This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, guests Jennifer Evans, Claire Otway, and Karen Yankovich talk about the power of building relationships.

Jennifer Evans is an Expert Transformation Coach, Best- Belling Author, and Reiki Master. Claire Otway is an International Athlete and Corporate rapid riser, establishing Neon Juno to provide high-performance, executive and business coaching. Together, they host the Exponential Potential podcast.


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About the Episode:

I cannot count how many times I encourage you to jump on calls with people and get to know them. The Exponential Potential podcast is a product of building relationships.

Meet Jennifer Evans Zen aka ZenJen and Claire Otway. These two amazing ladies were my students for my She’s LinkedUp Masterclass in different cohorts. I was shocked to see them co-host a podcast together. According to our guests, their relationship started with a simple call. Later, Zen got interested in how Claire was doing her videos and her authenticity. They had several calls, and at the end of every call, they always wondered why they didn’t record it. Later, Claire suggested they do a podcast, and Zen had no objection.

Claire Oatway is an experienced and inspiring speaker who has addressed countless audiences at networking and business events, been a guest on podcasts, and taught hundreds of aspiring executives across the globe topics such as strategy and leadership. She has also been recognized internationally as an innovative and inspirational leader and has served as a global judge for innovation, transformation, and leadership awards.

Jennifer Evans Zen is an expert transformation coach. She helps her clients gain clarity, confidence, and courage, releasing overwhelm and negative patterns to live in flow. She is also an amazon bestselling author with her book “Flow Freedom Happiness”.

In this episode, Claire and Zen share how they met, the birth of their podcast and their goals for 2023.

Listen and learn.

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Getting to know Jennifer [02:39]
  • Getting to know Claire [03:52]
  • The evolution of the exponential potential podcast [05:46]
  • The birth of Jen and Claire’s relationship [07:55]
  • How Jen and Claire are benefiting from their podcast [12:57]
  • Jen’s plan for 2023 [25:38]
  • How Jen helps people [26:37]
  • Learn more about Jen [28:26]
  • Claire and Jen’s journey into ai [31:21]

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“Get on the phone with people even if you don’t know where the conversation goes on, even if it doesn’t make any sense.”

“Nobody’s hiring you without googling you first.”

“I think podcasts really do help you dive into the lives of, of people.”

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Read the Transcript

Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 225.

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:24
Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And I am so excited for today’s show. You know how like when your kids do something really cool, you want to like put the report cards on the refrigerator? Well, that’s how I feel about the two ladies, Jen and Claire that you’re going to meet today on the show, Jen and Claire were students independently of each other. They weren’t in the in the same cohort, they were in the program at the same time of our she’s linked up program. And they’re now they’ve now co created a podcast together, and are doing all kinds of really cool things together. And I really was so excited to interview them, because I want you to see what’s there for you when you build these kinds of relationships. You know, one of the things that I do with Archie is linked up program is I encourage our students to build relationships with each other, right? Because it’s one of the hardest parts about relationship building in your business is knowing what to say right? Like when you’re not really sure why you’re getting on the phone. What do you say, right, so I encourage them to practice on each other, which is one of the things that Claire and Jen did. And it brought them to this cool collaboration they’re doing right now. Plus, there’s two really cool women doing really cool things in general. So truly, this is why I do what I do. I want I see things like this happening in the world. And this is what makes this is what just recharges me to do more episodes of this show to bring more people into my program because this is how we lift each other up. And that is at the foundation of everything I do. So meet Jen and Claire, I am really excited for today’s show the two ladies that I’m about to introduce you to I met because they were students in our shoes linked up program. And they are now collaborating on a podcast called exponential potential. And I’m gonna let them introduce themselves. But Claire was in our program a couple years ago, Jen was in our program a year later, I think I don’t even think you were in the program at the same time. And now they’re collaborating on this cool collaborative opportunity. And they are changing lives with the work that they’re doing. So Claire outway, and Jen Evans Zen, or aka Zen, Jen, so good to have you guys here on good girls get rich. Why don’t you each introduce yourself to our audience so that they know a little bit about who who you are, you can decide who goes first.

