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As you transition into the next chapter of your life, you 100% can design how you want the chapter to look!


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About the Episode:

Are you going through a transition in your life? Many women are.

Times of transition are times to design the next chapters of your life. And yes, you can design the next chapter!

The first step is believing that you CAN design your own life. The second step is understanding the difference between expertise and experience – your experience will take you places. You also need to be a constant student of identity. As you go through changes in your life, you’ll experience shifts in your identity – embrace it!

Ready to design the next chapter of your life? Listen in to Episode 212!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s topic (2:26)
  • You can design the next chapter of your life (7:11)
  • Expertise vs. experience (10:53)
  • Shifts in your identity (13:43)
  • Episode recap (15:46)

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 212.

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Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is episode 212 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this episode is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach women simple relationship based LinkedIn marketing a system that gets you on the phone, get you having conversations consistently with the kinds of people that can change your business, change your life, change your bank balance forever. Our goal in our shoes linked up programs is to create wealthy women of influence. That’s our bottom line. And I would love for that to be you. At the end of the day. This is Digital Marketing, right? It’s still digital marketing using LinkedIn. But with that human touch human to human marketing, we go a lot deeper building relationships. And that’s where we see the biggest change happening in our in our students lives and in our students businesses. So if you’ve listened before, if you love what you’re hearing today, you know, we love to hear from you. Make sure that you subscribe to the show, wherever you’re listening, I would love for you to leave us a review there. So I can get a sense of the kinds of episodes that resonate with you. Right, these reviews are really, really valuable to me, it helps me get this show in front of the kinds of people that I want to know that that can most benefit from it right? Of course, I’d also love for you to share this on social media, take a quick screenshot of this episode, wherever you’re listening, and share that on your social media platform of choice or stories of choice. Use the hashtag good girls get rich, make sure you tag me because if that makes sure that I can see it then, and then I can share your post with my audience. And then you get more visibility to write. That’s how we both get more visibility. So in the shownotes, there’s also a link for SpeakPipe, you can leave an audio review there, I would love your audio reviews I’ve been getting or even just messages, just let me know, you know, maybe there’s a guest you want me to interview or a topic you want me to talk about right? Just leave us a message there, I reply to every single one of them personally. So I love getting audio messages. So just go to Karen 212, you’ll see the blog for this page, you’ll see the link for SpeakPipe to make it really easy for you. So it’s really interesting. You know, I’m recording this episode, it’s q4 2022. And I’m doing some 2023 planning. And part of the the work that I do when I plan the new year or whatever is coming up in my business is I look back at the I mean, I’m not kidding you when I say brilliant, amazing women that are in my shoes linked up programs, right? So, you know, have I’ve not said this before, I’ve probably said this 100 times, but I truly wake up grateful every single morning for just the amazing brilliant women that come to me in this program. It’s just amazing. And and what I watch is these women supporting each other and to just greatness in the world. And honestly, that alone is just a huge reason to find something, of course, I’d love it to be our programs, but find something as you’re moving into your next chapter that brings with you a community of women that can support you. But what I was looking for, my team and I were looking for is what do these women have in common? Right? What do they have in common? Because of course, these are the kinds of things I look at. So that when I talk to you, I can make sure that I am saying the kinds of things that are going to make you say, Yeah, you know what, that’s, maybe that’s for me, right? That’s what you should be doing as well. And one of the things that I’m going to say almost every single person that joined any of my shoes linked up programs in 2022 have in common is that they’re in some kind of transition. They’re in some kind of transition, we have medical doctors that are moving into that are retiring and moving into more health coaching or, or even consulting or consulting with hospitals. They’re, they’re creating brilliant programs in hospitals and reforming health care, right? We have many, many women that were in corporate, right, and they just decided, for whatever reason, maybe pandemic, whatever, but they’re not going back. They just don’t want to go back. So they’re transitioning to a new chapter, whatever that looks like, again, coaches consultants, maybe they’re opening, you know, premise based businesses brick and mortar stores, right. But this is something that almost all of the women that we work with have in common and sometimes that transition is just like eff it. I’m done playing small I’m done looking for this six figure business. I’m now on track for I need a seven figure but I want a seven figure business because as we all know or many of you know if you’ve listened to the show for a long time, six figure business surely does not put six figures in your in your bank account, right? So I want to put six figures in your bank account and therefore we need to be thinking bigger so sometimes that transition is from So, where you were for many years or a few years to where you are, what you can do differently? What’s going to make things different do you have about you, when you think about when you think about what your next chapter looks like? Is it different than you thought it would be back in the good old days of 2019? Right? Like 2000 it in the good old days, right? But it’s different, right? So many women, they just don’t want to go back they enjoyed. Even if it’s, you know, listen, women tend to not mind a lot of work, and I don’t want you to work as hard as you have been, right. There’s no need for that. But, you know, maybe, you know, it was just, you just loved the flexibility of being able to work on a Saturday and, you know, hang out with your parents or your kids on a Tuesday. Right? So are you have you made the decision already, that your next chapter is going to look different? Or are you in the process of making that decision? Or have you already made that decision? Right? And have you already started to build out your next chapter? You know, there was an article a couple of months ago, that was put out by the SH RM, which is the HR organization, I actually don’t remember what it stands for. But the article was titled that there’s nearly 2 million new 2 million fewer women in the labor force. And when I think labor force, I think of paycheck jobs, right? I know that what that means is there’s 2 million women in this country in some kind of transition, right? Maybe they’re transitioning to being home, or maybe they’re transitioning to entrepreneur, maybe they’re transitioning. Who knows, right? But I know, that doesn’t mean that they’re just unemployed, because we know that there’s a lot of jobs available. Our unemployment numbers are the lowest they’ve been in many years. So what are they doing? Right? What are they doing? What are these 2 million women doing? So let’s kind of dive into that a little bit. So if this intrigues you, right, if it intrigues you to think about, or you can relate to being in some kind of transition in your life and in your business, then I’m going to dive into a couple of things that you can think about. Now, as you’re building out this new chapter, right? Hopefully, you’re doing what I’m doing, and you’re doing some planning for what you know, the next year 2023 is gonna look like for you. So the first thing I want to talk about is you can design this next chapter, you can design this next chapter 100%, this can be designed by you. And listen, I don’t look back at with regret at how I spent my years raising my kids. But I kind of tell you, I wish I knew this then, right? I wish I knew that I could design a business life that made my personal life a priority. Right? That may be in a parent back, you know, parent luncheons, a possibility, there were years that that was just not an option for me, I gotta go. Right? Made it made it possible for me to take my parents to doctor’s appointments and things, I just didn’t know that that was a thing that I could do that you can do this, you can design your next chapter. So the first thing you need to do when you design your next chapter, is think about what you want your life to look like. Okay, and then build around that. I talked to women all the time, that are enrolling in our programs. And one of the things that I think shocked them the most, when I talked to them is they will how much time is this going to take? I’m like, You know what, if you give me I mean, honestly, five hours a week, but 10 hours a week is going to absolutely make this, like if you give me an hour a day, or a couple of half hours a week, you’re going to be able to meet the kinds of people that can land you the highest paying opportunities.

