Episode Spotlights:

  • Learn why Oprah is the ultimate good girl
  • How Oprah stepped into her power and claimed the things she’s great at
  • Importance of recognizing that we are just like Oprah
  • We have the ability to have some serious success
  • The benefits of having a team
  • When you own what you’re good at, you should embrace it to create the life of your dreams
  • Start creating a brand that elevates you above the rest
  • Create a business plan that’s thinking big – think outside the box!
  • Create a life and business that you only can dream of
  • What are your low cost ways to glam up? Share it with me!

Things you can do now to start stepping into the ultimate good girl shoes:

  1. Believe in yourself like you never have before
  2. Step into that role! Think about Oprah on Saturday and Oprah on Sunday – What would Oprah do?
  3. Dream big for 2018 – have that confidence in yourself Whatever you have in your head – triple it!

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