Jennifer Evans 2:39
So yes, Hi, I’m Jennifer Evans, aka Zen Gen or Jen and I am an expert transformation coach and Master Guide, Best Selling Author, reiki master podcast host. And I am really truly passionate about helping women, freeing women from feeling overwhelmed and anxious, who feel unfulfilled, stuck, lost, confused, especially those women that are at a crossroads in life, or on the cusp of transitioning through change. So in a nutshell, that

Karen Yankovich 3:18
and where in the world are you coming from today?

Jennifer Evans 3:20
I am coming from Italy. I’ve been here three years now. So and I’ve lived in many places across the world. So I know all about big change, and big moves and relationship changes lots of those.

Karen Yankovich 3:38
I can definitely speak to some of that myself.

Jennifer Evans 3:42
Yes, so I’ve had a very wide, very variety. I’ve had a variety of life and a very colorful, adventurous life.

Karen Yankovich 3:50
Awesome. And Claire, tell us about you.

Clair Otway 3:52
So I am a leadership writer and expert and consultant. And for me, I’m on this mission. I think the world needs good leaders, because at the moment are not doing a great job of it. I won’t mentioned with

Karen Yankovich 4:11
amen to that.

Clair Otway 4:15
And actually, I think, you know, the power structures are shifting dramatically. And you can see these great new businesses coming through led by people in tech. And you just need a bit of a steer around how to manage people how to manage change in strategy. So I work with a lot of tech owners and founders to help them grow their businesses well. But I also work with more established businesses to help them understand digital, so I kind of dance between the two and I’m always picking up new random projects. So my latest project this week has been around using the chat bot the open AI chat bot just

Karen Yankovich 4:57
played with that last night for the first time and it was Like, okay, this is a rabbit hole that Yeah,

Clair Otway 5:04
yeah, and all of these exponential technologies are just stacking on top of themselves and themselves and just lead us on thinking about the implications and how they can make the best of these tools and the exam. Because at the same time, so, so I’m working with established businesses to go, Look, I know it’s shiny. I know it’s shiny. I know, it will make a massive difference that kind of let’s have a think about this, do it well, and make sure everybody’s getting the most out of the tools. So yeah,

Karen Yankovich 5:32
awesome. So tell us a little bit about how you two came together to start working? Like how did X? Well, first of all, tell us how you two came together. And then tell us how the evolution of exponential potential podcast,

Jennifer Evans 5:46
I saw Claire doing a short video, so Claire wasn’t even a first contact Claire was somebody had never met before. And I met her through using Sales Navigator, which is something that you train and on LinkedIn, and it’s been a very important part of, of my LinkedIn experiences. So she was the first connection of somebody that I knew. And I was just watching one of her videos, and she was so authentic and real, and just clearly being who she is, you know, without any airs or graces. And I just loved her energy, and her spirit. And I just reached out to her sent her a personal message, saying that I’d seen the video that I loved what I saw and what I loved about it. And we just connected and started chatting from there, didn’t we?

Clair Otway 6:43
Yeah, and, you know, you know, you have those conversations, and you think I just don’t want this to finish. I don’t want this to end. I want to see where it goes. Oh, and I think the exact words, but, you know, we should have recorded that conversation.

Karen Yankovich 6:59
How many times do you say that? Right? Yeah.

Clair Otway 7:03
Yeah, and so it’s just such a really yummy connection, Kyle, lots in lots in common around adventure and optimism, and a desire to help people help people through this crazy time of chaos, change opportunity, whichever side of the fence that you’re on.

Karen Yankovich 7:23
So one of the ways that I use Sales Navigator is I save all of the students that have gone through my program as leads, because I want to be able to see what you post, right? Like, I don’t necessarily use that leads feature to get more leads, I use it to support the people I want to support. Right, so. So I’m scrolling through Sales Navigator, my Sales Navigator, well, one day and I was like, wait, what? Jenny Evans and Claire Oh, we are doing a podcast together? Like how did I not know this? So tell me a little bit about how that was birthed?

