Dramatic sounding, isn’t it?

It’s true though. A year ago at this time, I had a business consulting practice that was very much reactive. I was (still am!) working full time, and doing some business with old customers in my spare time.  I kept thinking I should ramp the business back up, it was 2012, and I needed to start thinking about how I was going to EAT if I ever found a way to retire. I’m not very good at plumping up my 401Ks! Besides, I love the work I do.

So I started branching out.  I started playing around with in-person workshops (fun!) and marketing that business.

Along came Marie Forleo.

I originally took B-School thinking I was going to market the workshops I was doing. I quickly fell in LOVE with online marketing, no one had ever explained it in such down to earth, easy to understand terms as Marie did. Still thinking I was marketing in-person workshops, I started ROCKING my business with the materials I was learning in B-School.

Even more valuable than the materials was the community. Overnight, I had a 2000 person support team. For a solo-preneur, that was a dream come true.

You know those days when you have a great idea for your business, but don’t know who to run it by for a test drive?  Now, even at 2AM I could post a question on the B-School  Facebook page and get 5 answers in 5 minutes. “Do you like THIS title for a program or THIS title? ” “I need some help with structuring pricing for this idea of mine”. I had a place to run to with my successes, people who understood how amazing it was when my list went from 100 to 200 people in one day. To most people, 200 isn’t much. My B-School friends knew just how important and challenging list building could be, and joined my virtual party! Today, my list grows every single solitary day. I have clients worldwide.

Over the year, my old customers, friends and colleagues started reaching out to me for online marketing help. I FREAKING LOVE it so much, I was happy to help. It didn’t take long before my own business went from marketing my workshops to marketing coaching. I love you creative people though, so I’m working really hard to keep my focus on YOU, the Reiki practitioner, the Yoga teacher, the Fitness trainer, the right-brained entrepreneur.

You know me, so you’re now thinking “She’s a geek, she’s been in business forever, what could Marie Forleo teach that she couldn’t have learned somewhere else?” LOTS, let me tell you. Marie helped me take all of my years of business and technology experience, by now all jumbled in my brain, and helped me spit it back out. All of those years of experience are now organized in a way that allows me to WORK in my business, not spend hours and hours trying to figure things out. That translates into dollars and cents.

When Marie offered the chance to be an Affiliate partner for her program, I jumped at it. B-School has paid for itself so many times over in the past year, I couldn’t think of anything I would recommend higher.

It’s given me business focus and skills.

I’m now friends with the most AMAZING people.

It’s directly responsible for a 500% increase in cold hard cash coming into my business.

Registering for B-School is hands down the best business decision I ever made. Today, I have a part time business bringing in serious cash. I can work anywhere in the world I want. My retirement date is getting earlier and earlier. Marie Forleo is helping MY dreams come true!

Enrollment in B-school only happens once a year. Click here to check out the FREE trainings that Marie is offering during the enrollment period.  EVERY SINGLE PERSON READING THIS NEEDS TO DO THIS. Over the next few weeks, you’ll get a taste of what B-School is all about, and can decide for yourself if it’s right for you. No obligation.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this free video:

  • Why women, in particular, are wired to succeed in the digital era (men, don’t think this lets you off the hook – make this work for you too!)
  • The shocking changes that’ll take place online in the next few years (if you have an online presence, you need to know this!)
  • Marie’s step-by-step 6 Pillar roadmap to online success with a PDF Fun Sheet included

Marie is sharing this video 100% FREE, so go now and check it out! 

So what are you waiting for?  Click here and get started with the FREE videos. 

I’m here to help, if you have any questions about B-School or just want to chat about it, email me at karen@socialmediaandpr.com and we’ll make some time to talk.

I’m excited for you! Can you tell? Leave me your B-School questions or comments in the notes below. You don’t have to do this alone.

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