charge for things, all you need to be concerned with is is there enough of a budget in what you’re invested in investment in what you sell is for you to be able to over deliver and make a profit, right? So you know, for example, you can you know, I almost like to say like one of the things that I like to do with people, and I probably did it with you, Jen. But one of the things I like to do is say like, what if we just doubled it, like you’re charging $1,000? Now, what if it was $2,000? What else could you do? And they’re like, well, then I can do this, and I can do that. And I can do this does not feel great? Like they’re like, yeah, I’m like, Well, why aren’t we doing that? Right? Like you if we feel like we need to go in low and get an establish ourselves and then go No, no, like, blow them away with with what you’re going to be able to do. And then people start talking about you. And then everybody wants to do that. And I you know, I can tell you from my own experience that she’s linked up accelerator program was initially a digital program. And it was a lot less of an investment than it is now a lot less, and people weren’t having a lot of success, because they were buying it and it was sitting in their hard drive. Now that the investment is a lot higher. And the reason it’s a lot higher is because I’ve added in things like accountability coaches, people like you that get on the phone with them and help them have success. We are building in reasons for people to get the success that now they’re getting $50,000 sponsors and $20,000 packages that they’re selling, right? Where it’s the same content, right, but we changed how we deliver it, and didn’t worry about and we priced it according to what we needed to price it to be able to deliver it at that high value so that our people would get those high, those great results. So I think people think they go backwards, like I can do this for thousand dollars. And then they find themselves in a bind and saying, well, I can’t believe I saw this person again, I’ve already probably lost tons of money on them. Right. So I think that’s the second thing. And then I think the third thing, and it’s on the same wavelength as the second thing, there’s a phrase that tweaks me more than many other phrases in the entrepreneurial world. And that’s people that are trying to have six figure businesses. And I want to tell you today, you can have a six figure business and make more money in your own paycheck working at McDonald’s. Right. So a six figure business does not mean a six figure is nowhere near the same as a six figure paycheck, by the time you’re paying all of the overhead there for your VA and all the other things you probably are not making anywhere near that. So you have to think bigger, you have to think bigger. Mm

Unknown Speaker 23:19
hmm. And I love what you said, those are so helpful. Those are very, very helpful, build relationships, think about your pricing. And then think about the real expenses. So think bigger, and the mindset there, and make sure that you are thinking as big as what you can support your business and what your goals are. They’re switching gears a little bit, I love what you taught me on our call, which helped me a lot was the fact that I needed to put together both online digital outreach through LinkedIn, which I was all focused, I think I was focused 80% of my energy, maybe even 90%, Karen through LinkedIn, and through Sales Navigator and LinkedIn outreach, digital outreach. And I know, I was spending a lot of time researching the right path and the right group of people. But once we had our phone call, and you said to me, Jen, you have to pick up the phone. And you need to make sure that you incorporate old school prospecting with picking up the phone and calling somebody with connecting with them on LinkedIn. And I love that that was the first time that there was some, you know, combining my business experience with the old school prospecting of what you said about building relationships. And then utilizing a wonderful platform like LinkedIn, to be able to give more power behind that relationship that you’re building and to build your authority.

Karen Yankovich 24:42
Yeah, leveraging the other platforms. I mean, one of the things, one of the tips we teach a lot, even in the program, like we have people that support speakers, for example, you know, so we’ll get a list of 10 speakers and we’ll go to Amazon and see if they have a book and if they don’t have a book, or let’s say they let’s say their book, coach, right. They go to Amazon and the speaker doesn’t have a But now you’ve got four hot leads, because you’ve got four out of those 10 that don’t have a book and all speakers know, they need a book, right? So, so leveraging things against each other for outreach, it’s not it doesn’t all have to be like LinkedIn is the tool that builds the relationship. But there’s so many other great things we can do to start the relationship and do the research and then use LinkedIn to kind of take it home.

Unknown Speaker 25:20
Absolutely. And that leads me to the next question, which is perfect in terms of with all the other social media platforms out there? What made you gravitate towards LinkedIn? Why that one?

Karen Yankovich 25:30
You know what I think it because of what we were just talking about, because it because it is that when I ask people where their business comes from 99% of the time, they tell me referrals, and you’re posting a million times on Instagram, and LinkedIn, and Facebook and Twitter and all of your business is coming from referrals. So I mean, do the math, right. So I was like, okay, where can I? What can I do to emulate what a referral looks like? Because as much as I love referrals, it means people love you and love what you do. We can’t repeat it, right? It’s not repeatable. So I’ve crafted a system on LinkedIn that makes referrals repeatable. And because that’s where the big money comes, yeah, somebody might buy a pen from you from Twitter from a tweet, right. And I know that people are getting business from Facebook and from Instagram. And I’m not, I’m not trying to say that those things don’t work. But for me, I like to go for the gold. Let’s go for the biggest the biggest opportunities first that happens with relationship marketing, and relationship marketing happens on LinkedIn.