Jennifer Evans 7:55
Well, first of all, I think because we got on so well. And there was a really good chemistry between us. And we, as Claire says, we share this sets very similar vision. And you know, we want to help people, as the podcast states exponential potential, we really want people to, especially women to reach that potential, but not have it is just this daunting task, but to have fun and play with that, and play with possibility. And our chemistry, we just got on really, really well. And we didn’t know initially how we would collaborate. So we didn’t go into this game, right? We want to do a podcast together. It was like, how can we work together? What can we do? That’s a good fit for both of us that will be beneficial to others. And I think it was Claire that approached me and go Hey, Jen Transy doing a podcast? Yeah,

Karen Yankovich 8:49
that doesn’t surprise me. Because when I saw that I, I was like, this is interesting, because you guys don’t necessarily serve the same audiences. Right? You’re, you know, you, you your businesses are, are probably there’s synergy, right. There’s synergy and the energy behind what you bring to your businesses. But but even I was like, Wait, how is the where’s the connection here? Like, like, how is this gonna work? And I say that because the reason I want to say that is because I think it’s brilliant that you got to that point, because this is this is it’s one of the hardest parts, I think about networking, at least the virtual networking that that I teach is like, just get on the phone with people, even if you don’t know where the conversation goes on, even if it doesn’t make any sense. And you don’t know what the opportunity is. Because it’s it’s in those conversations that the opportunity sometimes arises. And if you put too much thought beforehand into well, I have to maximize my time and I don’t know Claire, and I don’t know what she does. And do I really want to waste a half an hour I’m getting to know somebody that has a completely different audience than me and that might not want to buy my stuff. Like we get in our heads sometimes with that crazy stuff. And sometimes like if you just can throw all that away and just say no, let’s just let’s just talk Look and see where it goes. And, you know, sometimes you’ve just made a great connection that might be able to refer you to other people someday. And other times you’re starting a podcast together, right?

Clair Otway 10:08
Absolutely. And it’s just, I think it’s around bringing joy into your work, you know, when you’re in in your, your own business, you’re, you’re really stuck in your head at times, particularly if you’re solopreneur. If you’re stuck for ideas, energy can get a little bit stuck. And so this was a, this was a kind of safe, and if safe is the right word, but this just felt like a great way to boost energy to be creative to explore some topics to keep adding value to our business to keep the visibility at high connections high. And also for me, because, you know, I trade in business consulting, and change management, and, you know, AI and technology. So the world of Whoo, for a lot of people that know me, it’s just like something that’s completely unexpected. It’s a bit of a clash in my brand. But the more that you listen, the more you realize, Ah, okay, she kept that secret, but it’s there. It’s definitely there.

Karen Yankovich 11:13
Yeah, yeah. I love that. So, you know, I believe that one of the biggest benefits of having a podcast is it establishes your credibility, people can get to know a little bit about you. And it’s a great way, especially when you get down the road, you guys, you’ve probably had an episode like 20 or 30. Now 20, maybe? Will be Yeah, it’s funny. Yeah. So yeah. So as you start doing it more, it’s great because you you have to you can you can send people to it, right. If you’re talking to somebody, you can say I did a show about that. I’m a podcast host. And it gives you that credibility. And you know, we live in a world right now, especially when the world went virtual, the virtual tools at our disposal, are used day in day out now that even though they kind of did before, now, they’re indispensable. So nobody’s hiring you without googling you first, and your podcast episodes are gonna start to come up, right. So it gives them a chance and a sense to get to know you. And it’s going to make you stand out from your competitors. So I think there’s so many good things about having a podcast and I can say that, in my business, at least in this past year, in 2022, actually, in 2022, my podcast was the number one source of the best people that joined my program. They came through my podcast. So it’s not exactly a direct, like, I have a geek math head, like I want to like I love stats. And you know, and so I don’t really, I can’t really paint an exact chart and picture because it’s a little fuzzier. When it’s coming through your podcast, you don’t always know that’s where it came from. But I love that you you pick this medium, and that you’ve got these two different, like, approaches to how you work with things. So have you started to see that happen yet? Have you started to see, you know, people reach out to you because of the show?

