I can’t believe I have not blogged about dream work before.



DREAMS!  I am the dream queen.  Yeah, I have the certifications, but more importantly, I work with my dreams.  And I work with you and YOUR dreams.

Everybody dreams!  I know, I’ve heard it from some of my clients, some of you think you’re not dreaming.  Trust me, you are.  What’s the best way to START remembering your dreams?  Decide you want to.  Go to bed every single night and say to yourself “Tonight, I will remember my dreams”.  It may take a few nights before you start to remember, and you may even start to pick up snippets of your dreams as you go through your day.  I believe you will start to remember them.  That’s where the fun starts!  You can’t work with your dreams until you start to remember them.  That is the essence of dream work.



Dream Work: the first step to achieving your daytime dreams is remembering your nighttime dreams!

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I’ve always been interested in my dreams, and a few years ago I started to take dream work seriously.  I must admit, there was a part of me that was thinking “really?  I work my a** off all day long, can’t I even just SLEEP without having to think about it?”  Of course as we all now know, my curiosity got the best of me, and I started to learn how to use my nighttime dreams to fulfill my daytime dreams.  And as usual, I had to start sharing all the fantastic tips and techniques I was learning with my friends and family.  Eventually I started to use my training professionally, as a coach and workshop facilitator.

Do I record my dreams every single night?  No, I don’t.  At first it was occasional, but then I got a little mini recorder to record my dreams.   Now, they’re like these wacky epic detailed adventures!  There are some mornings I wake up, thinking I didn’t remember a dream, only to realize I DID record it and had NO MEMORY OF IT.  It was my voice, and was recorded in the previous few hours, so it was ME.  That dream would have totally been lost if I wasn’t actively committing to recording my dreams.  That freaking fascinates me!  This is a part of MY soul.  A part of me that can only be accessed when I’m sleeping.

Beyond just flat out fascination, working with your dreams has many, many benefits to your waking life.  How many times have you been thinking about a particular issue, then deciding you had to simply put it aside and come back to it, and awoken with a solution?  Literally, “slept on it”?  You can ask your dreams for answers to your waking questions.  You can use your dreams to test drive ideas you want to implement.  Did you know that every single one of Albert Einsteins inventions came to him in dreams?  And that authors like Stephen King and Sue Monk Kidd often dream parts of their fiction novels?

Dream work!  Start remembering and recording your night time dreams!  It’s the first step to making your daytime dreams come true.



Dream Work – Why don’t you tell your dreams to me, fantasy can set you free!