Today we are looking at your LinkedIn headline. This is one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile. It is what will show up if somebody Googles your name. If you put “Karen Yankovich” into a Google search, you will see my LinkedIn profile, and you’ll see my headline.

You want to make sure that your headline says more than just “I’m a CEO” or “I’m an accountant or a lawyer”. You want to tell people who you are, who you help, and how you help them, and you want to make it client-facing. You want to make sure people know what’s in it for them.

My headline is “Helping Entrepreneurs Profit w/Social Selling | LinkedIn Expert & Speaker | Successful Social Media Strategist”. This tells you who I help and how I help them. Also notice that I am very confident in this headline. I don’t say I’m pretty good at this stuff; I say I’m an expert. I say I’m successful. That’s important when people are looking to do business with you. They want to feel like they’re doing business with somebody who is successful, so you need to be the first one to establish that authority, to establish that expertise and let people know that you’re an expert.

Take a look at your headline. See if it tells people who you are, who you help, and how you help them. Make it client-facing. Of course, if I can help, come on over to my LinkedIn group Profitable Social Media Tips. I will see you there.

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