Today we are in LinkedIn Pulse. LinkedIn Pulse is where we can add an actual blog post type update as opposed to a short Facebook type update.

When you click publish a post, you get this blog post type of interface. You can type in a headline, there are formatting options, and you can upload an image.

People ask me how the time “how do I get eyes on it?” If you want to get more eyes on your blog post, what I want you to do is Google “LinkedIn Pulse 2016 editorial calendar”. You will see that it gives us options. LinkedIn actually has an editorial calendar. If you want to get featured on LinkedIn Pulse, you may want to go to this editorial calendar and see what LinkedIn is looking for. Each month has a theme and an accompanying hashtag that you should use in your post(s) that month.

There is also a student editorial calendar. If you’re a student and you’re posting on LinkedIn Pulse, you totally want to use the hashtags included in the calendar because you’re more likely to get featured by LinkedIn Pulse than if you don’t use these hashtags. Even if you just create one post a month and you use their themes for each month.

Use these hashtags, focus on these themes. There’s no guarantee you’re going to get featured by LinkedIn Pulse, but you’re going to have a better chance if you use their theme than if you don’t.

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