Periscope, Blab, Facebook Live… what do these platforms all have in common? They are live stream style social media and they are exploding. 

And the list does not stop there. There are literally dozens of sites ready for you to login and get started on the social media video revolution.

There are big reasons this type of social media catching on and is a dream for marketers and business persons alike.

I was at the Periscope Summit September of this year and saw amazing things happening.

Things like:

  • People meeting for the first time, but they already felt like friends
  • People easily engaging in no stress and easy conversation
  • People RE-connecting after following each other’s Periscope streams in real time

Why are these things powerful?
Because your audience feels like they know you and we want to buy from people we know.

By using live streaming sites you are:

  • Increasing your exposure
  • Enhancing your visibility
  • Expanding your reach

And all of this ultimately shows proof of your authority. I talk about social proof and your expert status a lot in regards to LinkedIn and beyond. I talk about this because it really is the most important currency we have when we market ourselves online.

[Tweet “Real-time video platforms have a “human-ness” that allows for connection like never before.”]

Real-time video platforms have a creativity and a “human-ness” that allows you to connect and be seen in ways no other type of social media posting could do until now. In times past you had to mix up your posts with “behind the scenes” photos and dive deep for true authenticity while also sounding professional and connecting to your clients. This can be difficult to know how to write.

With live streaming you have the ability to be yourself, showcase your brand, and answer questions your clients have in real time. It is kind of like being your very own FAQ page only 1000 times better. The be-yourself quotient is upped dramatically when someone can actually see your face and respond to your facial expressions and tone of voice.

The “must-dos” and “bewares” of live video

With live video there are some “must-dos” and a few “bewares” that I want to discuss before you head out and create your first video.

  1. Live video posts are spontaneous for a reason, but if this is for your business be ready to talk the talk and walk the walk. Look professional as you feel fits your style and brand, and practice (or have notes!) to be ready once you click record. No one wants to watch someone ramble and stumble around. This will get better with practice, but practice you must in order to be seen as an expert in your field.
  1. Be sure to acknowledge and answer your audience’s questions that come up in the chat feed. Call them by name if you can! We all know how it feels to be ignored and your audience is there for a reason – to connect with you. Especially if they ask a question. Be the engaging and thoughtful guru you always knew you would be and take the time to answer their question thoughtfully.
  1. Find which platform is right for you. Take Periscope and Blab for example. Both are very similar in the fact that they are a live video streaming platform. But with Periscope you are more “on your own” showcasing what you are recording and only interacting with your audience through a chat screen. With Blab you can invite guests and they can move in and out of “seats” to actively be a part of your video session. While this is more interactive, it might not be your favorite soap box to climb on. Make sure you feel you are in the right place because that will translate to your audience members in spades.

Here are a few topic ideas to get you started.

  1. Show how you create a product or service.
  2. Interview someone who has knowledge in your industry. Let the audience control the interview – how often do they get to do that??
  3. Give your audience a training tutorial.
  4. Discuss your top 5 tips for your business niche.

Most of all have some fun! It’s a wild new world out there for social media marketing and it’s only going to get better and better for those of us willing to step out there and take these platforms for our own wild ride.

Need some more ideas? Or maybe just some moral support as you foray into video marketing? Well then, join me in my LinkedIn group where we support each other on more than just LinkedIn!

I can’t wait to see you there!