Jennifer Evans 12:57
Yeah, it’s getting, it’s definitely helping create more awareness. There’s definitely more comments coming through on LinkedIn, when we post our episodes on LinkedIn. Yeah, it’s just it is it’s creating more visibility. And it gives us some credibility as well, it gives us you know, what I love about the podcast is that we can repurpose what we’ve been talking about, especially, you know, video and audio. So it gives us a tool to be able to be more present in without too much effort in within social media. And it boosts it definitely boosts our credibility. And it’s, I mean, one of our things was hashtag not perfect, because when it’s not perfect, and I think it’s, it’s really important for people to just get on and do something rather than go Yeah, but it’s not right yet. It’s not perfect. You just kind of evolve with it and grow with it. And as our as we’re recording our podcasts, it’s just flowing more and more. And we’re delving deeper, and it’s becoming more valuable and beneficial to our listeners. And the message is much more powerful as we go.

Clair Otway 14:07
And I think the other thing I’d add to those, I’m nowhere near your LinkedIn connections. No, no, it’s not just about volume. But for my LinkedIn connections, I’ve got three and a half 1000 people that I’m LinkedIn to, because I not that I collect people, but I kind of grew attached to people, so I’m kind of holding on to them as long as I can. And the number of people that I’ve bumped into who said podcast, they’ve kind of seen it because the visibility is there, because we’ve got a project that we can we count we’re celebrating and commenting on and sharing who we are and how it’s going. So it’s keeping the visibility high among our current connections as well. And yeah, we’re still really early and we’ll see how Eric carries Yeah,

Karen Yankovich 14:52
that’s awesome. You know, we kicked off 2023 with a three part podcast series which was episode 2222 21 and 222. Which will link I have a lot of links in this show notes for this episode. But what it and basically what that what we did was I, you know, behind the scenes of everything that I do is this like system, right? Starts with your credibility moves into connecting, and then it moves into conversation, right? Like, that’s very simply what I teach, you know, and on a very simple level. But I’m saying this because that credibility piece, taking that credibility piece first makes the other two parts easier. Right? If you’ve got, you know, the, like Jen said, the podcast gives credibility, I totally believe that. And when you’ve got that credibility, now, when you do that connecting, and when you’re talking to people that that you’re coming at them with the credibility of animal podcasters. And listen, we all kind of know that all you need is an iPhone and a microphone to be a podcast host right. But yeah, it’s still there’s still at elevated status, right, there’s still an elevated status to that. And I, you know, I love that you’ve done that first, because now everything you do from there, you take that credibility with you, as you’re, as you’re building those relationships. And I think,

Clair Otway 16:08
you know, 2023, as well, is the time of authenticity, I think we’ve had enough of airbrush, and I think we’ve had enough of fake and the Big Bang. And this long form video and audio gives you a chance to express who you really are and for people to connect to you, and know whether they like you or whether they trust you and whether or not, we’re both in some kind of transformation. And so we want people to trust us with their business or with their, with their lives and their families. And kind of you’ve got to have a strong bond for that.

