Last week I wrote to you about building relationships on social media before you need them. Sometimes I know it feels like everything I tell you to do and every idea I have for social media marketing is another 5, 15, 30 minutes of time committed to our computers and the online world. It can be tough I know.

Social media, it can cause us to hide behind our computers.

In my post last week I detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build relationships online, because for best success and for profitable social media returns it all boils down to relationships.

And once you have those relationships growing online it’s time to take them OFFLINE.

Meaning, it’s time to create that relationship and connection in the real world.

It’s time to:

  • Meet them for coffee
  • Plan a skype date
  • Get them on the phone

So read along as I map out ideas for you to use the powerful medium of social media to actually meet real people!

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LinkedIn is one of the best places for forge relationships. Take the time to message new connections a few days after you connect. In your message ask how you can help them achieve their business goals. Do your research first, create a template message if you need to and insert the appropriate information. Or keep it simple with a quick, “Hi, I’m so glad we connected. My goal on LinkedIn is to help serve other entrepreneurs and business owners. I’d love to know: how can I help YOU achieve your business goals? Let’s talk!“ Your goal is to get them on the phone, talking and connecting with you in the real world. 


Start a conversation! Twitter is the most amazing, fast paced, democratic platform we have available to us. Almost anyone is reachable, truly! Share advice, share fun tips, and share your tricks for success. @mention, tag and DM your way to a friendly fun filled convo online. Next funnel them toward connecting on LinkedIn where you can message them as noted above, and ultimately achieve your goal of getting them on the phone.


Facebook is really more than just what we have for lunch! Take a few minutes to look around and ask yourself: Who is influential? Who could be my next client? What are they talking about? How can I get in on that conversation? If it’s a local Facebook group – create an event and ask a handful of prospects to connect over coffee. Maybe it’s easier to plan a date and time for a Google hangout where you and a few others chat about business ideas, struggles, and needs. Then, when the time is right and the relationship has been established, you can swoop in and offer your specific solutions.


Instagram is a beautiful platform in which to showcase your behind the scenes. This is where you can get real. When you let people know the real you, they will respond. Vulnerability and authenticity is powerful stuff, use it to create a foundation for your business why and connect with others who share the same beliefs. From there it’s 100 times easier to lead the conversation from online to off in whatever venue suits you best.

Today we have the awesome ability to get to know people we would never have met in a million years, and this ability is within everyone’s reach – in fact it is at our fingertips!

That’s the power of social media, and that’s where the profits are hiding.

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