I know this to be true, I see it happen every single week, every single day, probably practically, right. So you know, as I’m saying this, and I’m saying to you, you know, maybe you have a $10,000 Consulting package, remember, as a consultant, you are not on their payroll, right. So you have got to have an investment level that’s high enough to cover things like your payroll taxes, your health benefits, right? Things that they would have had to be paying, if you worked for them. And companies understand that they understand that and that consultants are going to get paid more if you’re going to if you want to just use the per hour, I definitely not advocating hourly work, but you’re going to pay a consultant more per hour. And you would ever pay an employee because there’s no loaded labor rate, which is typically 20% maybe or more of, of their salary on top of it is the taxes and the benefits and all that other stuff, right? So when you’re going into so when I say to you like what’s the 10,000 if corporate if working with corporations, I’m just using one example. There’s so many variations of this. But you can design that. And one of the very first things I do when I work with people in any of our shoes linked up programs is we get clarity on what that big fat opportunity is. I know if you’ve listened to the show before you’ve heard me say LinkedIn is not the place to sell a pen, right? It’s the place that you go to get a distributor that wants to buy 100,000 of your pens. So we need to understand For you what does that 100,000 of your pens look like? Right? What is that big, fat juicy opportunity. You do not have to do I mean listen, though In other things work the trip wires and, and the value ladders and all that other stuff, that stuff works just a lot more work, right? And I don’t need to, I don’t think you need to do that kind of work, right, I know you don’t need to do that kind of work. So you can design your next chapter. Now remember when I say to you, if five or 10 hours a week to do this, this isn’t the beginning was at some point, you’re gonna learn these clients, and now they’re gonna need some of your time to write so, so I’m not saying you’re going to only work 10 hours a week, I’m saying the client getting stuff can be done in a very, you know, in in the beginning, it’s going to be more because you got to develop it, you got to plan it out, you got to do the research. But as you go, it’s this, this is a couple half hours a week to get to keep this ball moving, right. So you can design this next chapter, you can say, I’m 20 hours a week is my max, and I want to make $250,000 a year and that 20 hours a week, I assure you, that’s possibility for you, I don’t care what you’re doing right now. Okay. And that leads me to the next section that I want to talk about. And that is, and I have also got this on the show too, the difference between expertise and experience, unless you were just graduating, even if you’re just graduating college, if you’ve done any work before, unless you were born yesterday, right? You have expertise. And that is what people are hiring you for not your experience. So even if in this next chapter, you’ve been a consultant, or a business owner, or a coach, or whatever it is you’re doing for 10 minutes, right, you still are bringing all that expertise. So you absolutely are going to position yourself. And you’re not only going to position yourself, again to position your investments around that expertise, not around your experience of what it is you’re doing in this chapter. Because that’s the expertise that people are bringing you in for. And listen to me, for those of you that are over 50. And you’re thinking oh, but ages and blah, blah, blah. When you are being hired for your expertise, you’ve got much more expertise, people are much more willing to hire a coach or a consultant over 15 over 16, or maybe even over seven year over 80 than they are to hire an employee. And and this is my best guess on that. And I don’t have statistics on that. But I’ve seen many of the women that come to me are over 50 over 60 over 70. So when your brain Well, this expertise to that you can create this beautiful business that works on 20 hours a week, that brings you in a half a quarter million dollars a year. I mean, I know that can be true, it can be more it can be less like, there’s a different flavor and variety of this for every single woman that I speak to, but know that you’re bringing your expertise to this next chapter. And there’s an immense amount of value to that, right. And here’s the thing, um, that this is not man bashing, I hope you know that women just suck at understanding their expertise in general. We know, we know, we’ve built relationships, like when I talk to women, and they say things like, well, you know, I’ve built relationships with this person and that person, and I’ve got this, and I’ve done that, and I brought this millions in that book. Like we’re not we need to do a better job of shining the light on that. And you know, if you go back to Episode 210, I talked a little bit about that, right? So that’s why I’m here to help you with this. I’m here to help you and poke you a little bit in getting better at shining a light on your expertise, getting better at owning that expertise, and getting