Episode Spotlights:

  • The power of simple planning for your life and business.
  • Before establishing business goals, you must establish your life goals.
  • Start with asking yourself the question: “How do you spend your day?”.
  • How to create the life that you want.
  • Writing down your life goals and why you should write them down.
  • Why you should plan out your ideal day, ideal week, ideal month, ideal life.
  • Creating an income goal that supports your life goals. What are your income goals to support your life goals? Double that.
  • Incorporate goals around growing your network. As you grow your network, you grow your income.
  • The importance of building your email list.
  • Using a traditional and non-traditional calendar to plan things out.
  • Digital marketing takes some focus, some planning and it can be fun and easy.

By planning things out, you’re making your life easier and profitability more accessible.

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