In this video we look at local LinkedIn networking groups. Watch the video for how to search for local groups.

I love local-based networking groups because they tend to be really active. Not to mention, you can see in the group in the video, there are 11,000 people in this group and this is just a New Jersey group. Even though I’m not only looking for local people to do business with, my business is really world wide, people like to do business with people they feel are local. I get a lot of business by being active in my local LinkedIn networking groups.

I encourage you to go to LinkedIn, join the local networking groups for your business, especially if you have a local business and get active in these groups. Go into these groups and see what the conversations are and don’t just pitch. Go in there and throw your weekly blogs in if you have them or talk about events you have coming up, but get active.

Take a look at articles posted in the groups. Read them. Comment on them. Get involved in these groups. Comment on these posts and people will start to get to know who you are. It’s a great way to develop that local network and establish yourself as an expert with your local business owners, with your local community. I can’t tell you how powerful this is for me and I don’t have a local business. If you have a local business, this is something you need to do. Stop what you’re doing, right now go over to LinkedIn, join some local networking groups.


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