Karen Yankovich 16:42
Hey, there, I want to just grab your attention for one minute, while before we finish this episode, to remind you that at the heart of everything that we stand for here, in the she’s linked up family in the Karen Yankovich world and good girls, that rich community is building each other up. That’s what Jen and Claire are doing in this episode. That’s what I want for you. So of course, if you love what you’re hearing, please share this on social and tag me tag Jen tag, Claire, and we’ll all share what you’ve shared. And that’s gonna get all of us more visibility. And if you want to be a part of this amazing, she’s linked up community, the community that’s part of the program that teaches you how to meet the kinds of people that can change your business, change your life, change your bank balance forever, it all starts with a quick phone call, just grab a spot at Karen And grab a spot on the calendar, we’ll get a chance to chat and just I’ll tell you all about it. And if it’s a bit old, continue to talk. Either way, those calls are so valuable. And it helps us build our relationship whether or not we decide to work together. I’m always looking to meet more cool people. Again, Karen, get you to the calendar. And I look forward to seeing your name there. After Jen and Claire. Maybe you guys have experienced this, I’d love to know. But I know that there have been times where I’ve come across somebody somewhere maybe an Instagram post or Facebook ad or whatever. And I’m like, wow, that’s really interesting. Let me check out their podcast is the first thing in my mind. And then if they don’t have a podcast, I’m actually disappointed. I’m like, Okay, well, an ad is not enough for me now to for me to, you know, to to judge whether it’s worth investing time to even decide if I want to invest money, right, like so. I feel like I look for people’s podcasts now. If I’m looking at you know, if I if I’m intrigued by them, so that I can learn a little bit more about them before I decide if I’m going to invest in something have that have you guys experienced that?

Jennifer Evans 18:41
I haven’t actually thought to do that I do definitely go and look for them in and video for me is the most powerful medium to really get a feel for somebody because you’re not just listening to words, or you’re not just listening to their voice or right. Looking at their words they’ve written you really get a sense of who they are, which is, you know, why I was I was drawn to Claire because it was all about who she was. So the video aspect whether it you know, podcasts, whether it’s video or audio, but I liked the visual as well. And that’s why we also have our podcast on YouTube. So people can actually see your story.

Karen Yankovich 19:18
Right? Yeah, I like that. I can say you know, knowing you guys, I can say that. That Jen that tells me it just I guess solidifies for me that mindful, you’re you are probably one of the more mindful people I know just in the work that you do. And to me, video Inc requires me to be too mindful. I like to be doing the audio while I’m doing 10 Other things, you know what I mean? So, if I have the video on I ended up restarting it 16 times it’s unless it’s short, you know, because I’m like, I’ll get distracted to do something else. But this is the benefit of being mindful that you can really sit and enjoy the video I you know, I’m Tim I tend to be like listening to audio while I’m cooking or in the car or doing a million other things you

Unknown Speaker 19:58
know Yeah, yeah. And I love that you have it both that you have bought? Yeah, exactly,

Jennifer Evans 20:05
there’s definitely a place for people that because I do the same, you know, if I’m listening to a podcast or I’m listening to a recording of something, then I sometimes you know, depending on what it is, I will be also cooking and whatever else that might be doing. But I also like the possibility and the opportunity to actually be really, really present in what they’re saying. And with that person, I think you’re the same as well, Claire.

Clair Otway 20:29
And it depends, it really does depend. So I love Mindvalley is like one of my favorite products. And I love all of the speakers on mine Valley. And so I’ll listen while I’m walking in. So the puppy to something and then if I’m captured by it, I will go and watch it. But it really does vary, does vary. And then on Mindvalley, where they interview different experts as a NASCAR driver, a female NASCAR driver of 20 plus years, who also good sports illustrated as a really eclectic person is like, wow, I need to listen to her podcast, what on earth is she covering, and she’s covering cosmetic surgery when you’re having a crash into a barrier. And what that means zones. Just really random things. So I think podcasts really do help you dive into the lives of, of people, even though you’re, even though you’re kind of involved with them with their guests a lot, you still get to learn much more about them. It’s like they’ve invited you to their house, and you’re out on a SETI conversation.