Unknown Speaker 26:26
That’s right. Thank you for that. Okay, another nugget. Do you hear something about you? Karen, do you have a daily routine that sets you up for success,

Karen Yankovich 26:34
I am a wannabe daily routine person in the morning. But I do I kind of do. So I kind of do. So I do start my day, every single day with kind of like mindfulness. And for me, you know, because I’m on screens all day long. I really like that to be a time where the phone is put away. And I’m really just mindful. And my, my mind goes 100 miles an hour all day long. So for me, the best way for me to be mindful, is less to be like doing like Ohm based meditations, and more to just stop and like, kind of listen to my own, like to what I’m not listening to all day long once the on button goes on. Right? So I kind of like to sit and just listen and say like, what is it that I need to know for today, right to get you know, what is what is today going to be? And what what kind of? It’s I’m listening to my own subconscious, right. I’m like, nobody’s talking to me, right? It’s my own subconscious. But to me, that’s a that’s kind of how I like to start my days. I’m also a fan of how Elrod who wrote the book, The Miracle Morning. And the Miracle Morning, when I do the Miracle Morning practice, I see results. So I don’t know why I don’t do it more often. But if the Miracle Morning is you take a few minutes every morning to read and to move and to be quiet and a few other things in there. I just think it’s really important. It we don’t need these big like, you don’t need to go to the gym every single morning to have you know, good physical health, you can sometimes you can do 15 minutes. And I I try to do all that in the morning. Because once My day starts, it doesn’t stop. You know, it’s pretty busy over here. So my routine basically is the morning I take I get some mindfulness. And then the morning is when my brain is most engaged. So I really do start work pretty early. And I do and I end it pretty early. Because you know, by five, six o’clock at night, I’m fried. That makes sense. And I’m going to make sure I make a note of that book as well. And as always 2021 from Karen, we can write down some of these routines. And we can pull from people who aren’t succeeding by implementing that, because I think a lot of us that are entrepreneurs have chatter going on in our heads a lot. And it’s nice to slow down in the morning and to be able to set up your day instead of your weekend. So I do try to have like pattern interrupts in the middle of the day too, so that I can quiet my brain in the middle of the day. And that makes a big difference when I do that. I wish I could tell you I was as consistent with that as I would like to be. But

Unknown Speaker 28:50
oh, I hear that. I still hear that. Here’s another question for you, Karen, about this podcast. What do you love about your podcast? I love the title. Good girls get rich. And how has that tool helped you to connect with people to connect with your audience? How long have you been doing your podcast?

Karen Yankovich 29:08
Well, this is Episode 147. Right. So at least 147 weeks, we’ve probably taken maybe 10 or 15 weeks off over the time? I think we are I don’t know. I think we’re I think we’re somewhere around. I think we were we hit three years maybe a month ago. So what I love about it is you know, I’m a big fan of putting out content. If you really want to build a brand as an influencer, you have to be putting content out because people need to know you know your stuff. Right? So I was blogging and I’m just not a blogger. So I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast for a while and I kind of immerse myself in the podcast community and that really kicked me in the butt a little bit to get it moving. But what I love about it the most is the people I get to interview because I’ve just interviewed so many cool people over the years. I’ve interviewed Marie Forleo a couple times I’ve interviewed Sylvia Acevedo who was the CEO of Girl Scouts of America. I interviewed Myrna vallario, who wrote who is a long distance runner. And she had this YouTube video that had gone viral. And I literally just tweeted her and said, your video is so inspiring. I’d love to interview with my friend for my podcast. And she’s like, Yeah, I’d love it. Right. So it gives you a sense of influence, and it opens the doors to conversations with people that I just can’t believe I have conversations with, right? There’s just been, and there’s been so many other people like that, that I’ve had a chance to interview. And what it does to is, so for my business, what the podcast does is it allows people to see if they connect with me, right? I mean, I’m from New Jersey, I talk 100 miles an hour, if you’re listening to the podcast, and thinking, Oh, my gosh, I could never work with her, I’d lose my mind, then that’s better that we know that before we start working together, right. But at the same time, there’s people that reach out to me from the podcast and say, I love your energy, I want that for my business. So it allows people to see if working together would be a good energetic fit. And that just is such a huge help for the business.

