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I have so many fabulous successful entrepreneurs in my life, and I love sharing them with my tribe!

Do you know that there are ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION active users on Instagram?  Are you using it for your business?


No TM Instagram Gal

Today I want to introduce you to Sue B. Zimmerman, AKA Instagram Gal.  Sue is a passionate, successful, high-energy entrepreneur, with the ability to read a changing market and to create revenue opportunities to leverage emerging consumer trends.  Sue is the epitome of what it means to be social, both on and offline. With her extensive knowledge of social media, her ease and comfort with people, and her knowledge of effective branding, Sue is a master at connecting and empowering others to be successful entrepreneurs. She is a speaker, author  (#1 eBook in Amazon Instagram Basics for Your Business) and business coach.

So are you using Instagram for your business?  Sue give us lots of tips and tricks on using Instagram, and tells us how she increased business in her Cape Cod store by 40% using this fun Social Media platform!  Sue shares lots of great information here, so take some time to listen to this entire interview.


The video of this interview didn’t come out as I hoped, so this interview will be audio only.  Which isn’t great either.  Here’s a pic of Sue and I talking during our Interview.


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Listen to our conversation here (sorry for the echo-y audio!):



Then, when you want MORE, head on over to Sue’s website and check out her new Instagram for Business course!  This is only being offered for a limited time, so grab access while you can.  CLICK HERE for details.  Sue has also gathered some amazing bonuses, making this a HUGE value!


 “Being an entrepreneur, either a part time of full time job, it’s a lifestyle.” – Sue B. Zimmerman

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So tell me, are you using Instagram?  What did you learn today that you’re going to implement right away?  Let me know in the comments below!

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P.S. Don’t forget to check out Sue’s new program, Insta-Results!  Your business will never be the same.