I often get asked about whether people should have a LinkedIn company page.

Your personal profile is about you, it’s about what makes you an expert, what makes you influential. Of course you can mention your company and products and services, but it’s really not the place to market.

So you’ll want a company page. Go to interests and companies, you’ll see that a company will come up, the company pages that you’re following.

When you want to create a company page you just literally click the button shown in the video. That’s how easy this is. Then you just need to name your company page.

What you do need to know is that you must have an email for the company. It doesn’t have to be an email with the name of your company but it shouldn’t be at gmail.com. It should be a private email address. Put the company name, the email address at the company, you verify it, you click continue.

All you really need to do for a company page is upload maybe the banner for your website. If you’ve already created a banner for your website you can probably edit it to fit on your page. You can see I’ve got the same banner that’s on my website, and then a dd a little bit about the company pulled off your own page. This is not something you need to hire me or anybody else to do, it’s really easy to do.

Once you do this you can create ads and showcase pages in LinkedIn. In the video, I show some examples of showcase pages I have that are specific to products that I offer. If I wanted to I could market then to those specific products. It’s pretty cool stuff and really, really easy to do.

Then on your profile, people can link right to your page. It’s not as easy to grow this page as it is to grow your personal profile, but it is beneficial to have, especially if you want to do some LinkedIn sponsored posts or advertising.

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