Since my business is Social Media I am online all.the.time. It’s easy for me to bop around the internet to connect, engage, and share. As I was doing this for my clients the other day, I got to thinking how underused one specific social media strategy was by so many businesses (online and off), that I decided to write about it today. Hopefully you are already focused on doing this one specific social media to-do, but if you are not, today’s the day to start!

As business owners we all want to be of service to our clients, we at least I hope so otherwise what’s the point?

One way to go above and beyond with your client base, a tactic that will have them sit up and notice, be ever so grateful, AND turn into the most loyal customers who come back time and time again is to…

Share their stuff!

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5 Steps To Serve

Let me break it down into 5 “steps to serve”, that will have your clients and customers cooing, coming back for more.

1. Create a Twitter list called clients. Log in a few times a week to access this list. From here you want to retweet, share and favorite their content and their promotions. Comment on their questions and engage. Show them you believe in what they are doing and are there to support their efforts.

2. Check to see if they have a company page on LinkedIn, if so click to follow their page. Connect to their associated employees, and then like, share, and comment on their updates.

3. Follow their Facebook page, choose the button that allows you to receive all notifications for that page. Then again: share, like, and comment.

4. Find them on Instagram so you can follow, like and comment there as well.

5. Share their press releases, promotions, and upcoming events. Tag them in posts when you do this wherever you can. This can be done on all sites, for example with an @mention on Twitter or tag a name on Facebook. This is a quick and easy step and is one of the best ways to show the love by letting them know you are doing it!

These 5 steps listed above will promote your relationship with your existing client, spark glowing referrals (believe me) and allow for a more clear communication channel that leads to the bonus of…

Customer service. Yes, that part of a business that customers (including ourselves) talk about now in a way that is almost always negative and frustrated.

As in:

  • “I remember the days when customer service actually mattered.”
  • “Remember when you could actually talk to someone?”
  • “I wonder if the company even cares about me and my business?”

Connecting with your clients and customers online creates a whole lotta love and good faith as well as make it super easy for YOU (who are probably business owner, customer service rep, sales team rolled into one) to follow-up, handle any issue or complaint that comes up in record time – which goes a long way in keeping them happy, AND shows everyone who is watching that you care. Which in this day and age goes a long, long way to promoting your business just by being YOU.

For more information on how social media can be your customer service pipeline read this great Forbes article on the subject. It really breaks it down the process and reasons well.

In the meantime make sure to follow these 5 steps to cement your brand and business in the minds of your clients as a business to trust. You will be amazed at what other prospect income this can bring in!

Not sure how to go about connecting and following in all these places online? Join me for S.O.A.R. To Profit where we’ll share all our secrets! Looking forward to seeing you there!