better at asking people for those conversations around that expertise. Here’s what I’m doing now, who do you know, here’s what I’m doing. Now, who do you know, that’s the most lucrative way? Those are the most lucrative words a business owner can have in their vocabulary, building relationships, having conversations with these people and saying, Here’s what I’m doing now, who do you know, and getting those referrals? Right? Because where do you get most of your big bang? With business? From almost always, the answer to me is referrals when people want to ask that question, right? And is that we have to be standing into our power of that expertise to get those referrals. And then the last thing that I want to just kind of share with you around this. And this is something that I think comes to comes as a surprise to many of us and that is the shift in identity that we experience when we go from employee to business owner or from business owner six figure business owner to multiple six figure or seven figure or multiple seven figure business owner, there is a shift in identity that happens there’s a shift in identity when you go from 100k to 200k when you double your income when you go from 200k to 500k there’s a there’s multiple shifts and identity as you go through this process. And if you don’t accept that and own that and understand that you will probably be a student of identity for the rest of your life you don’t have to be but if you want to do make the most out of each one of these new identities then be a student of these identities. Be a student of identity start start understanding how you can be this new person that is a six a seven figure business owner and not a six figure business owner you are a new person when you’re that yes your values are the same. Yes you have the same love for your family and and you know love for the work that you do but you you have to show up differently as a seven figure business owner because Now, right now, you’re when you go to your accountants, and when you go to your attorneys. And when you’re building a team, you’re doing it from a different place, right? So how can you not be shifting your identity? It’s okay to accept that you’re not changing fundamentally who you are, right? But you’re also but like, here’s another thing, maybe as you do this, your identity also shifts to one that is able to do more full of philanthropic work, right. So that’s a little bit of a new identity, right. So all of this is part of this transition, right. So all of this is part of this transition that is available to you, if you’re if you are somebody that is choosing to transition into something new, as you’re moving into the next chapter of your life. And you can choose that. So let’s recap this a little bit. The first thing I want to talk about remind you is that you can design your next chapter, you can design it around how much money you want to make, you can design it around how many hours you want to work. And for those of you that struggle around all of this, this is where the opportunity is. And if we’ve never seen this before, we’ve seen this now, you know, up, we know that there’s a lot of job security in some places of some some industries, right? I know right here in New Jersey, right now they’re struggling to get teachers. So a lot of job security, if you’re a teacher, and you make decent money. And you are, you know, you’ve got great benefits. And typically, and you’ve got some job security, but you can’t you know, but every now and again, there’s a lot, that’s a beautiful thing, my family’s got a lot of teachers in it. And they’re doing you know, they’ve got beautiful lives. But if you are just one of those people that say I don’t want to do this anymore, right? Know that as a teacher, your income is a little bit capped, right. As an entrepreneur, as a business owner, there is no cap on your income. So the opportunity to make a quarter million dollars a year is there for you. It’s absolutely there for you. But so you’ve got to be able to design that, alright, I’m recapping not talking anymore. The second cap, the second point is remember that you’re basing your basing this next chapter on your expertise. And don’t get caught up on not having experience, I’ve only been a coach for five minutes, I’ve got to coach 25 people for free before I can charge people don’t get caught up in that you’ve probably been coaching people for many years, as a consultant, you’ve probably watched consultants coming into your business and making twice the money that you make, right? And you are, you know, maybe doing some of their work right or, and it’s sort of frustrating to see that now you can put yourself on that other side and build that quarter million dollar business. And then the third piece is understand that as you do this, as you make this transition, as you make this transition, there is an absolute shift in identity that happens. And I assure you that I struggle with this, so many everybody I work everybody I know struggles with this. So I choose not to struggle, I choose to own it, accept it, and then just be a student of it on a regular basis. But from books to podcast to, to just learning from people about identity is a big part of how I show up and how I show up for you in our shoes linked up programs.

