Done is better than perfect.

Let me repeat: Done is better than perfect.

  • Do you have a blog post sitting there waiting to be published that you want to “re-work” again?
  • Are you waiting for the perfect social media brainstorm?
  • Have you been working on your LinkedIn summary trying over and over to get it “just right” to fit the character count “just so”?

If the answer is yes to the above questions, or to any question that remotely resembles those then it’s time to stop my dear business owner. It’s time to stop, hit publish, click promote, and move on to the next step.

I give you full permission to say “done”!

Listen, we will always be tweaking and re-writing, and re-formatting our business ideas, goals, to-do’s and systems structure. This is an endless yet exciting process and one we get better at as we go. But the key here is: we only get better as we keep moving forward.

Getting stuck trying to write the perfect post, or craft the perfect connect request, or share the perfect viral video only keeps us spinning and delays the gold mine that is called: learning. We must try and make mistakes, try again and have successes in order to thrive in our businesses today.

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3 steps to help you overcome perfectionism as you face a task you just can’t complete, today

1. Take it one step at a time.
Have you done all the steps in the program? Have you filled in all the major points in your post? Do you have a link and an image and given credit where credit is due? Whatever you are working on you know the steps to complete it. Write those down and then check them off. Know that once you have done all the “steps” you are golden and ready to hit print or post or publish so you can move on to the next best thing on your list.

2. Get a 2nd opinion.
Not 3 opinions, not 10, just one other opinion from someone you trust. Take their edits, incorporate the ones you like, and leave the rest. Trust that this person did not steer you wrong (of course because you picked the right one to ask) and forge ahead with their blessing. If you need some extra oomph ask they give you a deadline or an “it’s done day” and a pep talk to see you through to making it happen.

3. Set a date.
Set a date in the future when you can re-visit your work and edit/review/revise or revamp with new information after a bit of space. Do not hold your work captive until this time, but set it free to get comments, inspire others, and create market research of its own. Know and trust that when that future date comes you have permission to edit one more time, but then promise yourself it goes right back out to the real world! Setting a date can give you relief knowing that although it feels ‘not perfect’ you have a chance to make it so again in the future, but for now you save time and money by moving on.

So I’m calling everyone out: to all my fellow business owners and entrepreneurs who read my blogs: “Take the plunge and move on!”

What has you stuck today? What little piece of the puzzle keeps gnawing at you feeling incomplete? Need some inspiration or a pep talk to get you over it and ready to take the plunge to move forward? Join my LinkedIn group where all of us, myself included, will be there to cheer you on to the next step. ‘Cuz we all know there are many more exciting steps ahead!