Snapchat is an image and video messaging app that creates a platform to send content that can be viewed for a short amount of time. Businesses have been utilizing snapchat more recently to create a personal and behind the scenes connection with their customers, but it can be tricky to get the hang of how to use snapchat to make a profit.

Here’s a list of everything you need to know A-Z about using Snapchat for your business:

A – Ask customers to send you snapchats of them using your product in creative ways and post them on your snapchat! This will make them feel valued and help others discover different uses for your product

B – Behind the scenes footage will get your customer’s attention and make them feel like they’re actually part of the experience; have fun with it!

C – Create a call to action. Start a story on your snap story and invite followers to finish the story on your website

D – Demonstrate you daily morning business routine. Show your followers how much of your heart and soul you put into your business first thing in the morning. You can be really creative here, so don’t be afraid 🙂

E – Excite followers by asking them to screenshot a snapchat you’ve posted to earn a discount, everyone loves a good saving!

F – Feel free to post your “Snap Code” on social media with a caption about something interesting you posted that day or informing about a snapchat only sale. This is an effective way to gain new followers that will stay around likely for a long time

G – Get creative. Draw some fun designs on your snapchat! This could take some time but it never goes unnoticed by your followers, get creative and feel free to be silly!

H -Help your followers by creating a snapchat only sale! Post the sale keyword on your story. This will help you earn more followers interested in participating in the sale and they will stick around!

I – Interviewing others in short snap videos is an easy way to give your

J – Join Snapchat and follow me for more tips 🙂

K – Keep it short and interesting, your snaps can be gone in a second. Make a lasting impression!

L – Let viewers see your product in action. For example, post a video of someone wearing your dress or reading your book

M – Make videos about how your product is made. Interesting snaps like this will keep followers interested in what you are posting 🙂

N – Never create a story longer than a minute or two as it becomes tedious to tap through long stories.

O – Organizations around the world utilize snapchat for their business. Follow them and see what they are going to keep their followers interested!

P – Personalize your snaps to be about you and why you have passion about what you do. Engage your followers!

Q – Questions engage your followers. Invite them to snap you back with their answers! This creates a personal relationship with your customers.

R – Raw content can make followers feel like they are part of the behind the scenes work you put into your company. Post snapchats of things people would never get to see if they didn’t follow you!

S – Send your snaps to your story. This lets your content be viewed by everyone who follows you 🙂

T – Talk about all the exciting things you have coming up in your week. Let followers know what they can be looking forward to by following you.

U – Utilize the fun filters! Both the color filters and the fun face filters can be used to create fun snaps that will keep your followers interested in what you are posting. Have fun with it!

V – Visuals could help your followers what goes on behind the scenes at your business

W – Work to create personal relationships with your followers. They are more likely to be repeat customers if they feel a connection to you 🙂

X – XOXO, send your fellow business friends some love! Promote them and they will promote you right back!

Y – Yell for all to hear! Let your snapchat presence known on all social media platforms.

Z – Zero followers to millions, these tips will help you grow your snapchat platform!

And remember, connect with ME! I’m tweaking how I use snapchat all the time.

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