“Karen, I attended (insert big marketing influencer name here) live event, I follow (insert more influencer names) and (more influencer names). I bought Infusionsoft which I’m trying to figure out and I have given TONS of talks and I have SO much content.”

If you know me at all, you know what my next question is. “So ______, what’s the plan for growing your email list? Getting people into your program? Are you regularly blogging and growing your list?”

“Well Karen I’ve got lots of ideas there. I’m consistently inconsistent.”

Boom. The story of an entrepreneur’s life!

Do you recognize yourself in this conversation? Your head is spinning, your wheels are turning, your days are BOOKED solid, but you can’t seem to get down to the actual planning and execution? I hear this quite a bit. I do it myself! I’ve got about 40 thousand hours of podcasts downloaded on my IPhone I’ve yet to listen to.

We’re so lucky to be entrepreneurs in 2017! There’s so much amazing free and low cost advice for us to start and run our businesses.

At some point, if you’re going to stay out of a cubicle, you’ve got to put some of that advice into action.


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Let’s boil this down to five powerful actions.

  1. Consistently produce content. Blog, Podcast, YouTube, I don’t care what it is. It needs to be timely, it needs to be relevant, and it needs to be consistent.
  2. Consistently share that content with your email list. You don’t have to write extravagant newsletters every week! Just take the topic from your content, make a sexy subject line, add a few lines from the content, and link to it. Instant marketing email.
  3. Consistently GROW your email list. All those people you speak to? Make it really easy to get them on your email list. Social Media? Use it to grow your email list. Talking to people at the grocery store? Tell them about your free PDF. Consistently.
  4. Consistent outreach. Here’s where Linkedin comes in. (You knew I was going there, right?) Don’t just grow your followers, talk to them! Reach out to 5 people per day on LinkedIn and then come back to me in a few months and tell me all about your new Mercedes Benz.
  5. Consistent measuring. How many new email subscribers did you get in April? How many opened the emails? How many clicked on the emails? How many converted to paying customers?

There’s so much more. We can follow a ton of influencers, we can purchase a ton of tools, we can buy a ton of programs. If we want to BE on par with those influencers, be peers with the most influential people in our industry, we need to plan and implement. Consistently.

Tell me in the comments below, what one consistent action are you going to commit to do today? If you need help with this, come join my LinkedIn group and lets chat!

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