Karen Yankovich 21:37
So well. And I love that’s why I mean, as you know, because I do the same thing. I love that you guys are doing some guests, and some just, you know, solo shows. And so loving duo shows, I guess. But I say that because I do think that podcasts are a great way to establish credibility and the solo shows, I think do more of that. The guest shows first of all, I love the guests, because I get to meet so many cool people, and have so many great conversations. And I really thought like this episode, I believe when it goes live will be episode 225. And that means I’ve done 225 episodes, right, which at least is 112, I guess that were guests. And, you know, I really thought that it was going to shake out and that one would take over like eventually I would do also lower all guests and it’s not it’s pretty evenly spaced. And you know that what people like they download the guests as often as they download the solo shows, I really didn’t think I’d be going into 200 and something with still doing both. I kind of thought I would it would I would experiment until I saw it my audience wanted. So I think for you guys, I like that you’re doing that because it gives you the chance to be the experts write and talk on the on the shows without guests but then also to just meet so many cool people. I have literally like, tweeted people to be on my show. And they’re like that I don’t know, like, like, I think Claire, you should look for this the woman racecar driver and ask her to be on your show.

Clair Otway 23:01
Ah, okay. That’s my 2023

Karen Yankovich 23:04
I think you’ll be surprised. I think you’ll be surprised. It’s just

Clair Otway 23:07
awesome. Yeah. And she’s talking about like alternate realities. And yeah, and again, kind of who to thought looking at to diamond or one dimensional picture of a woman racing car driver, you bring all of those biases about what she’s about. And then she’s also Sports Illustrated, and she’s also multi multiple entrepreneur, and also into alternate realities and alternate universes and what that might mean. And it’s, it’s just fascinating. It’s so much more hard as a person. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s definitely happening. Yeah,

Karen Yankovich 23:40
I can’t wait, let me know how that goes. Let us keep us posted. We will follow up on that. Because and that’s really at the heart of everything here. Right. And that’s part of I think, exponential potential, right? Like you have the exponential potential to go after people like these Sports Illustrated featured racecar drivers, right? And we all have that. And I feel like, you know, post pandemic, there’s so much shifting in the world, right? Employee to entrepreneur or, you know, whatever, what, there’s just I’m not gonna call it any names like great resignation, great reshuffling. I mean, there’s, it’s probably all of those things, right? So it requires, in order for us to kind of have the success that’s there for us. It requires us to understand what our potential is, so that we can show up. And, you know, ask for interviews with racecar drivers. And, and things like that, right? Because that’s how, that’s how we reach our exponential. Well, I guess we don’t ever reach the exponential potential, but that’s how we benefit from our exponential potential. Right? Tell me what’s next for everybody.

Jennifer Evans 24:44
Well, more and just on that note of potential, it’s really playing in the arena of possibility. And I use the word play deliberately, because that’s where you know when you come from that place of curiosity instead As you were saying, instead of getting all tied up in in your head about making a connection with someone and actually getting on the phone to somebody, you’re coming from that place of curiosity of what could happen, oh my god, imagine if this happens. And where could this lead me? Instead of focusing on what if they say no? Or what if we don’t get on it is more in that sense of play. And when you’re in that sense of play, you’re in alignment with your potential, you’re in alignment with possibility. And, you know, anything truly is possible in that arena.

Karen Yankovich 25:34
So what’s possible for you this year, Jen, what are you doing this year?

Jennifer Evans 25:38
I am really so we did a New Year’s as most people did, I think we did a New Year’s special. And my words are, this year, my intention, my words, the way I want to be all about a deeper connection, more focus, and simplifying things, cuz last year, was quite complicated in terms of trying to get all my business, you know, my ducks in a row, and funnels and all the things that we need to do as entrepreneurs. And I’ve just basically stripped that away. So I really want to focus on connecting on a very, very deep level with my clients, with our audience, and doing stripping it right back to one on one coaching again, and small, intimate groups and getting them here to Italy.

Karen Yankovich 26:25
I was just going to ask you about that, because it’s been a while since we’ve talked, so I didn’t know where you were at with bringing people to Italy, tell me what that looks like for you. Because I want to come, by the way?

