LinkedIn is the place for professionals and for that reason and more this platform is the perfect place for companies.


Because it is here companies can showcase who they are, what they do, what careers they offer and why they are in business without competing with the cutest baby picture of the day (aka Facebook). Plus sharing the answers to the above statements are all great ways to build more of a following and find new customers.

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn Company page this blog post is for YOU.

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Here are 5 targeted reasons why you and your business (even if it is a business of ONE) need to be up and visible with a LinkedIn Company page:

  1. Using LinkedIn’s feature of Sponsored Updates allows you to create posts for your company page that target more of your professional audience and prospects. Sure it costs a little bit, but for a very small investment you can make your posts sure to show up in the feeds of more LinkedIn members who care to know about your company and what it does. For more information on LinkedIn ads read my blog post here.
  1. LinkedIn took a page from Facebook’s book and offers pinned updates. Similar to Facebook, you can pin an important business update to the top of your company page to showcase a launch, a new job listing, a new offering, or a sale.
  1. Take advantage of the careers tab on your company page to talk more about your company values, employee personalities, what new products you are inventing, as well as search for your next best employee. (That you didn’t even know you needed yet!)
  1. Try out the Showcase Page if your business/company speaks to multiple niches instead of just one. Take a look at Evernote’s Company Page. On the right side they link to a showcase page called Evernote Business. Evernote has always had two major markets: the organized life of a busy over achiever as well as targeting the business professional, busy entrepreneur who needs Evernote to achieve business success. LinkedIn makes it easy, and I will admit very clean and professional, to show both sides of your marketing plan.
  1. Follow your clients company pages! I know, it’s so easy to get caught up in the social media machine that we forget our clients, associates, and business partners are all trying to do the same. Stay current and relevant with clients AND your competition in a way that is quick and easy to do. It’s instant research at your fingertips.

And finally as usual: Post valuable content and engage your audience!

LinkedIn is the place to be for entrepreneurs and large business owners alike, don’t be left behind on one of the fastest growing platforms for professionals.

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