How I Personally Deal With Negativity Online

  A few years ago I held a workshop called “How to Make Money in Your Reiki Practice.” It triggered some interesting responses and a lot of emotion from many. Those who were most upset believed strongly that Reiki was a gift they should freely give and the idea of monetizing that into a business and charge to [...]

  Social media can be scary in the best of times, especially when you are: Trying to figure out what to say. Not really confident you know how to say it. Putting you and your business “out there” online for the world to see. Not to mention social media can be doubly scary when you [...]

What is Social Media Optimization?

We all know we need to play nice with Google to have the favor returned in the online world. There are two ways you can work to do that as you build your business on the web: SMO and SEO. Today we’re going to tackle the basics of SMO, how it can help you and what [...]