This week, Good Girls Get Rich features, guest, Jena Rodriguez. Jena teaches service-based business owners how to capitalize on their natural abilities. She believes that bravery plays a huge role in entrepreneurism.


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Episode Spotlights:

  • Jena ascended herself out of charging hourly because it builds perceived value in yourself (8:30)
  • Charging hourly is a symptom of not charging your worth (10:50)
  • Jena is an advocate because of her own experience, it is personal for her – she enjoys watching her clients step into their value (13:40)
  • Once you see yourself in a specific light, your client will too (14:10)
  • Entrepreneurship is not the easy way, it is the brave way (15:30)
  • Make a decision, commit to it, take action (18:30)
  • When you show your vulnerability, people will connect with you – you become more real to your audience (22:28)
  • The combination of visibility and vulnerability is what helped Jena really grow her business (23:20)
  • You have to be your biggest cheerleader – start speaking, be a guest on podcasts, go live on Facebook (24:54)
  • The experience of becoming visible will help you feel bigger (26:05)
  • If you want to reach the goals of your business, believe that you can! (31:01)
  • Be on the other side of your brave (36:50)

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