Woody Allen made famous the quote, “80% of success is just showing up.”

With much respect I’m going to disagree a bit with Sir Allen and ask you:

Do you feel like the expert?

Do you talk like the expert?

Do you look like the expert?

Success starts with YOU. If you want to up your business game, you need to up your personal game.

Just showing up is not enough.

When you meet that new client first ask yourself: “Are you showing up the way a successful business owner would show up?”

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You need to “show up” right down to your shoes:

  • Make a great first impression BEFORE you meet them with a professional headshot.
  • Look like an expert by using the general dress code (just a bit more formal) of your new client’s office/industry to plan your outfit.
  • Talk like an expert avoiding “maybe” and “perhaps”. Instead use stronger words like “I believe” or “I would like”.
  • Act like an expert. Your body language shapes who you are. Walk and stand tall, sit proud, and own your business expertise.

I’m a Social Media Brand Strategist. I help my clients, like you, go big with their business goals using Social Media as the launchpad.

Together, we work to be sure that your digital presence is expert-worthy.

But just like everything in life, the rest is up to them. I challenge you to tackle one of the steps above in the coming week.

    • Schedule an appointment for a quick photog session to get those headshots done.
    • Start saving, or set aside time for a shopping trip, to buy that one power outfit that will make you feel amazing.
    • Practice your pitch, in front of the mirror, in front of family, in front of friends. It doesn’t matter, just start talking.

Or take 20 minutes and watch the fantastic and inspirational TED Talk by Amy Cuddy regarding body language and how two minutes of one specific practice can literally change your life.

As always I would love to hear which item you picked and how you plan to make it happen – tell me so I can help along the way! Come join my new LinkedIn Group and lets talk about it.  CLICK HERE to join.

To your success.