So understand that if you are you know, if you’re if you’re looking at what’s available, what you’re next, what 2023 is looking like for you, right? And you just feel like there’s got to be something new. And there’s a transition that you are either currently undergoing or you are interested in making happen. Know that I am here for you know that not just me, there’s lots of people here for you, right, but I am here for you, it was really interesting for me to see that demographic or trade or whatever you call it. That was consistent across so many of the students I worked with in 2022. That, you know, what I see is that they’re surrounding themselves with other women that are having those same experiences. Right. And if you are, if you are maybe you’ve got a beautiful loving supportive families and friends, right? If you wanted to they get it when you say like when you’re listening, I left a very stable, secure paycheck. When I went to this business full time, a bunch of years ago, my family and my friends totally did not get it. They did not get it. They love me, they support me, but they were like, What the hell are you doing? What is wrong with you? Right? My entrepreneur friends, my coaches, my the people I surrounded myself with had to be people that understood it in order to me to even have a possibility of success doing this, right. So understand that you want to surround yourself with other people that are having those same experiences so that you can support each other. Right and our she’s linked up family. Our goal is to create more wealthy Women of Influence When more women have more money, that’s when we can change the world. That’s how we can be more philanthropic. That’s what we can donate to causes that we believe in. Right? So if you want to hang out with some of these incredible women, then reach out to me and book a call on our calendar. There’s a link in the show notes or you can go to Karen You know, I do believe that we need to be lifting each other up. A rising tide lifts all boats. I do this podcast to support you. I’ve got all kinds of You know, other free resources for you. Let’s lift each other up. So I’m here to support you with this podcast, I would love for you to help me help you share this podcast, I remind you to take a quick screenshot of this episode on your phone, if that’s where you’re listening to this, share that on your social media platform of choice, make sure you tagged me so that I can share that with my audience and get you some visibility and return for you getting me some visibility. And that is the beginning my friend of your beautiful transition. So I am here for you. Let’s do this. Let’s make 2023 the most beautiful year of our lives and the most lucrative year of our lives. It is there for you. And it can be simple. So let’s do this together. I’ll see you back here next week with another episode.