Today we’re in Facebook and we’re in a Facebook group that I have for one of my paid programs. What I want to show you is that as of sometime early spring 2016, Facebook gave us the ability to go live on Facebook in our groups, which is really cool stuff.

This is a group that I have for a pay program, and we have weekly Q&A calls. We had a weekly Q&A call a couple of weeks ago and nobody showed up at the time that it started. There were about 2 or 3 people there. There’s like 35 people in the group. We basically wrapped it up after 5 minutes and said, “All right, well there’s no point in just talking to each other.” Basically, we got all these people that said, “Well, wait. Hang on, we’re going to be late. I was going to get there. I really had questions.” Two things, one, now they know they got to show up on time, right? Two, I used this Facebook Live opportunity to go live in the group later that day and take their questions. It gave me a really high touch way to stay in touch with the people that are in my paid program. Obviously, it doesn’t have to be a group for a paid program, it can be any group, right?

You can see here that I basically went on, it was like 18 minutes long. There was all kinds of comments. We were able to go live in the group and I was able to answer their questions just as easily as I was in the Q&A. This is a great way, if you have a paid program, you can actually do support like this.

In my program, I actually have a partner, Christina Daves and we are both live on the Q&A. Obviously, we can’t both be live on Facebook at the same time, so we’re still using the service that we’ve used for our Q&A, but we do have the ability to jump into the group whenever we want to go live and answer questions about anything that anybody’s got going on. It’s a really, really powerful tool.

Think about ways that you can use Facebook Live in your groups to help you give a more high touch service to your clients or even just groups that you manage. Facebook Live in your Facebook groups, relatively new, and I hope you’re trying it out. I hope you’re testing it because it’s really a great way to give that trust factor a boost and get in front of your clients in a really powerful way.

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