Unknown Speaker 31:01
Absolutely. You get to know that person behind the business. And then you know if you can work well together, and it will help you be better at your business. That’s why I called after watching your webinar, and really getting a vibe where we use the same language. And I could even though I’m from New Hampshire, I don’t operate quite as quickly. I did feel like there was synergy there. And so then once we had our big call, and things started to progress, it really started to help with my business. But I wanted to ask you some more fun questions about Karen speaking of getting to know the person behind the business. Okay, I had some fun working up these questions. And if you’ve ever seen the fast questions with Jimmy Fallon, he just kind of sends these questions to his guests really quick, and it’s just fun, and I thought it’d be a good time for us to do that.

Karen Yankovich 31:47
I’m game Okay, let’s

Unknown Speaker 31:48
do it. Let’s do it. Because it is your birthday. So let’s do the fun questions this way. There we go. So Karen, are you red or white wine? Oh, I

Karen Yankovich 31:57
am an equal opportunity. wine drinker. I play the DI the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion approach to wine, white, red, bubbly. I give them all a shot. Very diplomatic. Have you?

Unknown Speaker 32:09
Are you a morning or a night person?

Karen Yankovich 32:11
Oh, I’m a morning person. I’m in fact, I have to sometimes look at the clock before I text people and think it’s 630 in the morning, they’re still sleeping. You know, I’m up for two hours by them.

Unknown Speaker 32:20
That’s great. Are you a beach person or mountain person?

Karen Yankovich 32:25
Again, everybody that’s listening to this already probably knows I am a beach person. 100% the beach and the ocean is where my soul is most at peace. Great.

Unknown Speaker 32:35
Do you prefer a quiet dinner with friends or party time?

Karen Yankovich 32:39
Oh, definitely a quiet dinner with friends. All day long. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:42
And then Saturday Night Live? Or Jimmy Fallon?

Karen Yankovich 32:46
You know what? Jimmy Fallon? I mean, is he not living the life? Right? He gets to do things like call, you know, all these superstars and say, like Melissa McCarthy, I have a great idea. Let’s do this. Right? Like, he just looks like he’s having the time of his life. And I love that he opens his world up to the rest of us to watch. He’s definitely

Unknown Speaker 33:03
fun to watch. And he’s completely authentic, which is what I love

Karen Yankovich 33:06
about him. Exactly. And he’s just having a blast, right? He’s having a blast.

Unknown Speaker 33:10
Yeah, isn’t that what life life is a part of life is being able to have fun and be joyous, and enjoy what you do.

Karen Yankovich 33:16
Exactly, exactly, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 33:19
So when this was so much fun, I enjoyed our interview so much, I have so many takeaways that I’ll be thinking about the big goals, I never would have had this conversation with you if I didn’t pick up the phone and just scheduled that call because it cost me nothing. And we ended up creating a wonderful relationship. And now I get to work with a lot of the students in your program with the public relations piece. So none of that would have happened unless I would have connected with you through your content, and then acted on it. So I just have had such a good time learning about you. I want to make sure I write all this down. And

Karen Yankovich 33:55
while Lucky for you, this is recorded, so you can listen to it again and take notes. And we’ll have even we’ll even have show notes. But yeah, so I’ve been taking a little bit of a great exhale. Now that we’re on the other side of this, but I love that you did that. Jen, I love that you took action and booked the call because we do offer and anybody that’s listening, grab a call go to Karen Yankovich comm slash call and grab a call. We love having these breakthrough calls, we will help you figure out what your plan is to reach $10,000 a month, $100,000 a month, whatever it is you’re looking to do in 2021. And we love that. So it blows me away the quality of the people that that we get to talk to you as well. So I want that to be you. I’d love to see you on our calendar.

Unknown Speaker 34:34
Well, happy birthday, Karen. This was fantastic. I hope that you have a wonderful or you had a wonderful birthday, once this airs and that you take some time for yourself. I’m sure you will.

Karen Yankovich 34:44
Yeah. Well, thank you so much, john, for doing this. And thank you all for listening. I hope this was interesting to you. I am here for all of your questions if you have questions beyond what Jen asked me today. Wherever you see this podcast posted. Come on in and ask me I’m happy to answer any of your questions or book a call and you We also in the link to the show notes for this. There’s also a link to speak pipe where you can click and leave us an audio message. So if you want to leave an audio message that just says I’d love to know about this, we can play that and answer that on a future show as well. So I’m here to answer all of your questions, because the bottom line is, I want you to have an amazing 21. I want it to be simple for you, and I’m here to support you with it. So, Jen, thanks again for being here. And we’ll see you all next week.

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