Jennifer Evans 26:36
Well, it’s really, I think, is a very focused small group or even in solo in a solo situation, and really delving into what it is that they want to create in their life. What we, you know, what is their? Their? What are their dreams and their aspirations? And what’s getting in their way? What are those negative belief systems, the patterns that keep stopping them from flying forward, and really connecting them to specially hear the nature of Italy, and the beauty of Italy and getting them looking at things from a much, much wider, deeper perspective, but connecting with that or feeling the connection to the harmony, and the peace that we have here, but a lot about it. And all of it really is about alignment? And helping them see their potential and their possibility. And then what is it that they need to do? What are the systems? What are the steps have how they can get from where they are now to where they need to be, and making it fun? And making it feel, you know, having that connection and having them feel really uplifted and inspired way more than motivation? It’s all about really inspiring them and helping them believe in themselves. Yes,

Karen Yankovich 27:56
yes. Oh, my gosh, that’s brilliant. That’s brilliant, I think and it you know, it’s a big part of, of everything that I do as well, because I can give you all the strategy in the world. But if you don’t believe that you are worthy of interviewing the racecar drivers, you’re just never going to get that opportunity, you know. So it really starts with what’s inside of us as we build out our lives and our businesses. Right. What about you, Claire? While we’re waiting, man, one more question. So Jen, how can people learn more about the work you’re doing?

Jennifer Evans 28:26
There’ll be, we’ll give you our links, but they can find me on my website, www dot the Zen They can also, I’m gifting. So the first step to sort of get a feel for who I am, is I’m doing a little quick gift, which is just a short PDF filled with really beautiful activating pictures. And it’s all about transforming the stress and the struggle into ease and flow. And it’s my favorite top 10 tools and tips. It’s an easy read, it’s really beneficial. And it’s all about bringing joy and ease in people’s daily lives.

Karen Yankovich 29:06
Well, we’ll definitely link to that. Thank you for that. Clara, what about you what’s on what is happening in your world this year?

Clair Otway 29:13
So I like Jan, a combination of one one to one and I’m gonna start playing more with group coaching over this year. So one of the things that’s fascinated me is around this concept of saboteur behaviors and how that shows up and how it shapes how you are in business how you are in life, the relationships that you have. So I’m Believe it or not, I’m restless. Controller. Yeah. I prefer Jeeva. Yeah, more, more, more, more, more. Yeah, which is fantastic. There’s a great strengths to have, but they do come with an edge. They do come at a cost if they’re pushed too far. So I really want to help people dive deep into that because I think it’s a total game changer in terms of your own happiness, but also, how did team around you and the business around you drives, though lots around that groups, group elements. In terms of a giveaway, one of the things that we’ve been talking a lot about is alignment, the number of clients that I talked to last year that just felt lost. And I think there are so many of us that feel like we’re gonna wake up and decide that we were born to be that person. And it’ll happen magically, well, no, let’s take some steps that’s pushed you through that. So that’s, that’s my giveaway is like, right, let’s get you really serious about the question. And then the other side, that I think I’m going to be looking at more we look at the whole year ahead, is around AI further. So one of my projects is publishing AI writing around how AI and humans can work together. And yeah, blame them another one of your your alumni, Steven for that one. Because Oh,

Karen Yankovich 30:53
I can’t even imagine that conversation. Oh, how many hours? Oh, yeah.

Clair Otway 31:03
So what I want to do is, is to occur at a couple of technology conferences around for you. Gotcha. Yes, this kind of good governance and diligence and what that looks like. So that’s Yeah,

