Today we’re going to talk about creating a business page. Now this is like Facebook 101, if you have a business at all, you really need to create a business page. You just come right down here to Pages and go to Create a Page, and here’s why this is important. A lot of people use their personal profile to post, but the reality is, Facebook can shut you down if you are posting only business things or a lot of business things on your personal page if you don’t have a business page.

So as long as you have a business page, it’s okay to post the occasional business thing on your personal page, but you don’t want to do that if you don’t have a business page, because you could get shut down.

The other thing is you can also do all kinds of great advertising strategies with a business page, so you really want to have a business page if you do any business at all on Facebook. It’s really easy, so you just click that “Create a Page”, you just pick what your category is, for me the category is “Public Figure”. You can just pick where you go from there, you can pick coach if you’re a business coach or actually business person. If you’re a local business you want to pick the category business name, you want to use a street address, this is really cool, so people can check in at your local business, very powerful. There’s all kinds of options here. Then once you click Get Started, Facebook takes you through the process of doing this. It’s really very simple.

You really want to create a business page for your business so that you’re not violating Facebook’s rules and so you can take advantage of Facebook advertising.

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