Woohoo this is a busy time of year!  This week I’m finishing up my holiday shopping, decorating my house, organizing my year end finances, planning my business for 2013, oh and working, blogging, tweaking my website, WHEW!  Ah yes and getting together with friends and family for holiday cheer.  Why the heck to we do this to ourselves?

Most importantly, I am actively making room in my home, my career, my family, my LIFE.  I want to make room for 2013!  I want there to be SPACE in my world so that all of the amazing things I have planned for 2013 actually have a path and a space!


Here’s a few tips for making space in your life:


1.  Bring a bag outside with you next time you go out to your car.  FILL it with stuff you can throw out.  My car is my magic carpet, it takes me to all the wondrous places I want to go.  You car needs to have room for YOU, so get rid of what you don’t need.  How are your three wishes going to come true if you have to climb over your kids cleats to get to the Genie?  Make room for 2013.


2..  Clean out your email.  Pick one email address (yes, I know, you have more than one!  So do I) and clean it down to ZERO.  Pick the smallest one, I don’t care, just make this achievable.  Do it.  This is how we communicate, make sure you have room for the emails you don’t want to miss.  Like this one!  Make room for 2013.


3.  CLEAN YOUR ROOM!  If you’ve attended any of my workshops on dreams, you know how I feel about your bedroom.  Just consider the possibility that you are absorbing the energy of your bedroom.  Do you want that?  Is your room filled with dirty laundry and shoes?  Is your bed made?  Are your sheets clean? When you are asleep and manifesting the life and career of your dreams, do your surroundings support that dream? Make room for 2013.


4,  Make time for you.  Take a nap, meditate, go for a walk.  You’ll be open and ready to receive in 2013 if your body and your mind are relaxed and willing.  If your body is screaming for a nap, and your mind is on overwhelm, you’re going to miss those amazing opportunities.  Every time.  Need some help with that?  Check out THIS PROGRAM. (Note: the program is no longer available.) Make room for 2013.


Lets do this together!  Lets make space in our lives for all of the wonderful, amazing riches ahead of us in 2013.