Karen Yankovich 31:17
yeah. That’s so cool. I can have a whole conversation about that. I’m gonna restrain myself because, because I think we’re wrapping this up right now. Okay, so we’re gonna put all the links to everything in the show notes. I’ll put the link also, I had the honor of being interviewed by actually Claire, Jen was sick, but on exponential potential. So we’ll link to that as well, you guys totally need to check out this podcast. They’ve got brilliant guests and brilliant topics. And I love the just the way you guys come at it from multiple points of view. So congratulations on getting that off the ground. By the way you you’re like, I think there’s an average. And I believe you’re above the average of how many podcast episodes come out before people give up on them. Because it’s a lot of work to get a podcast out every week, right? So I give you I honor you guys for doing that for doing the work. And I hope it continues because I love listening to your show. I’m after Bertha’s recording, I’m about to get my car. And I think I’m gonna queue up your show and listen in to what I missed so far. So we’ll put all that we’ll put all the links in the show notes, definitely grab both of their free gifts, that again, links will be in the show notes to them, I am surely going to do that. I’m totally going to be following your journey into AI Claire, because like I said, I just checked that out last night. And I was like, wow, this is interesting, because it probably can save me a lot of takes me out of my head. You know what I mean? Like it can save me like I just put a I think I put a question in. Like, what are people asking about LinkedIn? And it just gave me like, 20 ideas. I was like, like for show topics. Right? And I was like, No, I’m not gonna do all 20. But there was like two or three that I was like, Oh my God, that’s a great one. Right, like, and it. And so anyway, one question, and I’m already like, hooked, and I’m like, Alright, how I was gonna use this. Because it saves me anything that can save me time I’m down for. So I’ll definitely follow that. And Jen definitely keep well, I’ll be seeing it. But keep sharing about your your work. And I do think a trip to Italy is in my future. I would love to, to see you when you’re there. Because it’s so aligned with what I do my brains already kicking into gear like maybe we need to do a she’s linked up society mastermind and with Jen, and it’ll be too late. So we’ll see. We’ll see. But thank you guys, for being here. It was so good to catch up with you both. So thrilled for you with everything that you’ve got going on. And I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Clair Otway 33:36
And you did this you did this.

Karen Yankovich 33:42
Is that an accusation? Or is that a? Is that a good thing? Listen, I love I will say when I saw your podcast, I literally wanted to print it and put it on my refrigerator like your kids report cards do what I want for my students, I want them to be doing these things. Because this is what it’s all about. Right? You know, I do agree with one of the things you said Claire, or maybe you both I might have said this about just needing to be more authentic as we move into this new year. And I totally believe that to be true. I think that social media is there for us in so many ways. But if I got rid of everything and just use LinkedIn to continue to build relationships, I don’t think my business would take a hit. Because the rest of it is just kind of brand building. It’s not necessary the business. And I think you’re both coming to full circle to what I’m hearing from so many other people which is I’m getting back to some one on one work. I’m diving in. I want to dive deeper with people I think people are kind of over buying a 997 digital program that’s going to sit in their hard drive for 10 years and they may or may not ever look at it right so so I love that and that end in order to do that. It comes down to relationship building, right? Nobody’s gonna work with you one on one if they haven’t talked to you first or if they haven’t found a way to find you credible before they invest in you. So thank you for giving me this opportunity to shine a light on the work that we do here. And like I said, I was I literally wanted to put it on my refrigerator like this is it this is it. And I talked about you guys by the way when people join our program, I sometimes it when they’re like when I’m enrolling with people, I’m like, Well, you know, it’s the people in the program that I love so much. For example, we have two students that are now doing this, you know, so, so thanks for doing this because you’re making my life easier.

Jennifer Evans 35:27
Thank you, Karen.

Karen Yankovich 35:30
All right, enough patting each other on the back. I love you guys. Thank you so much for being here. And everybody needs to check out exponential potential. Come on. Do you hear what I was saying now, right? Do you see why I am so incredibly grateful to have brilliant women like Jen and Claire in my life? Oh my gosh, I wake up every single morning so grateful to get to hang out with the most amazing women on the planet women that are becoming wealthy women of influence. And I get to hang out with them right. So if you listen before or if you love what you hear today, you know, we’d love to hear from you. So subscribe to the show, wherever you’re listening to it. That helps us get more visibility and be able to support more people leave and review I love your reviews get to get a sense of what’s resonating with you. And of course I always love when you share this episode on your social platforms use the hashtag good girls get rich tag me tag Jen tag Claire all the links to everybody. socials are in the show notes at Karen to five. And we’ll be sure to share your posts with our audiences and help you get more visibility. Right. That’s how we lift each other up. I do this podcast to support you. And Jen and Claire do their podcast to support you. You’ve totally got to subscribe to that as well. And I’ll see you back here next week with another episode of The Good girls get rich podcast