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5 simple ways to know if your creative idea will be a positive risk or if it’s just wishful thinking!


by Diana Dorell | Relationship Intuitive for Women Entrepreneurs


Do you feel disconnected from your Spirit and wish you knew how to stop second-guessing yourself and had tons of energy for the things that matter the most to you? Maybe this is more time with your family, maybe it’s energy to work on your business from a focused, clear space vs. a scattered place. Maybe it’s just more confidence and trust in yourself. You may be in a place right now in your life where you have this deep yearning to go after a dream you abandoned earlier but feel afraid to take a risk and set it into motion. I know what that feels like and I’d love to help you.


My name is Diana Dorell and I help women entrepreneurs trust their intuition and come back into balance within themselves. See, when we follow our intuition, things flow easier in our lives, we attract the perfect people and opportunities to us unexpectedly and yes, we feel more confident in taking creative risks and following our dreams (even if the logical mind doubts or is afraid to do so!)


One of the easiest ways to trust whether a creative idea or intuitive “hit” is accurate is to trust your body and pay attention to the tell-tale signals it is sending you. This could be a signal or intuitive message about your diet/what you’re eating, a relationship you’re on the fence about or even a major decision you have to make in your business/career space. But, how do you know if it’s a true intuitive signal from your body or if it’s just you being crazy, fearful or caught in wishful-thinking land?


5 simple ways to tell the difference!


How to Use This: Write down a question or a creative idea you want more clarity on and mark off the characteristics that are true for each of the two sections. The one with the most check marks is your answer!


5 Ways to Tell…


With a true Intuitive-based idea that is most likely going to send you in a positive direction towards your dream…


#1      When you think about implementing the idea into your life, you feel alert, your senses are heightened and you feel grounded.


#2      The idea is based in love and connection.


#3      Your body feels at ease and peaceful OR for those of you that are feelers/sensitives, you may find that a certain part of your body responds or reacts (this can be tightening, a temperature change or tingling for example) but as soon as the message is sent/felt, it either goes away or lessens drastically. Our bodies again are our barometers and if you pay attention and Spirit feels you “got” it, whatever tension or body part that reacted will return to its normal relaxed state.


#4      When you talk about the idea or think about it, you receive messages from your intuition that are simple and peaceful. You feel supported and understood. Ex: “Think about ______. Call _________like you have been meaning to.


#5      The message is consistent and repetitive (hey, sometimes we don’t want to hear it the first time, so our intuition will try to get us the memo again in a different way!) The key is that the idea/feeling is CONSISTENT, NOT INSISTENT.


In Closing:

I am a firm believer that you have all the answers you need inside you, but sometimes you just need to learn some tools or need to clear the mental, physical and emotional cobwebs so that you can REALLY trust it. It gets easier with practice and I believe in you. Whether you are feeling a bit stuck right now, are looking to just raise your energy and remove these blockages, or just want to gain a clearer picture of who you REALLY are, remember to be patient and loving with yourself. It is all a process and you are EXACTLY where you need to be.


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All my Love,

Diana Dorell