If you’re a local business owner and haven’t kept up with the recent buzz surrounding Pokémon Go, there may be a good reason for you to tune in! The augmented reality game has taken over the digital world in the past week with over 15 million downloads. It’s installed on more devices than LinkedIn, and [...]

  Do you own a brick and mortar business? I talk a lot about how to use Social Media for online marketing, but it can be very powerful for brick and mortar businesses as well! Here are some quick, easy and instantly engage-worthy marketing ideas for your business that isn’t online, but still needs to [...]

Hashtags And Instagram

  Oh pretty Instagram, so simple and easy, just post a photo and go… Not so fast. Visual Instagram is easy on the eyes, fun at the fingertips, but it doesn’t stop there.   This powerful platform can offer: an impact on your SEO mighty web reach new followers for your business brand fun (and [...]

Twitter and Hashtags

  I’ve been talking a lot lately about why I love Twitter and to really get you in the game I wanted to follow it up with a post about hashtags. What is a hashtag? A hashtag is a word or short phrase (with no spaces or punctuation) that follows the # sign. Where can [...]