Today we’re talking about targeting for Facebook ads.

What I’m going to show you is how you can see why I’m seeing this a particular ad. In the case shown in the video, I’m seeing the ad because Holly G Studios wants to reach people interested in Oprah Winfrey. Holly has some kind of Facebook ad strategy that figures out if people would be interested in Oprah Winfrey, then they might be interested in her content.

Not only does it help you understand why you’re seeing what you’re seeing in your Facebook feed, it can also help you with your ad targeting.

This tip is helpful because
1) this will help you see why you’re seeing particular things in your feed
2) when you’re thinking about targeting your own ads, you can do some competitive intelligence, see what you competitors are doing. Wen you see their ads, take a quick screen shot as shown in the video. Once you’ve done this, just click, “Why am I seeing this?” Take a quick screen shot of that, put in a dropbox folder somewhere, so when the time comes for you to create your own ads, you’ve already got this done.

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